Greenfield Puppies Reviews

We love dogs and people and people with dogs.

Ten years ago, we acquired a Keeshond pup from Mr. Lapp of Greenfield. She has been the best of all dogs. Perfect health, great friendly disposition. She is our second Kees and I would have no other breed, thank you for bringing her to the world.

Donald K.

How we got here… We lost our Lab mix over a year ago and our Boxer nine months ago. We both love dogs, were undecided about starting over, especially with a puppy and didn’t want a large dog. Thanksgiving Day we were watching the National Dog Show. We saw a Havanese, which reminded Jay of a Sheepdog he had years ago. This Havanese was stunning! We started looking casually noting there were not alot of Havanese available locally. We found Greenfield Puppies site which lead us to a beautiful female named Alice. We called the breeder, Stephen Beiler in Lancaster, PA. We had a very informative conversation with Mr. Beiler, made an appointment to meet Alice and she came home with us the same day. Alice has been renamed to Maggie. Maggie is a wonderful pup, is doing very well and had a perfect vet check. We would recommend Mr. Beiler to anyone looking for a healthy pup.

Kathy and Jay

Found a Dachshund breeder Susan Doherty & got my baby girl last year, then just picked up another puppy from her, so now I have sisters!!! Her puppies are so pretty & have a very happy disposition I would highly recommend her if your looking for a Dachshund
Great breeder for Dachshund Susan Doherty


Testimonial for LouAnn Martin ~ After spending so much time searching websites and local pet stores for pups, when I saw Heidi on greenfieldpuppies I called the breeder almost immediately. We got our sweet puppy from LouAnn Martin, and she was incredible throughout the whole process. Easy to contact, very kind and honest, and helpful from the time we first contacted her to when we picked Heidi up and brought her home. We got Heidi at eight weeks and at her first check up with our vet she’s totally healthy. She’s a shihpoo, just like our other 1.5 year old dog Piper. Heidi has brought so much joy to our home and has such a sweet and sassy personality and keeps our other dog on her toes! Thank you so much to LouAnn for bringing Heidi into our lives, we are so grateful!

Susan E.

This testimonial is for Ben Speicher. We couldn’t ask for a better experience as we chose our new member of the family. Ben was extremely receptive, immediately calling back when I had questions leading up to the day we picked up our girl. Ben has a beautiful house with a large yard where the puppies can run around. Winnie, our pup, is extremely loving and playful. We have two sons, so it was very important to us that she be good with kids. It was apparent that Winnie was regularly exposed to Ben’s children. I highly recommend Ben at Greenfield Puppies. His honesty, attention, patience and love for his pups is second to none.

Cassie M.

can’t even believe it myself but this bernedoodle is the best dog! Very social and SMART! At 4 months she was using doggie door, fetching, sitting, shaking paws, and never chewing on anything but a bone and her toys, which she Loves! I just moved to Colorado, and she has been a blast in the snow and hiking and walking trails! Stubborn just like me, so it was meant to be!!! She is four months close to five months old and is about 48 lbs!

Claudia J.

We bought Coco and Charlie as a Christmas present for our kids on 12/24/21 from breeder Joan Brechbill. Coco is a feisty little girl, full of energy. Charlie is a mellow fellow, the sweetest little boy. Both are healthy pups. Joan was amazing! Always so responsive to my text messages and my questions. At first, I was apprehensive buying pups from an online site. But let me reassure you, it was a decision we will never regret. If you are looking for healthy pups and a safe and easy transaction, then look no further. is the way to go.

Angela T.

We got are sweet girl Elsa from Sam and Anna in GORDONVILLE, Pa and we couldn’t be happier. Always have been Leary of buying an animal online but he was amazing to work with from start to finish. We went to get the puppy and you can tell they were very well taken care of. She is amazing and we love her so much! Would highly recommend Sam and their puppies.

Stephanie S.

I purchased my Bishon Poo on October 23, 2001. The Stoltzfooz family were most welcoming and returned my phone call the same day i called. Stephen was very pleasant and informative. I named my fur baby Bella, and she is now 4 months old and doing great. We have a lot of training to do, but the potty training is doing very good. Bella is a well-adjusted, fun puppy, that is bringing me joy every day. Having a daily routine is assisting her well with all aspects of training.
She is beautiful and eager to learn.


We were able to get 2 beautiful puppies from Melvin and Ruth Fisher. It was a wonderful experience and has really brightened our lives. They puppies are sweet natured and healthy little boys. They are certainly keeping us busy ! I would highly recommend the Fishers and enjoyed meeting Melvin and Ruth who are wonderful people. I would like to thank them so much for their kindness and I highly recommend them.

Martha Smith

We got Ace from a Breeder in Fort Plain, New York. Ace is a male Goldendoodle. He is such a well behaved puppy. He listens and loves to follow his big brother, King around who is a Pitbull. He loves to play, cuddle, and is a very energetic little puppy. He is the perfect addition to our family.
We want to thank, Amos King for the quick response and friendly service. Very professional process meeting my Ace for the first time. Ace was playing with his siblings and I got to play with all of them too. It was a very nice experience to have all the puppies jumping on you with so much joy in their eyes. I ended up taking Ace and one of his brother home for a friend. Amos King helped with getting the puppies situated for the 3.5 ride home. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank You.

Samone Lynch

We love our sweet Bich Poos! Emma and Gracie have been an amazing addition to our families. We have had them for 3 months now, and could not love them more!
Stephen was excellent to work with and his kennel was spotless. I would highly recommend Greenfield puppies to anyone!
Emma needed a strong Pennsylvania Dutch name since she is from some of the most beautiful country ever! (and my father was Pennsylvania Dutch). They are both healthy and smart. We couldn’t be happier!
Thank you Stephen and Greenfield Puppies!

Cheryl Lewis

We got Shadow from Benuel Fisher in Narvon, Pa. Shadow is a female Border Collie who is a loving, healthy, playful and very active puppy. My son and I are both delighted with the joy she has brought to our family and are sincerely grateful to the Breeder, Benuel Fisher, for our new puppy. Thank you.

Brian McGuire

I got Delta Rose from the Weaver Family in Denver , Pa. Shr is a silver dapple, mini dauchshund. She is a very sweet loving puppy and very active! It is a great joy to be her puppy mommy, she is a loving little girl. She brought a big joy to our family.


I should have written a review before now. My husband came across Greenfield puppies four years ago. It started when my Boston Terrier name Bosco whom we loved dearly. He was not from Greenfield. My little guy got sick very quickly and passed away before his eighth birthday. I was devastated and couldn’t stop crying. His beagle brother Buddy who was seven at the time grew up with Bosco. Buddy was so sad without his best friend. Three months later my husband said we were getting another Boston, a puppy. I called the breeder myself and I did question if I wanted a “puppy mill dog” I talked to the breeder who sounded so nice and down to earth. I had already seen Sammy’s face and fell in love with him. Sammy came to me during a snow storm in December two weeks before Christmas. I was in love. Sammy is smart, funny, a beautiful Boston Terrier and at four years old he’s healthy. He gave my Buddy a new leash on life and they became best friends.
We moved from NH to FL where our dogs enjoy being outside all the time and walks. Our Buddy was getting older and we didn’t want Sammy to be alone if something happened to Buddy. We did try to adopt a Boston but with Covid it just didn’t seem to happen. We knew we wanted another Boston baby to love. One day I had called the breeder of Sammy’s and it was meant to be. A litter was just born. We told him that we wanted one and we got first choice because he appreciated repeat business. We spoke several times and finally the first week of August 2021 we made the trip to PA from FL to pick up our puppy. We named him Tucker. We finally met the breeder that we have communicated with. It was beautiful driving through Amish country. I wish we had more time to visit and chat with such a nice man. Sometimes it happens that puppies have giardia. My vets said it’s common and was not worried. He was treated and is fine. I let my breeder know and he did reimburse me. I don’t know if all breeders would have done that. He said he appreciated us traveling a long way We always knew Sammy would be fine with another Boston but the fact they are brothers (same parents) makes their relationship more special. Sammy and Tucker are inseparable. It’s so much fun watching Sammy and Tucker romp, wrestle and play together. Tucker is healthy and very loved. Big brother Buddy looks at his younger brother with protective. We are so happy we that went through Greenfield puppies.
The Amish do breed animals they know how to. They know how to breed healthy and beautiful dogs. They know if there is a problem with an animal they stop breeding that animal.
We are so happy with our boys. Thank you!!!

Lee DeNauw

This is Hayes. He is an (almost) two year old boxer with a lot of energy! He is the perfect cuddle buddy and running partner. We traveled five hours to add him to our family, and we’re so glad we did!

Sexton Family

We got “Corey” from Sam and his family about 3 weeks ago. Camper (as we now call him) was already crate trained for bedtime and now hangs out in there and sleeps right through the night at 12 weeks old. He is super sweet and wonderful with everyone he meets. So glad we found Greenfield Puppies.

Robert Fairbanks

Awesome experience, David and AnnaMary Lapp were very responsive, and worked with us on times to meet as we drove for 6 hrs to pick up our puppy Miles in January 2021. We had no issues, very pleasant.

Susan Mancieri

We are so happy with our new addition, a Miniature Goldendoodle. More importantly, we are very impressed with her breeders, Chris and Anna Glick from Bird-in-Hand, PA. From our initial inquiry about the puppy’s availability to subsequent follow-up calls, we were very comfortable with the breeders and the quality of the puppies they were selling. I just received a phone call from Anna Glick who wanted to know how our puppy was doing! This phone call exceeded our expectations!

Bob Feiler

Meet our beautiful girl Mascie! We are so very happy with out experience with GFP and Mr. John Beiler. We got two puppies, my sons family took the boy and we took the girl!

Denise Keller

So happy with our GSD from Greenfield puppies. She is a gorgeous beautiful German Shepheard! Her Dame and Sire were on premises’, and I met all her cute little brother’s and sister’s, I would strongly recommend them!

Lorraine Salata

My family recently lost both of my childhood dogs due to health problems and old age. Being only 19 and still living with my family, I thought it would be the perfect time to get my own puppy while I could get help from my parents who have experience raising a puppy. My boyfriend sent me the link to this website while at work and I immediately called the breeder of an adorable Boston Terrier puppy. He called me back a few minutes later telling me I could come meet all of there puppies THAT DAY! My boyfriend ended up driving over 6 hours after he got off work to a different state so I could meet them. When I got there all three of the puppies were jumping around and so excited to see us. The breeders were very nice and when we chose our puppy he cut his nails and gave us a bag of food that lasted a few days, including a coupon for a bag of future food. We got all of the puppies shot and medical records and signed adoption papers. I have now had my beautiful puppy for 3 weeks and he is a fan favorite in my family and my boyfriend’s family! Everywhere we go everyone compliments him on how beautiful he is. He has brought so much joy to me and my family. Regardless of the lack of sleep or the puppy nibbling, I am so happy to have him.

Emily Underwood

We got our puppy on 09/04/2021. Drove 2 hours to bird in hand,PA. We met Marilyn Reihl wonderful breeder and person. She really takes care of the puppies. Makky was exactly as she described him. Playful, social, loves to eat and full of sweetness! I had a very good experience with Marilyn Reihl. I still reach out to ask her questions and to keep in touch. She has been wonderful! Makky has brought so much Joy to my family. We love him so much. I highly recommend her.

Betty Baez

When we discovered little Flash, we knew he was the right pup for us just from his picture. Immediately, we called the breeder ‘David & Miriam Stoltzfus’ and scheduled to see him in Honeybrook, PA. The breeder and his family were great, the process was quick and efficient. Puppies are well taken care of and family raised, would highly recommend! We even met Flash’s mom whose just as friendly and darling. He is the handsomest and sweetest boy! Flash is calm and already excelling at potty training. Hasn’t been up to any trouble at all, at least not yet! We couldn’t be happier and feel he is the perfect addition to our family. Thank you again to the Stoltzfus’ & Greenfield Puppies!

DeJesus Family

We’ve had Lilly for 3 weeks now and she has been the most amazing addition to our family. We don’t have kids or other pets so Lilly gets super spoiled. Lilly was 16 weeks and very well socialized when I got her. She adapted great to her new home. She had her first vet visit and everything was excellent. Lilly is awesome. I couldn’t have gotten a more prefect pet. I am so grateful for Greenfield Puppies and Elmer Zook for coordinating this beautiful addition to my family.