National Veterinary Technician Week: 4 Ways to Thank a Vet Tech

Vet techBeing a veterinary technician is mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding. Vet techs work long hours, help unwilling and scared patients, and care for pets and their owners alike. They are patient, smart, and incredibly dedicated to their job.

Here are a few ways to say thank you during and after National Veterinary Technician Week:


Volunteering at your local vet or the vet that cares for your pet can be a huge help and can give the vet techs a break that they seriously need. You can clean kennels, feed the pets, and simply take the pets for a walk. This will give the vet techs and other staff members a chance to breathe and maybe even sit down.

If you have training with computers or book keeping, you may even be able to help them organize their paperwork. While it may not be as fun as being a puppy belly rub volunteer, it can help the entire veterinary practice and give the staff more time to care for what is most important, the animals.

Coffee Break

Everyone can use a cuppa during his or her workday. Sometimes the best pick-me-up can be the smallest gesture. If you have some time and money, you can go to your local coffee shop and get a gallon or two of fresh coffee, a pint of cream, some sugar, and maybe a couple bagels for everyone. The vet techs and staff will be incredibly grateful and you will have definitely made their days easier. If you want to go a step further, stop in before going to the coffee shop and get everyone’s personal order. This will let them know you not only appreciate them but listen to their needs as well.


While it may not be the most creative, one of the best things you can do is donate to your local veterinary practice. This way, they can allocate the money to where it is needed to help the pets and staff. You do not need to donate enough to build a new operating room or kennel; anything you can spare will help.

Make a Kit

If you have time and plenty of creativity, you can make the vet techs personal kits to say thank you. Here is just a small example:

Vet Tech Thank You Kit

Start with a lunch box, and then fill it up. Start with these ideas and adjust as needed:

  • Their favorite nonperishable snack
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Gift card to their favorite coffee place
  • Tea bags (Chamomile is a popular one)
  • A pack of mints
  • A handwritten thank you note