No Turkey Bones For Thanksgiving!

No Bones About It: Turkey Bones Are Not For Your Pooch

We’ve all seen a cheerful dog gnawing on their new ham bone or pig ear but there is a definite difference to the bone you buy at the pet store and the bones you take out of your Thanksgiving turkey bones. Are turkey bones bad for dogs?  Bones that have been cooked in the meat are easier to break and splinter. This splintering can cause internal tearing and puncturing of their intestines and organs, which will cause discomfort, invasive surgery, or death.

Make Their Own Dinner

If you want to make your pet feel like a part of the family a great way to do so is by giving them a pet-friendly feast. This doesn’t mean you have to make an entirely different dish for your pet, you need to carefully pick through the turkey to ensure there are absolutely no bones in the meat. Then add a bit of stuffing. Mix it with their usual dog food and feed it to them. They will love it and both you and your pet will be able to nap worry-free.

Properly Dispose of Bones

Even though your dog will have a full belly they still may be curious about where you put the rest of the carcass is. Be sure to dispose of the turkey responsibly by covering the turkey completely in the trash can and if possible take it outside to a dumpster or larger, sturdier can.

You can also double bag the carcass before disposing it. It will help cover the smell and may help keep your dog from digging. If you have a very persistent pooch you can even dispose the turkey by taking it to the local dump. While it may seem extreme at the time it will definitely be a better trip than on to the vet.

Teach Obedience

Any dog owner should train their dog to be obedient and understand boundaries. The holidays is a good time to refresh your furry friend on commands such as, “Stay, no, sit,” and “go lie down.” This will help them with the onslaught of people entering the home, possible nights without you, and constant temptations to sneak a snack off the dining room table.

Being a pet owner can be difficult during the holiday seasons. If you make sure you have enough preparations, properly train your dog, and dispose of scraps well you will be able to enjoy the holidays safely with your furry friend.