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We drove 4 hours to pick up our little fella and sure glad we did! John King couldn’t have been any nicer through the entire process. We selected Waldo, whom we renamed Maverick. He was such a happy healthy little fella who gave me those much loved puppy kisses when I picked him up the first time! John gladly showed us Maverick’s mother and father, both with excellent, friendly temperaments. Maverick is our lucky #7 Doberman and we couldn’t be happier with the entire process of adopting him. Thanks John!!!

Cindy Ayres

My husband and I got our puppy on May 13th from Gratz PA and every day with her has been this best! She’s so adorable and has become our best little friend! We got her from Naomi & Jacob Zook. They always got right back to us and very helpful with any questions we had. We drove 5 1/2 hours to get our fur baby and it was quick and easy when we got there. The grounds were very nice and so was Naomi. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an adorable pup. Thank you Greenfield puppies!! We wouldn’t get a dog from anywhere else.

Meghan & TR Cunningham
I got Trista Toy Poodle from Katie Huyard breeder from New Holland, PA. My new name of my Poodle is gigi and she is a great dog very well behaved and very healthy never had any issues.
Joseph Cabasso

I must have searched the GFP site for 6 months looking for the perfect dog. I wasn’t sure of the breed I just knew I wanted a cute and healthy pup. After a few tries and no response I had given up. One particular day I logged on and saw “Lacy” I immediately fell in love and had to have her. I called Ruth Beiler immediately because I didn’t want to miss my chances with no answer I left a message in hopes of getting a response. Later that day Mr. Beiler contacted me and said he wife would call my back the following day to discuss the puppy. After a lot of rain and a few hour drive I am delighted to say Lacy who name is now Kola has found her forever home with me. Ruth was so pleasant and nice to do business with she allowed me to see the mother and all the other pups from the liter. If ever in need of a puppy Ruth Beiler of Quarryville PA is the way to go! Thank you so much Ruth Kola is gonna be loved and taken very well care of!!!!


We searched Greenfields for six months looking for the right puppy (Ladybuggies) for our Greenfields male Jack puppy (Sykesy) to play with. We found her and immediately called the Amish farm to meet her. At 8 weeks we brought her home. She is half the size of our male Jack, but still the alpha, full of energy and antics that has lit up our lives–we never know which ear is up! Without a doubt, Greenfields has the best variety of dogs, and especial Jack Russell Terriers. Jacks need a special owner and lots of room to run — they are loyal dogs and extremely social. We are truly blessed…and now looking for another Jack puppy to match the size of our big male Jack…

Janet Faust

We got Moleigh on April 17. She is a beautiful little girl with a sweet temperament. She is from Quarryville. Her Breeders Sarah and Jacob were very nice to us. We feel very blessed to have this little girl join our family.

Shari Boltz

1101-A oak ave
Mr. Tobias Glick and his daughter Adrianna very sweet very wonderful people. He had a small litter and said it was his first litter which meant a lot that we werent dealing with a quote unquote puppy mill. Every one of their puppies were beautiful healthy and well taken care of. I recommend these kind loving people to anyone who would love a healthy sweet loving soft just everything you would want in a puppy. The puppy obviously is the most important. However, Mr. Glick and his daughter are such loving people and it was obvious they loved the four little baby puppies they had. Mr. Glick was loving and caring to his puppies, he knew this was no joke to me and he treated me so special. He answered every question and every call. And at the end of each call he would always say “I just want someone who will love them and medically take care of them.” There is no doubt Mr. Tobias Glick is not a puppy mill, but a man who truly loves and cares for his puppies more then he cares about the money.” Thank you Mr. Glick Fiona is a spoiled brat.

Deborah Meszaros
We picked up Cooper and Quinn on April 19, 2017. They are simply amazing! Linda and Eli were a pleasure to deal with and kept our puppies an extra two weeks so we could go on a previously planned vacation. Cooper and Quinn have already bought so much love and craziness into our home – the best decision was getting two! Having siblings is lots of fun…they do everything together. If you are looking for pug puppies look no further then Greenfield Puppies and if you are lucky enough to adopt from Linda and Eli I can attest you will be getting a super cute pup!
Adrienne Kamalsky



We drove 2 hours from Central NJ to PA to pick up our puppy. She is a great assest to our family, and is acclimating well. She is playing with our cats, who have no idea what to make of her, the youngest playing with her like a little “sister”.

Fred and Jenny Boas
On Thursday April, 20,2017 my husband and I traveled 4 1/2 hours to see our new puppy Hodgie. This was the best experience ever. The breeder Martha Stoltzfus was amazing, I can not say enough about how immaculate her kennels are. When you meet someone like her you want to take all the puppies home with you. These puppies are so well taken care of and the love she has for these puppies, it must be hard for her to watch them leave for their forever homes. Martha not only walked us through the process of taking care of our new puppy but she made sure after such a long ride we were taken care of too. Once home, our new Malshi puppy was amazing, he went on his puppy pad and ate well, Martha provided us with his food. I will tell you if your looking for a conscientious breeder Martha Stoltzfus from Gordonville, PA is your breeder. I know I can also call her any time with questions, she’s just a great person. I’m just so impressed by this entire process. Thank you Martha, your a beautiful person and have an amazing kennel. Donna Costello
Donna Costello
We got a beautiful chocolate lab puppy about two weeks ago. He is so sweet and calm and a wonderful member to our family. Josh Stolfus was our breeder and we couldn’t be happier! Josh answered all of our questions and was so willing to make us happy with our choice. Beau has been more than we could ever ask for!
Iliza Bartkowski

I have purchased a Labradoodle and I adore him . Thank you Greenfield and the breeder for such a beautiful puppy. He has found his forever home.


we picked up our pom at the airport Friday and what a joy he has been, when I first called ben beiler about brian he was very nice and answered all questions I had, we talked everyday until the day brian was shipped to us. greenfield did an excellent job with the shipping and tamara was also very helpful and kind. what a great experience we had., everyday our pom does
new to things to amaze us and he is just a joy to have we love him so much. thank you all. greenfield, tamara and ben beiler

Joan Vanguilder

As a new “mommy” I was a barrel of anxiety. I found this site thru a coworker who’s aunt had found there new addition here. From the moment I saw Cruz I knew he was mine. I watched his video over and over again. Jonas our breeder, and his wife were remarkable! She returned & answered everyone of my over the top questions. When the day finally came to meet our pup, we were greeted by the whole family, and what such kind people they are! The tough part was leaving his sister behind. As I witnessed the love they had for one another as well as there additional “family members’ I was so comfortable knowing where my new addition came from. Thank you Greenfield for diligently checking in on these breeders and making sure they do this with love. I am forever grateful to Jonas and his family. Kindly, Angela

Angela Clarke

We brought our new Cavapoo puppy, Max, home this past Saturdayand we could not be more in love with him. He is incredibly handsome, super sweet, and very intelligent. He’s playful, yet cuddly, and he is wonderful with my very young children. He is such a special dog and I will be forever grateful to his breeder, Martha Stoltzfus, who was responsible for connecting us to our furry family member. We were in contact frequently from the time I inquired about my dog until the time I was lucky enough to bring him home. She even checked up on us once we were home! Martha obviously takes beautiful care of her dogs, and she is also a very nice person, one who I feel lucky to know. My family will definitely be reaching out to her should anyone be looking for a dog in the future.

Kacy Leonard
We purchased a Cavapoo puppy named Derek from Elmer Ebersole in Coatsville Pa. Right from the start Elmer was a very nice guy on the phone and after a 4 hour drive I got to meet him in person as well as our new puppy and his family.Elmer is an excellent example of a breeder I was amazed by an excellent A+ environment he has for his pups with mother and father by their side I was very pleased with the whole experience with Elmer I will recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone We couldn’t be any more happy
Elmer Ebersole thank you very much for everything

We adopted Noah, a Shih-Poo puppy from Breeder David King from Manhiem PA in February 2017. Our first impression of David over the phone was a very pleasent one. We set up a day and time to meet Noah and Noah’s Parents were both on site, so we got to see for ourselves what our little man would look like and his size when he got older and also David’s children were there taking care of the puppies bedding and you could tell they were loving and wonderful children. Noah was so sweet and cuddly, probably in part from all the attention from the little children, and to this day Noah loves litttle kids…My Experience with David King was a very nice one, Vet papers were given to us, he explained what shampoo he used and also had healthy food available on site to purchase so that our little guy would have the same diet he was used to. I would recommend this Breeder to others in a heartbeat. Our Noah has been vet checked by our Vet and we were told he is in perfect health. Thank you David King for our little Noah, we love him so much!

Faith Lutz

ONE, BIG, HAPPY family!

In February 2017, my husband and I decided it was time to adopt a sister for our 6-year-old dog Winter. We chose Greenfield Puppies after reading all the positive reviews. I contacted a Havanese breeder (Chad Wolf) from their website and from that day forward, our entire experience has been WONDERFUL! At first, I was still a little nervous because I never adopted a puppy from a breeder. Chad sent me a photo of Ada by cellphone and I instantly fell in love with her. Chad was very patient with me. I also, sent him a few questions by text and he responded back to me in a timely manner. He said to me from day one, “Ada is my family.” He also asked me a series of questions to make sure Ada would be in a suitable home. Chad and his father really take great pride and care in their puppies. You see it and feel it, from the moment you enter their home. Ada was sharing a playpen with her brother Brady in Chad’s living room. When I held for the first time, I knew she was the one! I also remember the look on Brady’s face when I held his sister in my arms. He looked so CUTE but sad that I was taking his sister away. Ada’s paperwork, vet exam and shots were all in order. She also ate the best premium, puppy dry dog food. My husband waited in the car with Winter while I finalized the adoption. We put Ada in her new carrier and then we drove off. 10 minutes into the ride back home, I instantly thought of Brady. At that moment, I knew I wanted to bring him home with us. I called Chad. We turned back around and we adopted Brady. Winter loves her new brother and sister. Winter, Ada and (we dropped the y in his name) Brad are all doing well. Ada and Brad are just so loveable, healthy, friendly and happy to be around. I knew in my heart, that they would be a perfect fit for my family. I have NO regrets whatsoever, adopting two puppies at the same time. If you are looking to adopt a Havanese puppy, then I STRONGLY recommend the breeder Chad Wolf. Trust me you will not be disappointed!

G. Howard

I had the best experience with greenfield puppies and a great breeder. I adopted a welsh corgi and he’s amazing. Breeder Michael Fisher and his father were great and I would recommend them to anyone. We are so happy with our new puppy we named Bentley. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience in getting a puppy.


It is almost 3 years since we bought Nutmeg through your site. Nutmeg os our first dog and she has been a wonderful addition to the family! She adores children of all ages! Her breeder, David Stoltzfus, was very patient and helpful. He answered our questions and gave us plenty of time to play with the puppies and their mom before deciding which puppy’s temperament was what we wanted.

Donna Alon

This was our first experience with Greenfield puppies and we are very happy. On 2/01/17 we saw the most beautiful corgi puppy on the website and instantly knew he was meant to be ours. The Breeder, Mark and Mary Stoltzfus were very kind, informative and accommodating. Our puppy is smart, playful and has become an instant part of our family. I would recommend the breeder who is looking for a beautiful, sound and healthy Corgi puppy❤

Kim Rekito

We adopted adorable Freddie from Greenfield Puppies on Feb. 18th. Breeder Steve Stoltzfus, Jr. was very professional and helpful during the process. I had been researching Cavapoo dogs for sometime and couldn’t find any breeders in my area of Michigan. We instantly fell in love w Freddie. He’s a super, smart puppy that listens to commands and is potty trained 2 weeks after we brought him home. Freddie is a healthy, happy and playful pup that has definitely brightened up our home. I would recommend Greenfield Puppies and Steve Stoltzfus, Jr. in your search for a puppy.

Joe & Sylvia Abbate

We adopted Lonnie and Lucas, two 12-week old Border Collie puppies in February 2017 from Isaac Stoltzfuss, Peach Bottom PA. We looked a lot of dog adoption websites in New York before we expanded our search and found with puppies located in Pennsylvania. I fell in love with Lonnie as soon as I saw his face on the website. He seemed to be a perfect fit for me. We took the 5 hour drive down a few days later and got him. It was obvious Isaac’s family loved the puppies and brought them up with good care. We saw the mother and grandmother of the pups as well. Lonnie was comfortable during the ride back and adopted our home right away. The only thing we regretted is that we did not also adopt Lonnie’s brother Lucas. So we called and saw Lucas was still available. We drove back again a week later to get him. The 2 pups are very playful and smart, house training only took a couple of weeks. Thank you GreenfieldPuppies and Mr. Stoltzfus’ Family!

Tomas & Helena Roztocil

I am so GLAD to have found greenfield puppies!! This is my first time ever buying a puppy and I came across greenfield puppies website, I was skeptical at first. But once I saw Gill, my teddy bear puppy picture, my heart melted and after reading so many positive reviews, I decided to contact Mary. She was so sweet and so helpful. Tamara from greenfield puppies was extremely patient and very helpful to me to, I was so anxious to get my puppy that I kept emailing Tamara and rushing Mary for the process. Thank you Mary and Tamara for the beautiful Shicon puppy-Gill!! He is more than what I wished for. He arrived that week ( on the day I requested) in a comfortable craft with more than enough food and ice water, I could tell he was well taken care of and well loved.

I would recommend greenfield puppies to anyone and my friends!! Thank you again!

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