Greenfield Puppies Reviews

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When we got this little guy, his name was originally Duffy, but we renamed him Max. He will be with us for two weeks come Saturday, but we couldn’t be happier with the little guy. He is playful, sweet, and just a total joy.


I would like to take this time to thank Greenfield Puppies and John Stoltzfus in Oxford PA for the great new puppy we found through your site.  Our new boxer puppy Silas (Derek) is the love of our life.  We recently lost our 6 year old boxer and as my wife said our home is just a house now.  We started looking for a new puppy through your site and soon found a beautiful puppy that we could not wait to meet.  We contacted John and he was very quick to contact us and we set up an appointment to meet Derek.  We drove over 2 hours to meet our new bundle of joy. We got to meet Derek’s mom and his brothers and sisters.  All of the puppies looked very healthy and we enjoyed the inner action of all the dogs.  We were soon on our way home with Silas (Derek) all snug in a blanket that we rubbed on Silas’s mom and brothers and sisters to help ease the separation. Silas adjusted extremely quick to his new home and now fills our life with so much joy.  Silas had an excellent vet visit his first week and you can see him grow by the day. Thank you so much Greenfield Puppies and John Stoltzfus in Oxford PA for the wonderful new puppy and we highly recommend both Greenfield Puppies and John Stoltzfus in Oxford PA for your new puppy.


Howard and Tammie Matos
Round Hill, VA

Howard and Tammie Matos

Me and my fiance wanted a new addition to the family and we ended up falling in love with Benny ( formerly Brutis). He ‘s absolutely 100% what we wanted in a chihuahua, he has a great personality and made himself at home almost immediately.


I got Brody (formerly Grover) from a sweet family in Narvon, PA. At first, Brody was a little shy and hesitant, but after only a few days he is now full of energy and has brought such joy to my family. He recently had his first vet visit and is 100% healthy and up to date on all shots. Brody is an adorable little guy and I would highly recommend GFP to anyone who might be considering them!

Dana Colucci

I just wanted to send a THANK YOU to Joe Kauffmann for the new addition to our family.  We picked up Lucy (formally Jazzy) a beagle/boston terrier 12/21/13 and she has changed our lives.  Joe was very friendly, accommodating and patiently waited while we played with the litter to decide which pup was right for us. Lucy was 11 weeks old when we got her and well socialized (loves everyone-humans and other dogs).  She was not at all house trained, however she is extremely smart and picked up ringing the bells at the door when she needed to go out within 2 weeks.  Now at 16 weeks old she can sit, stay, lay down and is adapted to our daily routine.  We took her to our vet 2 days after getting her and she has a perfect bill of health.  Her temperament is age/breed appropriate and she has a huge personality.  Yes raising a puppy is like having another full time job but she is a pleasure to be around and a perfect addition to our family.  After only a month I don’t know what we would do without her.

Kelly Avesian

Braxston is growing as you can see, he loves the outdoors and the beach house on Fire Island, NY, he just loves to run on the beach, on our early morning walks. Braxston is now 19 months old and he is a joy to come home to after a long day at work. Braxston was gotten from a breeder in PA and I hope that all of their puppies are as wonderful as Braxston is.

Raymond Prevost

Jax right before Christmas. He is a wonderful healthy happy puppy. I was so happy with the breeder we used and the shipping service through Greenfield puppies. Short of weather issues causing delays with his arrival, I would recommend getting a puppy through this site. Thanks to Anna and Neil!!!


We got Sidney (formerly Chipper) less than a year ago *back in March. He is our first Morkie and is such a cutie. The people we got him from, Liz and Leroy Stolzfus, were very sweet and kind. Sidney also loves his big brother Patch:)


We got Zoey on Dec 21, 2013, Although the breeder had her listed under the name “Jill” my kids had already choosen “Zoey”. So Zoey has been a great addition to our family of 5. She is a true Boxer, energetic, playful…oh yea likes to chew a lot. But still she fits right in, she has manage to steals everyone’s heart :-)!!!

Rob W

Perfect Addition to Family, Thank You Amos Fisher, Honeybrook. Clover, now Chloe

Lea Summerson

To The Gang at Greenfield Puppies,I just wanted to update you.  Aragorn will turn 11 years old this May! Its been 11 years since we found him through you.He just had his Senior Wellness check-up and his Vet says he is inAMAZING condition and gave him an A+++ report.Honestly from the moment I saw him on your site and then came toLancaster and had him in my arms I knew I had a soul mate.  Hes beenthere through all of my ups and downs and there is not a person he hasmet  that did not fall for him.  The other tenants in my building callhim “The Mayor of Flatbush” lol!It all started with you – Thank you for bringing him to our lives.Best Always,Bill Burley and Aragorn

Bill Burley

Kosimo (Kosmo) Got him 5/22/12 from Greenfield Breeder in Narvon, Pa. 2yrs old. Best thing we ever did. Always full of spunk.. Very well pleased.. Paul Derr

Paul Derr

We got snowball for our son on December 24, 2013. We got him from Lois Zimmerman.Great to deal with and took great care of our puppy while he was there.Snowball is the sweetest puppy. I would definitely recommend Lois to anyone looking for a puppy.

Barbara Striano

We got our Havanese/Yorkie mix puppy from the Matthew Stoltzfus family in Gap, PA — and just love her to pieces. She’s been with us for a year and a half now, and is happy, healthy, smart, super-energetic, and loves to snuggle!

Lisa B

After a long search, we found Zuch. Living with Sara and Isaac Zook in New Holland PA. They were very easy to deal with, Zuch is a great addition to our family. He was obviously well cared for. I would highly recommend dealing with Sara and Isaac.

Richard Jackson

Princess Abbey “Déjà Vu” is now one and a beautiful girl. Would not trade her for the world. GFP is a great place to start when looking for any breed!

Denise Atkinson

What a joy to have this little bundle of love in our home!! She is so smart, so affectionate, and full of life and energy! When my Grandkids are around, she is wonderful with them. For a 12 week old puppy, she is really remarkable!! I would definitely recommend Greenfield to anyone in the market for a new family member!!! Her personality and the fact that she came to me at 11 weeks already wee wee pad trained speaks volumes for this breeder. I could not be happier with my new baby girl!!

Deborah Ammann

My boys love their new puppies that Santa brought them. Sporty kept his name but Silver is now “Swoop” like the Philadelphia Eagles’ Mascot. They are learning to go for walks with the leash. They are doing well with potty training and we love them. The vet says they’re a “perfect bill of health”. Thank you so much for making our Christmas even more special, with our two lil’ additions.

Jenine Peters

Peyton and Rosie….ready for football


Thomas and Diana Schissler

We have owned Stormy (now Cyrus) for a little over a month th now. At 16 weeks he is weighing in at a whopping 46 lbs (his mom is a Malamute). He is the calmest, healthiest, sweetest puppy we have ever owned. He loves everybody, he does not jump, and rarely barks. My son is autistic so we really needed a big calm, mush and that is exactly what we got and more. Thank you Sam Stolzfus in Honey brook PA for a remarkable puppy.

Susan Nehama

My Sweet girl arrived in Orlando Florida on February 17, 2012. She’s now 2 years old and the love of my life. The breeder Leroy Stoltzfus was excellent to work with. When I’m ready for another Boston Terrier, I’m going to contact Leroy! <3

Brenda Lancaster

After losing my 18 yr. old Chihuahua to leukemia my husband convinced me that I needed another dog. I contacted Greenfield Puppies and they put me in touch with a breeder in Quarryville, PA. I looked at their website and fell in love with a sweet little girl that I named Bonnie. Brought her home on 5/31/13 and we have been together everyday since the. She is definitely the smartest dog we have ever owned. Bonnie came from a very clean and well kept environment. In the spring I will be adding a Chihuahua to our family and will definitely go through Greenfield again! Thank you for bringing such joy to our life!

Jennifer Murray

We got our German Shepherd puppy Sadie (formerly “Diamond”) from Paul Blank in Narvon, PA. in August. They are a wonderful, caring family who I highly recommend to other families looking for a puppy. Sadie is a beautiful, healthy puppy and trained very easily. We have recommended Greenfield Puppies to friends and family who also were very pleased. We would definitely use this site again.

Dejlitko Family

My boyfriend recently purchased a boxer puppy who’s name appeared as “Nordic” and who’s name is now “Harley” as a Christmas present for me. I couldn’t be happier with his purchase. He is the sweetest puppy ever and makes my day. Greenfield Puppies as well as the breeder were amazing people to work with. We had our puppy shipped to California and our puppy arrived on time and in perfect conditions. I just want to thank Greenfield Puppies as well as the breeder for helping us find our new family member and for the greatest Christmas present ever.

Johana Gonzalez

We love our little peanut