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Illinois, also known as “Land of Lincoln” or the “Prairie State”, was the 21st state to join the union as of December 3rd, 1818. Prior to Illinois being recognized as a State, it was known simply as the Illinois territory, established February 3rd, 1809. The original capitol of Illinois, Kaskaski, was grandfathered from its territory days into its statehood status. In 1819, Vandalia became the new state capitol and remained so for the next 18 years. In 1837, a group of legislators from Sangamon County, one of which was U.S. Representative Abraham Lincoln, voted and successfully had the capitol moved to Springfield, where it remains today. The first building ever dubbed a “skyscraper” was constructed in Illinois in 1885. Chicago is home to the second tallest building in North America, the Sears Tower, which was the tallest until the completion of World Trade Center One, in New York City. As of July 2014, Illinois was the 5th most populous state at an estimated population of just under 12.9 million. Chicago holds the honor of being the largest city in the state. Some other noteworthy places in the Prairie State are Dixon, was the boyhood home of late President Ronald Reagan, while Des Plaines was the site of the first McDonald’s. The pool of talent in Illinois is apparently a deep one, as it has produced such greatness as Walt Disney, Miles Davis(musician), and Ernest Hemingway(writer).

If local wildlife floats your boat, Illinois is home to some beautiful fauna. The state bird is the Northern Cardinal, the state animal is the White Tail Deer, and the the Illinois state reptile is the sunshine adoring Painted Turtle. If you are an herbalist at heart, you will love to know that the state tree is the White Oak and the Purple Violet is the state flower respectively. If you are a sports fan never fear, as Illinois has plenty of events to please any sports enthusiast. Between the Bulls(NBA), Blackhawks(NHL), Cubs and White Sox(MLB), and the Bears(NFL), the sports culture is so thick it can be cut with a knife. If you are looking for an Institute of higher learning, You may want to consider the University of Chicago or Northwestern, both are ranked in the top 20 best Colleges in The United States.

Illinois has a strong economy according to the site Business Insider, ranking 12th in the United States. The average working Illinoisan in 2014 made roughly $52,000. Illinois has an unemployment rate of 6.8% which is relatively high, but is a number that is down from 2010 when it stood at 11.5%. The major agricultural outputs for the Illinois are soybeans, dairy products, cattle, wheat, and corn. They usually rank 1st or 2nd in soybean production each year in the country. As of 2011, Illinois ranked 4th in the U.S. in overall manufacturing. Some of the leading manufacturing industries in the state are chemical, food, fabricated metal, plastics and rubber, and electronics products, to name a few.

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