Greenfield Puppies Reviews

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My husband and I made the drive from NH to PA to Pick up our new WestiePoo from Elmer Zook. Mr. Zook was very professional and getting our new girl was a very easy process. Nessie is a very sweet puppy who has added a lot of laughter to our world. She has the funniest habit of sitting at my feet after she has done her business. I have never seen or heard of a dog that does this. It is so funny and it is making the process of training her much easier. The Greenfield Puppies site made finding the dog we were looking for extremely easy and I would recommend both them and Mr. Elmer Zook to anyone interested in a puppy.

Darcy Harrison

My husband and I have Leo, a 14 yr old Australian Shepherd, and have been keeping Nolen, my son’s 3 yr old Aussie for about 1 yr (due to my son re-locating). We knew that when Nolen returned to my son, we wanted to get a puppy as “our” own little fur baby. Honestly, we were never really set on a breed … just felt super strongly about trying to get away from all the shedding. We live in a rural area of Florida so we took to the internet in search of a “doodle” breed. Unfortunately, we quickly found nothing anywhere near us. We did, however, come across the Greenfield Puppies website. Oh my goodness … soooo many puppies to choose from!! After several days of searching, picking, and changing our minds – we found “Tug”. He’s a Mini Golden Mountain Doodle and so stinkin’ cute. Honestly, Casper (we have renamed him) was cute in his picture, but the fact that the breeder Anthony Stoltzfus posted a video that showed his personality and spunk is what really sold us. We knew this was “our” puppy, but the expense and the drive time to Pennsylvania … what the heck. Enter … the GFP Shipping Department!! We cannot say enough about the amazing people in GFP Shipping. We had no idea what to expect or where to even start, but they walked us through the process like it was nothing. We emailed back and forth setting everything up, and they quickly addressed my concern about the cold temperatures the morning he was to fly out. When we arrived at the airport to pick him up, he was in his new airline approved crate, with a bag of food and water bottle, and all of his paperwork in a folder. It was a super long day for him (about 14 hrs), but he did amazing. GFP Shipping – YOU ROCK!! Now, back to our little Casper. He is perfect!! He was obviously well socialized and well taken care of. We could immediately tell that he had been loved and not just stuck in a cage. He’s 11 weeks old and he’s doing great with potty training and he has “sit” down pat. We had our first vet appointment today and he’s a healthy happy little puppy. We would definitely recommend using Greenfield Puppies, GFP Shipping, and breeder Anthony Stoltzfus, Lititz, PA.

The Tauntons - Taft & Dana

Our German Shepherd of ten years died in June, we looked everywhere and finally found the Greenfield site. We purchased our puppy from Joseph and are so very happy. His given name was George, however we liked the name Teddy. He is in excellent health, had all of his shots for his age, wormed and no fleas in site. The family was very friendly and even baked us cookies. They gave us a bag of his current kibble and advised how to wean him to our current pups food. We are very happy with our new German Shepherd. He is growing and ears are up. We received the greenfield packet with all shots and birthdate for our vet. Thank you so very much for this excellent puppy, very smart little man!

Thanks Joseph Lapp and family!

Kathleen Hart

I turned to Greenfield after losing my English Crème Golden in August. I knew a pup could be expensive. We went to a breeder up in Pennsylvania (The Martins in Manheim) looking for one puppy in particular as I saw her on the site. When we got there, there were only two left in the litter. The one we were looking at was kind of the focus of another couple and we ended up looking at the last one and we took her in despite it not being our first choice. However, she deserved a forever home too and so we chose her and she has turned out to be a ‘Godsend’. Her behavior is exceptional, she is very loving and is very loved, and we are so happy we went through your organization to get her and move her into our family. I have no regrets and would urge anyone who is looking for a great young puppy to begin here at Greenfield. Remember, these are professional breeders and the pups can cost $ and deservedly so but the one I got is worth a whole lot more than I paid for her. Don’t let prices scare you away from these beautiful dogs. They all deserve a forever home and are awesome members of the family. We renamed Tisha ‘Dakota’ although both are lovely names. Bring one in. Again, I have no regrets.

Conor Toole

We got our puppy from Sadie and Jake Smoker in Pennsylvania. She is the love of our lives. She is healthy, sweet, and so smart. The vet was so impressed with her from visit number one. All of her records were in order and we couldn’t ask for a better dog. She’s 17 months old now and everyone who meets her still falls in love with her. Thank you so much Sadie for answering all my phone calls. When it’s time to get Kayla a sister we will definitely be back!

Ilene Beilin

My wife and I have had two great experiences with Greenfield Puppies. Our first puppy, named Ivan, is a smart, healthy and has a wonderful temperament. We got him in June of 2019. The Breeders, Daniel and Lydia King, are wonderful people who love there dog and socialize them perfectly. They are raised with love and their children play with them. Our second dogs name is Sasha. We loved Ivan so much that we got Sasha from Daniel and Lydia also. We picked her up right before new year. They are so happy together and we couldn’t be happier with the decision to use Greenfield Puppies and the King family.

Todd Weidenhammer

My husband and I drove out to PA to meet Levi King and meet Andrew who we changed his name to Kiwi. Kiwi is a great dog and fills our life with joy! Levi King is a great breeder and had all the required shots and Kiwi is a very healthy and happy dog! Thanks also to Greenfield Puppies for giving people a chance to connect with a breeder and find a future member of their household.


Bundles of joy with a super sweet personality. Karen was very hospitable and was caring to all the litter. We picked Truely as she was smallest of the litter but was so gentle and lovable. We named her Brooke. Thanks Karen for our sweet nugget. 🙏❤️

Rick Natividad

My Fiance’ brought me a Maltese puppy from Levi King in Quarry, PA. Levi King is a professional and quality breeder. We are so happy with our Maltese. Her name was Macy, but we changed her name to Piper. Thanks Levi King.

Staci Law

My husband Henry and I (Ellen) decided to a puppy for our Christmas gift. We have bought a Cavalier King Charles puppy Black and Tan name Holly. She is so sweet and adorable. He is very knowledgeable with his puppies. 4 years ago we brought Casper a Cavalier home we purchased from Levi Stoltzfus and was very happy with him. Yes we are return customers, and would go back again for another puppy in the future.

Ellen and Henry Lawrence

My husband and I have been in search of a Cockapoo puppy in Los Angeles for quite some time, but had little luck. I was researching a long time and stumbled upon Greenfield Puppies. We were a bit uneasy getting a puppy cross country that we wouldn’t be able to meet before taking her home, but was all worth it. We first spoke to breeder Sarah Beiler in Mount Joy about Bean (originally named Basil) and Sarah was so nice and friendly. Sarah kept us in the loop with vet check, whatever questions we had about the pup and the process of us picking Bean up. Greenfield Puppies were also always so friendly and quick to respond. Liz and Tamara were amazing answering any questions about transportation and always had ALL the answers. We picked Bean up from LAX and it went so smoothly. They even follow upped with us after we picked Bean from the airport. We’ve had her for just a week now and she is such a playful, loving pup and settling in perfectly. The perfect little addition to our family!

Thank you so much, Sarah and Greenfield Puppies.

Dustin & Mallori R.

We bought our puppy from Nate Hostetler in Holmesville, OH. We drove five hours one way to get him and would do it again! Nate was great to work with and super patient with our last minute decision to travel all that way. He answered every question we had and was very easy to contact. Thank you for our new addition. He is perfect for our family

Sara Prewitt

My girls and I was looking for a pup after our dog of 12 years had passed. Searching the web and came across this site. On November 9th we bought our Morkie (Gizella) from Amos Beiler. He provided her shot records and some of the food he was feeding her. Took her to our vet and she’s perfect. My girls just love her and have her spoiled already. Thank you Greenfield Puppies for helping us find our fur baby. We will definitely use this site in the future

Marla Thomas

We purchased a Havanese from Eliam Beiler and he is the love of our life. We then figured he needed a play mate and purchased a Havanese from Jake Smoker. Both dogs are a joy to have. I got to quit looking.

Bonnie Baughman

We got our new love from Mattie Petersheim, the puppy was in great health. She is the most loving puppy and I couldn’t picture my life without her now. Thank you.

Colleen M.

We had to put our 11 year old Golden, Dallas, down October 2019 due to cancer. He brought such joy and happiness to our lives that it too long after that we started looking for another golden puppy.

I looked on Greenfield puppies for a few weeks, browsing the countless Golden puppies for sale. I then came across Mya(we changed her name) and immediately contacted, Sheldon in Ephrata. He messaged back fairly quickly and decided that with all the questions I had, we would speak on the phone. He answered all of my questions without hesitation and we set up a time that night for myself and my kids to go see Mya. Needless to say, we brought her home that night and she’s a beautiful pup!! This was 6 1/2 weeks ago. Mya is now 4 1/2 months old and a blessing to our family.

Thank you to Sheldon for the awesome experience!

Sommer Perez

I found this sweet girl on Greenfields site and we are in love. The breeders, The Martin family were wonderful! Bella now Suki is a happy, healthy, playful pup and we love her. It was worth driving 12 hours to pick her up and bring her to her forever home with us!

Karen Hawkins

I recently purchased a Shichon from Mr. Benuel Fisher in Strasburg, PA. He was so nice and helpful with arranging everything. I have a beautiful, healthy puppy that is a wonderful addition to my home. Mr. Fisher is a kind, honest man and made my experience pleasant.

Vickie Graham

I purchased my Bichonpoo from Jacob King in March 2018 and I highly recommend him. He is an excellent breeder. CoCo is the sweetest dog ever and Jacob was a joy to work with. He gives you enough food to last for over a month and she still has the blanket he let me pick out for her. She is healthy, smart and everyone loves her!

Stephanie Boyd

After looking after my sister’s 3-year old Shih Tzu Bichon for 2 weeks while she recovered from surgery…we saw what a positive affect the experience had on all our kids (9, 7, and 5 years old), but especially our oldest daughter (who is slightly delayed in both Reading and Math). My wife and I found that the experience brought forth her nurturing and accountability characteristics, not to mention a newly found confidence that we were over-filled with joy to see. Needless to say, we knew that we had to find a puppy to bring into our family after we returned my sister’s dog to her. We ended-up searching for a Shorkie since we wanted a puppy who was energetic, had a personality, was good with kids, and would (hopefully) still be able to settle-down/cuddle-up with the kids at bedtime. After finding Sebastian on Greenfield’s website and reaching-out to/meeting with Martha King (the breeder), we were immediately convinced that we just had to have Sebastian join our family! Picking him-up from Martha’s farm was as smooth of a transition as we could have ever hoped for…and, the joy that he has brought to our family is priceless! We feel so blessed to have found Sebastian and get connected with Martha through Greenfield! We would certainly do it again and recommend Greenfield and Martha King to anybody looking for a happy/healthy Shorkie to bring into their family!

Mike Cassidy

I can’t begin to thank Greenfield for their website. I would have never found Matthew Stoltzfus and our smart, silly, fun, sneaky, loving & supportive little Colton. We kept our breeders name, as it fits him perfectly. My son and I had traveled 6 hours from Cleveland, OH to Gap, PA to get this new family member! Colton wins everyone’s heart over that he meets. Colton is registered as mine & my son’s support animal. I had a stroke when I was 23 & 26 years later, it still affects me daily. Last August my dad passed away from Sarcoma Mesothelioma, by far one of the greatest losses for both me and my son. There have been many setbacks for us since, and Colton has been a blessing. He’s always there to cuddle or give puppy kisses, or to ring his potty bells for treats. He makes every day brighter! If you are looking for the perfect breeder, look no further, Matthew Stoltzfus is him (1000 times over!). When Colton is in public, he is very mild mannered but…. get him home and he just lets loose and is a crazy little man. I honestly can’t say enough great things about Matthew Stoltzfus and his puppies. But thank from the bottom of our hearts.

Laura & TJ

I just wanted to share our Zane formally Freddy. We purchased him from Allen and Katie Miller from Ohio. He by far has completed our family. Katie was helpful to answer our questions and since we were traveling from just outside Syracuse, NY to get him she was patient with our timeline to be able to travel.

Patti B.

We love our new addition Jasmine who we found on line from Greenfield puppies. The breeder Eli and Linda Fisher in Ephrata Pa were great to work with. Her forever name is Maggie. She was easy to train and very healthy. Thank you for such an amazing puppy. We would recommend Greenfield and the Fishers to anyone who is looking for a special dog. Thank you to your entire family for making her such a wonderful dog.

Sandy and Terry O’Malley

We lost our beloved Cockapoo Maggie after 13 years this fall. We thought we would wait several months before looking for another dog but the emptiness was killing us. We found Greenfield Puppies on-line and found the sweetest puppy “April” born September 10. Her forever home name is now Piper. We have had her for two weeks and she has done beautifully. Elam Stoltzfus was the breeder and was great to work with. We absolutely recommend Elam and Greenfield Puppies. Our Vet told she was very healthy “Hyper” Piper!

Jim And Terry Day

I found out about Greenfield puppies by searching the web. We were interested in getting a puppy to fill our new home with love. Our experience with the breeders Allen Miller and his son Robert Miller were great everything went smooth. We were so excited the morning that he arrived from Ohio to Massachusetts. We did not change his name we thought Toby was a good fitting name for him. He is a wonderful puppy very loving and affectionate. He is surrounded by so much love in this family. If things go well I could definitely see another Aussie in our future. Thanks Greenfield puppies and thank you Allen Miller.

Tara Elliot