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Hard to believe she is a Jug! Looks just like a Pug we had. We brought her home 12/16/11 and she is just the sweetest little puppy. She is a very happy little puppy and made herself right at home. Love her! Mr King was great to deal with–I think she still has 3 sisters left!

Lynn Case

We could not be happier with our boxers we found on greenfieldpuppies! They are brother and sister and an intergral part of our family. We often browse the boxer section just to look and the puppies are beautiful! We have referred many to this website and will continue to do so.

Chris & Ashley

I got my Puggle Puppy from one of your breeders and he is the most amazing thing ever! I know I’m a little biased, but he really is the best puppy. At 8 weeks he was already potty trained, new his name and listens so well. He follows me everywhere, I’ve never had to put him on a lease or cage him when I leave. He really is the best! I couldnt be happier, and it was the best decision I ever made, I love him with all my heart! Today he is 14 weeks. I added his christmas photo that was taken last week! His name is Milo.


What a special puppy our new Jingles is. Mr. Beiler and his children were wonderful. What a pleasant experience. I am so pleased with this puppy. And I am so happy that he is living with us now.

Lori & Alison Pittman

I just want to say i had the best experience with Matthew Stoltfus in Gap p.a and i was so pleased with the respect and care they show for their animals i got peril in the first week of november and she is a gem shes potty trained and spoiled but i couldnt be happier matter fact i plan on getting another one from the Stoltzfus Family……thanks


We got our now 5 month old Boxer puppy through Greenfield Puppies and could not be any happier with him. He is bursting with playful energy, is very healthy and extremely smart! He has learned so much and always keeps us laughing. When we get the itch to go for our second, we will definitely consult the same Boxer Breeder again for another baby Boxer! We are just smitten!


We just bought Nala aka Cassey yesterday…and are very impressed by her intelligence and beauty. She is our first. We really lucked out. She is pretty much house broken already. We haven’t have had any accidents and she is very quiet. She’s a quick learner and is such a good pup.I am so glad I stumbled across “Greenfield”. Her breeder “John Stoltzfus” was such a nice guy to us. As of now he has a few retrievers left. Good luck to anyone reading this.

Mike Cameron

We got Ginger on April 17, 2009 and we are great-fully happy she is turning 2 on feb 21 and she is the greatest. We worried about finding a dog online but when we call the breeder he said dont be worried she is in good hand and you can pick her up when she is ready. They guaranteed that if she got sick in the next 30 day we can tell them and we can either bring her back and refund our money or they can pay the expenses. But she was perfectly healthy and the place we picked her up was perfect was not dirty and didnt make us pay an arm and leg for her. I would refer this site to every one.


Just a quick update it has been almost 2 years now since we were blessed with SobeCouture, being a military family and the move to Alaska she has adapted really well. Just want to say thanks again and we could not imagine life without her she is the sweetest little girl. Happy Holiday to all.

The McCaw's

We have had Nala for 1 year now and we cannot imagine life without her. She is a wonderful addition to the Lovelace Family. If it wasn’t for Greenfield our lives would not be complete. My brother is currently on the website looking for a English Bulldog to add to his family.

Gennetta Lovelace

I got Charlie last Christmas as a gift from my boyfriend. He is the sweetest little guy on the planet. Now I was nervous about getting a puppy especially one that is half jack russell due to there energy level but I was mistaken. This little guy is attached to my hip and is active but not exhausting. Potty training was easy just had to keep a schedule and he is in love with my families rescue dog she is a english sheepdog chow chow mix. I love love love my little guy!!

Katie and Justin

Just wanted to say that I purchased my Chocoalte Lab “TILLY” from Greenfield Puppies and couldn’t be more pleased. She is great with my other dog (boxer “BLAZE”) aswell as with my 1 year old daughter. She has great demeanor, energy and love for family life. She is EXACTLY what we wanted and asked for. Thanks Greenfield Puppies and sorry for the delay in posting this.

Mike Feaster

This testimonial is for everyone who is wondering if Greenfield Puppies is the “Real Deal.” My wife and I were searching for a German Shepherd puppy and happened to come across the Greenfield Puppies web site. We looked at all the pictures and fell in love with a funny looking puppy named “Isabel.” We called Mr. Kauffman and, a few days later, drove five hours to Honey brook to pick her up. On the way down we wondered if we were doing the right thing. Could it really be this easy? When we met Mr. Kauffman and saw Isabel, all our doubts and concerns disappeared. We now have the sweetest, most beautiful and most well behaved dog in the neighborhood and that‘s no exaggeration. Mr. Kauffman did a wonderful job with Isabel and all our expectations were exceeded. Everything we read on this website turned out to be one hundred percent true, in our experience, and I would recommend Mr. Kauffman to anyone who is looking for a German Shepherd.

Mike & Tammy

One would think that I’d know how to spell “love” by my mid-thirties. I thought I did, but I was wrong. Love is spelled “cockapoo.” My little girl was adopted from Rachael Stolzfus in February 2010 and she has been love covered with fuzz to my family and me since then. Tilly is patient, funny, energetic, and filled with spunk. Yet she’s also a little sweetheart who loves to cuddle and finds her greatest joy in curling up on my lap to snuggle. I went from a person who thought she owned a bed to a person who thanks pup for a few inches of pup’s bed (who knew that a pup could own a queen-sized bed?!?) and from a person who thought she was in charge of her life but who now knows that the dog is boss. It’s funny- I thought my life was pretty complete before I got her, but I quickly learned that I had a little paw-shaped hole in my heart that was just waiting to be filled with my little cockapoo sweetheart!


I got Axle last week. He’s a great pup! We are so happy that we could just drive to pick him up. We couldn’t have found a better family to get him from! Great experience finding our new addition to the family. Thanks so much!


We got Bree from Ruben Lapp in Gapp, PA in March 2013. She is an absolute LOVE and has made our family complete. She is getting so big and is very beautiful. Plus she has a great temperament. Our experience with Greenfield Puppies was great and we will definitely return to the site for our next puppy!

Dan and Dena Sapp

My family got Willow after we lost our female boxer.She has brought nothing but happiness to my family and my other dogs. She is filled with nothing but energy running around our house and yard 24/7. Willow has helped my family recover from a tragedy of losing our other beautiful boxer girl.


Got Nito when he was 12 weeks old. He is now a year old and has been a great joy in my life. He is like one of my babies.


We got Lucy in Feb 2011 and she will be a year old in December. We got her from End O Lane kennel in Delta and are so glad we did. She is the sweetest girl and we love her with all our hearts. We highly recommend Mr Fisher and his kennel. He is sure to have your new best friend there. Just look at that face.

Tara and Gary Derstine

We have had Milo for about a week now and he’s just the sweetest dog ever. He’s already potty trained and learning tricks very quickly. He gets along great with my cousin’s dog (thanks to being born on a farm with other animals around him) and loves to play all day. Thank you to Bena King & family for raising such a sweet puppy and to Greenfield Puppies for making the process so easy.


I purchased ‘Dodge’ on Saturday and ever since I got him our home has been such a delight. He is such a great puppy. Everyone who sees him can’t help but stop me for a glimpse. I’m so glad I found ‘greenfield puppies’ to purchase ‘Dodge’ I would recommend this website to anyone looking to find a wonderful puppy for your family. I wish I could have taken all of them home…if I ever wanted to get another dog, ‘greenfield puppies’ is the first place I will go.


Thanks Greenfield for making it so easy to find the “love of our life”.When we decided to look for a puppy, we were very worried about where to look. We wanted to make sure we were not getting involved with any puppy mills. Here at Greenfield website we found some cock-a-poo puppies just listed by Elam Fisher. We gave him a call and set up a visit. We found him to be a wonderful person to deal with. The mother of the pups very friendly and well taken care of and the pups gorgeous!! I would highly recommend Elam Fisher as well as this site.Thank you and God bless.

Larry and Cindy Lehman

Our little Lulu is our diva! She’s the perfect lap dog and the perfect pup for playing. She has learned and adapted so quickly within the past few months! Truly a part of our family. Greenfield is highly recommended for a healthy and adorable forever friend:-)

Samantha Ofria

I just want to let everyone know that we are having a great time with our little Summer. Training her seems to come easy to her. I really believe she is a smart dog. Thanks you, we will recommend this site. God Bless to all.


I would like to thank Greenfield Puppies for their help in finding a new pup. I wasn’t sure what kind of dog I was looking for. While searching I came across the German Shepard Mix pups, and found BEAR ( formally Miles). He is going to be a year old on 11/2/12. I could not have found a better dog. He is Greman Shepard and Husky mix, as you can see in the photo, where’s the Husky… I bought him from Jacob Petershime in Feb/11. What a nice fellow..The facility was nice and the pups well taken care of. If I ever want another Pup. I will contact him again in a Heartbeat.Today at almost a year Bear is at 100lbs and a great addition to the house, and loves to play ball. He likes long walks to look for Toadies, Bunnies, and Deer. Loves the water too which I found surprizing since Shepards and Huskys are not water type dogs. He likes people especially kids. He barks at Cats but don’t go after them. WHAT A GREAT DOG!!!!

Craig Beasom
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