Designer Breed Icon
  • Activity Level: moderate
  • Grooming Level: moderate
  • Trainability: high
  • Adaptability: moderate
  • Kid/Pet Friendly: often
  • Average Size: Large
  • Prey Drive: low
  • Watchdog: chill

Newfypoo Breed Profile


The Newfypoo is a designer mixed breed created by breeding the beautiful and loving Newfoundland with a Poodle. The purpose of crossing these two breeds is to decrease the shedding of the larger Newfoundland dog breed. This hybrid is currently recognized by the IDCR (International Designer Canine Registry) and can also be registered with the ICA as long as both parents are purebreds. The combination of these two breeds should result in a dog with a loving disposition and should make a great family pet. The presence of the Poodle in the cross will help to decrease grooming of the coat, but given the grooming required with a pure Newfy, you will still want to brush your dog daily. Also, being aware of the joint and general health of the parents is important to rule out genetic health issues.