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We love dogs and people and people with dogs.

We LOVE our bigger family! We have had Diggy for a few months now and we can’t believe how much personality he has for a 5.5 month old! He likes to cuddle when we do, but has no problem running around outside all day either. We still keep in touch with the Fishers from Ronks and are so pleased with them, that we are thinking about getting a second dog! They don’t make dogs more handsome than a Rottie, and don’t make people easier to work with than the Fishers 🙂

Jr and Cara Lucas

We took a ride to Lancaster, PA on Feb. 1, 2012 to pick up our Shichon puppy, Ollie. I saw his picture on the Greenfield puppies website and just knew he was the right puppy for our family. It was like he spoke to me and said, “Pick me!” There were several other Shichon pups for sale. My 12 year old daughter had been asking for a puppy for a few years. I showed her the pictures and asked her which one she liked and she said Ollie! He was a little skittish when we first brought him home but within a few days was right at home with us! He is so smart. He knew how to fetch from the first week we brought him home! He quickly learned his routine and was easy to housebreak and crate train. He seems to understand everything you say to him and he loves his toys and treats! He does get carsick but has been getting better with that lately now that he is 9 months old. We get him groomed every 4 to 6 weeks because we love it when he is soft and fluffy! We love our Ollie!

Debbie M

We found our Suzie on Greenfield Puppies and are very happy. She is a beautiful dog and we love her so much. I hope everyone has the same experience with Greenfield that we have.

Nancy Araujo

Keisha at months. Loves ice cubes, hates hot weather. Sits,shakes hands and is loving to go and meet people.

Don Keer

We have had Elli (formerly Trixie) for almost 2 months now and couldn’t be more in love with her. She is a very social puppy and just loves to greet visitors and give kisses. She and her new big brother Sonny get along great and she has brought the puppy out again in our 10 yr old boy. We will definitely be coming back here to look for all of our future puppies.

Christy Brown

Mindy is the best dog our family could ask for. She is so smart and at 18 weeks old is learning so much, so fast. Her 2 sister kitties don’t like her too much but she is trying her best to be their best friend. She loves to meet new people and give everyone kisses and she especially loves her puppy classes and her teacher. Thank you Greenfield Puppies for your services. We couldn’t have found our perfect Mindy without you!

Debb Cyr

We brought Miles (previous name: Snickers) home the 23rd of December, 2013. John Stoltzfus of Nottingham was the breeder. Miles is six months old now. He’s rambunctious, loving, and very intelligent, with personality to spare, and we love him dearly.

Sharon and Joe

We are really happy with ONI ( coy) , a happy healthy puppy we are glad we took the drive from Connecticut to Pa, the breeder Marvin a nice person, ONI is now 14 weeks and growing…


I purchased LUKA July 10th, 2012 from Amos Beiler in Quarryville PA. She was up on all her shots/wormer, and my vet gave her a clean bill of health. Amos was a pleasure to deal with and had both parents on the premises for me to meet, as well as three generation pedigree’s to look at for each of the parents..along with hip certification papers. If you are looking for the same things when buying a German Shepherd please go see Amos Beiler !!!

Cathy Chee


We got our Irish Setter in December 2011 after looking for a lab puppy. I came across Greenfield and found Sullivan. He is not only beautiful but incredibly smart. The farm he was on was incredibly clean and the puppies were healthy. It was well worth the ride and when I get a female we will definately choose Greenfield.

Sean and Nicole

We purchase a dog from greenfield puppies, and couldn’t have been happier. Daisy just turned 2! We adopted her from Roxanne Martin. She is an unbelievable dog! She has champion bloodlines, she’s incredibly intelligent, well mannered for a boxer, and so great with our family! We couldn’t love her more. My dog is extremely healthy and just all out great dogs! I recommend her everytime someone asks me about my dog along with greenfield puppies!! Thank you for my baby!!!

Carina Powers

It was well worth the drive from northern Virginia to Gordonville, PA to get our adorable little Cavachon, who we named Marley. My vet says he is practically perfect, and we adore him. He has been so easy to crate train. He is smart, soft, fluffy, affectionate and adorable!

Betty Pyle

This is Dudley born July 21, 2011 at Jen Air Acres. I just want to say the Jenn breeds exceptional pups and takes exceptional care of them til they go to their new homes. I am so pleased with Dudley! He is incredibly smart, loyal,obedient,gorgeous and has so much personality…I just can’t say enough. This is Dudley at his first pool party a few weeks ago and he was like a duck in water til he got tired and napped on the raft. His parents are Jen-Air David the Great and Jen-Air Pippylongstockings. Thanks Jenn for my constant companion! I love him so much!


We want to let you know how happy we are with our new Cavalier named Bentley (alias Tucker).  He has been a welcome addition to our family.  We just love him, he is soooooo cute and full of energy.  Although, when he wants to sleep he just drops wherever he is. He is real soft and cuddely. He has broght a lot of happiness to our family.


We purchased Sophie from Ben Smucker and couldn’t be happier. She is a beautiful goldendoodle with a terrific temperament. She is a perfect addition to our family and new home.


We just got Franklin on July 1, 2012 he is so cute!!! He’s 10 weeks old we got him from leola only a half an hour drive as soon as we seen him we knew we had to have him. It’s only been 2 days an I can’t see my self without him thank you.


We purchased Thor from Mifflinburg, PA, and he has been such an amazing blessing. I’d like to say he’s the best dog we’ve ever had, but that’s a short coming for Thor as we consider him our son. We were given this website by a friend, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the whole process. I couldn’t imagine not having Thor, he’s our little ‘fur baby’. The breeders were very nice, but I didn’t get to see the parents which in return made me kind of skeptical. We didn’t ask to see them because we so overwhelmed with cuteness, what with like 8 little puppies around. Thor has been in great health, and we come back frequently to GFP to look for a little sister for Thor. 🙂


After having bad experiences with different Sites advertising puppies, I turned to Shawn of Greenfield for help. He immediately jumped and helped me in getting a female Shiba Inu from Breeder: Sam Stoltzfus from Lititz,PA. The amount of caring,undestanding and trust that Greenfield gave to my Family and me, made us order a second Shiba Inu from same breader… this time a male brother. Good business Greenfield and Shawn! I highly recommend you to any Canadian’s.

Nicole and Bata

I just want to share how pleased I am with the Greenfield Puppies experience. The trip alone up to Strasburg was phenomenal. Elmer and Verna produce excellent quality rottweiler pups and I would reccommend them to anyone who wanted one! My Axel is already well mannered and is almost house broken after being home for only 2 days! He is very intelligent already.


We have had our little 9 week-old Leah for only a few days, and she is the most intelligent pup I’ve ever seen! Sweet, playful, a real cuddler, and she’s been potty training beautifully right from the start! Thank you, Eva Weaver!

Alice Readmond

We couldn’t be happier with Katie Scarlett (formerly Lilly) the cockapoo puppy we bought from Jonas Stoltzfus last month. She is a beautiful, healthy, happy puppy – and that’s not just our opinion, our vet thinks so, too.

Anne Mancine

I got my australian shepherd named jack form mr. Esh from kirkwood pa and he it the best dog ever he’s everything I could ask for. I could be any happier!!!!! Thank you soooo much for him. And the cool thing is I had put my doxie to sleep in dec 17th and jack was born the 18th 🙂

Erica M

I found my new puupy on Greenfield Puppies, by far the best puppy search I found. Thanks to Elmer Zook in Ephrata for a beautiful puppy, my family is completely in love with this dog. Thanks Greenfield for guiding us to our new addition.

Tony Schulte

We purchased Buddy from the Esh family of Nottingham, Pa. We couldn’t be happier with him. These pups were well taken care of. Would recommend to anyone looking for puppies to check out this site! Thank you Esh family for raising such great dogs!

Mary H

I just want to thank you for breeding so adorable cavachon for us. Here is the picture of our cavachon named Honey, who we bought from you two and half years ago, now weighed 14.8 lbs. 5 days ago, we brought her back to your farm to visit you and her parents. She is absolutely lovely, and looks like a live teddy bear. Everyone who saw her loves her, and always asked me where did I get this amiable cowry. Her character is gentle and playful. She is a good companion for all the age of people. Every day, when we arrive home from work, she expresses her super exciting. The 1st thing we do is to hold her and play with her for a while. She is so sweet, and is a real “honey” that sweetened our home.
It is my pleasure to recommend other people to have this lovely companion from you.

Yan Leng
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