Greenfield Puppies Reviews

We love dogs and people and people with dogs.

After been looking for the perfect puppy for our family I came across this website and im so glad I did.. we got our cockapoo from Martha Stoltzfus our baby is a healthy and happy puppy, very smart and obedient, Martha was really nice and clear she explained to me all I needed to know about the puppy, the parents, prices food everything i can thank her enough for holding Carmelo for us we drove 3 hrs from brooklyn ny to PA but it was so worth it… if you ever want to buy a puppy get it from Martha she is the most sweet and nice person i have ever met and she has beautiful puppies you wont regret it, we defenitely love carmelo and we are forever thankful for this website and: Martha thank you thank you

Leslie Flores

We adopted our Shichon from this site and are in love with him. He has the best temperament, loves everyone, doesn’t shed, rarely barks, is not overly hyper, keeps me company all day long while I’m working. I’d also refer to him as a therapy dog. I bring him to a special needs class in the summer and the kids adore him. He’s our first dog. We adopted him when he was 3 months old. The only trouble we’ve experienced was potty training him. That seemed to take a long time, but as I said, he’s our first dog, so we aren’t very experienced at training. Great breed and this is a great site.


I purchased Daphne from Elmer Esh and Ruth Esh on 3 14 19. We took her to the vet on 3 15 19. She is perfect. Ruth and her husband have a friend that will drive your puppy to you. And believe me it was great. I will be looking for another Boxer next year I will call them first. Other then being 4 pounds under weight which the vet is not concerned about she is perfect thank you for our new addition to the family.

Courtlynn Rivers

We traveled from Baltimore to Lancaster, PA to pickup our newest member to the family, Ace.
He has been the light and joy to our family since loosing my dad last January. I want to thank the King family for saying “yes he is still available” via telephone. We absolutely adored and love Ace!!!

P.S. Ace is a Valentines Day gift for my mom!

The Graham Family

After looking for a Morkie for months I found Willow with Greenfield Puppies. Ivan Miller her breeder was so pleasant to talk to. He has the sire and stud that was important to me. He lives in beautiful Sugar Creek, Ohio and I live in Richmond, Va. It was over an 8 hour drive. She is a happy and healthy 3 month old now. House breaking is slow, she chews but is getting better with NO! I am so glad that Greenfield Puppies led me to Ivan Miller ❤️

Beverley Hockaday

My name is Dr. Toye Latimore and I worked with Jake Stoltzfus to acquire a puppy. Jake was very responsive, provided a lot of information and I checked the Better Business Bureau about acquiring from his website. I must say that we are thoroughly pleased with “Rhonda” new name is Priya. We drove to PA to pick up Priya on March 11, 2019 and his wife was so hospitable and made us feel welcome. I would recommend Jack Stoltzfus for services when looking for a puppy. Priya is 3 months old and we are already spoiling her.

Dr. Toye Latimore

So we brought home our second Greenfield puppy last week.
I cannot say enough about these puppies!
Our first one – Quincy- is close to 2 yrs old now and the love of our lives! He is a Jack Russell mixed with Cavalier
Spaniel and he could not be a better dog! We decided he needed company so we got our second puppy -Ansel- from a farm about 1 mile from the farm we got Quincy.
Both pups were raised in barns with lots of other animals – and large families with kids to play with.
Both of them have very well adjusted temperaments – they are both curious and friendly dogs.
Both of them are healthy and happy and they are getting along great.
If you want pups that have been raised in a loving natural environment – not in a cage – I would suggest looking in the Lancaster PA area. We are very very happy with our dogs!!

Karla Adams

I adopted a 20 week old Cockapoo puppy from GFP back in May of 2018, I’ve been skeptical of writing this review, but it’s time to share my piece. I am honestly so happy I adopted him, he is the best thing that has come into my life. As I write this he is laying in his spot on my bed, spoiled little puppy he is. He’s now 15 months old, and healthier than I could imagine. Upon adopting him, I brought him to a vet for a new client check/wellness exam, they discovered he had Giardia (he’s all better now!) and that has PICA (habitual chewing disorder essentially), we have accommodated him with the chewing habit which is nice. He is living a very happy and spoiled life. He has many toys, and many places to sleep; he runs this house for sure. Although when I adopted him, he looked as if he had never been brushed, bathed, or groomed in his life; unfortunately I haven’t seen much of his breeders name show up in testimonials; but Elliott is doing better now. He loves his “new” family. I would definitely recommend GFP to others looking to adopt, but I would suggest to look at the puppies first and get a feel for the breeder, other than that, I am completely satisfied with how everything came to be. This is a recent picture of Elliott.


So I have been researching several different dogs, and I was very undecided about purchasing a dog from the site. However I decided to take a chance. And I’m so glad that I did. Homer is very laid back and soooo cute he is the best little Yorkie and my 3 year old son loves him. The breeder was very pleasant and sooo very polite! She was very welcoming and patient. And for that thank you!! Greenfield Puppies is the best!


I love my lil baby he just got home to me his name was Ralph but I decided to rename him Zy’kauri


After getting disappointed from someone scamming me (not from this site), I was very nervous. There were mixed comments about the breeders on this site which also had me nervous. My daughter and I chose a dog and went to our friend to check out the site and ask the breeder the questions needed before our purchase. Our breeder was Kathryn Stoltzfus. She was truly amazing. We called several times to ask questions. She returned our calls quickly. She was very knowledgeable. She was accommodating so we were able to pick her up within days. She communicated with us about a change due to a family emergency. During pick up she was so kind, organized. She kept the pups in the house which was beautiful and clean. We were pleased with our experience with Kathryn. The puppy we got is Cookie. So far we are keeping her name. She is beautiful and amazing. Kathryn’s children were playing with the pups and so Cookie was great with my daughter. Cookie has a great personality and Kathryn seemed to know her well. She was right on point with her personality. Thank you Kathryn. We will take good care of Cookie


Hello everyone at Greenfield Puppies!! Just wanted to let you know Cassandra ( now known as ” River ” ) is home on Entiat river with us in Wa. state . River is adjusting well to her new surroundings and will be a wonderful addition to our family. I can’t say enough about how great you have all been during this process . Your communication ( Liz , Tammy , Andrea , the delta air team , as well as Anthony Stoltfus the breeder . I’m am deeply sorry if I missed anyone but Deb was handling all the calls with everyone ) was outstanding . What a TOP NOTCH crew you all are!!!! THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for Deb And I

Jon & Debbie

We bought our baby Verlin from Christine Sauder. She was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was love at first sight…We love our baby. He’s the king of his castle. I would definitely go to her again and I highly recommend her.


We drove two hours plus to Bird In Hand, PA, and the minute we arrived at the farm we knew we were in the right place. The puppies were having a blast running round the lawn and the farm itself was impeccably maintained. Ephraim Huyard and his delightful family were so welcoming and patient with us. Our Golden Retriever puppy Bart, now Milo, slept the whole way home and has grown like a weed. His personality and character are amazing and he is exactly what our family needed. He’s destroying the house, but I guess you can’t have it all! LOL I would absolutely recommend the Huyard family to anyone looking for a breeder.

Carol Blakely

When I was searching for my new puppy, I was very skeptical about finding just the right breeder. I read the testimonials here and found that Stephen Stoltzfus was recommended a number of times. After speaking with him on the phone, I felt comfortable enough to take that 2 hour drive up to PA and meet my new pup! I couldn’t be happier. I came home with “Jazzy” and renamed her Hope! She is the best puppy I have ever had and has adapted so easily to her new home. I must say, Stephen was very nice and accommodating! He even went out of his way to UPS me my wallet which I left in the kennel as a result of all of the puppy love going on! I couldn’t be happier!

Sharon Shabinaw

Four years ago, we lost our precious Boston Terrier, Tiffany.
Just recently, we decided we needed another “baby” in our lives.
A friend of mine got her two Bostons through Greenfield Puppies and was very happy.
When I saw Molly (then Carrie), I knew she was the one!
We adopted her from Irvin Martin, in Ephrata Pa, in August. Molly came with a 1-year guarantee and a 5-pound bag of puppy food. Unfortunately, Molly has a congenital malformation of her spine and needed medical attention. I contacted Irvin and sent him all the medical documentation. He informed me that this is the first puppy who has had this problem and that a check would be in the mail for a full refund on her purchase price.
From day one, Irvin was professional and honest and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for a Boston Terrier.

Ellen Brody

I was looking for a Maltipoo for quite a long time. I noticed Lizzy King’s Puppies and how beautiful they are. I called her and she did not have a Maltipoo available but told me that she had a liter and the pups will be available in March. I also wanted a female. Lizzy informed me that she had 3 females. I desperately wanted to see the pups and she went above and beyond and sent me a pic of the pups. I told her which one I wanted and she kept it for me. When I picked up my little girl I was so happy and excited and instantly loved this pup. I also noticed Lizzy interaction with the pups and the mother and I thought to myself that she was a loving and caring person and loved her puppies . I am very happy with my Bella and highly recommend Lizzy as your breeder. I have taken friends to Lizzy to get their pups and I have not heard anything negative. Lizzy is a great breeder and I trust her. I call her and ask her questions about caring for my Bella and she always takes the time to talk to me and if she can help with anything she does. The relationship does not end when you pick up your pup, it continues and she loves hearing about how the pups are doing. My Bella is 2 years and I am always on touch with Lizzy. Thank you Lizzy King.


My family and i got Baxter back in September of 2018. He has been an absolute delight and a sweetheart. We live in an apt. in NYC so we had training pads laid out all over for him, preparing ourselves for a long battle with the potty training but to our delight, he almost instantly started going on the pads. There were a few accidents here and there but within a week he was just going on the pads. He was fully potty trained. Baxter’s energy level is through the roof. He absolutely goes from 0-100 in no time, he’s a furry ball of energy who absolutely demands attention. For families looking for hypoallergenic dogs, I can only speak of our experience thus far. There is minimal to no shedding. When his fur is left to grow out, then there is very mild shedding but nothing much. Our experience with getting a dog from Greenfield has been positive . Baxter was healthy from the start and to this day we haven’t had any health issues with him. He’s a very alert dog and just a wonderful addition to our family. I would totally recommend this breed to anyone looking to get a dog that is loving, kid friendly ( i have two daughters, 16 and 9 yrs old), and extremely active.

I got “Liam” in December 2018 from Mary Smucker in Quarryville, PA. After my cocker spaniel rescue “Flynn” passed away last March, I was heartbroken – he was my best friend and had such an easygoing personality. I waited until I was ready to open my heart again. I missed being part of the dog owner community – it’s a great way to make friends and to get out and explore the world around you. Having done my research, I decided a cockapoo was the best fit. I wanted a dog that by nature was most likely to be people-social and dog-social, less than 40 lbs but not teacup, smart (but not smarter than me!), with a look similar to a cocker spaniel (but more likely to be kind and tolerant) and physically healthy. I found GFP’s site and loved the amount of detail and especially the videos to get a glimpse of each puppy’s personality. I watched many, but Liam’s was by far my favorite. It cracked me up as he lightly tussled with his sister to get a stuffed animal, gave way to let her have it while he curiously explored the yard, and then skipped over to nab it away so she’d chase him 🙂 I called Mary and she patiently answered my many questions and then confided, “Liam is my favorite”. My mom and I drove up 8 hours from NC. I told her, I hoped to pick a puppy who’d choose me back. She said that might not be realistic. When we went to Mary’s farm, she and her daughters invited me into their home to meet Liam. I sat on the floor and Liam crawled into my lap straight away and made himself at home as if to say, “Yep, she’s mine”. It was love at first sight. Mary’s little girls gathered close to pet and play with Liam. I was impressed by how gentle he was with them. We saw his mom (a beautiful buff cocker), sister, and Havapoo puppies who had a warm covered enclosed outdoor shelter with open air pen. They seemed happy and healthy. Mary agreed to let us pick up Liam the next day so we could explore the area having never visited before, which was really nice. When we came back, she gave me a GFP folder with his vaccination records (all up to date), a 6-month health guarantee, a baggie of kibble and his favorite stuffed animal which smelled like his mom. Liam has proven to be a perfect fit for me. He’s healthy, 16 lbs, smart, curious, and hilarious. He learns quickly and was no trouble to housetrain. He’s very affectionate, frequently giving me hugs and kisses and likes to curl up on the couch with me. He’s been quick to socialize with a wide variety of people (he’s very much a ladies man) and makes doggie friends everywhere we go. I love his handlebar mustache and poodle coat. He’s also a big fan of long walks, hikes and loves to explore. I’m so grateful to Mary and GFP for helping me find such a wonderful new friend.

Lara Eller

I’ve always wanted a little fur daughter but I always ended up with fur sons. I did extensive research and came across GFP where I was able to make sure my future puppy was coming from a sweet loving home, not a pet store (aka puppy jail). I was lucky enough to come across ROSE; now re-named PENNY. Sarah Fisher was the breeder whom I got Penny from. Sarah was so sweet and helpful with my questions about Penny. I can’t say thank you enough to Sarah for trusting me with Penny she’s perfect, Now I have my fur daughter that I’ve always wanted.


Bought my Boston terrier and WOW . Smartest dog I’ve ever seen in my life. Day 4 and not one accident in the house. I can not get over how smart this dog is . The little guy loves people and is well behaved . Sleeps the entire night on his little bed and already listens to commands . Unbelievable. Thank you.


We shared our life with Pantoute, a Catalan Sheepdog, for 13 years and among all the very good dogs we had in our life, he was the one we preferred. Smart, peaceful, we always had the feeling « there was someone inside » this lovable dog. We now have a new dog, a Catalan Sheepdog puppy bought from an excellent breeder and human being, John Lorino (Smallwood NY), a few weeks ago and we are so happy to realize the magic is still there. Rose, it’s her name, makes each day of our life happier. Everything good you heard about the Catalan Sheepdog is true and after all these years spent with Pantoute and now with Rose, we haven’t found them any significant flaw. Catalan Sheepdog is a faithful companion and is very good with children.


My husband and I bought our lovely Cockapoo three years ago. She is such a sweet dog and has brought us great joy. She has had a few medical problems and is going to be tested for Cushing disease this week. Her original owner was a wonderful man and a pleasure to deal with.


My husband and I bought our Goldendoodle a, few weeks ago. Matthew Beiler was the breeder. Our vet said, PERFECT GOLDENDOODLE! Bear is intelligent and loving. We couldn’t be happier. Thank You Greenfield!!

Dom and Colleen DiStefano

We were searching for a male Morkie close to home and discovered breeder Lena Aucker. We couldn’t be more happy with our little “Jake” now named Cooper. He is such a joy and very smart. Lena is great. The puppies are definitely well cared for and loved. I would highly recommend Lena to anyone looking for a puppy.

Patty & Carl Gaskins