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Back in September I promised my now 8 year old son that I would get him a puppy If he had an excellent school year. As the time came closer to the end of the school year I started looking For a puppy. One day I stumbled upon Greenfield puppies. com, and was just Continuously looking for a puppy that called out to me. 2 weeks ago I came across the most adorable puppy I ever seen, tinker. I knew the moment I saw him I had to have them at my son felt the same way when I showed him The picture. About a week later I find myself driving to paradise Pennsylvania From Massachusetts to pick him up. We’ve had him for a little over a week now and we absolutely adore him. Linda and John Zook were amazing people, I could tell when I was on the phone with them that theywere kind people, and my soon to be puppy was being raised with love. This was their first litter, and I hope they have more so other people can benefit from their kind and loving ways like my family did. Thank you again Linda and Dan!

Ashleigh Picciandra


Our 7-year old had wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and after months of deliberation, we made two decisions: A Cavapoo would be a better fit for our house and we would put our faith in an Amish breeder who some websites labeled a puppy mill. We are SO thankful we followed our hearts to Jonathan Lapp of Ephrata, PA. I didn’t know what to expect when I called but Mr. Lapp was very friendly and returned calls quickly. When we arrived at the farm a few weeks later, our very happy, outgoing and friendly puppy was following Mr. Lapp around and playing with one of his children. We were given all of Pluto’s shot records and a bag of kibble. Jonathan Lapp is the opposite of a puppy mill. Pluto thrived on the farm and we are so fortunate to have him in our family. Adopt with confidence from Mr. Lapp and Greenfield Puppies.
Jody Dayton

My name is Kelly Mountain. I came up about three years ago and got a Chow Chow from you guys to give to my Boyfriends Grandparents. I wanted to thank you. He is such a good puppy and one of the sweetest I’ve ever met. We actually share him with his grandparents. We take him in the winter and they keep him in the summer. It’s too hard for them to care for him in the winter. We named him Bear. Still working on getting him use to people but he has come a long way. He absolutely adores his four humans. The whole experience with you guys was wonderful. Grandma did want me to see if I could get in contact with you to send you pictures on how big and beautiful Bear is now.
Thank you for your time,
Kelly Mountain
I got Maya (originally named Reeses) from Martha Stolzfus in Gordonville, PA. Martha was so nice when I reached out to her that I was interested in getting Maya. Martha was so wonderful to work with. She was super nice, understanding and very easy to reach out if there was any problem, difficulty or concern. We got Maya last Tuesday on May 22nd, 2018. She is a very cute, mischievous and healthy 10 week old Maltipoo Puppy! She is my first puppy and she stole my heart! Getting a puppy from Greenfield Puppies was such a great and easy experience!
Priya Mishra
We traveled 5 hours, back in March, to pick up Sampson, renamed Nico, he’s a Jackapoo. Kathryn Stoltzfus, the breeder, is an excellent breeder! She answered all of the questions we had before we picked him up and I reached out to her after we picked him up. You can tell he was raised by a loving family. He’s so sweet. Truth be told I was very nervous about everything at first. I reached out to a few of my friends asking had they heard/knew anything about Greenfield Puppies. Come to find out two people had purchased their puppy using Greenfield Puppies, and they too had a wonderful experience! Thank you so much Greenfield Puppies and Kathryn Stoltzfus! We are in love with our baby boy! We cannot imagine our life without him! 💓
Yvette Hunter

My puppy turned six months old a few days ago. I was very pleased with the breeder, Daniel King. He was very professional and courteous during the entire process. Beauty has been part of our family for two months now and adapted very well. She loves running on the beach. She is sociable with people, children, and other dogs. She is a good-natured puppy. My experience has been a life-changing one with Greenfield Puppies. Thank you Daniel for making it all work out.

Heather Wilkey

We found our perfect match!
After a heavy heartache of losing our 14year old Newfy, we were in search of one similar. Using Greenfield puppies we found the perfect puppy for our family. From upstate NY we flew to Ohio to meet our new addition, Fresno! 11 week old Newfy. The experience from searching online to his care at our home has been beyond exceptional. The owners of Fresno (Gus) Mary and Robert Miller were such amazing people and communicated with us throughout the whole process. We took Fresno to the vet local for his 1st checkup with us and our vet was amazed at how well he was taken care of, from ears to paws (literally). We are so happy to have found Greenfield Puppies and would not have found our Fresno with out them and the help of the Millers!
Thank you so much to all!
The Muscanell Family

Jeff Muscanell
We bought our puppy from Benjamin Stoltzfus in Honey Brook, PA. She is a beautiful, healthy, well socialized Yorkie Mix. She is a fantastic addition to our family. The breeder and his wife were wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend them.
Heather Huber

Nutmeg, our mini goldendoodle is now 4 years old. We bought her at about 9 weeks of age from David Stoltzfus. Couldn’t be happier!

Donna Alon
We adopted Murphy from Stephen Zook in Pequea PA on March 24th. Murphy is now 5 months old and is the love of our lives! He is the sweetest, most mellow puppy and is so incredibly smart. He was house trained in 2 weeks and has been out of his crate for 2 weeks now with no issues in the house at all:) He got a clean bill of health from our vet and was worm/parasite free after living on a farm!
I would definitely recommend adopting from Stephen. He took very good care of these puppies, our vet was impressed. Murphy was exposed to many children and lots of other animals on the farm and that’s made it so easy for us to introduce Murphy to people and other pets. Thank you Greenfield puppies for connecting us to Stephen and for our beautiful boy Murphy:)
Judy Helstrom

I got Sully (originally Bubba) from a man named David Blank in Honey Brooke Pennsylvania. We drove 3 hours to meet this australian shepard/golden retriever puppy and when we arrived, we were greeted by a very large farm with the puppies in a little playpen. We met 3 of David’s dogs, including the puppy’s mother. The puppies were so playful and happy and we actually had a hard time meeting the puppies because his other 3 dogs wanted our attention more! Seeing how friendly these dogs and puppies were, we knew we came to the right place. Our puppy bonded very quickly with us and we very quickly fell in love with his personality. We were given a folder of the puppy’s vaccinations and when we went to our vet 3 days later, the only issue was a worm egg found in a fecal sample but we never had any further issues with that. Sully is now 6 months old and is almost too friendly. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him!


My husband and I were looking for a puppy and a friend told us about greenfield and how she had a great experience with them when she got her dog. At first, we were skeptical and scared that it would be a puppy mill but when we got there and looked at 3 different places I quickly changed my mind and became more comfortable. All the breeders we contacted got back to us promptly, the family was welcoming and had all the paperwork for Taffey( now named Bailey).
we drove from long island, NY to Gap, PA and the drive was totally worth it.
The puppy we chose is healthy, happy and we haven’t had any problems with her thank God! she’s 11 months now and we got her when she was a few weeks old.
Highly recommend greenfield!

We picked up our puppy on May 5th from Mr. Sylvan Fisher of Ronks, Pa. . Mr Fisher was so wonderful to work with. I have read of the puppy mills and the treatment of the puppies and the breeding of the dogs. We were a little unsure until we did some research into and them we were sure it would be fine.
I was left with a broken heart when our 10yr old Bichon cocker mix died after a very aggressive cancer in less than 2 mos after diagnosed. I needed to have that hole filled.
I found Gracie (Paige at the breeders) and fell in love with her picture and the video.
I called Mr Fisher and we talked a while and I sent in a deposit for him to hold her till we could drive 6 hours to get herin one week. He called us several times to answer my questions.
The day we went to pick her up we were greeted by three beautiful children running around happily with a female 1 yr old German Sheppard . The farm was spotless! Mr Fisher greeted us with a big smile and a big hand shake. We went to the clean barn were our girl was with her two brothers. ( the only ones left from the litter). He handed us a very happy and friendly puppy. We bonded immediately! The children were sad t say goodbye to Gracie but knew she was not theirs to keep. Mr Fisher sent home with all her paperwork and a bag of puppy kibble that she was use to.
I took our Gracie to our long time veterinarian for her check up and the next shots.
My vet said Gracie was a very healthy puppy and she was very glad to see we have new puppy after loosing our Maggie.
Mr Fisher told us not to hesitate to call him with any questions we might have, we felt that he really cared for the puppies, they were more than a way to make a few extra bucks.
It also turned out when we pulled into the farm, it was a farm we had been to many times in the past to purchase produce in the fall and summer. As we have been going to that area of Pennsylvania for many years to weekend and a few week trips ( we love the area and the Amish people).
I would highly recommend and Mr Sylvan Fisher, we couldn’t ask for a better experience and a very social and happy puppy and healthy.
Thank you so much!
The Looman’s
Schenectady , NY
Linda Looman
Had to put down our Cooper in February 2018. He was only 4 1/2 but according to Cornell his liver failed and they couldn’t do anything for him. Came across this site looking thru the Goldens and came across Ringo. I called the Breeder…David Stoltfuz and made arrangements to go down this weekend. I have to say was weary because of puppy mill fear. We met with David and his wife and were so pleased. They were both so kind and welcoming. We met Ringo’s mom…dad isn’t on site. Well kept area and so clean. We met Ringo and just fell in love at first sight. Wonderful experience. David told us to call him if we had any issues or problems and that he would help in any way he could. Was very pleased with the experience!
Bernie Moran
Ever since the start of the year we’d been looking into getting a dog. We wanted to adopt originally but due to age restrictions we weren’t permitted, so we looked online for breeders. Although we were a little skeptical, we contacted a Norwegian Elkhound breeder and scheduled a meet up. Man was I relieved! The dog’s kennel was clean and warm, the dogs could freely roam outside or inside their space, and nothing made me feel uncomfortable. Deep thanks from my family to Naomi B. for giving up our spunky baby boy, Koda! He’s now 14 weeks old and healthy as a horse.
We got our sweet Jack Russell Norman from Tobe Fisher and family…it was a super easy experience I was so happy to see his Mama run out of the house and the puppies followed behind her. They were super nice and patient with all my first time puppy Mommy questions…he has brought us nothing but pure joy we just love him so….I would recommend Greenfield Puppies to all of our friends who would like a pet…we actually have a friend who bought a yellow lab from Greenfield Puppies and they also had a great experience as well!
Lyn Schreiner

This is our 2nd Boston Terrier that we got with Greenfield Puppies. 18 months ago we brought home Raven Boo, awesome experience and healthy puppy. When we decided to expand our family we chose this site again. 2 weeks ago we brought home Harley Quinn (aka Eden). She was 16 weeks old and cute as a button. Her Breeder was Elmer King, He was really nice and thoughtful. (As we were driving to see her, Elmer texted me to see if we were finding our way problem free.) We fell in love with her the minute we saw her running in the yard. We took her to my vet a couple days later she is a very healthy puppy. We are so happy with our experience again. Thank-you

Donna L Stump

We had a GREAT experience with greenfield puppies and our breeder Sam Stoltzfus! We had wanted a puppy for some time and once we found our Cali girl on greenfield puppies, we were sold. We immediately contacted the breeder, Sam, and he answered all our questions. He was great! We are out in California so it was nice that greenfield puppies made accommodations of travel for our wonderful Mini Goldendoodle puppy. It was a quick and easy process and before we could blink, we were picking Cali up from the airport. She has settled in great and is an amazing little pup. We love her very much and am so thankful for greenfield puppies!

Sarah and Adam

Dallas formerly known as Alice had her first vet visit today. She has a 100% clean bill of health! No fleas or parasites and everything checked out perfect. Dallas is a happy & healthy Bernese Mountain Dog. We could not be happier with our decision to welcome her into our family. We want to thank Fanny Ruth King for taking such wonderful care of our sweet girl prior to her coming into our family and Greenfield Puppies for connecting us with our lovable little girl!

Neil & Amanda
Harley is our first dog and we had a great experience. All the breeders we contacted got back to us promptly. We picked him up within 2 days and he was healthy, happy, and has the best disposition. He was 3 1/2 months and was even partially trained by Matthew, the breeder. The whole process was very smooth.

We had the best experience a week ago when we went to see a puppy from Breeder Jake Stolzfus. Our puppy was running around when we walked in. I noticed right off that the facility was clean –Jake was very pleasant to deal with and very knowledgeable about the puppy. We brought our sweet girl home that day, a shorkie named Tina – now Daisy and just love her. She passed with flying colors at her first vet check up. I highly recommend Jake if you are looking for a sweet good natured , quality puppy.

I live in Alabama. I drove all the way to Pennsylvania to pick up a mini goldendoodle I saw on this website. I met a man named John Zook and his very sweet family and I got the best little puppy ever. She is sweet and healthy. It was well worth my drive to get her. John and his family treated me very well. Bristol (mini golden doodle puppy) is loving her new home down in the south. Thanks to Greenfield and the Zook family….
Kathy Tanner
We purchased a poodle and we a so very pleased and happy with him. He is a beautiful healthy doggie and we love him to piece. A big shout out to his breeder Mr.Daniel Kauffman! Thank you, we highly recommend you for always!
Maribell Norat
Today my family drove to Paradise Pa to pickup penny – a Yorkie-Poo from Elsie Peachey and her family. we all wanted to say from the 1 st. call to picking up Penney , The Entire Peachey family including there children were wonderful ! Penny was sparklingly groomed, and appeared to be the happiest friendliest puppy ive ever met!! Elsie spent the time to tell us everything and had all the paper work and food prepared for us ahead of time. it has been truly a pleasure from the 1st. time i clicked on your website! Bravo to everyone involved. Naturally we will be visiting our veterinarian this week but being a dog owner for over 50 years i am sure its only a formality, we all look forward to spending a long time loving and being loved by Penney.
Paul Simon

A classic love at first sight. SuzyQ is a cute as a button havapoo introduced to the world in the loving home of Miriam and Jonas Glick. With a wonderfully serene yet quite playful disposition, she transitioned to our home seamlessly. Thank you Glick family for our beautiful addition to our family. SuzyQ, we love you.

Rob Cohen
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