Greenfield Puppies Reviews

We love dogs and people and people with dogs.

Thank you Jessie Kaufman for a beautiful edition to our family. Grady, named Emmit by Jesse Kaufman, is a healthy, beautiful, highly intelligent Yorki-Poo from Christiana, PA. Thank you!


I can’t say enough about how pleasant our experience was with our breeder from Stevens, PA. Our 14 week old Chonzer puppy named Jovie came into our family on November 18th and we love her to pieces! She’s so smart, happy and very healthy. Within 1 week of having her she’s almost potty trained. What a good girl. The breeder was so kind and very helpful. We took Jovie to the vet the next day and she got a remarkable bill of health. We’re so pleased 🙂

Ashley & Chris

We adopted Amos a sweet 12 week old Shih Tzu puppy on November 9, 2013 from Lewisburg, PA. Amos has been such a wonderful blessing and we love him to pieces. He is so adorable, loving, playful and very smart. We are so happy to have Amos in our lives, and we are very satisfied with Greenfield puppies.

Lisa & Casey

I got my little puppy October 26th… He is now 11 weeks old and the sweetest bundle of joy that has come into my family’s life. We all enjoy his presence. Everyday he makes new friends because of his lovable personality. His mother was present when we went to go pick him and she had the same personality, ran right up to us and played with us when we entered their home. The Miller family are very kind and welcoming. I would recommend this breeder to anyone. Thanks Miller Family!


This is our new puppy Annabelle . We are so happy to have her in our family. She is so lovable and well loved . She brings such joy to our house. We truly love her to pieces

Annabelle Ratajczak

My husband and I got Misty in September of this year and she has been wonderful. We had just had our dog put down because she was very sick and didn’t think we would have another one, then seen Misty’s photo (how beautiful). She has been a blessing. Thank you Walter for letting her be a part of our family. She is loved so much. !!

Jihn & Lorrie Ploof

We bought Cupcake from Leroy Stoltzfus in Gap Pa. The puppies are gorgeous and have the short muzzle. The facility is immaculate. You can tell the dogs are greatly cared for. The owners are professional and kind. You must see these Bostons in person! Highly recommended! Thanks for Cupcake

Mike & Amy

I went to Christina PA to get a puppy from Alvin Kauffman named Priscilla. When we went to pick her up I drove up and saw a Adult female walking around, She was very friendly and licked my hand when we got out of the car. I then approached the barn area as I saw another Adult female in a big cage. She was very laid back and you could tell she was well taken care of, Mr Kauffman came out and introduced himself and told me that the adult female walking around is actually the grandmother of my puppy. He led me to the inside of the barn where the puppy was kept. She was the last of the litter. It was very clean inside and you could tell the puppy was taken care of she was happy and jumping all over them. I was so happy I picked a very good and reputable breeder. He shook my hand and was just so polite and gave us all the paperwork we needed. I would definitely buy a puppy from him again. Thank you, Michele- West Lawn, PA

Michele - West Lawn, PA

I contacted “” online ….. Ask them if I could make payments on a dog ….. They said they would consider it ….. Asked me who the dog was for ….. I told them my son Michael ….. I told them it would help with his “PTSD” ….. They said no problem ….. you can make payments ….. Well ….. they called back yesterday and said I can’t make payments ….. I asked why ….. They said because ….. They want to “GIVE” the dog to my son for his service to our country ….. I lost it ….. The guy asked me what was wrong ….. I said hold on ….. I can’t speak right now ….. I was crying ….. So I gathered myself ….. and ….. I said I was crying ….. Tears of gratitude ….. Wow ….. People are good ….. My son is so happy ….. We picked Forrest up tonight from Ronks PA (Amish Country) ….. Amazing Grace – How Sweet It Is ….. End with this ….. I was @ an AA Meeting last night ….. We were talking about gifts ….. And some guy summed it up like this ….. If there’s a Gift ….. there’s got to be a ….. Giver ….. Thank God for God ….. and ….. Thank God for Green Field Puppies ….. With Love Mike Hanson  PS. Help a Veteran –

Mike Hanson

Greenfield has been the best. Got Khloe (boxer) 2 years ago, fell so much in love, got Bella 1 year ago. Now looking for a white one.. I am so in love with them!!! ! !

Brett & Gina Ward

Rachel & John, We just returned from our vet with Sophia and to quote ” You have an outstanding dog”. Thank you sooo much for the work you do breeding fabulous dogs and we will recommend you to all our friends.

Betty & Gus Campestre

The day we decided on purchasing another dog is the day we met our Maisey. I immediately took to her and knew she would give me endless hours of joy. We were initially torn between getting her or her sibling(I felt bad we couldn’t get both), but eventually decided on Maisey. And what a great decision that was. She has been a blessing to have. She has learned how to “sit”. Now if only we can get her potty trained! LOL. She’s learning albeit slowly. Thank you Jason for such a great transaction!


I bought Reagan from Lizzy Stoltzfus in Parkesburg, PA in June this year. He was so shy when I bought him but has come out of his shell and is so sweet. He has learned to sit pretty, shake paw and is now in training to walk properly on lead. I hope to have him to be a service dog to help sick children and the elderly or anyone in need of a smile. Lizzy breeds top quality dogs.

Peggy Sauers

We are so happy with Barkley. He has truly been a blessing to us!Since we brought him home, he has gotten along with my daughter and on day THREE was already protective of her. While we were walking,a disheveled, sinister looking man was coming her way, which I did not see, but Barkley’s senses just knew we might be in danger and went CRAZY protective and barking!!That alerted me to grab them both and run inside! His little 2.6lbs cannot contain that BIG courage. Totally smart, healthy and easy to train!! Thank you Mr. Miller for such a great experience and letting me believe in internet transactions again!! We love our chocolate brown Pomeranian boy!!! <3


My boyfriend Walker and I got our mini aussie from Jenn Miller in Bernville PA. We went to visit and pick him out when he was only 3-4 weeks old. Somehow from that day, we knew he was the one. We ended up naming him Remy Martin, after a fine champagne cognac. Jenn and her husband were very flexible and willing to let us come visit once a week until the day that we could bring him home. That day was one of the best day of our lives, when our little pup officially became part of the family. He follows us around everywhere and loves to give kisses and snuggle. Within the first month of having him, he learned to stay, come, sit, paw & other paw, lay down, roll over, play dead and dance. He loves all of his toys and pays equal attention to each of them. He is about 11 weeks now and I”d say he is 96% house trained too, including learning to ring a bell when he has to go potty! We take him everywhere, especially to our friends/relatives that have dogs too and he makes friends with all of them. He is a great, healthy puppy that brings so much joy to our lives.

Kailey & Walker

Teo joined our family on September 21, 2013 and we have been blessed! He has been a perfect addition to our family and is extremely smart!! He is already house trained and has been a breeze teaching commands to. Teo is going to be a therapy dog and is currently completing obedience classes to prepare for Therapy Dogs, Inc., and has been amazingly easy to teach! His breeder, Samuel Blank was absolutely wonderful! He held Teo for us when we couldn’t get there, showed us Teo’s mom when we got there, answered all our questions, and followed through with getting the AKC paperwork to us. I highly recommend Samuel Blank as a breeder to anyone!


I received my Corgi about 1 1/2 years ago as a present from my Mom. I’ve always wanted a Corgi and when I got her I was not disappointed. She’s the most loving awesome “child” I could ever have asked for. Thanks MOM. Thanks Greenfield!!!!!


Purchased from Benjamin King in Leola. What a happy little guy! Great temperment, easily trained, and well behaved. We love him!!! Would recommend this mix if you love a lap dog.

Mike and Debby

Shooter turned 1 in August this year. He is happy and healthy!


About a year ago, my boyfriend and decided that we wanted a Bernese mountain dog mix so I just decided to google breeders to see what I found. Greenfield puppies was the first site to come up. I’ll admit, I was slightly skeptical just because I wasn’t sure how legitimate the site was. I found an adorable puppy and after doing some research, I decided to give the breeder a call. I was still sort of wary but the breeder, Ben, always returned my calls and answered all of my questions. When we did decide that we wanted the puppy, Ben was very accommodating to the fact that we did in fact have to drive almost 5 hours to get there and did not seem to mind that it was late when arrived. I’m so glad we decided to go with this website, the breeder and the puppy. The little girl in the picture (who we’ve affectionately named Arya) is now a big girl. She’s playful, sweet and loving. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you Greenfield puppies!


Our Fritz is such a happy dog full of energy! I am so happy he’s a part of our family. He gets along very well with my seven year old son, I swear they are like brothers.

Carolina and Noah

We first met our 10 week old Yorkie-Poo puppy on 10/09/2013 at the home of Mr. Jesse Kauffman in Christiana, Pa. Mr. Kauffman welcomed us in and introduced us to the Yorkie mother and her puppies. The mother was very friendly and appeared to be in excellent health. The puppies were not in cages but were with their mother in a separate closed off section of the room. Each of them – including the one we adopted – was active and were very well socialized. Not long after we met the puppies, one of Mr. Kauffman’s sons came in with a smile while carrying the father of the puppies, a tan colored Mini-poodle named Cowboy. 🙂 All of the dogs were not only friendly, but their appearance showed my wife and I right away that the dogs were well cared for. They were attractive with shiny coats and well groomed, trimmed and showed no signs of matting. Mr. Kauffman presented us with all of the paperwork stating the results of our puppy’s health when he was checked at the vet. He was current in all of his shots and his health was verified. Mr. Kauffman went over the laws in Pa protecting our rights as the new owners and made it very clear that he would honor them. He gave us the information on the food that the puppies were eating, where to buy it and how much and often they were fed. Unlike a typical story involving a puppy farm or mill that you often hear about, my wife and I were treated instead to what turned out to be a warm and personal experience. Our puppy is a snuggle-bug and is already displaying the best traits of both breeds – fiercely loyal, intelligent, strong-willed and engaging. We would like to convey our deepest appreciation to the Kauffman family for inviting us into their home and giving us the wonderful opportunity to bring such an adorable addition to our family. May God Bless you all. With gratitude, Mark and Amy Strange Newtown, Pa.

Mark Strange

Leo was our first dog and we as a family are very happy to have such a cute happy and loving dog around the house. He is very caring and loves to lick people, plays well with other dogs and children. We are definitely very happy that Leo is forever a part of our family

Jesus Escamilla

We got Micah from Jenn-Aire Farms in Bernville, Pa. I cannot say enough about the facility. Jenn and her husband are the nicest people I have ever met. They have many dogs they love and cherish all of them and you can tell that trait is passed along to the puppies. Micah is one of the most laid back, loving, loyal and SMARTEST dogs I have know. He has been a blessing to my mom who lost her dog to cancer. Thank you so much Jenn! I will be coming back to get another puppy!!

Amber Fasig

I was blessed to get Ruby from David of Greenfield Puppies in Delta, PA. She is now 10 weeks old and we love her. She is healthy and happy. I hope that her brothers also find a good home – if you are looking for a pomapoo go to Delta for her siblings – great puppy!!

Joette Hohmeire