6 Facts About Shichon Teddy Bear Puppies

shichon teddy bear puppyShichon puppies or Teddy Bear puppies are just as cute and hilarious as you expect. They are sweet, loyal, and loving animals that are completely happy playing with you on the living room floor or taking a cross-country road trip with their best friend (you, of course). There are a few things you may not know about these adorable little fluffs of fur, however, that may make you a better pet owner. Here are a few:

Mixed breed between Shih-Tzu and Bichon Frise

Shichon dogs are mixed breed instead of purebred. This means that the temperaments of the parents are passed down and mixed into the puppies. While this can be beneficial for some families, it may not be for others. Before considering adoption, research both Shih-Tzu and Bichon Frise dog breeds to make sure you’re choosing the right dog for your family. After you’ve made the decision, discuss adoption with reputable dog breeders that can give you solid and honest advice. They may have a puppy that is just perfect or they may be able to suggest another breeder in the area if needed.

Teddy Bears are needy.

Because they are mixed breed between two very loyal dogs, these little cotton balls will never want to leave your side. At first, this will be super cute and you will be more than happy to take them everywhere with you. However, after the first couple months, you will really miss little things like privacy and personal space.

That is perfectly normal, but you should not make the dog suffer because of that. Shichons do well in families because they can be passed from one family member to another. It will give you time to breathe and the little guy won’t feel abandoned. If you live on your own and need a break, it may be time to ask a friend to babysit or invest in a few days of doggy daycare.

They make great exercise coaches.

Another blessing, or curse, of these dogs is that they have endless amounts of energy once they become full-grown. For those who are active, this means you have a workout buddy who is always willing to go on hikes with you, go for a run, or even a swim (provided they get a cool little vest first).

For those who consider themselves to be more sedentary creatures, you may want to look into another dog breed or consider seriously investing in workout clothes because these little guys have no time to wait.

So, if you still think this is the dog for you, look for a reputable breeder who can answer detailed questions and is more than happy to provide references and sources if needed.

They are often used and bred as therapy dogs.

Shichon puppies are a designer mixed breed picked for their stature, weight, and calm temperament. For children who have a handicap, these mellow, sweet dogs can be the perfect companion that help their owner. Teddy bear puppies were also bred for their patience. They are very compassionate and tolerant animals who will be more than happy to cuddle up and watch a movie after a long day or help their owner through a stressful time. If you decide to adopt a therapy dog or a dog trained to work with those who are handicapped, be sure they are trained properly from an accredited trainer and come from a reputable breeder.

Shichon puppies need to be needed.

These little guys love people and do actually require plenty of time with their owner. If you decide to adopt this pooch, be sure you have plenty of time to hang out and can bring them virtually everywhere you go (specifically work). They are very adaptable and won’t mind exploring the office while you work or taking a nap during a meeting.

You will also want your family to become familiar with them. That way, your pet will become attached to everyone in his or her pack.

They love walks on the beach.

Teddy Bear dogs need to have lots of exercise. You do not need to have a yard but it will help. If you have a fenced-in yard, you are somewhat off the hook. But, you will still want to take your pooch on a daily walk. If you do not have a yard, be sure to give them at least two good walks a day with a game of fetch during each. These pups have plenty of energy packed into their tiny bodies and need lots of outlets for it so they do not succumb to cabin fever. If your puppy begins to misbehave, be sure they are getting plenty of exercise. This may help in the long run so they can look forward to playing and you won’t have to stow your new heels on top of the fridge.

Shichon puppies are great for small families who are ready to have a pooch to spoil with affection and attention. They are patient, sweet little guys who are ready to bring more fun to your world.