Neapolitan Mastiff Puppies For Sale in PA

Neapolitan Mastiff Puppies

Country of Origin: Italy

Size: Shoulder height: 24 – 31 inches. Weight: 110-155 pounds.

Coat:The Neapolitan Mastiff has a short, straight, dense coat. They color of the coat can be gray, blue, black, chocolate, mahogany and tawny.

Character: This breed is very protective of its home and family. They also make great guard dogs.

Temperament:The Neapolitan Mastiff is a large and imposing breed, but can have a sweet nature.

Care: This breed is a light shedder, weekly brushing is recommended.

Training: Positive training methods are the way to go with this breed. Scolding this dog is bad idea because of the breed’s strong personality.

Activity: The Neapolitan Mastiff requires a small amount of physical activity.

Ownership: Make sure you understand and research all dog breeds you are looking to own before purchasing your Neopolitan Mastiff puppy from one of our reputable breeders. Looking for your new pet can be very difficult and each puppy breed is different. You can do your research on the Neopolitan Mastiff breed by reading our breed profile.  To find your perfect puppy navigate our Neopolitan Mastiff puppies page below!

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