Connecticut, located in the northeast quarter of the United States, is a place rich in history. The state chose the nickname the “Constitution State” in 1959.  The name came from the belief that many ideas used to write the American Constitution were taken from Connecticut’s Constitution. They achieved Statehood in 1788, making them the 5th state in America. Connecticut is a very wealthy state which draws a lot of its revenue from the nations financial industry. There are a number of large insurance companies in the state as well as many companies that deal in Hedge Funds. Connecticut had the highest Median Household income, and the highest Per Capita income as of 2010, making an impressive statement considering the states modest size. Hartford, the capitol since 1875, was founded by the Reverend Thomas Hooker and 100 Puritan settlers in 1636. The town of Groton was the birthplace of the world’s first nuclear powered submarine in 1954. The state is also home to America’s oldest standing newspaper, the Hartford Courant, published since 1764. Connecticut is home to many other famous pieces of American History, such as the Polaroid camera, the first hamburger, and color TV. It is also the state in which the Corsair F4U fighter bomber was invented, a plane which played a key role in WWII. There were some famous people who hailed for CT, such as Katherine Hepburn, P.T. Barnum, and the infamous Benedict Arnold.

The most well known animal in Connecticut is by far the Preying Mantis. It is the state insect, but there is a mystique about the creature if you have ever came across one. They are also known for being nature’s best form of pest control, as the prey on many other insects. Another well known CT state animal is the Sperm Whale. The reason the state adopted the whale in 1975 was due in large part to the state past prominence in the Whaling industry, being second to only Massachusetts. The state bird was named in 1943, with the American Robin getting the nod.

Connecticut is the 29th most populous, but 4th most densely populated state in the United States. This is do in large part to the fact it is so small in size. Still, they find a way to fit over 3.5 million people within their borders. The state is rich in agriculture also, providing eggs, dairy, cattle, and tobacco. They are also heralded as one of the countries largest suppliers of Lobster.Unless you are a hockey fan, you wont be impressed by the pro sports in the state, but as colleges go, they have two of the finest. UConn and Yale are two schools that draw national attention for their sporting and educational backgrounds.

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