Alternate submission form-Ohio

Please fill out the fields below. Do not submit this form until you are prepared to submit your photos.

All photos must be labeled with the name and sex of the puppy. Please make sure when sending in photos of the parents, that they are labeled as well. Photos that are not labeled will not be used.

Litters can be submitted anytime after 5 weeks of age. DO NOT submit photos or the submission form before puppies are 5 weeks of age.

We do not start new listings on any puppies that are over 12 weeks of age.

Partial litters are not accepted.

Links to other websites will not be added to any listings. 

*Please allow 24 hours after submission form is sent for a response, note that any submissions made after 1:00 pm on a Friday will receive a response on the following Monday. Submissions sent after 3:00 pm on Friday, will not be activate on the site until Monday (this is for submission forms submitted prior to 1:00 pm on Friday).*

All submitted photos will be charged. Payment for your invoice is due upon receipt. Any questions in regards to your listing please email them directly to

Listing Fee = $5 (One-time fee per litter of puppies in addition to per puppy fee will be included on your invoice)

~You can pay your invoice after submission and your litter will be listed once the invoice is paid~

To pay your invoice please contact Ben at 717-826-9054 extension 104.

Please Note: Phone support is not available during the email litter submissions and approval process. All questions must be submitted via email to