March 23 is National Puppy Day

You know what that means? March 23 is the best day to run around with your pup (young or old) and enjoy everything that your best friend loves. Even if you do not have a pooch you can celebrate the day as well. Here are a few ideas for dog owners and dog lovers to enjoy the festivities with man’s best friend.

Go to a puppy meet up

Yes, you read that correctly. In thousands of towns throughout the U.S. and around the world there are puppy meet ups where owners, dog lovers, and dogs all over meet and enjoy each other’s company. My only suggestion for dog owners is to bring plenty of doggie bags, treats, a leash, and water. These pups play hard when they see one another and can become thirsty and famished. Don’t be surprised if you find your dog passed out under a tree after all the excitement. If you are simply a spectator without a furry friend you will actually have a warm welcome. Most dog owners are fine if you interact with their dogs unless the dog is uncomfortable. Be sure to ask to pet any dogs. This is for your safety as well as the safety of the dog.

Fancy dinner

We do not encourage you to feed your dog unhealthy meals, every now and then you can allow your dog to indulge a little. While you are out walking with your dog you may want to stop by a local pet shop and buy some homemade treats. If it warm enough outside you also may be able to find an ice cream shop that serves “pup cups” which is ice cream for your pooch. Many pups prefer to stay at home in which case you can make your own dog treats and stay in watching Lassie reruns.


Even though dogs will love a new toy or bone, nothing beats being able to play with you. Today you can take your dog out for a nice long walk and play a great game of fetch, tug-of-war, or whatever you both enjoy. You can even take them to dog parks where they can swim with other pups or just get to run around with you.


Try to make every day a little more like puppy day. Your dog adores spending time with you and loves to be by your side. If possible take them with you on errands more often, buy them a higher quality food, or just spend a little more time with them. They will be endlessly appreciative and you will be happy you did it.