Greenfield Puppies Reviews

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I live in Alabama. I drove all the way to Pennsylvania to pick up a mini goldendoodle I saw on this website. I met a man named John Zook and his very sweet family and I got the best little puppy ever. She is sweet and healthy. It was well worth my drive to get her. John and his family treated me very well. Bristol (mini golden doodle puppy) is loving her new home down in the south. Thanks to Greenfield and the Zook family….
Kathy Tanner
We purchased a poodle and we a so very pleased and happy with him. He is a beautiful healthy doggie and we love him to piece. A big shout out to his breeder Mr.Daniel Kauffman! Thank you, we highly recommend you for always!
Maribell Norat
Today my family drove to Paradise Pa to pickup penny – a Yorkie-Poo from Elsie Peachey and her family. we all wanted to say from the 1 st. call to picking up Penney , The Entire Peachey family including there children were wonderful ! Penny was sparklingly groomed, and appeared to be the happiest friendliest puppy ive ever met!! Elsie spent the time to tell us everything and had all the paper work and food prepared for us ahead of time. it has been truly a pleasure from the 1st. time i clicked on your website! Bravo to everyone involved. Naturally we will be visiting our veterinarian this week but being a dog owner for over 50 years i am sure its only a formality, we all look forward to spending a long time loving and being loved by Penney.
Paul Simon

A classic love at first sight. SuzyQ is a cute as a button havapoo introduced to the world in the loving home of Miriam and Jonas Glick. With a wonderfully serene yet quite playful disposition, she transitioned to our home seamlessly. Thank you Glick family for our beautiful addition to our family. SuzyQ, we love you.

Rob Cohen
We just purchased our puppy from Nate Stolzfus this weekend. We couldn’t be more pleased. The facility was exquisite and the service top notch. Our puppy is a pure joy. Breeders like this are definitely changing the bad rap that Lancaster has gotten over the years. We would definitely recommend this breeder to our friends and family. Thank you for our beautiful puppy.
After the loss of our 13 y.o. Captain we decided to get back on the dog wagon. I read many pros/cons of buying from breeders with many labeling most as puppy mills but after speaking with the breeder I felt sure about it. We adopted our black lab now named Hal (Liam on site) from Leon Smucker. Leon was great to deal with providing the shots already administered and worming details and at his first check-up the doc said he was healthy and the right weight. Hal has the absolute sweetest disposition mixed in with a little crazy…what you expect from a lab puppy. He is already potty trained, can sit on command and has filled us with happiness. I am happy to have made the 2.5 hour trip to Lancaster to get him. Thanks!!
I had the best experience finding my yorkie puppy Darla on this site. The breeder was a wonderful man, named Jacob. He and his family breed yorkies in their home, around their children. Darla has the best disposition of any dog I have ever had. The whole process was easy and well worth the ride. I even rec’d phone calls from Jacob to see how she was doing!

We got in touch with the breeder and he promptly responded. They saved the puppy for us and they were just very helpful! We got Chester 2/24 and he’s done excellent! He is very smart and energetic! He is so lovable! He is such a retriever! Loves finding sticks outside and bringing them inside the house!

Julissa Montiel

I have had my puppy for 4 weeks. I did not know what to expect with the purchase of my dog from a breeder, but I would like to share. It was painless and pleasant. We met the mother of the puppy and saw where the dogs lived. The farm was clean and presentable. The horses and cows were also clean and presentable. The breeder was polite and professional. The how and farm looked like something out of a picture book, everything so clean and fresh. Jewel (renamed Diamond) was the only pup left and she was bigger than I thought she would be, but she is a beauty. We drove 4 hours to pick her up and 4 hours back. Two days later,I took her to the Vet. The Vet said she was healthy, but had a minor case of fleas. That did not shock me because she was being raised in a barn in hay. She was 29 pounds when we brought her home and in 4 weeks she is 34 pounds. She has brought joy to the family and is keeping everyone busy by chasing her, playing with her and trying to teach her tricks. I am glad that I went this route as opposed to a shelter. I got the animal I wanted and I have no regrets. Thank you for your services.


Babe is a very beautiful puppy drove from upstate New York to get him always had a Bernese Mountain Dog unfortunately my 6 yr old was diagnosed with cancer which is common in the breed so I decided to go with a Berniedoodle . Great choice he’s very good with Harley and a great comfort for him during his rough time and is giving us more time with Harley Thanks so much for Babe Ruth besides being a Huge Yankees fan he was meant to be with us

We are in Love with our little new addition !!! He is so playful and sweet ! My son renamed (Luke) Soldier! We couldn’t be happier! We absolutely love everything about our new puppy and the new adventures we are gonna have with him and all the memories that are yet to come ! We thank the breeder for this boundle of joy and to greenfield for a great business and great services they have !
With All Our Love: Sebastian, Santiago and Soldier !
Rossy Lopez Alum
My wife and I bought our dog from here, and I have to say the Breeder and this company made for smooth purchases. We are so happy with our boy he is very energetic and playful. He loves being outside and running. We are so happy we found him.
JonBrian Green

We are so happy with our new puppy from Levi Lantz, Willow Street. He is a wonderful healthy, intelligent and loving Mini Goldendoodle. He is exactly what we were looking for! Bonus… He came already knowing how to sit! Levi always responded quickly to my questions. He and I worked with Greenfield puppies on shipping to us as we were too far to come visit in person. The experience was professional and prompt. My vet was so impressed by his complete records. I have nothing but excellent things to say about Levi Lantz, his puppies and Greenfield. Thank you for our perfect new family member!

Katy Kimsey

I contacted Stephen Zook in Pequea PA in regards to his Golden Retriever puppies he had for sale. He called me right back after I left a message and was very helpful and answered all of my questions. My husband and I drove 2.5 hours to Pequea last Saturday and drove into a beautiful farm with gorgeous retriever puppies running around, happily. Mr Zook had many children who were interacting with the 5 puppies and their mom and it was clear how happy these puppies were. Our puppy, now Murphy, found my husband and I and made the trip back to VA. Murphy has been with us for only 3 days now but, he is the calmest, most loving puppy I have ever owned! He has been so easy to train and is learning life in our home so quickly. Tomorrow Murphy goes to the vet for his first checkup with his new family. Murphy’s adjustment into our home has been so incredibly easy, I’m wondering if this is really happening. We have 3 indoor cats and Murphy has interacted well being raised on a farm. This was Murphy’s mom, Melody’s, first litter of puppies. I would highly recommend buying a puppy from Stephen again. Very nice farm with a lot of children to interact with the puppies. Sorry but I only have pictures of Murphy on my phone. I would be happy to send one through email:)

Judy Helstrom

My husband and I got an adorable and very playful standard red merle Aussie from Amos Stoltzfus. Would couldn’t be any happier than we are with our puppy and our experience with Amos. We had called a few other breeder, none of whom called us back. Amos called back promptly, and even though someone else who was closer called about Reuben after us, he sold the pup to us because we called first which I thought spoke volumes about his character. Reuben is healthy, bright eyed, extremely intelligent (learned his new name in the first night), and very well socialized- all as promised in Amos’ ad on Greenfield Puppies. We got his last pup, but I would certainly recommend to anyone looking for an Aussie to buy one from Amos. The mom and pups were kept out in a nice, clean barn with other animals around which is perfect for us as we love being outdoors and have lots of other animals species. Amos, thank you, thank you, thank you for this precious bundle of joy that my husband and I can’t wait to grow with for many years to come.

Lindsey Davis

My husband and I purchased this Chocolate Merle Cockapoo from John and Ester Stoltzfus in Oxford Pa. / Greenfield puppies. She is a medium size and she is adorable with awesome temperament. When we got her she was on her way with training which helped us a lot. Healthy smart she is 11 months old. You could not ask for a better dog. Everyone has to stop to ask where did we get her and what kind and color is she.

After reading a couple of negative reviews and being somewhat skeptical myself, I feel compelled to say what an incredibly positive experience I had with a recent puppy adoption—specifically with Amish breeder Andy Mast and his family. His wife, Barbara, could not have been nicer, and our puppy Stella is AMAZING. We had wanted a Beabull for a really long time, and I just fell in love with Stella’s photo. When we arrived at the Mast’s farm, the first thing I saw was an adorable tan-and-white Beabull puppy (we were told this was Stanley), perfectly plump, sitting in the doorway. He was so cute, but then right around the corner was our little Stella. Both of the puppies were obviously very well-socialized, clean, and taken care of. The Mast children help take care of the puppies with baths and whatnot, which I think is great because it makes the dogs very child-friendly and social. The only single thing I would note is that they aren’t super easy to get in contact with on a whim—i.e., don’t expect to be emailing or texting these people. But they were very responsive to voicemail, I paid my deposit via phone, and drove to pick up Stella as we planned over the phone. Stella seems extremely healthy and is so sweet, not only with our other dog (who is older) but also with our cats. Oh, and we had a 6-hour drive back to Maryland, which she was also fine with, as you can see in the photo I posted of her riding back to her new home 🙂 So glad we made this decision!

Dankia Rockett
I adopted the most adorable little Bichon from a Breeder, Gideon Riehl in Dillwyn Virginia. He and his family provided tremendous service for this adoption and his prices are more reasonable than anyone I’ve researched online. Recommend this breeder with A+ service.
Anne Smith
Glen Gilchrist

My beautiful Red Doberman celebrates his first birthday on February 28! He is a healthy, happy, extremely friendly fella! We met John King the breeder, at his farm last May 10, 2017. John was wonderful to deal with and as promised, our puppy was healthy and has grown into a beautiful fella. Happy Birthday, Maverick!

Cindy Ayres
I could not say enough about Jacob King. He and his family really love their puppies and he ensures that the process will be smooth. I put a refundable deposit down first, then I went to visit Sophie prior to her being old enough to leave her mother. The King home is a loving place, and the puppies get lots of attention! I then returned when she was old enough, and Jacob made sure I had everything I needed. A little food, a blanket and a toy for the road. Sophie could not be a healthy or happy puppy. We love her so much!!! She is a spoiled princess.

Minnie is such a beautiful Pomeranian, her name used to be Daphnee she was a gift for my daughter she absolutely loves her and she loves her so much that we are getting another puppy from the same breeder very soon. Minnie came from Kathryn Miller she is so sweet and kind, thank you Kathryn Minnie is a beauty.

Annette Ward

We purchased Tsunami a year ago December past. He came from Ohio where I found Norman Miller, He is the most amazing Morkie. We just love him to pieces and Norman is a wonderful person to deal with. We’re so happy with Tsunami that we are getting another one from Norman. His name right now is Timmy but when he comes to his forever home he will be Sunny as we do live in the Sunshine state of Arizona. Thank you for everything Norman, we could not have done this without you and all your help. If somebody is looking for a wonderful little Morkie, I would suggest you get in contact with Norman Miller.

Z Loosle

I bought my puppy from greenfield and he is the best puppy a person can ask for, also the breeder was extremely kind and understanding and has called twice to check on him. I would purchase a dog from amos and quill renno again anytime,everything was as promised. I was original looking for a rescue dog but the rescues would not adopt a dog to me due to a lack of a fence I have had dogs for 30+ years and never lost a dog. These rescue dogs are running around the south free but for us to adopt them they have to be fenced. Well thank You quill and Amos for understanding a good home does not require a fence. by the way 4.5 months old and 3 days since adopting axle and he is housetrained. I LOVE MY PUP!!!!!!!!!

R Barry Chevrette

We were looking for a Yellow Lab and found your site and found “Ronnie” now named “Gronk “ on Norman Stoltzfus’s listings. I called Norman and explained that I was working in PA at the time and that we live in New Hampshire and we really were interested in Ronnie but that I couldn’t get there to look at him for 10 days. Norman said he would hold him for me and refused to take my offer of a deposit. When I arrived I was greeted by the son and two daughters as Norman was busy on the phone. Norman was great to work with and obviously loved raising quality Labrador Retrievers. We are very happy with the puppy and are having a great time with him. The vet we took him to was very happy with his health and condition. I would highly recommend Norman Stoltzfus and Greenfield Puppies and have already done so. Thank you for the puppy!

Shaun Caisse