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  • Activity Level: moderate
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  • Shedding Level: moderate
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  • Grooming Level: moderate
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  • Trainability: high
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  • Good for Novice Owners: high
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  • Adaptability: high
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  • Kid/Pet Friendly: often
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  • Prey Drive: low
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  • Watchdog: chill
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  • Average Size: Small
  • Average Lifespan: 12-15 years
  • Registered?: other

Mini Whoodle Dog Breed Information





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Life Span

The Mini Whoodle is not a purebred dog. They are a combination between Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers and Miniature Poodles. They are recognized by the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club) as a Mini Swheat-n-Poo. Mini Whoodles are considered a designer mixed breed. They often take on any combination of characteristics common to the dog breeds in the cross. Their coat, for example, will often be soft and silky, but can be either wavy, curly, or corded. They also tend to come in a variety of colors.

Miniature Whoodles are fun-loving, smart, and playful. They enjoy playing with children and spending time with people. They can become destructive if they’re bored, so be sure to keep them occupied throughout the day – especially if you work outside your home. If possible, you should bring your dog to work with you, so they will stay socially stimulated throughout the day.

Mini Whoodles are best-suited for a family setting, but can thrive with individuals or couples. Then, it will be more likely that they will have someone to snuggle or play with. They like to play more complex games and to be challenged. This will also reduce their interest in your new shoes or the pizza on the dining room table. By exercising them regularly and keeping their mind stimulated, you will have a happy and healthy Miniature Whoodle puppy.

This dog breed needs to have food formulated for small dogs, and it can either be dry or wet. Whichever your pooch prefers will be fine. Try not to feed them too much junk food to avoid weight gain. These dogs are prone to hip dysplasia, ear infections, allergies, and progressive retinal atrophy as time progresses. Offering your dog a nourishing diet and staying up-to-date on vet checks will help keep them happy and safe throughout their life.

The Mini Whoodle is fairly easy to train and loves to be challenged. Make sure to play plenty of games with them while training to keep them interested. Though they respond well to training, and learn quickly, you will need to remain stern and steadfast. If not, they will begin to question you and forget their training. You should always have some sort of socialization during training as well. Otherwise, your Miniature Whoodle may become shy and fearful over time.

Because of the Poodle presence in this mixed breed, Miniature Whoodles tend to have a low-shedding coat, but will require some grooming to maintain a healthy coat. Brushing weekly and bathing when necessary will keep your pup’s coat clean and healthy. Professional grooming should be done when needed throughout the year to help keep your Mini Whoodle comfortable throughout the seasons, particularly if your hybrid puppy ends up with a longer coat. Your pup still won’t shed much as the Poodle in the mix tends to make them low-shedding, but you do want to keep a longer coat trimmed and brushed to prevent matting or tangling.

In addition to coat care, you will also need to care for your Mini Whoodle’s nails, ears, and teeth. Monthly nail trimming is usually sufficient to keep them from getting too long. Checking your dog’s ears weekly and carefully cleaning them as needed can help prevent ear infections. Good doggie dental care, like using an enzyme toothpaste or brushing their teeth every day, can help prevent dental disease.

Mini Whoodles are semi-active dogs. They need daily walks and trips to the dog park at least once a week. Every other walk, you should play a game of fetch to help them balance their energy levels. You will also want to take them swimming or hiking at least once a month. This will help your Miniature Whoodle maintain stamina and muscle tone.

The Mini Whoodle usually stands between 11 and 14 inches tall and weighs 8 to 20 pounds.

Miniature Whoodles generally live 12 to 15 years.