Country of Origin: Germany
  • Activity Level: high
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  • Shedding Level: low
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  • Grooming Level: high
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  • Trainability: high
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  • Good for Novice Owners: high
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  • Adaptability: high
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  • Kid/Pet Friendly: sometimes
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  • Prey Drive: moderate
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  • Watchdog: aware
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  • Average Size: Medium
  • Average Lifespan: 10-18 years
  • Registered?: aca, akc
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Standard Poodle Dog Breed Information





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Did You Know?

Although the Poodle is the national dog of France, they actually originated in Germany over 400 years ago where they were commonly used as a duck hunter. Their curly coat protected them from the elements and they were bred for their excellent swimming skills, high intelligence, and incredible retrieval skills.

The Poodle comes in three sizes – Standard, Miniature, and Toy. Throughout history, this dog breed has served many purposes. From living in the lap of luxury as companions to nobility to working out in the field as a valuable hunting companion to entertaining people in circuses around the world, the Poodle is right at home.

The American Kennel Club recognized the Poodle in 1887 as part of the Non-Sporting Group. Although they are more popular as a companion dog, the Poodle still maintains their athleticism and working dog instincts. As such, the Standard Poodle is the only member of the Non-Sporting Group that is also eligible for the AKC Retriever Hunting Tests.

Poodles are known for their intelligence, cheerful disposition, and sensitive nature. They are versatile dogs that make great family companions. They tend to get along well with children, other dogs, and other pets. Due to their sensitive nature, they tend to be a better fit for older children who understand how to approach and interact with a dog appropriately. These dogs prefer peace and harmony in the household, so very young children that are too loud or rough can stress them out.

The Standard Poodle also tends to be quite energetic until they are about two years old and may be prone to knock over small children in their excitement. Standard Poodles also tend to make great watchdogs and have some protective instincts. Without proper socialization, they can become skittish, nervous, and wary of strangers. Making sure any puppy is socialized early and often helps them grow into a confident, well-rounded dog.

Standard Poodles are highly adaptable dogs. Their energy level tends to make them better-suited for larger homes with room for them to run. But, they can adapt well to apartment living as long as they receive the exercise, mental stimulation, and affection that they need.

They tend to do well in most climates. As with most dog breeds, they are sensitive to very hot and very cold weather. These dogs are in-tune with their owners and thrive on human companionship and affection, so they do not like to be left alone for long periods of time.

Poodles are a relatively healthy dog breed, but there are some potential health concerns to be aware of. These potential health concerns include epilepsy, von Willebrand’s disease, skin conditions, like sebaceous adenitis, eye disorders, and hip dysplasia. Because of their larger, barrel-chested body type, the Standard Poodle is also at risk for bloat.

Responsible breeders will screen and test their stock to ensure the genetic propensity for breed-related conditions is not passed along to the puppies. So, don’t be afraid to talk to the breeder about the genetic history of the parents and to ask to see any relevant health clearances or tests.

Poodles are highly intelligent, sensitive, and eager to please their owners. They are highly trainable, pick up things quickly, and are a good fit for owners of any experience level. Because they are sensitive and in-tune with their owners, they respond best to consistent, positive training techniques focused on rewards and praise.

Poodle coats are curly or corded and come in a wide variety of colors. Although Poodles are known for their low-shedding, hypoallergenic coats, their coats still require a lot of maintenance. Your Standard Poodle’s coat needs to be trimmed, shampooed, and brushed frequently. Keeping your Poodle in a short clip can help reduce daily maintenance, but still requires regular professional grooming every four to six weeks to maintain it. A longer coat requires daily brushing in order to prevent matting in addition to professional grooming every four to six weeks.

In addition to coat care, your Poodle’s nails, ears, and teeth will also need to be cared for. Regular professional grooming often helps with this as nail trimming should be done monthly, at least, to keep nails from growing too long. You should also be checking your dog’s ears on a weekly basis to make sure their ears are dry, clean, and free of debris. Dental care for dogs, like brushing their teeth or using an enzyme toothpaste every day, is essential to protecting them from painful dental diseases like gum disease and tooth decay.

Since your Standard Poodle will grow into a large dog, it’s a good idea to get them used to these grooming tasks as a puppy. You, your dog, and your groomer will thank you for it! Who knows? If you ensure these experiences stay positive, they could even become a bonding time that your dog enjoys.

Although Poodles are part of the Non-Sporting Group and tend to be stereotyped as “frou-frou” dogs, they are actually quite athletic and are eager to be active. These are high energy dogs that require a good amount of exercise and mental stimulation every day in order to be happy and healthy.

They’ll need daily walks, plus some playtime and extra activity. They love to stay busy and may enjoy running with you, going for a swim, taking trips to the dog park, hiking with you, and more. They also tend to be a good fit for several dog sports, such as agility, dock diving, obedience, flyball, tracking, and more.

A fully-grown Standard Poodle usually stands 22-27 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 40-70 pounds. They can be slightly smaller than the usual as the Standard size is denoted by being more than 15 inches tall at the shoulder.

A Standard Poodle generally lives 10-18 years.

Poodles are known as the Caniche, which roughly translates to “duck dog”, in France.