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I BOUGHT MY DOG REXXX when he was only 9 weeks old. He is now going to be 5 months come october 6. He is my best friend and the best dog ever. He listens to me and is the king of the dog park. Everyone loves him. I am very thankful for this dog.

Luis Ramirez

We absolutely LOVE our newest addition to our family, Jebediah “Jeb”. He is wonderfully healthy and a perfect fit for our family. The breeders were so nice and their facility very clean and safe. We look forward to many happy years with our little Jeb!

Debbie and Bob Ashworth

My little girls name is Maci (was named Casey)I dont think anyone would understand how in love with her i am!! shes my little princess and i would like to thank Greenfield puppies SOO much for giving me the chance to be with her. Maci is the sweetest girl you would ever meet. Still being somewhat of a puppy shes afraid of heights and is working her way slowly down the stairs!(: Shes my go to girl. She knows when im upset and she always knows how to make me feel better!! to this day i would be lost without her. As you know Halloween is coming up and she already went out and got her costume! Shes going to be a baby pumpkin. She looks beyond adorable in it.! But i would like to thank you for giving me what i have always wanted! you all are truly amazing!! Thank you.

Lacey Mcgoldrick

“We brought home our Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy in April 2011, from the King family in Kinzers, PA. His name is Benny and he has been a WONDERFUL addition to our family. He is now 7 months old, and a happy playful boy! We couldn’t be any happier with him, and we are so grateful that we found Greenfield Puppies. Thank you!”

Jennifer and Eric - Dingmans Ferry, PA

We purchased our Jack Russel/Yorkie last summer and she is the love of my life.  She is so spoiled.  She is truly my baby.  She has a personality all her own.  She is friendly to a fault.  Just loves everyone.  We purchased our puppy from Christopher Stoltzful and I would not hesitate to purchase another puppy from here.  Our puppy was named Callie but we named her Tootsie.  She is the most precious little dog.  There is not a person nor animal that she does not love.  I am going to purchase another puppy over the next few weeks.  I absolutely go to Greenfield Puppies to find my next puppy.

Connie Richards

We purchased our black lab from Matthew King back in Nov 2010.  We fell in love with Bart immediately and when he was 8 months old we decided he needed a little sister.  I looked on the Greenfield Puppies site again and found Lindy, a cute little chocolate lab, whom we purchased from John Beiler.  Both pups are WONDERFUL and I would recommend both breeders to anyone looking for a lab.  In a year or two we will be coming back to Greenfield Puppies to add a yellow lab to our family!

Deb - Wayne, PA

We went from plainfield (central jersey) to honey brook PA to buy her. She is adorabol and is the happines of my  girlfriend and I. Mr.Ammon is a great person thanks to him I have Tinkerbell. I strongly suggest people to adopt puppies through GFP.

Ivan and Laura

Right now we have two Greenfield “Puppies” in our home, Abraham (a 9 year old Boxer) and Sampson (a 3 year old Boston Terrier).  Words cannot express the love we have for these two.  They both have the sweetest, gentlest, most playful temperaments of any dogs I have had.  The breeders were very nice, helpful and a dream to deal with.  I have referred many people to Greenfield Puppies in the years since we first got Abraham and all the dogs I have known from Greenfield’s breeders have been good, healthy, happy dogs!  Attached is a photo I took of Abraham & Sampson for a Christmas card, enjoy!

Melissa Masser

I got my German Shepherd Dog because I already owned four cats. It was a smart decision to get this dog. My dog is really nice with the cats and also is gentle with children. I came across greenfieldpuppies searching for a competitive price and a registered dog with pedigree. My family and I love our dog, and so  he is becoming a great family protector. I cannot thank enough the breeder who sold me Sirio, Samuel Stoltzfus who is a honest man and a good business person. It is conevient to buy from and the only suggestion I would make to future buyers is to embrace the month health guarantee to get your dog’s shots and in case of large breed dogs to get the hip’s x rays.

Thanks greenfieldpuppies you are great!


We purchased Taffy on Aug 6, 2011 from Rachel Stolzfus in Coatesville. Taffy is a King Charles/Cockapoo mix.  She is as adorable in person as she was on the website.  We took her to the Vet and she is being treated for ear mites and giardia.  She weighs in at 10 lbs and is a fast learner at 14 weeks of age.  She was able to navigate our stairs and large doggy door within a day.  Having two larger dogs ( 8 & 9 yrs of age) seemed to help.  She is practically house-broken and has adjusted quite well.  She is a welcome addition to our family.

Connie & David Shumway - Frederick, MD

I just wanted to thank you guys for the service you provide! We found Gary (formerly Butch) and contacted Mr. Esch and his wife to reserve him.  A week later, we went to pick him up and were amazed!  Gary was such a big, playful pup, as was his brother.  We took him to the vet the next day, and he is the picture of health!  He is the absolute best puppy we could ever hope for!  He has such a great personality, and along with a perfect vet check, is the best puppy ever.  He’s very intelligent and learned how to sit, stay, and come on day we brought him home.  Thank you, Greenfield Puppies, for our newest family member!

Rachel, Edwin, and Gary Robles

I have had Gizmo(was Dario) since July 31,2011 from the Beilers. He attached to our family right away. At his first Vet visit he weighs a healthy 9lbs at 19 wks, just as healthy as he can be. He just lays right under me my husband and our 3 yr old richie. There are pictures attached. We would like to thank greenfield for getting us in contact with Simeon &Linda Beiler in Paradise Pennsylvania. They were very professional and informative. Their family was very inviting and we even fell in love with their Boxer and Shiba that were walking around. Thanks again

MarQuisha,Richard,and Richie Waites (Chester,Pennsylvania)

Last November, we lost our beloved friend Zeke. He was our beautiful 13 1/2 yr. old Dalmatian (we had hime since he was three months). In March 2011, we decided to adopt another puppy. I saw your billboard on Rte 30 (Greenfield Exit). We decided that we wanted to adopt a Golden Retriever since we had cats, and a 2 year old daughter. After looking at the dogs listed, we found one named “Strawberry”. My daughter is a big fan of Strawberry Shortcake. We clicked on the adorable puppy’s picture and saw that she was raised with three young girls. I contacted Elam King, and went to see him in Christiana. We instantly fell in love with Strawberry. We adopted her. The King residence was clean, the mother dog was there, and two siblings were left. They raised beautiful puppies. Strawberry has been a joy since we brought her home. Our veterinarian is impressed by her. She has had no health problems. I would like to thank you for uniting us with our new best friend!


I want to thank greenfield puppies for bringing Booker into our home! Our experience has been wonderful! We lost our beloved golden retriever Katie to lymphoma. We decided that our house felt empty. We decided to search for a puppy! I found greenfield and immediately found Booker! My experience with the breeder (the Hurst family was fantastic). Booker is a lab mix with red heeler. Booker is in perfect health and he has a great temperament. I would definitely use greenfield puppies again when we decide to get Booker a playmate. Booker is such an amazing puppy he was chosen to be a featured puppy on the! Thank you greenfield puppies and the Hurst family for bringing so much joy into my family!

Corinna Rowe

We wanted to let the Burkholder family and Greenfield group know of our experience. We bought the former Bubbles and arrived home with Zoey. The Burkholders, in Robesonia Pa. , were most gracious and receptive to my visit to their home. I  liked that there were children that play with the new puppies and the patience Mrs. Burkholder showed as I visited with them. In the end, I stuck with my internet choice. Our new family member, Zoey, passed her first vet exam with flying colors. These last few days have been so enjoyable with our fun loving puppy. Thank you all very much as your website was most helpful in our decision as to where we should buy, not to mention the ethics and personal touch you communicate to the public.

Bob & Patti West Chester, Pa.

This is my currently five month old Rottweiller puppy.Yes, he is a very large five month old, weighing about 75 lbs. He was my early Christmas present this past year. I stumbled upon Greenfield Puppies and browsed through their listed Rottweiler puppies.  My attention was caught by a puppy listed in Paradise, PA.  Captain, renamed JAX was bred by Michael Miller and his family.  The Millers are wonderful breeders and their female Rottweiler Sheila IV is one of the most well mannered, beautiful female rottweilers I have ever encountered. Not only did my Vet fall head over heels in love with JAX’S conformation, his temperament is also a 10+.  I have never met such a smart puppy. I brought JAX home the day he turned eight weeks and that same day he learned to scratch on the door to go out.  He has never done anything wrong in his crate and is not destructive. By 10 weeks he knew sit, stay, lay down, speak, rollover, play dead, high five, and paw. The Millers are producing impeccable breed standard puppies and I recommend their litters to anyone looking for a quality bred dog at a reasonable price.  Greenfield Puppies are representing breeders of a higher standard, and I am confident that their standards carry over to all breeds represented on their site.

Dana Delfino - Staten Island NY

We purchased Dixie from the Zimmerman’s in Leola in November of 2010 and we are very happy. Dixie is beautiful and healthy, and has turned into one of the friendliest, happiest dogs. Greenfield puppies has been wonderful in answering any questions or helping me with any concerns I had. Dean is wonderful.  We drove 3 1/2 hours to get her and I do not regret it one bit!!  She is the new joy of our lives and if we ever get another boxer (which we will) we will go through Greenfield Puppies again.

Cait - Muttontown, Long Island, New York

I wanted a big dog all my life but living in NYC in a one bedroom apt i was never able own one, i just purchased a home in Jersey City with a huge yard so now i’m ready for a new family member, i encounter Greenfield Puppies and i was amazed with the selection of reputable breeders they have, i contacted the breeder i chose and within a day i had complete information on the puppy i chose,  pictures and videos of the puppy, i immediately send the breeder a deposit and this past weekend i picked up my bundle of joy, he is now 9 weeks old and very healthy as the breeder said he was, i took him to my vet to make sure he healthy and he passed all tests.
If you are looking for an English Mastiff pure breed you can contact Isaac King i totally recommend him as a breeder, he is very professional and a very nice person.
I looked around before i found Greenfield puppies and no one made me feel as comfortable as Greenfield Puppies did.

Jay Cruz

My boyfriend & I got a chocolate lab puppy from Mr. and Mrs. Esch in Coatesville back in Aug 2010. We named him, Fogo (its a lacrosse term) and have been enjoying every single day with him. He is a well tempered and easy loving pup. His goofiness brings us constant entertainment. He just turned nine months and is over 80 pounds! He gets along with other dogs- we take him to the dog park every week. Fogo loves people and is currently the unofficial mascot of the Cabrini Men’s Lacrosse team.
We are more than satisfied with the Fogs & how he is developing. I have recommended Greenfield Puppies to several friends looking into getting a dog. We plan on getting Fogo a playmate in the next couple of years & will be using Greenfield Puppies as our search engine.
Thank you for helping us find our Fogo-puppy!

Mark & Kate

Dear Gideon and Rhonda, Just wanted to share some pictures with you and tell you how happy we are…When taken to the Vet he was 26 pounds and as of last night he is 38..He is a good boy and growing fast


I recently got a puppy from Mr & Mrs Esch in Coatesville PA. They were so nice and polite, very social people. I knew when choosing a puppy that I would have a amazing pup. I made the decision on this little girl, Dixie is 2 months old and is so active. She loves my kids and loved the snow (when it was here) and she has a awesome personality. The best of the best thing is she is already potty trained and I have only had her 1 week!. She hits the bell on the door when she needs to go out & keeps hitting it till you take her out. The Esch family really is a great breeder to get a puppy from. Dixie is awesome with the camera since I love it as well and decided to pose for the family and say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY :-). Thanks so much for this beautiful, amazing puppy and I will for sure keep you updated in the future. Thank you GreenFieldPuppies 🙂

Jennifer Lynn

Hi Guys:  Faith….. She is the love of our life, and in turn she give us love abundantly, never gets tired of loves. The two of you as breeders do a great job as far as health and beauty of your litters, that being said, the pics tell the real truth. Faith is now 130lb. and Bruno is 98. They eat the same amt. as well as brand. You figure it out. We will be looking soon for another one so keep us informed as to new litters.  Thank you

Bob & Francie

We purchased a white German Shepherd puppy from Harry Fisher in Oxford, Pa after finding your website at Greenfield puppies. We were impressed to see the cleanliness and homey setting our puppy was coming from and are thrilled with him. Our vet advised he is a calm, friendly, happy and healthy puppy. Thank you for listing this highly recommended breeder.

Phyll & Bob Granito

Hi Rhonda and Gid. I just wanted to let you all know how happy we are Rottweiler puppy,  Sasha. After our previous rotty, Sheba, died we thought that the feeling of loss and sadness in our house would last forever. Then I saw your advertisement on Greenfield Puppies and sent you an email about future litters. My wife and I agreed that it was too soon to get another puppy but we wanted to establish a relationship with a Rottweiler breeder for when we decided that we are ready. When we entered your farm your puppies had us at “hello”. My wife and I did not know which one to choose. We finally decided on Sasha. My wife’s biggest worry was that I would expect Sasha to be just like Sheba (the rotty that recently died) and therefore my expectations would be hi. Well I could not be happier. Sasha has our bundle of joy. At 4 months old she has already completed one 6 week puppy training class and has started her second series. She is the star of the class. She is also the star of the building and the neighborhood that I live in. Everyone (especially kids) loves her and she loves everyone. As soon as I sit on the floor to pet her she lounges in my lap like a cat (not sure how I will handle this when she weighs 100 pounds). I give a lot of credit to Gid and Rhonda Lapp for breeding such good natured family dogs. They made the process of getting a Rottweiler really enjoyable and their follow-up is really, really good.If I had enough room I would buy another one from them. Enjoy the pictures of our little (soon to be big) star.

Kirk & Susie Miller - Brooklyn, NY

We picked up our boston terrier almost a year ago and he is certainly part of the family now.  We searched all the local shelters first with no luck.  Then we remembered this site after purchasing a boston for my husband’s parents a few years ago.  Let me just say our dog Chase is such a good dog and full of energy and personality.  He’s the kind of dog where you could leave a steak on the coffee table all day and he wouldn’t touch it.  He was potty trained almost instantly and never chews on anything but his own toys and believe me (with a toddler) there is plenty he could tear apart if he wanted to.  He’s great with my son too.  He greets me everyday after work with such enthusiasm and when company comes over he shakes his whole butt.  He’s funny little loyal dog and we love him!  The other dog we purchased for my husband’s parents was also a success.  We bought Chase from Silvia Stoltzfus.

Ann (West Chester, PA)
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