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Location: Beach City, OH
Telephone: 330-451-6190

Meet “Ashton” the Adorable Chocolate Merle Miniature Aussiedoodle Boy!

Pinky (mother) our purebred Australian Shepherd was bred to Duke (father) our Chocolate Phantom Miniature poodle. Puppies in this litter will have great wavy thick coats and sweet personalities as both parents have produced amazing family pets. Everyone that has puppies from the previous litters from both Muffin and Duke have sent us nothing but good feedback on how quickly they learn and how they are a perfect fit to each family. These puppies are expected to be 15-20 pounds when mature as adults.

The Aussiedoodle breed is considered something very special. After all, this is the cross between the loyal, playful Australian shepherd and the elegant, intelligent Poodle. The Aussiedoodle (also sometimes called an Aussiepoo or Aussiepoodle) is both beauty and brains, and can make an excellent therapy dog because of their ability to really bond with one or two special humans. Plus, they’re always ready to play, which makes them an ideal family dog as well.

Our puppies include: Microchip, Clean Bill Of Health From a Vet, Medical & Vaccination Records, Full one year genetic health guarantee, Puppy Starter Packet including food, toy that has been with the litter, collar and leash, matching set and breeder back up support with any questions you might may have along the way of raising your new family member.
For the past 4 years, we have been breeding doodles. In that time, we have specialized in learning everything there is to know about their physiology, habits, instincts, and most importantly their health.

There are two halves to doodle's health. The first is genetics. As your selected breeder, we have taken care of that. Mom and Dad have been genetically tested to ensure they are free from issues that could be passed down. Your baby is healthy and we are so confident we back your new pup with a 3 year health guarantee against genetic defects.

BUT, the other half is the environment, and we can only have so much control over that. A few things to consider about bringing your puppy home today- Traveling in the car, leaving their current home where their parents and siblings are and getting accustomed to their new home with you can increase stress which will impact their immune system, making them more vulnerable to bacteria or other things that can be potentially harmful to their health.

Additionally, even if you are using the safest, organic products to maintain the yard, your baby is going to play in, your neighbors don't. The harsh pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides they use will carry in the wind into your yard.

When you get home, even if you take your shoes off at the door, your puppy is going to be so excited to run up to you. He/she is going to drop his favorite toy, jump up for a hug, then pick up the toy which was just in contact with the same floor your shoes tracked dirt, pollen, toxins, and who knows what else onto. That toy is now in your puppy's mouth.

We don't say this to scare you but to make you aware of how hard it is to protect our furry friends from everything bad. That is why all my puppy families use NuVet Plus to boost their immune system, we give it to our Mommies and Daddies, and it's one of the ways we can ensure the health of the parents, and the puppies are taken care of.

Puppy Cert

Gender: Male Male puppy badge

Sire: Duke

Dam: Pinky

DOB: January 14th, 2023

Age: 21 Weeks

Available: Available Now

This puppy is MicrochippedMicrochipped
This puppy is Veterinarian CheckedVet Checked
This puppy is VaccinatedVaccinated
This puppy is DewormedDewormed
This puppy is Family RaisedFamily Raised
This puppy has been SocializedSocialized
This puppy comes with a Health GuaranteeHealth Guarantee
This puppy comes with an Extended Health guaranteeExtended Health Guarantee
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