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Just popping in a second time to show off Poppy the American Eskimo Mix on her 1 year birthday. Originally called Sophie, Pops came from Amos K. King in Gordonville, PA. She’s been a healthy, happy, energetic joy from the time I brought her home at 3 months old. Poppy has taken to obedience training and has had many opportunities to socialize with puppies, older dogs, children, and adults in all sorts of situations. She’s well adjusted, often disciplining dog park bullies and drawing shy pups out to play. Thank you, thank you Greenfield Puppies for finding such a wonderful companion for me.

Ann D'Onofrio

Theodore! Our newest member of our little family! I fell in love as soon as I saw him on greenfield puppies! I showed my son, and as soon as he saw him I knew we both had to go get him! I am soooo happy we did! He is happy, healthy, and full of energy! It was really hard not to bring home the entire litter!

Ellary Sage

We’ve had Dakota (GFP name “Sandy”) for a month now, and she is just amazing!! When we play or when we get visitors, we find ourselves saying “Release the Krackin!” as she runs top speed over and around anything, or anyone who happens to be on the floor with her! Dakota especially loves “tug of war” as the photograph shows. We could not be any happier with our newest family member. She’s had several puppy play dates and isn’t at all shy or afraid of dogs much bigger then her. Dakota took to truck rides easily, and goes with us everywhere that puppies can go. She’s even been to our cabin in the mountains and couldn’t run fast enough to explore the grounds. She was very easily house trained, and admittedly, she’s trained us on a few things too. We look forward to many years with Dakota!! Anyone considering a puppy from Greenfield, don’t look any farther, you found happy and healthy puppies.

Tammy Anderson

Could not be happier with this puppy we purchased from Jen-Air Acres in Bernville PA. He is healthy and such a joy. The breeders are extremely friendly, informative and helpful and do follow up.

Marty and Donna

Hi everyone, meet Cashew, the sweetest boy EVER. Thanks to greenfieldpuppies and the Martin Family of Manhiem we were able to welcome him to our family. He is loving and healthy. We cannot imagine our lives without him.

Cathy and Yajaira

I had the pleasure of finding my dog through greenfield puppies! The entire experience was wonderful and our Rocky is truly a blessing. The breeders were kind & honest! – we had chosen a pup and put down a deposit, when they called and told us he would need a little extra medical attention & asked if we would want a different pup. When we said we didn’t care, we still wanted him they lowered their price to help us out. Rocky is the happiest dog and LOVES all people and other dogs. we were even lucky enough that the foundation for pee pee training was instilled in him from before he joined our family. It was nice to be able to find the mixed breed we were looking for! I would definitely look for our next furry addition through greenfield puppies!


This is our new baby girl Piper! She is happy and healthy and the sweetest puppy. It was love at first sight!! She has brought so much joy in the short time she’s been with us so far. Mr. and Mrs. Smucker of Quarryville gave her a wonderful start! Now it’s up to us to spoil her rotten.

Andrea Lane

Penny is the sweetest pup in the world, she listens well and is such a cuddlebug. I always wanted a lapdog, and now I finally have one!! If we ever get another pup, we will be sure to come to this site!

Hannah and Lucas

We had to put both of our older dogs down this past year, two lovely Bichons after a long long life. We found Anna King through Greenfield Puppies and was able to add to our family a beautiful and healthy Shichon puppy. Our family couldn’t be more happier with the experience and the new addition to our family. Thanks Greenfield for the introduction to a breeder I may never have found without you. Andy

Andy B

We purchased “Bella” in March of 2012 from Gid and Rhonda Lapp after our beloved Rottie of 11 years passed away. Bella is such a great dog and has and wonderful personality, and we love her so much! She is a gentle giant as you can see from the picture of her and my great niece and thinks she is a lap dog. She was a year old January 18 and is 110 lbs so far. She is still filling out. If Gid is still breeding when I am looking for another Rott, I am calling him!

Lenore Simcox

In mid October, I drove from Westchester, NY all the way to East Earl, PA to check out a boxer puppy I found on greenfield puppies. I immediately fell in love with Moe, now renamed Brody. He’s approaching 6 months old now, and continues to make me laugh everyday with his clown-like personality. He’s a huge cuddle bug and has a huge love for people. A special thanks to my breeder Alvin Beiler! Brody is one of the best things to ever happen to me!


Trevor was my Christmas Eve surprise from my husband. He is charming, loveable and very playful – a “DREAM” dog. My husband and I have nicknamed him “loverboy” and it fits him well. Training has been uneventful. His first night was the only bad night. This picture is after 4 days home at approximately 10 weeks old and 13 pounds. He is growing by leaps and bounds and weighs approximately 35 pounds at almost 17 weeks old. Trevor is our first large-breed dog. We have had two previous dogs – a Keeshond and a Shetland Sheepdog, both avg. 35 pound dogs full grown. Trevor will surpass that by tomorrow, I’m sure. Thank you Greenfield Puppies. Your website was a tremendous help in locating our newest puppy.

The Wilson Family

I picked up my baby boy about a year ago from his breeder, Joel Frey, in Manheim, PA. He was sweet and healthy and a year later is just as sweet and healthy! He was 15 lbs. at his first vet check-up and is now a whopping 90 lbs. at 1 year. He’s a big boxer and very protective of our family, but he loves to play and cuddle. I couldn’t be happier with my pup. He’s an enormous part of our family, literally and figuratively 🙂


Meeko used to be named Timmy. I got him from Gap, PA. He is a wonderful dog that just loves to jump and play with my other dog. He loves all the attention. Slowly but surely learning how to potty train. Took crate training very well. I don’t know what I would do without this little guy. He travels all over with me. He is great in the car and loves to be in his carrier. So thanks a lot for breeding such an amazing dog. If I ever get another dog it will be from Greenfield Puppies!

Laasha Bacon

Donner will be 5 months old on the 17th of Feb. We researched rottie puppies and called Marion Hoover in New Holland and went to see the puppies. We were looking for a male and this not so little guy just ran up and started playing with us….he has proved to be very high spirited, very social and has a wonderful temperment! We met his parents who were well looked very well cared for and although we didnt get to close to them they did not even bark. We are THRILLED with our boy and our vet has said we really got a spectacular boy in Donner. He is now done all his shots and at 4 1/2 months weighs in at 60 lbs. He is going to be a total gentle giant. We are so happy and would recommend anyone who loves and has owned rotties to this breeder!!!! Thank you so much for our boy!!!!

Debbie Ervin

We picked up our baby boy from John Stultzfus in Peach Bottom, PA on Tues Feb 5. Emrys was our first pick. He was the biggest in the bunch. We have had him vet checked and the Vet was impressed with the breeding of the puppy and had nothing but praise for the breeder. Emrys passed his visit with a 100% clean bill of health, right down to parasites…none present. We also met the puppies mother, Bouncy, and she was such a sweet dog! Great disposition and a proud Mommy! My thanks again to the Stultzfus family, they were kind and pleasant and caring breeders with quality dogs!

Betty and Robert Mellett

We picked up Riley on Jan. 15th from Michael Beiler. He has been a great addition to our family and got a great bill of health from our vet. He is a good tempered puppy and is very mellow.

Tara & Ryan Buckert

We got Lupa in September of last year. Now she is eight months old. She is a very loving dog, playful with a big personality. She keeps us busy and entertain. She also, loves going to the park for long runs. We are very happy having her in our lives.

Ingrid Torres

Deepest thanks to Michael & Kathryn Beiler, Strasburg, PA! Lovely folks … kind … caring … sincere!! Just love our Yellow Lab puppy, Daisy Doll … sweet little girl & smart! Sure filled a big “void” in our lives … we are so happy! Thank you so very much … she is already SO SPOILED 🙂

Paula M Reed

We got Cobi on Dec 31, 2011. He brought so much joy to our lives, our first vet checkup was great, by Feb 2012 he started having seizures, come to find out he has epilepsy, meds for the rest of his life, we are in Jan 2013, had to vets for not eating, did Xrays and found out he has an enlarged esophagus and a mass that shouldnt even be there. This means more meds for the rest of his life for my little puppy. I did let the breeder know of the epilepsy and did give me a full refund. Meanwhile we will continue all our love and see that he has a good quaity of life.

Robin Boll

I would like to thank Greenfield puppies for bringing Kody into my life. It was November 2011 when I picked “Palmer” up from Rosanna in Ronks PA. I instantly fell in love with my little ball of fur. Kody is now 16mo. old with a great personality, friendly and enjoys all types of people and dogs. Kody was easy to train as he took to the puppy pads instantly…now he rings the bells and waits to be taken outside. I must admit, I come back to the greenfield site often just looking at all the poos trying to figure out which one will capture my heart next.

Toni D.

Willow has been a great addition to my home. She has a great personality and trained very fast. The sellers name was Jacob in Lancaster and I was very pleased at the conditions of the puppy when I picked her up. She is unique and would recommend this breed. She is great with kids and people in general. She is the black and white one in the pic. She is a Boston Terrier Shih Tzu mix. Thank you Jacob.


Thank you to Greenfield Puppies and the Beiler family! It was an absolute pleasure meeting Ruth and her beautiful children. Manny (re-named Hudson) is doing great and we could not be happier!!

DJ Pennett

My husband and I purchased our puppy 3 days before Christmas as a surprise for our two small daughters. We drove from Philadelphia to Christiana, PA where we met with the breeder “Ammon”. He was very welcoming and even gave us Christmas cookies. When we drove our new “baby” home he got a little car sick and at that moment I knew I was in love with him, because let me tell you spit up in your hands is gross. LOL but it didn’t bother me. When “Deuce” finally met his new “sisters” they were completely over joyed. He is a very intelligent puppy and was easy to house train!!! He plays well with the girls and my husband loves the combination of these two breeds. Thank you Greenfield, I will recommend you to friends anytime!!

The Cooper Family

We got Morgan (aka Abay) in October from Steven Stoltsfuz in Christiana, Pa and she is the sweetest dog in the world. She is loving and playful and loves to snore. Perfect addition to our family. It was my first bully, and she loves people, kids, and all dogs. Would definitely recommend to anyone. It was a long drive from Western Md. to pick her up but was well worth the trip. We can’t wait to get her a companion.

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