New Jersey

New Jersey is known for its famous Jersey Tomatoes, the Jersey Shore, and Atlantic City, the gambling capitol of the Eastern Seaboard. The Garden State’s most popular dog breed according to the AKC is the Labrador Retriever. New Jersey was granted statehood on December 18th, 1787 and became the 3rd state in the United States. The first non-native American settlements in this state sprung up in the early 17th century and were Dutch and Swedish in origin. New Jersey is well known for being the home of many decisive battles in the Revolutionary War. It was also a home to many factories that helped drive the Industrial Revolution.The Delaware River, which borders PA and NJ, is famous for being the crossing point for George Washignton’s forces setting the stage for the “Battle of Trenton”, an important battle in the American Revolution. The state motto, “Liberty and Prosperity” is reflected by the fact that New Jersey was the first state to sign the Bill of Rights. It is also an interesting fact that NJ is the 3rd wealthiest state in regards to median household income, hence “Prosperity”. Tourism and Pharmaceuticals play a large part in this state’s economic prowess. Atlantic City is the nexus of New Jersey’s tourism industry. It is also home to major pharmaceutical firms Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer. The Garden State has also been home to many famous people. Musicians Frank Sinatra and Jon Bon Jovi, Actor Jack Nicholson, and magician David Copperfield are some examples.

The State animal of NJ is the Horse, which is reflected in the state seal with the inclusion of a horse head. The Honey Bee is recognized as the state insect, and the symbolic bird is the American Goldfinch. While this state has no real unique claim to fame as far as fauna, it has a diverse population of wildlife considering the concentrated human population.

While New Jersey stands as the 4th smallest state in the U.S. in terms of size, it is the 11th most populous and the most densely populated with over 8.8 million Americans living there. Although they carry the New York name, Jersey is home to the Jets and Giants in terms of professional football. There is also a large Hockey following here, as the Devils are a very popular NHL team. If Collegiate sports are more your speed, Rutgers and Seton Hall make a good case for quality. It is also home to 36 state parks and 13 state forests, respectively.

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