Utah, also known as the “Beehive State”, was granted statehood on January 4th, 1896 making it the 45th state. Utah is known for being the home of a large concentration of people of the Mormon faith and is the location of the Great Salt Lake, which covers a total of 2,100 square miles. The nickname “Beehive” symbolizes “thrift and Industry” within the state. The largest city in the state of Utah is Salt Lake City and it also stands as the states capital. The earliest inhabitants of the Utah Territory were the Aztec tribes and Navajo Native Americans. The first Mormon Pioneers were led across the Great Salt Lake in 1847, led by well known leader Brigham Young. Over the next 20 plus years, over 70,000 crossed the plains and settled in the Beehive State. Utah is broken into three geographical regions respectively, the Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin, and the Colorado Plateau. The Beehive State is bordered by four states, Idaho in the north, Wyoming in the Northeast, Colorado is in the east, and New Mexico in the Southeast. Utah is a state rich in national landmarks and parks, having the third most national parks within its borders, that number being five. Utah had a mining boom in the late 1800’s with mines springing up all over the state. The diverse landscape throughout the state was home to mines extracting Gold, Copper, Silver, and Lead. There was also Uranium mining operations in the eastern part of the state during the early Cold War era. The climate in Utah is a rather odd one, with the lower elevations having an arid climate, while the mountainous areas will record yearly snowfalls in excess of 500 inches. Because Utah has unusually dry snow, it makes the mountains a popular destination for its ski resorts. The mountains of Utah have the highest peaks in the USA, making the geographical layout of the state even more diverse. Utah made a contribution to the efforts in WWII by opening the Alta Ski resort to train para troopers from the 10th mountain regiment on its slopes. The state has had its share of famous personalities such as Rosanne Barr (Actress), Butch Cassidy (Outlaw), and James Woods (Actor).

There is a quite diverse list of fauna that inhabits the mountains and the deserts in Utah. The state mammal is the Rocky Mountain Elk was named such in 1971. The California Gull was named the state bird in honor of the service it provided by consuming the Mountain Crickets that were destroying Utah Crops. The Honey Bee is the State Insect and is strongly indicated in the states nickname. The Blue Spruce is the state tree and remains a popular ornamental tree throughout the country. Utah named the Bonneville Cutthroat Trout the state fish in 1997. Some other notable Utah state symbols are the Copper (mineral), Topaz (gem), and the Sego Lily (flower).

As of 2012, Utah was the 34th most populous state with over 2.8 million Americans residing there. A large portion of modern day Utah’s economy is generated by Tourism. With 40 State Parks, 5 National Parks, 7 National Monuments, and some of the most popular Ski resorts in the nation, you will find very few bored tourists in this state. As for professional Sports, the Utah Jazz are a very popular NBA team and call Salt Lake City home. College sports are big here also, with Brigham Young University leading the way.

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