Washington State is one of the most beautiful and agriculturally diverse states in the nation. The “Evergreen State” is well known for its beautiful countryside and lush Vineyards. Named after our first President George Washington, they achieved statehood on November 11th, 1889 making it the 42nd to do so. Being the northwestern most state in our nation, Washington is considered to be a part of the “Pacific Northwest” region of the continent along with Oregon and British Columbia by most standards. Because of its location along the Pacific Coast and being bordered to the east by the Rocky Mountains, it was one of the last territories in the U.S. to become heavily populated. To this day, sixty percent of the population of Washington resides in or around the city of Seattle, leaving a large percentage of area lightly populated by modern standards. Known for being home to the 1980 eruption of the 8th largest volcano in the world, Mount St. Helen’s, Washington is home to at least 4 known Volcanoes that have erupted since 1700. Washington is one of 4 states in the U.S. along with Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii that is known for a concentration of Volcanic activity. That being said, the beauty of this territory is undeniable, being home to 186 state parks, 3 state forests, and 20 national wildlife refuges. Washington has also enjoyed worldwide recognition with the release of the recent Twilight movie series based on the books by Stephanie Meyer. With the movies series gaining a huge cult like following, it has made the small town of Forks, Washington a location known to book and movie fans worldwide. It has also been home to a long list of famous Americans. Some of these personalities included Bob Barker (Game show Host), Bill Gates (Software Icon), and Jimi Hendrix (musician) to name a few.

The State Marine Mammal, the Orca, was a significant symobol to the indigenous native american tribes that inhabited Washington and people visit coastal areas to witness yearly Orca migration through Puget Sound. The State tree is the beautiful Western Hemlock symbolic of the states nickname. The Green Darner Dragonfly is the state insect and is one of the largest flying insects in North America. The Pacific Chorus Frog is native to Washington and was named the state amphibian in 2007. Some of the other symbols of Washington are the American Goldfinch (bird), the Steelhead Trout (fish), and the Coast Rhododendron (flower). Washington is also the largest producer of Apples in the nation giving merit to its adoption of it as the state fruit in 1989.

Washington is the 13th most populous state in the U.S. being home to just under 7 million Americans. The state has an incredibly diverse economy with a large agricultural presence and is home to a strong technological industry being home the well known Microsoft Corporation, Boeing Aircraft, and Amazon.com to name a few. Washington is also home to many well known retail organizations such as Starbucks, Nordstrom, and Cotsco. If you are looking to take in a ballgame, the Mariners make thier home in Seattle, as do the Seahawks. For higher education, Washington State Unuversity is a well known state college.

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