New York Dog-Friendly Travel Guide

new york dog friendly travel guide - maltese puppy traveling in a carNew York state, as well as the Big Apple itself, are great places to stay, explore, and have fun. For us bipeds, it’s easy to hop on a train, book a hotel, and head out to our destination. For our four-legged friends, however, there is much more to consider.

Luckily, if you want to investigate New York with your furry friend there are plenty of options to choose from – if you do a bit of research. Here are a few places to enjoy, stay, and eat during your time in New York:

Dog-Friendly Attractions

Dyker Beach Park

Dyker Beach Park has a large dog run and is grassy and spacious. It’s perfect for any pup to romp and roam freely without a leash – with supervision, of course. There are two sections of the dog-safe area for small and large dogs. There are also plenty of easily accessible water sources for your pup.

Wolfe’s Pond Park

This park is located on Staten Island, and offers a special walking trail specifically for dogs. Wolfe’s Pond Park hosts plenty of dog-related events for you and your pup, and even has agility trials for the active dog that needs to let off some steam.

Inwood Hill Park Trail

There are tons and tons of dog parks throughout New York. Central Park is dog-friendly and offers plenty of space for you and your pup to explore. If you’re looking for something a little less populated, Inwood Hill Park Trail is a great option. It’s an easy 2-mile hike with moderate slopes. It should take about an hour to complete with your pup. Dogs have to be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet. Though your dog won’t be able to run off-leash, you and your pup will still enjoy hiking through the only natural park on Manhattan Island.

Dog-Friendly Hotels

Element New York Times Square West

This hotel is a stunning building. It’s close to Times Square, and minutes from the rest of the island either by foot, subway, or taxi. Element New York Times Square West offers a small grass walking area so your pup does not have to be overwhelmed in the big city when he simply needs to go to the bathroom.

Along with their pet-friendly amenities, they also don’t charge extra for pets and allow one pooch of 50 pounds or less. If you discuss possible additional pets before booking, they may be able to accommodate the whole family. The only requirement is that your dog is in their crate when you are out of the room. That ensures their safety as well as the safety of others.

The Muse Hotel

The Muse permits two pets per room. They can be any size, and there is no pet admittance fee! All dogs must be crated when you or your family members are not in the room with them. This ensures your dog will not damage hotel property, or surprise the cleaning staff. The Muse Hotel provides pet beds, and dishes, for your dog and offers treats at the front desk.

Ink48 Hotel

The Ink48 Hotel offers pet-friendly rooms with no size restrictions or pet fee. There is a maximum limit of two dogs per room, and all dogs must be in a crate when unattended. You must also give the front desk your cell phone number in case your dog requires medical attention or damaged hotel property.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Grimaldi’s Pizza

This pizzeria is possibly one of the most famous pizza joints in New York. With their handmade pepperonis, artfully crafted dough, and fresh spices, it’s understandable why people flock to Grimaldi’s. Aside from having the best pizza this side of the Atlantic, their outdoor section is dog friendly. So split a pie with friends, and maybe give some to your dog under the table, too.


Enid’s is a little southern-style restaurant nestled in Brooklyn. It serves mac ‘n’ cheese, blackened catfish sandwiches, and fried chicken. It’s perfect for any southern transplant looking for some comfort food. It also has dog-friendly outdoor seating. They’ll even offer a water bowl upon request.


d.b.a is an open bar that features a gravel garden perfect for drinking a brew while relaxing with your pup. Most bartenders have dog treats on hand, and the staff is always happy to welcome a furry friend to happy hour. This bar is located in Manhattan, and is an ideal place to stop and relax during your adventures.

With this guide in hand, your plans to visit New York with your dog just got a lot easier. Safe travels and enjoy your trip!

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