4 Things to Know About Weimaraner Puppies

weimaraner puppies playingWhen shopping around for a pup, many prospective puppy parents have specific traits in mind. If loyalty is one of yours, then Weimaraners are your dog. They are among the most loyal dogs alive, and are the epitome of “man’s best friend”. Weimaraners are regal in appearance, brilliant in the field, and loving in the home. Here are 4 things to know about Weimaraner puppies:

Loyal Companion

Weimaraners are especially loyal, staying by their owner’s side no matter what. To that end, they also make excellent guard dogs and home sentries. Their protective instincts are powerful. On the other hand, this extreme loyalty leads to duress while apart.

Weimaraners experience a fair amount of separation anxiety, and will ultimately prefer being with their owner to anyone else. As hunting dogs, their urge for activity is strong and constant – and combined with their high intelligence, this creates a very easily bored pooch. When they spend too much time alone they have the tendency become destructive. Toys, puzzles, and frequent walks are necessary for this breed.

A Noble Breed

Weimaraners’ history is steeped in nobility and gamesmanship. They originated in Germany during the 1800s, after the court of Weimer expressed a desire for worthy hunting companions. Weimaraners showed an affinity for hunting and unusual obedience to their owners. They were also bred in lovely shades of gray with shiny, short coats.

Their regal air, hunting prowess, and keen obedience made Weimaraners tremendously popular among nobles. Surprisingly, this avid hunting dog showed real affection for children – so it was a smash hit all-around from the get-go!

Fair Game

As a result of their fierce innate hunting ability, Weimaraners typically don’t respond well to other pets. Rabbits, hamsters, cats, turtles, any other pet imaginable are seen as potential prey – even other dogs! Weimaraners may eventually try to hunt other pets in the house as a game. Unfortunately, sometimes these games can turn accidentally harmful.

Weimaraners will love you and your human pack to pieces, but they won’t necessarily love fluffy the cat. It’s safer to remain a one-pet house for these pups.

Health Risks

The deep chests of Weimaraners are an attractive feature; however, they are one of the most perilous. With this kind of physique, Weimaraners are prone to gastric torsion, or stomach twisting. It’s a painful, and potentially deadly, condition that necessitates immediate medical intervention. With proper symptom monitoring, and spread out feedings, the risk of gastric torsion greatly lessens.

Weimaraners are also susceptible to tumors, but with attentive owners, these growths can be dealt with during early stages. Overall, Weimaraners have good health and live between 10 and 13 years.

For an ardent hunter, a large family, or a frequent runner, Weimaraners are a perfect match. They’ll pursue prey will the same fervor, guard children with tenacity, and keep pace with the most dedicated marathoner. If you’d like more information on this poised pup, check out our Weimaraner breed page!