Greenfield Puppies Reviews

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I met and fell in love with my sweet Gemmy three weeks ago. I purchased the Chorkie pup from Haydee Pagliai in Conestoga, Pa. Both parents were on premises and the pups are raised in a family setting. She is a sweet and healthy puppy. Haydee was a pleasure to deal with and I couldn’t be happier with the new addition to my family.

Elizabeth Ledden

Our family is very happy with the new member our family, Oso. Martha Stoltzfus and her brother made the process of purchasing a puppy online easier. It’s as though they held our hand thru-out the entire process although I was highly skeptical. We would recommend Martha and her brother to any one who is looking to purchase a Cavapoo puppy. Thank you

Claudia Contreras

Our Yorkshire Terrier puppy, Jude, renamed Finnegan, arrived at our home on Sept. 20, 2019. He is a very handsome little guy and has been a constant joy. We are so very grateful to Sam and Martha Stoltzfus of Manheim, PA, for giving us such a loving puppy. It was a pleasure to deal with Sam and Martha; they were extremely accommodating having Finnegan delivered to our home in excellent condition following a long car ride.
We couldn’t be happier; so glad we found Greenfield Puppies. Keep up the good work you do!

Margaret Devlin

We got our Goldendoodle puppies from Mr John King of Narvon, PA on July 23rd. They turned 4 mos old on 9/28/19. They are in perfect health and the sweetest most loving dogs I have ever met. Mr King had excellent reviews and I would not hesitate to refer my family and friends to him!

Lynn Crummitt

Yesterday we brought home our most adorable and absolutely stunning little Corey, (my sons named him as Marco), who is a 9-weeks old Fox red Lab. Got him from Shannah and Vernon, Millmont, PA. They are simply awesome, very responsive on all my queries, all paper works were perfect. Vernon even drove 2 hours to meet me half way to give me the puppy.
Corey is very inquisitive in nature, loves music, watches TV and trying to chew everything in the path. Loves to take naps.
Thanks to, a fantastic resource for dog lovers.

Uttaran Chakrabarti

We got Stanley from the Levi Fisher family in Howard PA. Stanley has been fantastic! He was practically house trained already when we got him at 9 weeks and he has adjusted well to our family and is extremely lovable. Very happy with what the Fisher Family gave us!!!


My boyfriend and I purchased a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy last Spring from a man named Sam King in Honeybrook, PA. We were both set on a Bernese and wanted to be sure we received one that was bred correctly and socialized and cared for in a family environment. I had read many mixed reviews on Sam and his breeding of not just Bernese, but other dogs. However, his puppies stood out to me and I knew that they were being cared for among children and other animals. His property was beautiful, family gracious and warm, and both mom and dad were on site and available to greet and interact with. Regardless of other reviews I had read, our Bernese Mountain Dog is everything we could have ever asked for. Her name is Everest, and she is the sweetest, most loving and gentle dog I’ve ever encountered. She is 8-9 months old now and in exceptional health. She resembles her mother, slightly smaller and a wavy coat. Her favorite things are her dad, eating pears and crabapples out in the yard, chewing toys (and socks if she can find them), and flopping down on her favorite bean bag chair. I love her to death and I am so grateful to have stumbled upon Sam and his family. I highly recommend if you are in the market for a puppy, to give him a call.

Shannon King

We picked up our mini bernedoodle puppy from the John Yoder family in Flat Rock, Illinois in late September 2019. They we wonderful to work with prior to our picking up our puppy. They gladly kept him until I came back from Seattle about 2 weeks later. They had taken Numa in their home in started getting him used to being around kids and in a home.
On the day that we picked Numa up, we were greeted so warmly and sincere. They provided us with puppy food, collar, leash his complete health information folder and even sent us home with a delicious snack for ourselves. Numa had even had a bath, and all their animals were obviously well taken care of. John gave us a guided tour. We got to meet their current puppies and both of Numa’s parents. Their dog run/home was immaculate and well maintained.
I would highly recommend getting a puppy from John Yoder. You will not regret the experience.

Sonia and Mark Winke

I lost my yorkshire terrier, Reeses, in December at only 7 years old. My heart was torn out of my chest. I waited 9 months to start looking for another yorkie to love. I researched and was sent to greenfield puppies. I found a cute little yorkie named Kelsey from Matthew Stoltzfus. He was very kind and and answered all of my questions that I had for him. I drove 4 hours to pick her up from Gap, PA with my husband. When we arrived, Matthew was there waiting for us and brought little Kelsey, now Dazie, out to us. I fell in love with from that moment on. She has captured both my and my husbands heart. She is our little princess and we treat her like one. We love her with all of our heart. I’m so grateful to Matthew for a very easy process on purchasing her. She has definitely brought love and excitement back into my life.

Cynthia Washington

We saw the Irish Setter puppies listed for sale…ADORABLE !!! from Elmer Fisher.The darker color fur,cute faces, it is no wonder they were going fast ! When we drove almost 3 hours from New Jersey to Gordonville PA and saw the gorgeous landscape,the immaculately clean dairy farm owned by the Fisher family,we knew, even though we only had 2 choices of puppies left that the one we chose will be wonderful. A really nice man,Elmer showed us the paperwork,answered our questions and even gave a little tour of the barn.What a great place to buy a puppy ! Obviously everyone who got there before us agrees!

Pam & Don Siegel

We purchased our puppy, Kimberly, now named Olive, from Stephen Stoltzfoos. He was excellent to work with. Stephen answered all of our questions and provided us with the paperwork we needed for the puppy’s shots history. We have been having a great time getting to know Olive and look forward to many years of joy she will bring. I highly recommend Stephen if you are looking for a puppy.

Ian Robinson

I purchased a Papillon pup Clare (now Chloe) from Norman at Back Yard Pets back in July. It was an excellent choice. Norman has a beautiful, well maintained farm in the rolling hills of Ohio. His pups get plenty of human contact from his wife and 2 children, who were cuddling up the pup.
She’s been a lot of fun and very smart. I made a good choice going through Greenfield to find Norm. I highly recommend them both.


I’ve searched Greenfield Puppies for a Cockapoo and I found one that took our hearts and his name is Colby. We contacted the Breeder whom his name is Joe Lapp & his wife Mary they are the breeders from Ronks, PA who had Colby and rest assure he was available! All I can say is they are fantastic people to deal with! When we got there and they invited us into there him to see them .. the puppies were so happy to see that the puppies were well kept and all the puppies were in healthy Ann’s thriving..

I would highly recommend anyone who’s looking for a Cockapoo puppy to go and visit this wonderful family and there beautiful children who took care of these pups!

Sal & Besi

Ruger was one of a litter of 5 Shelties from the Hoover farm in Mifflinburg, PA. His birth name was Volt. From day one he has been a wonderful addition to our family. Our three cats have excepted him (more or less). He has more training to do, but is coming along nicely for 9 months old. He got his first grooming today & we think he is even more beautiful if possible. Highly recommend using Greenfield Puppies if you are looking for a new furbaby to add to your family.


We where very happy with the purchase of our Havanse from Marilyn puppies.

Alex Ruiz

We got Gryph who was named buddy two weeks ago. He is the most energetic and loving pup we could have ever asked for. He is by far the best decision we could have ever made.


This Moorish working dog Belgium Malinois-Dutch Shepherd. From Cris Stolofz. I believe.she is a great addition to the her at 3 months. March 2019. Now almost 8 months 55 lbs time is flying she has grown so much, not that small little fur ball.

El Bey

A great find in our pup! So happy to add him to our pack – gets along great with our two older dogs. Great experience picking him on Greenfield Puppies and he was so well socialized! Would definitely recommend Reuben Beiler in Quarryville. Thanks for a great dog!

Karen Stalker

I have been thinking about getting a dog for a while now, was searching craiglist and other sites but was very hesitant. So my husband coworker told him about this website and I am so happy she did. I was looking at every dog and falling in love with each of them. but I knew I wanted a poodle and I came across Grady and fell in love with him so I contacted Alvin Lantz the breeder located in Manhiem, PA and he did let me know they he was still available and he had others. Once my husband I got there we fell in love with Garth (Ace) and wanted to purchase Grady as well but we didn’t. Alvin was so great with giving us information about the puppy and the parents history, the property was very clean and the puppies was very clean as well I would recommend him to anyone that I know who is interested in getting a puppy. I must say I am a very satisfied customer


Getting my puppy Rollie from Greenfield puppies was the best thing my husband I could have done. Took him to the vet, they said he is in perfect health. We got him August 27th 2019. He’s our baby, we took him to the groomer today they said he was great. His birthday is May 31 2019 thanks Greenfield puppies for our baby.

Kathy Ryder-Brown

I am incredibly happy with my experience during the adoption. Greenfield got me in touch with the breeder, Ben Stoltzfus, to adopt a Welsh Corgi puppy. Ben was friendly and it was evident from the moment I got there that the litter of Welsh Corgi puppies were treated very well. Incredibly social, well behaved and the best part; 100% Welsh Corgi! I got a DNA test and the results came back 100% Welsh Corgi!

I can’t recommend Ben enough! He went above and beyond to help me when I had a few questions after the adoption too! He truly cares about his dogs and pups.

Buffalo has caught onto training very fast: potty trained in the first month, off-the-leash trained within two, and never runs away.

First puppy I ever bought and 10/10 will use again.


Loved the whole process… breeder was the best his family very helpful…my pup is more than i could ask for….We are so pleased…..I tell everyone about greenfield….simply the best… happy with my puppy……excellent!!!!!

Lynn Marget Seier-Boyd

My name is Lindsey and I got my Cockapoo puppy using this website to find a breeder! I absolutely love Greenfield puppies, so I recently recommended it to a friend and he got a Golden Retriever using this platform. I got my Cockapoo originally named Max, renamed Dublin…from Loren Martin in Millmount PA! He is so intelligent, playful, protective, loving and causes a smile on everybody’s face! Can’t wait to experience life with him. Thanks Loren Martin (Wonderful Breeder) and Greenfield Puppies (Amazing Website).

Lindsay O

I purchased a Jack Russell puppy from Isaac Ish in Bird in hand PA. Mr. Ish was very friendly, very informative it certainly was a pleasure doing business with him and his family. I had called Mr. Ish 2 days before l could travel to pick up our puppy explained to him we just had a Jack Russell pass away and were devastated, he assured us he would hold him for us. We took him to the vets for a check up and shots got a great bill of health and we couldn’t be happier. All we can say is if your looking for a Jack Russell give Mr. Ish a call great gentleman.

Thank you

Lori and Bill

Well this is my story I have always loved Pomeranians So I had two Zoe and Gidget,And also a big German Shepherd named Goliath,My Pom Zoe passed away on July 14, 2019 of cancer,, and I miss her terribly so I come to Greenfield puppies , that’s where I’m Leon king ,From honey Brook Pennsylvania I drove eight hours to see him from Boston and meet my new boy who was called Gavin ,his name is now Pepe’ After my Zoes dad,,,This puppy is so happy he’s housebroken,came this way or he’s a quick learner, ,I lost on my way to Leon Kings house as he is in the heart of Amish country,Which is so beautiful fields and fields and fields of corn ,horses, well everything You see on a farm and very clean very very clean,Leon Has made my family once again complete,Picked up my little puppy drove eight hours back to Boston I will be looking for a female in the spring ,Not for breeding, I plan on calling Leon King my boy Pepe’ has his forever home,,,thank you again Leon your are a very kind man.

Laurie S Hodgdon