Greenfield Puppies Reviews

We love dogs and people and people with dogs.

I purchased my Bichonpoo from Jacob King in March 2018 and I highly recommend him. He is an excellent breeder. CoCo is the sweetest dog ever and Jacob was a joy to work with. He gives you enough food to last for over a month and she still has the blanket he let me pick out for her. She is healthy, smart and everyone loves her!

Stephanie Boyd

After looking after my sister’s 3-year old Shih Tzu Bichon for 2 weeks while she recovered from surgery…we saw what a positive affect the experience had on all our kids (9, 7, and 5 years old), but especially our oldest daughter (who is slightly delayed in both Reading and Math). My wife and I found that the experience brought forth her nurturing and accountability characteristics, not to mention a newly found confidence that we were over-filled with joy to see. Needless to say, we knew that we had to find a puppy to bring into our family after we returned my sister’s dog to her. We ended-up searching for a Shorkie since we wanted a puppy who was energetic, had a personality, was good with kids, and would (hopefully) still be able to settle-down/cuddle-up with the kids at bedtime. After finding Sebastian on Greenfield’s website and reaching-out to/meeting with Martha King (the breeder), we were immediately convinced that we just had to have Sebastian join our family! Picking him-up from Martha’s farm was as smooth of a transition as we could have ever hoped for…and, the joy that he has brought to our family is priceless! We feel so blessed to have found Sebastian and get connected with Martha through Greenfield! We would certainly do it again and recommend Greenfield and Martha King to anybody looking for a happy/healthy Shorkie to bring into their family!

Mike Cassidy

I can’t begin to thank Greenfield for their website. I would have never found Matthew Stoltzfus and our smart, silly, fun, sneaky, loving & supportive little Colton. We kept our breeders name, as it fits him perfectly. My son and I had traveled 6 hours from Cleveland, OH to Gap, PA to get this new family member! Colton wins everyone’s heart over that he meets. Colton is registered as mine & my son’s support animal. I had a stroke when I was 23 & 26 years later, it still affects me daily. Last August my dad passed away from Sarcoma Mesothelioma, by far one of the greatest losses for both me and my son. There have been many setbacks for us since, and Colton has been a blessing. He’s always there to cuddle or give puppy kisses, or to ring his potty bells for treats. He makes every day brighter! If you are looking for the perfect breeder, look no further, Matthew Stoltzfus is him (1000 times over!). When Colton is in public, he is very mild mannered but…. get him home and he just lets loose and is a crazy little man. I honestly can’t say enough great things about Matthew Stoltzfus and his puppies. But thank from the bottom of our hearts.

Laura & TJ

I just wanted to share our Zane formally Freddy. We purchased him from Allen and Katie Miller from Ohio. He by far has completed our family. Katie was helpful to answer our questions and since we were traveling from just outside Syracuse, NY to get him she was patient with our timeline to be able to travel.

Patti B.

We love our new addition Jasmine who we found on line from Greenfield puppies. The breeder Eli and Linda Fisher in Ephrata Pa were great to work with. Her forever name is Maggie. She was easy to train and very healthy. Thank you for such an amazing puppy. We would recommend Greenfield and the Fishers to anyone who is looking for a special dog. Thank you to your entire family for making her such a wonderful dog.

Sandy and Terry O’Malley

We lost our beloved Cockapoo Maggie after 13 years this fall. We thought we would wait several months before looking for another dog but the emptiness was killing us. We found Greenfield Puppies on-line and found the sweetest puppy “April” born September 10. Her forever home name is now Piper. We have had her for two weeks and she has done beautifully. Elam Stoltzfus was the breeder and was great to work with. We absolutely recommend Elam and Greenfield Puppies. Our Vet told she was very healthy “Hyper” Piper!

Jim And Terry Day

I found out about Greenfield puppies by searching the web. We were interested in getting a puppy to fill our new home with love. Our experience with the breeders Allen Miller and his son Robert Miller were great everything went smooth. We were so excited the morning that he arrived from Ohio to Massachusetts. We did not change his name we thought Toby was a good fitting name for him. He is a wonderful puppy very loving and affectionate. He is surrounded by so much love in this family. If things go well I could definitely see another Aussie in our future. Thanks Greenfield puppies and thank you Allen Miller.

Tara Elliot

We found Chelsea from breeder Ruth and Jacob Glick. I cannot begin to tell everyone how great they were how accommodating and a pleasure to work with. We are new with having a dog and had lots of questions they answered the phone anytime we called helpful with anything we needed. As far as Chelsea goes we couldn’t find a pup any healthier and Happier. After having a bad experience with another breeder called Lynda’s poodle. Ruth mad sure we wouldn’t go through that again. They went way above and beyond. We recommend Ruth and Jacob Glick to anyone looking to get a pup.


We picked up our beautiful pup in PA. He is a wonderful puppy. The breeders did a great job raising him till we got him. He is playful house trained well and so loving. Thank you. He will forever be a joy to us.

Joy and Robert Gill

I found Millie who was bred by Steven Fisher Jr. of Pennsylvania. Each time I called Steven he returned my call promptly, answered all my questions and was extremely helpful. I was deciding between two of his puppies and together we determined which would be the best fit for my lifestyle. Greenfield’s shipping department was also very responsive to my questions and concerns and kept me posted about Millie’s flight arrangements and her airport stops. They also followed up to make certain she arrived safely. Working with the breeder and Greenfield was easy and professional. We adore Millie. She has adjusted great to our home and her new life. We’ve now had her 11 days and she checked out as healthy with our local vet. Thanks for a great experience!

Lorie J Teagno

I recently bought two cockapoos from different breeders. One was with Jonathan Martin in Blain, PA and the other from Joshua Martin in Denver, PA. I am amazed how these breeders went out their way to facilitate the purchase. While on the way to Denver, PA, Jonathan met me halfway along the way and, having to drive 6 hours away, Joshua welcomed me in his house at night time. They are very easy to deal with and highly recommend them.

Rene Francisco

My husband and I just wanted to share some feedback with your company regarding our recent experience with Greenfield Puppies.

We first heard about your website from a friend at a social event a few weeks ago. We met her new Mini Australian Shepard, now named Coal, and completely fell in love. We went to your site shortly thereafter and found many puppies that we were interested in. All breeders that we contacted were friendly, informative, and helpful. Your website is very user friendly and provides a lot of helpful information for finding the right fit.

We chose to go with the Mini Australian Shepherd breeder Robert Miller from Coffee Run Farm in Holmesville, OH. Not only were his credentials reassuring, but he was just a genuinely nice guy who clearly loved his dogs and puppies. For my husband and I, this was very important, and it helped us to trust in our decision to move forward with Robert and his litter of pups.

We chose our puppy within a few days, and by the end of the following week he was home with us in MA. Milo (formally known as Greg) the puppy, is a happy and fun little guy. He is so playful, loves to snuggle, and is so good with other people and our kitty. We love him so much! We can’t thank Robert and his team enough for bringing Milo into our lives. Robert Miller and his team deserve a 5 star rating for customer service & experience, value, and for breeding beautiful Mini Aussie’s.

Thank you!

Kristina & Michael Healey

Our newest family member! I would like to thank Levi & Priscilla Stoltzfus for an amazing little pup! He is simply adorable! We had a great experience with Levi & Priscilla. They are terrific breeders. They are organized, the kennels are so clean with heat and air, and I would most definitely refer them. I would also go back!!!

Lorraine Errickson

Greenfield puppies was a fantastic way to get the puppy I wanted. I looked at the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy listings for months. I am sure I drove the people around me crazy. In October the perfect puppy with perfect timing showed up. I called the breeder, Jonathan Lapp. He returned my call the same day and I gave him a deposit over the phone to hold the puppy until she could be picked up. I found Mr. Lapp to be easy to deal with, pleasant, prompt, and forthcoming with information. We bought our puppy solely based on a photograph and a phone call. We did not have the opportunity to meet the puppies and pick one out because we live several hours away. I was slightly worried about this, but in the end it didn’t matter. The puppy we received is incredible. She is a big, beautiful ball of fur that is doing well with house breaking, rides well in the car, loves to go to the store, loves attention (and naps), is sweet, funny and makes us smile every day. Thanks Greenfield Puppies and Mr. Lapp!

Ed Swanson

We just got our Cavapoo puppy named Minnie 3 weeks ago from Elmer Zook in Ephrata, PA. We had tragically lost a 14 year old dog a few months back having been devastated and had been casually looking for another dog, while not being quite sure if we were ready or not. I had gone to several pet stores along with visiting and calling several breeders as well. So when I saw Minnie get posted I called right away. We went to see her and instantly fell in love with her. Elmer Zook was so forthcoming with info and immediately showing us health records, her mom and other siblings. We spoke with him several times before and after we picked her up. From the time we first went to see her to picking her up and phone calls he was very patient with us and never made us feel pressured or like we were bothering him. We would truly recommend Elmer as a breeder as our new puppy has brought so much Happiness to our lives again and we are so attached to her already. Needless to say she is spoiled already. We are so Thankful to Elmer! Greenfield Puppies is a great site to view puppies along with their videos.

Ginger Childs

We went to Gap PA and got our forever baby boy Toby ! He completes us, and every day he makes us laugh and full of love. I never thought I would have room again after losing our penny ? but , Greenfield helped us find that perfect piece for a perfect fit ❤️ Thank you to Allen Stoltzfus for giving us a wonderful companion

Cynthia Schiedler

We just celebrated our girl’s 1st Gotcha Day! She’s healthy, adorable, smart, funny, and just perfect. She’s completed our family. Thank you Greenfield Puppies!


We got our Dalmatian puppy from Fredericksburg, Ohio six months ago. They kept him up to date on his vaccinations. He was and still is in great health with perfect genetics. He’s energetic and adventurous, but so well mannered and nicely behaved. We love him dearly and are so happy we found him!


I just picked up my Goldendoodle, Coco, from Breeder John King. What a pleasurable experience from when first getting in touch with John and picking up our beloved pup.

Thank You, John!  Would not hesitate to recommend!!


Willow has adapted very well with her new brothers (Riley and Jack) and the grandchildren in our family. She is healthy and happy. Thanks to Greenfield Puppies and Josiah Yoder for such a smooth transaction.

Dan Dufour

I am a first time pet owner and my experience has been great! Mooxy, my Shihpoo is healthy and very energetic! he’s 5 months old and learning lots of tricks! Best decision I ever made, my family and I love having him. Thank you so much, Greenfield Puppies.

Janelle Barksdale

I bought Moon, birth name Yani from Daniel Fisher in Gordonville, PA. She is the cleanest and most healthy puppy I’ve ever bought, we brought her home and she already knows to go potty outside, and to sit for a treat! she has the perfect temperament, very affectionate and is friendly to children and other dogs. I’m impressed and excited for the future with such a great puppy!

Meranda Parker

Buster is now 6 Months old and is the sweetest dog that you could ever meet. He has grown into his own personality and loves his family as much as we love him. Smart and loving he is a great. The family we got him from was awesome. They worked with us all the way til we picked him up. He was healthy and happy from the day we seen him. A great experience from day one!

William Miller

I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our dog. My wife and I bought a GSD from John Lapp in Strasburg. His dogs were well kept and Mr Lapp was a pleasure to deal with. We’ve had our dog for 4 months hes healthy, beautiful, smart and everything we were looking for. Couldn’t be happier.

Patrick Corcoran

Thanks to you and your website our family now how’s a new puppy we bought our silver lab from Jason Allgyer and we had him shipped to us. We were nervous that he wouldn’t be the puppy we fell in love with in the pictures but we new as soon as we laid eyes on him at the airport that it was him! The whole process went very smooth. Jason was great to work with and I would highly recommend him and greenfield puppies to anyone who is looking for a new addition to the family. Our puppy is very smart and so lovable and has our hearts completely. Thanks so much for making it possible for us to add him.

Chris Martin