Greenfield Puppies Stud Dog Directory

GFP-Saint-Bernard stud dog directory

Welcome to the Greenfield Puppies Stud Dog Directory! Choosing the right sire when planning a litter of puppies is one of the most important things in assuring great health and quality. The Greenfield Puppies Stud Dog Directory was developed to put breeders with high-quality Stud Dogs in contact with breeders looking to raise the best pups possible.

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Winter 2023 Stud Directory

Here are some important things to look for when choosing the right Sire for your litter:

  • Are the known genetic issues with any specific dog breed ruled out with proper genetic testing/certifications? (Hip, Eye, Elbow, etc.)
  • If planning to breed purebreds, does the sire’s registration match your females? (AKC, ACA, CKC, etc.)
  • Is the stud proven and has he produced healthy litters previously?
  • Has the male dog reached full Maturity?

The key to producing a healthy litter of puppies is a combination of both mother and father genetic history. When choosing a male, make sure you are asking the right questions, and make sure that your female dog has the same high-quality health that you look for in the stud dog.