Greenfield Puppies Reviews

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My mom came across this site after no luck with adoptions and we found Finley, a maltichon breed by Linda Shirk. He’s the most beautiful puppy I’ve ever seen and a personality to match! Linda was very sweet and I had a great experience with her! Finley aka Marshmallow is doing great and growing up so fast! I would definitely recommend Linda Shirk as a breeder.

Erin Griner

Greenfield puppies was recommended by our good friends. We had a great experience with our breeder Jacob King. The process was professional and easy, We picked up the puppy on 6/9/2020 , Jacob was very helpful even after the dog was home with us the first week, especially making sure we obtained the same food that the male Cavapoo was used to eating. Highly recommend both Greenfield puppies as well as the breeder Jacob King.

Larry Garda

I got my puppy from Ruth Glick and she is beautiful. Very healthy I brought her to the vet twice so far for check-ups and shots and she checks out perfect. She is a great dog !!!thanks Ruth

Mark Landers

The breeders where we got our puppy from were the best. They were very friendly and responsive. Showed great care for their animals and loved the fact that the puppies were born on their farm. I would highly recommend Shawn and Tanya Ward as a breeder. We love our little Coconut. He is a Boston Terrier mix and is such a good boy. He was practically house trained when he got him.

Topaz Feliciano

I highly recommend Levi Lapp as a breeder. I bought Dale (now Gus) on May 16th, 2020 and he is very healthy. Levi was great and no, this is not a puppy mill. Gus is 4 months old and he passed all vet checkups with flying colors. Also, he has an amazing temperament and is a very sweet boy. If you are looking for an adorable addition to your family, Levi comes highly recommended.

Janine Puglisi

I had the best experience with my Bernedoodle breeder! I had spent months looking for the perfect dog and when I saw Beauty’s (now Stormi) photo, I knew she was the dog for me. Such a sweet and calm puppy who loves to do nothing more than cuddle and play with her toys. We got picked her up in December, and she has been such an angel to have running around ever since…


I had the best experience with the breeders from this Greenfield puppies website…. i finally got my puppy of my dreams yorkie-Poo… she is the sweetest puppy and I’m so happy to be her fur mama. The breeders were very friendly and professional and called me to check in to see how Kacie was doing. Thanks for helping find my dream dog.

Crystal S.

I was looking for a small dog and came across Ozzy a Yorkshire Terrier. He’s so adorable and sweet our family just loves him. Mark and Lillian Stoltzfus were wonderful to work with. We had great communication and they are very informative and easy to work with as I had lots of questions. Love this site and my puppy.


I had the best experience with greenfield puppies. I was searching for a pup finally moved to a place where pets were allowed. I came across this site not sure how I found it. I was blown away at how beautiful and healthy looking the pups were pictured. Still skeptical, I didn’t call right away. Weeks later I found a pup I was interested in but that pup was already promised. Found “Anthony” now named Creed contacted Mr and Mrs Fisher and they responded right away. Made the drive from Maryland to Pennsylvania. I fell in love the second I saw him. Wish I had the extra money to get his sister. Creed came with food and paper work of all the great care he was provided with while in the Fisher’s care. He looked exactly as pictured on the site. He’s such a sweet and playful pup! I’ve recommended several friends to this site and all of them have their pup from here.


Jax is my second boxer threw Greenfield puppies I had lost my nitro to cancer just 3 days before Easter and he was the best dog ever taken at 7 years old I had to replace him my old boy was lost I called Sam and unfortunately he was taken but by the luck of god the lady didn’t show I got the call and we have another great dog, was talking to Sam heard a another litter might be coming soon 👍

Rick Walton

We recently purchased a golden-doodle from Anna Mary Zook in Virginia. The dog’s name was Roxanne. We could not be more satisfied with Roxanne. We have owned several dogs throughout our lives and this breeder has provided a very healthy, well tempered dog. She readily adjusted to her new environment and family. She is already demonstrating an intellectual desire to be trained at a very young age.

Kathleen MacDougall

I got my mini doodle pup from Pennsylvania! I have never bought a dog online before or had it shipped which I was a little skeptical of. Chris answered all my questions with patience and my sweet pup arrived safe and sound. Great experience, highly recommend!!

Kalli Edwards

We were looking for a puppy to add to our family. After a friend told me about her experience with Greenfield puppies I checked it out. We found one we liked and called Lois the breeder. She was already spoken for but she said she’d call me when the next litter was born. A few weeks later she had pictures sent and we arranged a visit. A few weeks after that we brought Jenny home.
She was well socialized, so good with my kids, she loved our bigger dog too. Lois takes great care of her puppies and we had such a pleasant time working with her. Jenny was obviously very well loved and taken care of. She just had her first vet appointment and they said she was in fantastic health.

We had an amazing experience and are so happy we chose Greenfield puppies and with Lois!

Kirsten Morey

My uncle and mom went to get him while I was in school and my teachers and staff told me I had to stay a while back I thought I was in trouble lol , and they told me my family was here to pick me up and he was in the back of the car I was so happy and surprised . This is a picture of him when we got into the house.


We purchased a Golden Retriever puppy from Norman Miller in Fredericksburg, Ohio. We just got home and are already in love with her. Norman was wonderful to work with and we would recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and trustworthy breeder. We were impressed with how neat and organised all her paperwork was – it made for a very smooth first trip to the vet. The facilities at Norman’s farm were top notch and gave us faith and confidence she received the best care during her first 8 weeks. We would absolutely use Norman again for another puppy.

Alex Beeker

We had been looking for quite awhile for our Shitzu. I found her at Levi Stoltzfus’ in Manheim and bought her over the phone!.. We picked her up when she was 8 weeks old. When we arrived, we were very impressed with the home and kennel. Very neat and clean!!!! When we took her for our vet check, he was very impressed that she had 2 of her shots and also worm treatment. She is very healthy and is very social….you can tell she has been socialized before we got her. Levi also called a few days after we got her home to see how she was doing. Would highly recommend this breeder!

Joan Backenstoe

I purchased a bernedoodle pup from Sam King on March 27. She was 8 weeks old and her mother was a bernedoodle and father was a berner. She is only about 25% poodle so has more of the berner look I was looking for and less of the curly poodle look.
I’ve now had her 6 weeks and she is perfect! She is healthy, playful, very affectionate, always voids when taken out and now have 4 accident free days under our belt.
I recommend Sam King as he does not run a puppy mill (which I as well as most folks worry about), his prices are reasonable, pups are healthy and were even flea-free- in my 30 years of having dogs, I’ve never picked up a pup that didn’t have fleas.
He is a 5 star breeder in my book.

Tina Nathlar

One week ago we picked our Beaglier from breeder Elmer Zook of Ephrata PA. We were very impressed with Elmer’s professionalism and calm demeanor with our puppy. We had a pleasant experience. Fast forward a week and our pup is adjusting very well to his new environment. We have used greenfield now on two occasions to purchase our puppies and we are extremely pleased with the service. Thank you!

Jeffrey Jacome

We are thankful we found Greenfield Puppies. Ervin and Suzanne Zook were great to work with, and it is clear that our puppy was properly prepared for us. She has a great temperament and our teenage daughters are thrilled to have their first puppy!

Larry & Cheryl Parker

I was at first skeptical about buying a puppy online, but then I came across Greenfield Puppies. I saw the positive consumer affairs reviews, and I vetted the breeder I chose carefully. I bought my poodle puppy Chloe (originally named Fancy) from Bennuel Fisher In Strasburg, PA. I got to meet his family on location and see my puppy in person. I got a very good feeling when I visited, no puppy mill. It was very clean. Chloe is very healthy, social, and loves to sleep on my lap. Everyone at her local vet loved her so much when she went to get the second round of her puppy shots. She was so well behaved! I could not be happier with my little mini/toy poodle puppy! She is a wonderful member of our family. Thank you so much, Bennuel!


We were searching high and low for the perfect puppy for our family. After many days looking at the new arrivals we found our Westiepoo little girl from Leon in East Earl, PA. He was a very nice man and was easy to work with. He responded to phone calls right away and answered all of my questions. A week later we took the drive to PA and picked up our girl from Leon and his children at their house. Sadie has adjusted amazingly to our family and we love her so much. She is healthy, happy, playful and behaves like a good little puppy! We are so thankful for Leon and his family and this website.


After deciding to get another dog after losing my Chesapeake I turned to Greenfield for a replacement. After contacting Mr. Melvin Glick I went up to Pennsylvania from Maryland’s eastern shore the next day. As I arrived to their farm I was impressed to how neat and clean this farm was. Mrs. Glick invited me into their cellar where the puppies and children were playing. It was an easy pick when I saw Reese. He looked healthy, clean, well cared for and happy. He is 4 months old now almost house-broken, loves to retrieve. He is a very smart puppy. Thank you to Greenfield and Mr. and Mrs. Glick.

Sherman Councell

He’s my best friend Jack it’s a beagle. I bought him in October 16,2019, since he is in my live every day it’s amazing, he it’s a healthy, adorable, playful and loving puppy everything & more than I expected. I’m really thankful Chris & Greenfield Puppies.

Kathering Rivas

We purchased a Westi Poo puppy from Mr. Zook we are very happy with her she is perfect for our family. Our other dog Luna loves Iris.

Mary Jane Obrien

This is my second time getting a puppy from greenfield puppies
Great experience first time with my healthy shihpoo and second time same thing with my toy poodle brandy (original name Wilson) totally recommend this place for any puppy u have in mind!! Healthy smart sweet and great family oriented puppies …I love my boys they are my world thanks to greenfield puppies breeder Lavern and Linda shirk