Greenfield Puppies Reviews

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we adopted a labrador retriever puppy named ophelia from Henry Fisher in Lancaster PA. We traveled 5 hours and we would do it again, it was worth it.She is a loving, intelligent, playful puppy and loves our girls.she loves to play with my girls. We took her to the vet and she is very healthy.When we first saw her we fell in love with her. We took her to the vet and she is very healthy.She has adapted very well and quickly to our family.we are currently potty training her. we had a very beautiful and wonderful experience. I highly recommend the breeder Henry, he answered the call and returned the call. and he answered our questions very kindly, he is a very good person and he was very kind to us.


We got our precious little girl on 1/7/22 from Benuel and Lydia Stoltzfus. She is suck a sweet and loving addition to our family. Our experience was absolutely wonderful from breeder to delivery, big shout out to Mike Herr for making sure she was hand delivered safely.

Angie Imes

Adopted a chonky little shiba inu puppy named Matt from Joseph Smoker and his family. We named him Iroh and he has been the most wonderful, spicy addition to my pack. This puppy was so extra thicc that I couldn’t resist, now at 4months of age he’s sitting at a whomping 20lbs. He got a perfect bill of health from my vets, and they think he could easily reach 35lbs. Highly recommend Joseph Smoker as a breeder, extremely happy with my amazing pup.


Sadie was a 2 month old Cavapoo puppy when we purchased her from Samuel Smucker mid November 2022 . We couldn’t be more happy with our sweet girl. Our puppy is very healthy and happy. She is so playful and energetic. She’s very smart, knows down, lay, no, and eat. And she’s getting very near to being completely potty trained. We just adore our little Cavapoo and recommend our breeder. Thank you to the Smucker Family.

Lynette Dziedzic

Reached out to Sammy king regarding his miniature Australian Shepard, he was so quick to answer any and all questions, we set up a time and date to go get our sweet girl and have been SO happy to have her home with us.
Sammy made sure to have all the proper documentation readily available.

Olive is a sweet, cuddly pup, who is so amazing around my children. You can tell she was very well cared for.
We are so thankful to GFP and Sammy for the opportunity to have olive in our family! Although it’s only been a couple days since we got her, she has been the best addition to our family!

Hannah Segreti

We got our little Stella the week of Christmas. My daughter did all the footwork and was very pleased with GFP. She has adjusted well with our other dog and over all she is a very good puppy.


Traveled 7 hours one way for our shiba mix, and couldn’t be happier!
Barbie King was very pleasant and helpful, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for puppies!
Thanks again Barbie, and GFP!


I was looking for a French Bulldog and found a breeder just a couple of streets over! Ms. Diggs (breeder) was friendly, VERY informative about the breed and the transaction went so smoothly. She keeps in touch to make sure everything is ok and she is quick to respond if I have any questions. She let me meet the parents of Kuume as well, and the parents and his siblings were so happy and beautiful. Kuume (formerly Choco) is a rambunctious, healthy little puppy and cute as a button. I love him!!!

C. Middlebrooks

I contacted your preferred provider in PA. An Amish farm in Gap, near Bird in Hand. “Creekside” puppies.
Mr. Stoltzfus and his daughter were very charming and his kennel facility was the cleanest I have ever seen!
I picked up my Alaskan Malamute “Brie” and headed back to Virginia. I was a little skeptical if my 200lb Shiloh Shepards would except her, but as you can see in the photo it was a match made in heaven. Thank You Greenfield for you outstanding due diligence.

John Kinter

I picked up Pebbles (aka Helen) on 12/3/23 and she has been such a joy. I received a follow up call from Glendon Musser (Fur Friends Kennel) on how my puppy was doing and was she having any issues adapting. This was a clear message that this breeder cares for their dogs and takes a true interest in who they place their puppies with. A sign of a good breeder in my opinion. I hope to have many wonderful years with my new companion.

Marcy Deltondo

Athena is now 4 months old. And doing well. She has been to vets 3 times for her shots and all is great. She was only 3 lbs when we took her home but now she’s 8 lbs. she is such a sweetheart. We got her in Lancaster, Pa. She is a cockapoo. She was the runt of the litter. I got to see the mother when we picked her up. All was well.

Ann Kerr

We got our 3 puppies from Greenfield. It’s been SIX years now. They are awesomely healthy and loving. The two Havaneese play together every day still. The Boarder Collie keeps watch on us all. These puppies were and are healthy and happy. Thank you Greenfield !

Susanna Ruspi

We got Jackson(Morris) on November 30, 2022 and he is such a sweetie!! He settled right in. Especially loves my husband. Just want to thank the Kings for such a great puppy!!

Wanda M Newton

I purchased my baby, Sugar (now known as Mocha) Monday, November 28, 2022. Samuel and Mary Smucker were very
pleasant and helpful. I am so happy with my new baby. She is bringing me so much joy. Thank you to and The Smuckers for my fur baby.


After due diligence finding a breeder, we purchased our Golden Retriever from Naomi Buckwalter in Pennsylvania. The experience could not have been better! Obviously, she loves what she does breeding dogs. Be hard to find a more caring dog breeder, who treats her puppies as her own. Thank you so much Naomi for adding to our family and if ever in…!

Peter O'Keefe

Just want to keep up with the breeder that we got Muffin from. We got Muffin August 13, 2022. Muffin is now 6 months she is just a job to our family. She greets my husband everyday when comes home from work. She also loves the outside She just runs around the yard everyday to get her exercise it such a joy to see her run and play. We just love and she’s soiled rotten. Here’s a picture of Muffin at 6 months.

Kelly & John Huggins

Got my little baby on a trip visiting my mom in Allentown PA. During this trip I wasn’t expecting to come back home to Florida with my Furbaby but things happen lol. I got Onyxx in Leola PA on October 19th 2022 from Jay and Hannah Beiler, He is a Mini-Goldendoodle. He was the last one from their litter I believe. He is the most adorable, friendly, funny, chillest dog ever! When I did get him he had small worms in his poop, he still currently has but not as much as I first got him, I taken him to the vet to get that all fixed since on the paperwork it said he had been given 4 dewormers but he still had them, Other then that Onyxx is a playful and healthy! He is mommas baby ❤️.

Fantasia Laurencio

We couldn’t be more pleased both with Greenfield and the breeder. The breeder is Sam Ebersol in Gap, PA. The pups were in great condition and when we took them to the vet for further checkup, the staff at the vet had also had several pups from Greenfield and also had great experiences. The breeder let us meet the mom and dad of the puppies and they were both loving. The puppies were well cared for and came from a clean and safe environment. Love these puppies!!

Sandra Wilkerson

I got two pomapoos from a breeder on Greenfield puppies and they had the diarrhea from the day I got them. Turned out they had coccidia which is contagious. Sent my vet bill to breeder but no response. What happened to the healthy puppy guarantee? Not a happy camper. They are selling a ton of puppies on here and they can’t reimburse someone for a $168 vet bill when they were selling unhealthy puppies. The rest of the puppies probably had it too. Will never buy another puppy from here again. I should have read all the complains on BBB.

Susan Bryan

We had our lovely goldendoodle about a week and he is such a joy! thanks greenfield puppies


We had a very good experience and Ella and Enzo are very cute.

Zachary Dalton

In may of this year we picked up our puppy Charlie (now named Rocky) from Ivan and Sadie Stoltzfus. He is now 7 months old and such a healthy playful pup! It really was such a great experience picking him up. We even got to meet the mom. Thank you so much Ivan and Sadie for giving us our Bestfriend!

Isabella Piraino

What a great experience working with Roseanne and Amos Esh. They sold us a well taken care of , loving puppy. They were such a pleasure walking us through the process of getting our little girl. GREAT people. Will try to stay in touch.

Rachel Toraya

We lost our two morkies within 3 months of one another. We found Greta at Greenfield Puppies. We worked with Mirium and Glen Fox that were the breeders.. They were wonderful to work with and we love our new puppy. She was delivered to us by a great transport company. I would highly recommend working with them. Very sweet couple.

Peggy McKinney

We got our 2 baby pugs from mr david blank,we highly recommend mr blank,his pups are raised in his home,socialized with his children,our pups have excellent temperments,and not only does mr blake stand behind his pups but called us months later to see how we were doing,we will buy from him again.

Theresa & Fred Harrison