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  • Activity Level: moderate
  • Grooming Level: low
  • Kid/Pet Friendly: often
  • Average Size: Small

Miniature Pug Breed Profile

  • Size
  • Coat
  • Character
  • Temperament
  • Care
  • Training
  • Activity
  • Ownership

Shoulder height: 8-10 inches. Weight: 8-12 pounds.

The coat is fine, smooth, soft, short, and glossy.

Miniature Pugs exhibit stability, playfulness, great charm, and an outgoing disposition.

This dog breed is very playful and loving towards children and gets along well with other pets and dogs.

As with any dog breed, regular grooming is essential. Because of their short coat, a weekly brushing to remove loose hair is sufficient. This will help to reduce shedding.

They can respond well to training.

This dog breed requires minimal to moderate exercise.

Make sure you understand and research the dog breeds you are looking to own before purchasing your Miniature Pug puppy from one of our reputable breeders. Looking for your new pet can be very difficult. Each puppy breed is different. Do your breed research by reading our dog breed profile about the Miniature Pug dog. Navigate our Miniature Pug puppies page below to find your perfect puppy!