Greenfield Puppies Reviews

We love dogs and people and people with dogs.

Back in March, I purchased Joey from Stevie King. I am so impressed by Stevie and the way Joey was delivered. Joey basically house trained the He arrived, He took to My 4yr Old Female immediately, as She looked Like His Mom. We got Joey as company for Bella, she took a little time to warm up to Him; now they Run like the wind, Ears Back, tail straight out, in high gear. They are so beautiful running the muscles rippling, concentration, their coats shine in the sun. I’ started Joey on basic commands, come, sit, crate, the Kid is smart as a whip. He started Puppy School @ 4Months, He’s been one of the stars in his classes. sometimes He’s a brick at home, too much Puppy stuff to do, but Stevie did a great job socializing Him. Joey’s a big Hit at the coffee stand and the gas station down the street. He turned 7mos on Thursday, He’s definitely over 80lb, heavier and taller than My 4 year old, and still growing. He is a Beautiful Black/Silver/Cream color with long hair. He adopted My Bride as a new Mom; He’s My Buddy and an extremely loyal Little Guy. I thought at 71 I really don’t know about getting a Puppy, I’m so very glad I did. He’s keeping Me and Ma laughing and staying young. Tanya at Greenfield was a huge help getting Joey to Us, in extremely bad conditions. This experience with an amazing Young Breeder, OBTW Stevie King just turned 16, and Greenfield arranging flight service and the great condition Joey was in, when He arrived in Seattle. If anyone is looking for a great Puppy, I highly recommend looking at Stevie King’s litters, the Pups will make Your heart melt.

Albert Van Doren
We recently purchased a mini Bernedoodle from Greenfield breeder Mike Rader in Fredericksburg Ohio. We were very anxious about purchasing and shipping a puppy to Florida, however, after receiving our puppy a few days ago, we couldn’t be happier. The entire experience was very professional, from working with Mike and the shipping agent, Leon Kurtz with Pet Transport, we were pleased with everything. We also safely received our beautiful, happy and well adjusted puppy and are thrilled!
Thanks to everyone involved, we highly recommend you!
Bruce & Margaret Meyer

After many fears about owning a new dog, we found Greenfield Puppies. We went to visit potential dogs from Elmer Zook located in Ephrata, PA. Elmer let my daughter and I visit with a few puppies and we picked our Sophie. We gave a deposit and returned 5 days later to pick up our “Haven”n from Elmer. Elmer Zook was very kind, caring and helpful to answer my questions and phone calls after wards. We could not be happier with the great quality and care that was given to our fur baby. This was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much Elmer Zook for our new addition. We have already taken our bichapoo to the vet and she is doing well just as explained by Greenfield puppies and Elmer Zook.

Lori and Michael Contorno

We got our goldendoodle from Chris Stoltzfus. We adore Scoop so much. He’s been a perfect fit for our family and we can already tell how loving he is and so smart! We lost our beloved goldendoodle, Dutch, in May and knew we wanted another goldendoodle to love. Scoop is filling the void and brought love and laughter back to our home. Bringing him home was an easy and pleasant experience and the Stolztfus family made us feel very welcome. I will recommend them to my friends.
Thank you,
Ross and Dee Miller and Scoop

Diana E Miller

I would love to thank Mary Esther Beachy for breeding the sweetest, most well behaved puppy I have ever been around. Kelly… Now almost 4 month old beabull Puppy has been a joy to add to our home. She is not a chewer..doing very well with house breaking.. Dosent play bite.. She is very playful!! But the most well behaved puppy I have ever seen. They have done an amazing job with breeding!! And deserve a 5 star rating!! I was very skeptical about purchasing a puppy from the internet. We had fallen victim to a scam on another site. Mary Esther was a joy to work with!
Thank you!!
The Kissinger’s

Kirsten Kissinger

We can’t thank Eli Beiler enough for raising this beautiful and amazing dog! Eli himself was such a kindred spirit, and his love for his Jug puppies and the people who adopt them from him was obvious from the start. He has a beautiful and spacious home for raising young puppies, and they are obviously well cared for, very healthy, and most definitely loved. Prior to our long journey to Leola PA to meet Tobias (approximately 5 and a half hours from home . . . and we would do it all over again!), we called and spoke with Eli several times, and he was always very pleasant and easy to talk to, happy to answer our questions, very thorough, patient, and very knowledgeable, which gave us confidence from day one. Tobias is a pure joy and we are so fortunate to have found him. We can’t say enough about our entire experience with Greenfield Puppies and with Eli Beiler in particular. Thank you so much for allowing Tobias to join our family! He is truly loved!!!

Jon & Eileen Arnold

We are so happy with our decision to get a puppy from Greenfield Puppies. After searching for over 6 months for a puppy, we decided to make the 2 hour drive to PA where we met with Wilmer Stoltzfus, the breeder of our adorable Westiepoo, Hartley, who is now named Karleigh. She is now 6 months old and we spoil her every chance we get. She has brought so much love and laughter into our home, we can’t imagine life without her.

She loves to play fetch, swim in our pool, and she’s perfectly happy to entertain herself with her toys.

I highly recommend Wilmer if you’re looking for a puppy.


I am blessed to have Jasper my beautiful Cavachon pup in my life who was bred by Stevan and Ruth Ann Fisher of Gordonville PA
I fell in love with him the min I saw him online after having just lost my previous fur baby to cancer
Jasper is the sweetest funniest smartest little spirit who has filled our lives and home with joy
Stevan and Ruth Ann were a pleasure to work with they answered all my questions and were very accommodating, wish I could have taken all the pups home, Instead of shipping him out to California which greenfield was willing to do I opted to fly out and fetch him myself, best decision he sat on my lap all the way home on a 5 hour flight happy as a lark .
He is 8 months old now and healthy energetic, loves dogs and humans alike favorite things are water …dancing in it, chasing it swimming,bathing,drinking , ocean haha pooping on tree trunks chasing squirrels running as fast as possible …..
Hasn’t met a squeaky toy he didn’t like and he has at least 30
Eats healthy by choice too , prefers carrots over cookies smart doggie
The best! I could go on for days but will spare you ..

I cannot say enough about my fabulous experience with breeder Ivan Gingerich from Applecreek, OH and Greenfield puppies! My experience from beginning to end was simple and professional. Looking through all the puppies on the site was a breeze and enjoyable. I was drawn to one little man right away. His breeder, Ivan was in contact with me immediately. Ivan made the entire process seamless. The driver transporting “Cocoa” was excellent and also kept in touch with me on their travels to us. Our new little Labradoodle puppy is sublime! He is healthy, sweet, playful and to our surprise already partially trained! We love him already! We renamed him “Tucker” and he will be traveling with me for work and be home half and half. He is already on an adventure and we are thrilled to be a part of his journey! Thank you Ivan and Greenfield puppies for such a pleasant experience! I would highly recommend Greenfield and especially Ivan Gingerich! Thank you all and know little Tucker is in good & loving hands! God bless!
Laura Diesch

We purchased two Jack Russell puppies from Linda Fisher in July and could not be happier with the puppies or with working with Linda. Linda and her family were amazing and raised some precious pups. My family feels like we’ve made friends for life. Linda has been wonderful and has called to check on us since our return back home. I highly recommend Linda Fisher if you’re looking for a new Jack to love.

Candy Haynes

Thank you Martha Stoltzfus for a wonderful all around experience. From the moment we pulled up and greeting by our puppys Mother, to the moment we left and had asked all of our questions. A clean and beautiful environment. All puppies visibly well cared for. It was a pleasure to meet with our Breeder who was very knowledgeable and delightful woman.
We thank you again for our gorgeous Cockapoo. We just Love her to pieces. Way worth the 5 hour trip there!! Best of Luck and God Bless!

Maria Schaaf

M family drove over 3 hrs to purchase Hunter for my son. Hunter has been a family member since January 2017, so lovable . Spoiled rotten to a point that anyone that meets him – loves him. His mom was Bessie, his former name Alcott. The. Zooks family were so very nice inviting us into their home
Children were friendly as well.

Frank & Staci Jenkins

Prompt contact had all the information I needed. Very friendly to work with and bringing my new baby home was easier than I thought . He was clean and we’ll groomed , very friendly and we absolutely loved him. I will recommend this most to anyone . Thank you so much this completed our family.

Desiree & Ryan Weller

I began researching some of the breeders on Greenfield Puppies when the site was referred to me by an acquaintance. I spent quite a bit of time talking to many of different breeders. I was a little skeptical as I had read that some of the breeders may be puppy mills. So I did my homework, decided on a Cavapoo and spoke with many of the breeders. Some of them were very knowledgeable, some of them not so much! I came across a picture of River (fka Rodeo) and was instantly drawn to him. I spoke with the breeder on several ocassions and he was very informative, very patient and very understanding. We drove 3 hours to meet River and speak with the breeder and felt confident that we were making the right choice. Daniel Esh is the breeder that we chose; he never made us feel rushed. Daniel was there to greet us and let us meet the mom and dad and gave us plenty of time with River before we made our decision. I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone that is considering a Cavapoo. So far our little guy has been such a joy and we are thankful to Daniel for allowing us the opportunity of making him a member of our family.

Debbie Hughes

Looking at the reviews I was also skeptical in getting a puppy through this site. My wife and my girls wanted a puppy so bad I decided to give it a try. We were looking for a Yorkie puppy and found Dustin, now known as Logan,. The breeder was David & Annie Beiler from Bird in Hand, PA. We called and asked a couple of questions and decided to go through with it. We had to give half of the price to make sure no one else bought it. We paid it through paypal which I thought was good because its somewhat secure. The rest of the money was paid cash. We drove 3 hours to get to the breeders farm. When we got there we got greeted by a Amish man and Logan as well as his siblings running around. The place looked clean and you can tell the puppies were well kept. David also had kids which the puppies interacted with and that was good. We asked a few questions and David answered all of them. We were also able to meet Logans parents and they looked healthy and well kept as well. We signed a couple of papers and David gave us Logans vet exam sheet for us to take to out vet as well as a big ziplock bag of the food Logan was eating. We’ve had Logan since Saturday and today we took him to our vet for his check-up and he is a good healthy puppy. I can’t complain about he experience I had. Everything went smooth for us. I would advice just to ask many questions and definitely go pick up your puppy to its location so you can look first hand where the puppy was born and its environment. Hope this helps find your pups.


We picked up our 8 week old Cockapoo from Martha Stoltzfus 7/18/18. We drove down from Syracuse, N.Y. to Gordonville, PA and i would do it again x4 to buy a puppy from Martha. Upon our arrival, she allowed us to meet both parents of the puppies and take our time with them to take our pick. The grounds is extremely clean and professional and it is obvious Martha and her brother(her brother helps out with the puppies and breeds his own) are extremely caring and meticulous with the grounds. I highly recommend purchasing a Cockapoo from Martha and if we are ever in the market for one again we will be contacting her.

Steven & Dominique

We were looking for a small dog, minimal shedding, with a chill temperament and decided on a Cavachon. My granddaughter fell in love with the pic of this pup on the Greenfield website. We went to Sam and Rachel Stoltzfutz’s farm to see him and it was love at first site. Sam and Rachel were very friendly, answered all of my questions and kept the puppy for a week until I was ready to pick him up. Their 6 children were obviously very engaged with the puppies and this little guy is very social and loves everyone. He is a pleasure and has quickly become part of our family. We are completely in love with this little guy. He is a little guy with a big personality and the sweetest nature I have ever seen. He got a clean bill of health from my vet right away. My experience with Sam and Rachel was very good and I am really happy with this puppy. He is 3 months old and it is very clear that he will be a wonderful dog and a great companion for many years to come. Many thanks to Greenfield puppies and to Sam and Rachel Stoltzfutz!!

Randye Barnhart

Almost 3 yrs ago we lost our 17 yr old lab mix to old age. Our then 10 yr old Border Collie needed a friend. I found Greenfield puppies online while I was searching for another Border Collie. I immediately sent my husband out to Pennsylvania where he could find a border mix puppy. Turned out he’s border/aussie mix. There he was! Biggest, most independent pup of the bunch named Dell at the time. Now Gizmo, Dell just didn’t fit he’s personality! Gizmo will be 3 yrs old on Aug 22nd 2018. He is is the most beautiful, intelligent, loyal, goofy, perfect dog you could ever ask for! I will never look for another breed! The entire family, and his trainer have been completely amazed by his sweet charm from day one! He is simply stunning and we love him so very much! He’s a very active boy who needs lots of play and exercise . Walks, ball, swim, tricks etc. We love every minute of his active personality! So thank you Greenfield for giving us the best dog on the planet!


Leo (was named Lonnie) is a great addition to our family. You can tell that he was taken well care of and Norman answered all of our questions. No pressure was there to support. We are so happy with our new puppy! This breeder was very transparent and supportive. I want to say Thank you!

Lonnie & Lenny

In Jan of this year we found a breeder through Greenfield Puppies . He helped us to find the puppy of our dreams. Ira Stoltzfus was so very good to us in giving us everything we needed to know about his Newfoundland puppies. He made the experience wonderful. We now are the proud owners of a beautiful 7 month 110 lb puppy named Walter!

Joe & Marge Weakland

Found are forever fur baby Izzy (Daisy) through Greenfield puppies very happy we found the website. We purchased Izzy from Nathan Miller from SugarCreek Ohio. Fantastic Breeder! Well cared for healthy puppies from a beautiful farm! We highly recommend Nathan Miller!

Linda & Ken M.

We have had Zoey now for 3 weeks and she has made our family complete. She is such a sweet teddy bear. Our boys 12 and 9 are so in love with her. The Hoover Family from Ephrata PA provided us the mini-Goldendoodle we have been looking for.

Tracy K.

We just recently lost our Sheltie at age 13 and were looking for a new fur-ever friend. My wife saw Shilah the Siberian Husky and instantly fell in love with her markings and beautiful eyes. We contacted Sandra Santago and she promptly answered our request and was flexible with meet times. The whole process was very smooth and you could tell Sandra took care of her dogs. She above and beyond by starting with her puppies at an early age, socialized them well, and has potty trained them. We now have a beautiful and energetic fur baby. We highly recommend Sandra if you are looking for a fur-ever friend!

Eric Laughton

When my husband finally said “Yes” to another dog I immediately went to Greenfield Puppies to start my search. Three years ago we used this site to find our Shorkie baby and had such a wonderful experience that I didn’t hesitate to come back! I found the Shorkie named Beauty (now Cora) almost immediately and fell in love with her picture. Her breeder Martha King was an absolute pleasure to work with and upon picking up our new baby she and her family were so kind and welcoming. It is obvious our little one was well taken care of and given lots of love prior to our arrival. I would buy another puppy from her in a heart beat!!!

Sara Cox

I bought my cavapoo puppy from Chris Stoltzfus in Honey Brook, PA a year ago. She is smart, sweet, active and healthy. She was very well socialized to people and animals when I got her, and she has a very steady and sensible temperment. She’s starting agility training and is likes to come to work with me. She’s an all around great dog! She’s the black dog in the picture.

Susan G