How to Work with Your Dog’s Anxiety

It can be agony to watch your dog suffer from anxiety. Here are a few ways to help alleviate your dog’s anxiety, both in the short-term and in the long run.

Help Your Dog Get Out More!

Dogs are, quite naturally, social animals. That’s no wonder, considering the symbiotic relationship their species has formed with ours over the years, both of us getting quite a bit out of a relationship that is essentially social in nature. We bond and connect with each other while also performing services…

How Dogs Handle the Hottest of Seasons

Summer is here, and it promises to be a hot one. With such a harsh, cold winter behind us, that can be rather comforting, but for some, summer can be a rough time – for dog owners especially. Your dog, after all, doesn’t have the benefit of sweating or the…

The Glorious Gift of a Goldendoodle

A variety of different hybrid breeds of dogs have been bred in recent years, largely in reaction to the increasingly unhealthy and even inhumane breeding of purebreds that we have recently seen. Dog-lovers may love these breeds, but they love the dogs themselves more, and hate to see them suffer….

Cavalier King Charles Puppies

Edit Thing Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies are curly haired lap pups. They are as playful as you like but if you have a quiet lifestyle, they are content. This lovely little dog is a great company keeper and adores his owner. This pooch was first developed by breeding small…

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