Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds 2013

Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds 2013Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds 2013

Every year the American Kennel Club releases a list of the Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds for that respective year. At Greenfield Puppies we see similar trends, as certain Dog Breeds are more in demand than others. Here is our list of the most popular dog breeds on our site.


1. Labrador Retriever: The Labrador Retriever is consistently one of the most popular and versatile dog  breeds in the United States. Whether you are looking for a loving companion or a obedient hunting dog, the Labrador will serve you well. The Lab originates from the United Kingdom and the cold North Atlantic helping Fisherman by retrieving nets and fish. The use of Labrador Retrievers now is more geared towards a loyal family dog or fetching small game for hunters. The Lab is also one of the world’s most renowned service dog breeds as with proper training, they are patient and always alert. They are accomplished search and rescue dogs and are also a Champion Breed of Dock Divers. If you are a person who loves the water, your Lab will be right there next to you, or jumping in ahead of you.

2. German Shepherd: The German Shepherd is a loyal, intelligent, and dominant herding breed. Widely used now as a police or military service dog, they have a fearless demeanor and a constant drive to please their owners. Originating from Germany(so its not just a catchy name), this breed is well known for its protective nature and expert herding abilities. Although the Shepherd is better used as a working type dog, it is also widely used as a family dog and companion. German Shepherds as companions are best suited for a family that will involve the dog heavily in their everyday life, as being left alone to often can cause this breed to become bored and anxious.

3. Boxer: The Boxer, originally from Germany, is a member of the AKC Working Class. Originally used as a guard dog, Boxers are most well suited today as a family dog. Its name originates from them being known to stand on their hind legs while playing and making a boxing motion, showing their playful and jubilant nature. It is a medium sized, but rather stocky breed with a gentle and playful disposition. This breed also serves well as a service dog because of its undying loyalty and kind spirit.

4. Golden Retriever: This breed is consistently in the top ranks of the most popular dogs because it is one of the most versatile breeds. They are a friendly and patient family dog, and can serve equally as well as your hunting companion. Being a naturally athletic breed, they excel in agility events and other sporting type competitions. They are happiest in when working, so they are practically unmatched as service dogs or tracking and retrieving small game. No matter the use, this dog should always have plenty of human interaction, whether in a working or family environment.

5. Yorkshire Terrier: The first member of the Toy Breeds on the list is the perky and lovable Yorkie. A breed of British descent, this breed is so widely loved that there have been many designer mixes bred starting with the Yorkshire Terrier. Some examples are the Yorkie-Poo, the Yorkie-chon, and the Morkie. A naturally low shed and hypo-allergenic breed, they are a excellent choice for a person who has modest living space to work with. They are alert as can be, and will be a good watch dog in terms of letting you know when a visitor is around.

6. Rottweiler: The “Rotty” is a powerful but sweet breed. As a guard dog, there will be few people foolish enough to mess with a person walking around with a Rottweiler, and even less likely to try to enter a home where one resides. The Rot has German origins as a working breed for driving cattle, but has become a well respected Police and Military dog over its history. As far back as the Roman Empire you will here of the Rottweilers impressive resume as a security and working breed, a reputation well deserved.

7. English Bulldog: They are as cute as a button when they are puppies, and even as they grow into a wrinkly and lovable adult, they never lose their jovial attitude. While the English Bulldog looks quite different today from it early British ancestors, it is still one of the most popular breeds out there. Over the years, the increased size and girth of this loving companion breed has led to some health concerns, but with proper diet and care, they can be a wonderful addition to the family.

8. Boston Terrier: All hail the American Gentleman! this breed is a True Blue American as he originates from the beloved town of Boston, Massachusetts in around the turn of the 20th century. Although sadly it was originally bred as a fighting dog, it has become a sweet and loving companion breed over the years. If you are looking for a quite and peaceful breed, this is a good fit because they tend to not be a “yappy” breed, being content to just hang out with their owners.

9. Welsh Corgi: While the chubby little Corgi may not be one of the most popular breeds in the country, it definitely is one of the most well liked by me. What is there not to love about a short, fluffy butt little Corgi after all? While it is a member of the Herding group, it is great with other pets and kids, and will not tend to treat them like livestock. The Corgi is all personality and an absolute joy to be around, as long as they don’t get bored.

10. Jack Russell Terrier: The Jack Russell is a strong willed and energetic breed, but also absolutely brilliant and comical breed. If you are looking for a companion that will give you a daily hoot, this is the breed for you. Originally bred in England to hunt fox, they have an insatiable prey drive and will drive the neighborhood cat, or yours, nutty! But that being said, you will be hard pressed to find a more entertaining and loyal breed than your “Happy Jack”.