This Puppy Found A Home!

This puppy is no longer available.

Note from the breeder:

Meet Kayce, son of Samson. Kayce, like his father is strong, muscular, loyal, and intelligent. He is also very loving, gentle and good with children. He is attentive, obedient, and well socialized. Kayce has a beautiful face, will make a great sire or stud, and is the largest puppy in the litter. He is vet checked, up to date on shots, wormed, and tail docked (short). To learn more about Kayce and make arrangements to meet him give Cliff a call today.

We have been raising Min-Pins for over 20 years. Our sire and dam and selectively chosen with the best traits we like to see in our Min-Pins. Strong, protective, friendly, aggressive when needed, but always gentle with their family. These puppies have beautiful faces and a strong resemblance to their father Samson. Samson is a wonderful dog, strong, muscular, proud and chivalrous, plus large for a Min-Pin at just under 20 pounds. Sadie the dam is wonderful mother. She is smaller at 12 pounds, aggressive when needed and very protective, especially of our children.