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We have had Jasper who we renamed “Ripley” (a cavachon and a cavalier king charles spaniel mix) for about a month now, and he is the perfect little puppy he is so loving, sweet, and playful. He gets along with our other 2 cavachons wonderfully. We were looking for one last puppy for our household, and It’s like he was made for us, when we saw him on this site we knew he was the one for us. He was a Christmas present from my husband, we drove 9 hours to get him from a 5 star breeder (Ruth) in Quarryville PA, and they were fantastic to deal with, they were so kind, helpful, and informative. Ripley makes our second puppy we have gotten from Greenfield Puppies, and we will keep coming back. We had “Ripley” vet checked as soon as we got him and he is in perfect health. We couldn’t be more happier with having him. He has brought so much joy and happiness to our home

Tracy Walls

We brought Maizie, our new Cavachon addition, home yesterday. We worked with Rachel Fisher and dealt with her directly. She was always prompt in answering my phone calls and messages. We knew we wanted Maizie, but that we couldn’t get down to the farm in Lancaster from Long Island for a few days, so Rachel saved Maizie for us. We just had Maizie at the vet and she is 100% healthy!!! She is quickly adjusting to life with us and we look forward to many years with her!


We got Katy, now Tish from Stephen Stoltzfoos and Greenfield Puppies. I live in Williston, ND and had to get Tish here after a major blizzard. Stephen was great to work with. He put Tish on the plane and she arrived in great shape. Tish is a little bundle of joy. Loves to play and just lay in my lap. So blessed.


I purchased my Cavapoo baby Jory, now Camilla, from Greenfield puppies and had a smooth experience from beginning to end. I worked with the Smuckers, Levi and David, who bred my puppy, and they were always easy to reach by phone and work with. Tamara from shipping was so quick with returning my emails and answering any questions, and even has checked up on us since Cami came home to me. I was very skeptical about the whole shipping of a puppy, but I have to say it was way easier and smoother than I could have imagined. There was even another puppy coming in on the same flight as mine which made realize just how normal this process has become! I took Cami to our family veterinarian for her “puppy checkup” just to make sure she was healthy upon arrival and they said she was as healthy as can be. Cami is a ball of energy and a wonderful sleeping buddy, and we are so enjoying spoiling her within our home! I would definitely purchase another pup from Greenfield, and I would feel comfortable recommending them to anyone who asked!


We’ve had Pebbles (a Bugg) for about two weeks now and she is already part of our family. Sweet and playful and just so adorable. We got her from Jacob and Mary Kaufmann in Peach Bottom PA at their pretty farm. The entire process went smoothly and Pebbles got a clean bill of health from our vet days after we brought her home.

Kristen W

I picked up Chloë on 3/2/2016. When I first saw her she looked at me and it was love at first sight. She stole my heart and I cannot imagine life without her. She loves to give kisses and cuddles up with me on movie nights. She is loved by everyone in our family. As you can see from her picture she is VERY CUTE!!!! Super friendly and always wants to go outside or for a ride in the car. She loves ridding in the car every single day. I have to thank the Greenfield Puppy’s website for helping me find just the right addition to my family. Chloë is the best little dog ever!!!!!She will be 1yrs old on 1/6/17 and just like my kids she is gonna have her very first birthday party. Thank you Abram Beiler of Lititz, PA for introducing Chloë and I.

Anita Ferebee

We had a Great Experience with our Breeders Jr. and Sue Taylor. We decided to surprise our 2 kids with a new family member for Christmas, they have been asking for 10 years and myself and my husband finally gave in. I found Jr. and Sue Taylor on Greenfield We were on a mission to get a Pomsky and saw Carter a.k.a. now Koda on this site. Jr. was so informative on any and ever question we had. It was breath taking to finally speak to someone that I could understand and spoke English. I say this because I contacted 2 other breeders and neither one of them could speak good English, I could not understand a word they said except “Money”. Right away I got a bad feeling and felt they were scammers. So when I found Jr. it was god sent. So like I said, he sent lots of pictures, was very accommodating for us as we drove 7 1/2 hours to Ohio to get our Pomsky. We drove up on a Friday and stayed at the Berlin Grande Hotel which was AMAZING too. We had constant contact with Jr. at all times, we made arrangements to meet him at his house at 9:00. He was never hesitant at all to give us his address, he would rather have his puppies picked up at the house and have you see what your getting and explain all the details. He does all the puppies first shots, and also give’s a 1 year guarantee on his pups which not a lot of breeders will do. We love our Koda so much, he is a great dog, and a show stopper at all the Pet Stores. Jr. really knows how to breed an amazing Pomsky. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a puppy.

Jennifer & Cal Rolon

We wanted to get a dog for our daughter for Christmas. We were very lucky to have found Jenn Miller in Bernville PA. She and her husband were so nice and each time we went there we stayed for over an hour. All of their dogs are loved and well taken care of. Pippy is a Chihuahua/Australian Shephard mini mix. She is sweet and loving and makes our daughter so happy. We highly recommended Jenn to anyone who is interested in getting a healthy puppy.

Amy Amadoro

6 years ago I adopted Charlie a Standard Goldendoodle from David Fisher in Delta, PA. Charlie is my best buddy, happy, very healthy and an all-around awesome dog. 3 years ago I adopted Lilly & Savannah mini-goldendoodles from David Fisher. They are all terrific dogs. Genetically sound, great family members. His place is awesome and he really, really cares about raising high-quality, healthy pups. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a canine family member.


Chipper (Now Hunter) is a very happy puppy with our family and we love him very much! He such a sweet baby, and there is never a dull moment in our home. He brings us such joy and laughter with his outgoing personality! Thank you so much to the Schlabach family! I am very happy with my decision with Greenfield Puppies, and forever greatful!

Latoya Murry

Yesterday, December 7th, Moses celebrated his second birthday. I got Moses from Elvin Shirk in Ephrata, PA. Ever since I brought Moses home, he’s always been able to put a smile on my face each and every day. He loves to play during the day and snuggle at night. So happy with my decision with Greenfield Puppies and Elvin Shirk!

Zachary Pinkosky

We are so thankful for this 62 pound little turkey. He is a healthy, good temperament, and a playful 7 month old. I would adopt from greenfield (Alvin Stoltzfus)


Great experience. We acquired our new family member from Alan Toliver in Dover, DE. A chocolate lab whom we adore. We visited their home and met the pups, and let the pup choose us and he did! Brought him home and made him one of us. He is healthy and happy and we adore him. He was 8 weeks at the time and now he will be 3 months old on 12/4/16. Roscoe was crate trained within 3 days and took him about 2 weeks to get him trained on the house training. He has an occasional accident but 95% of the time he will use pee pee pad if we aren’t available to take him out. He is smart and already knows some commands. Very happy with our decision and recommend highly!

Stacy & Christine Curry

I purchased my puppy from Emma Beiler in Pa back in September. He is a very lovable, healthy and happy puppy. He was up to date on his shots and I received all of his paperwork when I picked him up. He is a great addition to our family.

Lynette Jeter
Good Evening. We just wanted to share our pure delight with our new Boxer that we got from Steve Kauffman on 21 NOV 2016. She was clearly loved, socialized and tended to well during her initial months. Our Luna (named Trish) is the most precious puppy, so full of love, so healthy. It took us a long time to replace our beloved Boxer that we lost almost a year ago but the timing was perfect, for now we have Luna. I will refer anyone seeking a companion to Steve and if the need arises for us to have another member in the family, Steve will be our first call. Thank you for such a fantastic addition to our family. Much love and peace: The Peltons
Mary & Curt Pelton

I purchased a Golden Retriever puppy from the “Blank” family in Lancaster. The puppies were excellently taken care of and all very healthy! They were clean, well fed, dewormed, had some of the initial vaccinations and all checked out by a certified veterenarian. Mr. Blank truly followed all the rules in raising new pups! The Blank family was wonderful with answering any questions we had and made sure the pups were socialized with their family members to adapt easy to ours! Josiah now loves people and has also made friends quickly with our neighbors dogs. Josiah is 10 weeks now and a huge part of our family. He was the perfect dog for us. He loving, friendly, playful and adapting wonderfully to his new surroundings. I highly recommend this breeder!

Debbie Donaldson

On 12/21/14 we met with Jake Huyard and his wife about their Yorkie puppies. Their home was nice and they were very pleasant. The puppies seemed healthy and very active playing with each other and their mother. Twinkles chose us. She started playing with Eric’s shoe laces, he picked her up and she fell asleep in his arms while we talked to Jake and his wife. We knew she was the perfect one. She definitely is well worth the 2.5 hour drive (one way). Twinkles is very much a part of our family, she is spoiled with a closet full of outfits and many toys and loved by all. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. She sits for her treats. She loves to go for car rides and go on vacation to the beach and Tennessee. Enjoys the doggie parks. She celebrated her second birthday on 10/25/16 and we look forward to celebrating many more with her. She is such a joy.

Denise & Eric

Our sweet Phoebe (in the foreground in the picture) was adopted by us from Barbie and Abner. What a beautiful and wonderful puppy she is. Our 6 year old Rottweillers (in the background) have accepted her sweet personality and she is now part of the pack. She has been a joy. She received an excellent health and personality check from our vet. She has been socializing well with people and other animals. She came to us from a wonderful family and extremely clean environment. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Rottweillers. They are a breed that really requires socialization and based on my past experience with other breeders of Rottweillers, Barbie and Abner were a very welcome change.

Theresa Pappan

My husband and I, and my Dad and stepmom both purchased two beautiful female chocolate labs from Daniel Smucker in Narvon, PA On November 5th, 2016, Lexi (aka Angie), and Sophia (aka Amy). After hour almost 4 hour drive to get there from WV, we were pleasantly greeted by Daniel Smucker. He got the puppies out for us and we fell in love instantly. All of his puppies were very socialized and well cared for. They were up to date on shots and had been de-wormed. Both went to our vet on November 9, 2016 and received a clean bill of health. Everyone at the vet’s office fell in love with both of them. To date, both are very intelligent and learning new things very quickly, and they both just LOVE water. We just know come spring time they will be jumping in our pond for a swim. Greenfield Puppies was referred to me by a friend and I truly appreciate her recommendation, so much that I’ve since referred other people to your site. If I ever decide to purchase another lab, I will definitely go with Daniel Smucker. He took the time to explain the GFP folders in detail, along with all of the pups personal records. Daniel even supplied us with some of the food he was feeding so we could make a smooth transition to what we are presently feeding them. Keep up the great work GFP!!

Cheryl S.

My boyfriend and I had been searching for a Pug puppy and couldn’t be happier that we found this website which led us to Jesse and Nancy Swarey in Spring Mills PA. The entire experience from start to finish was smooth, professional, and very easy. We arrived at their beautiful home in the country and were greeted by Nancy and her adorable little girl who allowed us to play with the puppies in order to determine which one was going home with us. The puppies were just as pictured on the website, were in great health, and were obviously well care for. We were provided with his vet paperwork, a bit of his food, and all of our questions were answered. Our little Guda is adding much joy to our family and I would definitely recommend that anyone that is looking for a pug to give the Swarey’s a call.


Quinn was listed at 5 weeks of age and picked her right away. ,we went on vacation in August and a few days after coming home spent overnight and surprised my kids the next day. The breeder Anna King was great, always replied to my phone messages and kept in touch. We pulled up to a nice farm in Quarreyville and when I saw the pup she was just as pictured in the video and so happy. She is smart, funny, great with all of us and so happy I made the hard decision of getting a dog again. She is also very healthy never had one problem since we got her and is now 4 1/2 months old.


We had an awesome experience with Benuel Stoltzfus. We got a Boston Terrier 13 weeks old from him in Honey Brook Pa. October 29 we took her to our Vet on Monday October 31. A clean bill of health. She is very playful and healthy. Raven is a delightful addition to our family.. We would go back to Benuel when looking to add to our family again. Im telling every one that ask where we got her. That this is the place to go when looking for Boston Terriers. thank you Benuel

Donna Stump

We recently purchased our beautiful black lab puppy from greenfield puppy breeder Barbie Stoltzfus. Our experience was phenomenal . We are totally in love with our new family member. She is such a sweet loving puppy, very obedient, easily housebroken and has learned many commands in just the short week that we have had her. Thank you Barbie for allowing us to raise one your pups we will be forever grateful.

Alexandra Feathers

Cookie is so adorable! She has a great personality and instantly became a member of our family. She is really smart and people always say she is very beautiful when we go for a walk.
Rachel Ebersol has done a great job breeding such wonderful Pomskies.

Angie Sansing

In February 2016, we lost Charlie, our Rat Terrier, after 15 years. This was a big lose and we were firm on that was it. Charlie was our baby and life was not the same without him. He brought joy to the house. He made our house our home! Now without him our home seemed empty! So the itch started. After exploring several sites and visits to local kennels we stumbled across Greenfield Puppies and met Greg! Greg introduced us to Sam Fisher and Sam introduced us to Tamara Werner in the transportation department and in less than a week Greg, now named SIMON, was in his new home! He brought life back to our home! He is a bundle of energy, curious, can be a bit stubborn and seems to have a great sense of humor. We are so glad we made the decision to ask him into our home. We cannot speak highly enough about the experience we had with Sam Fisher, Tamara Werner and everyone at Greenfield Puppies. We highly recommend them.
Maryann & Gerry Dooley

Maryann & Gerry Dooley
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