This Puppy Found A Home!

This puppy is no longer available.

Please visit our website for more details.

 We offer a 3 year genetic Health Guarantee.

Kennel tours upon pickup.

This puppy is being raised indoors with full climate control but has 24/7 outdoor access to outside fresh air at all times.


We are certified by the state of Pa and they do a full facility inspection periodically.


Both parents are also tested for genetic health and compatibility prior to mating. Our goal is to raise a healthier puppy with a hypo allergenic hair coat we can guarantee.


Please consider if you are ready to commit to the amount of time a puppy can take as we have put an incredible amount of time and love into these puppies and hope to find them all wonderful parents. You can call, email, or text to learn how you can possibly arrange to take one of them home. Please note, We do qualify all prospective parents and you must fill out an our detailed application on or website prior to any appointments. Upon approval you are welcome to come sit  with us and our children and we’ll see which puppy fits you.


Thank you for your interest and we hope these puppies bring as much sunshine to your life as they did to ours.