Shiba Inu Puppy

This Puppy Found A Home!

This puppy is no longer available.

Hello! My name is Briley! I am a super friendly Shiba Inu puppy looking for my forever family! I love human interaction and sometimes I even forget that in not one of them! My favorite time of the day is playing with the human children. I also like going outside in the yard and romping, running, jumping, and just acting like a puppy! I went to see the vet- he says I’m in excellent health! I could have told them that myself, but I still haven’t mastered the art of talking. Gotta work on that a little yet…

I’m up to date on all my vaccinations. They tell me it’s to keep me from getting sick. Who wants to get sick?! Not me!! I need to stay in top health so I can keep on romping, running, and jumping with the others!
So – It was really nice talking to you! Right now, I really need to get going… there’s a butterfly fluttering through my yard and I need to go say hi! After that I really should work on perfecting my talking skills…sigh…
Come see me sometime!

❤- Briley