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We had a great and easy experience adopting our little muffin! Aaron was so flexible, kind, and willing to work with us. We have had a wonderful experience with our baby, Waffles, ever since we brought him home. He is upbeat, super healthy and lovable. We couldn’t be happier and would recommend Aaron Stoltzfus to anyone!!


Erika and Eric

we have a million joys with teddy at home!! thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity!!soon send their pictures is in school and doing very well



 Awesome so far! His name was originally Warren But we renamed him to Jackson! I love him so much.

Jamell Glover

I picked up my puppy Ruby (original name Priscilla) from Stephen Stoltzfoos last week and I couldn’t be happier! The moment I saw her picture online, I called and sent a deposit to hold her. Stephen was able to hold her for me until I was able to make the drive out to Ephrata. Stephen was so delightful to work with. He answered any questions I had! Upon arriving to his home, I was greeted by his daughter and wife who were so sweet and friendly! Their property was absolutely beautiful, well maintained, and clean! That reassured me I was taking home a well taken care of puppy. Having Ruby home now has been wonderful! She is one happy and HEALTHY pup! I took her to the vet the other day and the veterinarian told me she is perfect! I highly recommend Stephen for quality puppies and will be sure to pass his name along! Thank you again!!

Christina G.

 We just bought a cavachon puppy that we named (Ivy) 4 days ago on our anniversary and we got her checked from our vet today. Besides having a heart murmur that is very common in puppies and most grow out of them, she is in perfect health. We could not be more happier with having her. She is a perfect playmate for our other cavachon puppy and she fits right in with our family. She is very sweet, friendly, playful, and loves to be loved. We can tell that she was handled a lot before we took her home and taken care of since she loves to be petted and cuddled. We are so happy that we found her and she was available. I would buy from this site again if we ever want another puppy. Thanks so much for the service and kindness.

Tracy Walls

Meet Koko who is 7 years old. We purchased her from David Foster in 2009. She was a beautiful pup; intelligent, easy to train, and healthy ( have only needed to keep up with her shots and regular vet visits). I made the decision to train Koko as a therapy dog due to wonderful calm, approachable, non-aggressive demeanor. Koko has brought our family much joy, she also thinks she is a lap dog!

Jackie Dieterich

I got Dixie, now named Honey on 2-13-2016 and I just love her to pieces, she’s very smart and growing nicely. Our vet said she was in good health and looked to be well cared for. The person we got her from Jacob Stoltzfus was helpful, open and honest…my kind of people. The puppy was raised around his family and his children which is something I liked a lot. The children were there when we went to get her, they played with her and again I liked that a lot. I would send friends to this person for puppies and I would go back if ever I wanted another. It was a over-all good surroundings for puppies and I am glad I found it. Honey is now about 6 months old, picture in-closed, and she is spoiled and loved a lot. Thanks to Jacob and his family for raising and treating the puppies he breeds the right way. Way to go Jacob !!!

Sandra Johnson

We welcomed Mick into our home after we lost my jack Russell of 15 years he has brought our family so much joy and helped our hearts heal after the lost of our JRT … Was very nice working with the Zimmerman Family

Kristen & Dave

I was originally looking to rescue a Pom after losing our last one and wasn’t able to find one. Decided on a puppy. I called Kathryn. The entire transaction went very smooth and this pup was everything advertised. Very socialized and just a complete joy. Went for out first visit and perfectly healthy. Still has her dew claws. If I ever want another puppy, I’d go back to this breeder in a heartbeat. To me it was important to see the puppy in person, and while it wasn’t a short drive, it was definitely worth the trip. Brenna, took to our Golden immediately and I couldn’t be happier!

Christine F

I bought a female Red Heeler from Steven Stoltzfus in Paradise, Pa. My baby is about 7 months old now and she is a great dog! She is healthy, has a great temperment, smart, easy to train, and loves other dogs. When I bought her she was with her mom and other pups in the litter. I wanted to watch how they all interacted so I could pick the puppy best for me, but she came up and licked my face and i knew right away she was the one! She had an umbilical hernia when I got her, and Mr. Stoltzfus was very open and honest about the condition, which he talked to the vet about, and even sold me to her for cheaper to compensate for the surgery she will need. She was up to date on all her shots as well.


This is Olive! We were apprehensive about getting a dog from here, but now we couldn’t recommend them any higher! Our experience was wonderful! We love our little girl and she’s quite spoiled! When we add our next family member, it will certainly be through Greenfield Puppies!!

Lydia & Lindsay

We bought such a wonderful puppy from The Esh’s. We kept the name Heidi Mae they had given her. What a joy she has been. She was pretty much potty trained when we got her. You could see the puppies were well taken care of and healthy and happy. I would definitely get another puppy from them. Thanks for our Heidi Mae. ..we love her so much.

Sharon Hoh

OMG, we are sooooo in love with our baby Jade (whose new name is Ginger), and Reuben and his wife Sadie were absolutely THE BEST. They responded to every concern and we kept in touch by phone almost daily. I apologized to them for being a nuisance, but they assured me that I wasn’t and we had great conversations. In fact, I told Reuben he needed “e-mail” so we could keep in touch and he and Sadie could watch “their baby” grow with her new family. With the exception of a few tapeworms (which has cleared up from medication), Ginger is healthy, extremely energetic, and thriving, with no indication of any genetic defects to date.

Angela Savage

We actually got two puppies from Steven in Paradise, PA. One for my husband and I and one for my daughter and her family. We all live together. I was worried going to a breeder we had never dealt with. But these puppies are absolutely amazing. Shiny coats and VERY healthy. Our vet was very impressed. They are 13 weeks old now and growing like crazy and VERY smart as well. Really catching on. We have a human trainer coming tomorrow to work with us in getting them trained. I would not hesitate dealing with Steven again. Well worth the trip to PA.

Crystal Sada

Anna is a great breeder. She answered every question I had about the parents and puppy prior to my payment, GFP was also easy to ship with and now Hugo is running and playing daily. He also loves car rides.


Hi, My parents got our puppy Molly about two years ago from David Fisher at End O’ Lanes Kennels. We have loved her ever since! Molly is a playful, affectionate, goofy, and quirky pup! We love her fluffy fur but we get her shaved in the summers, it’s like we get a new puppy every time! Molly is an important part of our family and we could never imagine our lives without her! Thank you David Fisher!

Jenna Paulin

We absolutely love Sasha and we were 100% satisfied with our experience with Jen Miller!

Charles Kaufmann

We absolutelyy adore our little girl!! Very good temper and eager to please. Seems breeder made a good choice with her parents. Would definitely recommend to friends and family:)

Irene Riley

This is the 2nd Jack Russell Terrier puppy I’ve purchased from the awesome Esh Family! We bought our Barkley from Mr. Esh in June, 2015 & absolutely loved the parent combination, kept in touch with the breeder, when we heard the mommy had another litter, we immediately decided we would buy a full brother, which we just did 4/23/16. The young pup is a little butterball, friendly & sweet. I highly recommend Breeder Steven Esh! Thank you yet again!

Kristina Petras

A few weeks ago I bought Kelsey (formerly Betsy) from Sam Stoltzfus in Spring Glen PA. She was vet-checked, full of hugs and kisses and EVERYTHING a dog should be. I love Kelsey and sometimes I wonder what I did without her! I can tell she was socialized and cared for. Thank-you Sam and family I love her to pieces!!!!


In August of 2015, I decided I wanted a little companion. I found this site and was searching for days trying to find the right one for me. I came across this adorable Yorkie Pom and I knew I just had to have her! I contacted the breeder and we got everything lined up to fly her to Miami. August 7 is the day I picked her up from the airport and instantly fell in love this little girl and named her Jema. She is the biggest cuddlier, kisser, and lover I have ever had and most of all she is my little diva and she knows it. She loves other dogs especially bigger dogs because she thinks she is a German Shepard. Down the road I’d like to purchase another puppy from this site. 🙂


I just wanted to post a thank you, a thank you for this website and my breeder, Allen Smucker.I have taken care of my best friends Portuguese Water Dog for over a year when she travels out of town for work. I grew very fond of Ziggy and enjoy this breed so much that I wanted my own. This is how I ended up on The Greenfield Puppies website. I officially got my own Portuguese Water Dog from Allen Smucker and I highly recommend him! Allen responds quickly and he was able to answer questions I had. The litter was born on a farm and socialized very well. He is an upstanding person, as he could have sold the pooch I bought from him to someone who was local; however, he held on to the pup for me (I drove from Chicago to PA) and his word was his bond. Thank you to Greenfield Puppies and Allen, as words are unable to state how truly happy I am with my new Portuguese Water Dog as an addition to my family!

Liz Johnson

On Saturday April 9, my family and I had decided to get our newest addition to the family, Daffodil, or now known as Winnie. She has been the best dog and we are so thankful to have gotten her. She brings joy, laughter, and smiles to our family. At 9 weeks old, Winnie has already learned how to sit and is now working on lying down. Marian and the Shirk family had taken care of her very well and this has been shown through Winnie’s energetic playful moments and long happy walks. We would like to thank Marian and her family so much for letting us bring Winnie into our home.

Robin Cummings

Brought this wonderful pup from a breeder in East Earl… Was told the pup was returned because he was shy and not playful.. Well that couldn’t be anymore untrue… After a day he was running around with my children playing and biting on anything possible… His is truly a great addition to our family and I want to say thank you!!! Can’t wait to add another as he has made our transition to a pet owned family a very comfortable and easy one…



I purchased Koda (before known as Toby) in October 2012 (he’s 3 now) and I have never been happier! I saw him on here and HAD to have him! He’s turned out to be the best pup I’ve ever owned and can’t thank my breeder enough for his perfect temperment and outstanding working traits! He exceeds in all dog sports (agility, flyball, and disc) and we will be competing this winter!! I will soon be purchasing another border collie 🙂

Megan Sternberg
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