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Both my mother and I have adopted puppies through Greenfield Puppies in the last three months. Our puppies are both typical Jack Russells, which is to say they’re little spark plugs with big personalities. Ginny was clearly a great choice for my family, as she’d been raised around kids and was much more cooperative than other Russells about house training. Our vet says she’s in excellent health and sh’s thirived in her first month here, gaining two pounds and growing bigger. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our Greenfield Puppies experience!

Ian Lozada

This is an update from the posts on May 10 and June 15, 2013. Lulu just turned 3 years old. She has been the most wonderful dog anyone could possibly dream of having. She loves people and other dogs and has been in training since she was a puppy. Recently she earned her Rally Novice title, Canine Good Citizen and Canine Good Citizen Advanced. She visits an assisted living home regularly and will soon receive her therapy dog certification. She is currently working on her CD title (companion dog) and is an excellent agility dog. If you have recently given your puppy a furever home, I highly suggest training. Look for a canine club in your area. It will be invaluable for both you and your dog. It will increase your bonding and will keep both you and your pup safe.


We are thrilled with this puppy. We got her October 1 and named her Piper. She is now 8 months old, has graduated from puppy school, intermediate training, and earned her canine good citizen certificate. She is happy and healthy, and part of our family. She likes to chase balls and her squeaky toys. Mrs. Lapp was a joy to deal with, she held the puppy for 4 days until we could make arrangements to come get her.

Claire Goodman

This website brought us to our dream dog’s wonderful breeder, just a few hours from our home. Rebecca made the whole experience of meeting and purchasing our dog a pleasure, and went out of her way to be kind and accommodating. Mocha (now named Albus) came to us at nine weeks, mostly housebroken, sleeping through the night, docile yet playful, and happily socialized. It was the easiest adjustment one could hope for. He has been a wonderful addition to our family, in large part because he was so well bred and trained by the Blank family. Many thanks to Greenfield puppies for putting us in touch with them, and to Rebecca for blessing us with a dog of truly marvelous disposition, intelligence, and character.

Sari G.

My son had been begging for a Siberian Husky puppy for 10 years. On 08/23/2015 my husband and I surprised him with a husky puppy, named Gina from Leroy Riehl, in Lykens Pa. We renamed her Cheyenne. She is extremely intelligent, sweet and energetic. She was farm raised, well cared for and obviously played with by children, as advertised. Thank you to Greenfield puppies and Leroy Riehl for our perfect pup! She was well worth the wait.

Kim Ehritz

I owe Greenfield Puppies and Mason’s (now named Loki) breeder, Isaac Stoltzfus, my life! Isaac and his wife, Esther, were so kind and helpful even before I picked Loki up! I called every day to check on Loki and she was very patient and gave me all of his information. When we picked him up he was exactly what they had described, both personality and appearance wise. He’s such a happy, healthy puppy and he has changed my life for the better! He’s my perfect fur baby and I have everyone at Greenfield puppies and the Stoltzfus’ to thank!


I thank Greenfield Puppies for the way you gave accurate pictures, info. and prices. My family thanks Steven for his professionalism, in dealing with us and providing a beautiful puppy that has exceeded our expectations we look forward to many great years with Skylar G.



Bailey became my forever baby this weekend and she’s been a blessing and a precious buddy since then. She’s so adorable and pounces as she follows me all around. Thanks for the great care you took of Bailey before I came to get her.


I had heard about puppy mills in Lancaster, but the breeder we got him from was far from. Chester was well socialized as a puppy with the breeders children. He is a great apartment dog (never barks, never chews etc) and is a great country dog. Anyone who meets him can’t believe how nice, beautiful and sweet he is!

So happy we got him! We got him in December 2013 and it was the best thing we ever did! He is amazing with kids and very laid back.



We got our baby in August when he was 16 weeks old. For some reason he was the last of his litter! He was very healthy and adorable and still is! He is very energetic (as expected with blue heelers) and lovey at the same time. Thank you Greenfield for making our family grow! We will be back!

Jamie and CJ

Got this little sweet heart 10 days ago, she goes the 15th for her first vet trip. She has brought such joy and happiness into the house upon losing our old man of 15 years, she has really filled the emptiness. She is such a playful happy little girl. Would purchase another pup in the future. Very happy with her. Thank you Henry, she is a doll.


Cheryl Reckner

I got Jingle Bells 4 years ago for my sister for her birthday. He was a small, sweet puppy that grew into a 130 lb. dog that is so sweet and even tempered. Mr. Beiler was so nice and held the puppy for us until we could pick him up. I highly recommend this site if you are looking for a puppy.

Lori Pittman

What a wonderful breeder and family. Our puppy was nourished, happy, social and active! We reviewed quite a few breeders, pictures and information – and found the Lapp family who were beyond caring and courteous people. Fabulous environment with both mom and dad on site! Thank you for our new family member. She is loving her new home.


We were researching King Charles Cavalier mixed puppies thru the Greenfield Puppies website and found our beautiful Holly (previously Betsy) and fell in love! We contacted Martha Stoltzfus, the breeder. She was so kind and patient with our phone call(s) answering all our questions. We traveled 3 1/2 hours to Gap, PA and picked up our happy and very healthy Holly and enjoying every second with her!

Kimberly Gaestel

We used the Greenfield Puppies site to find our breeder Jacob King from Quarryville Pa. He was great over the phone and took his time to answer every question we had. We felt good enough to make the 3 1/2 hour drive to his farm. When we pulled into the lane you could see the farm was in great condition! Jacob showed us every pup he had and was very friendly. We picked Buster who has been renamed Teddy by us. He’s well adjusted and a fur ball of love. We couldn’t be happier!


Tom Weis

I picked up my dog through Greenfield Puppies. What a delight and absolute blessing Bucky has been for us. When I picked him up in the great state of Md he was 9 weeks old. I took him to the vet who confirmed his great health and set us on our way to a really amazing and perfectly sweet puppy. Challenges of course, ( he’s a full breed and full JRT, lol) in training but he’s very smart and avid and I am looking to get another one to join the family and keep him company. Thanks Greenfield for providing Bucky w a great start in life and us with a beloved member of our family. He turns 1 inFeb 25th of this year…

Josh Marcano

I’m thrilled to have, Murphy. He has brought life n happiness back to our home.,we did change his name to bugsy. We started to train him at 3 n a half mts old he’s sitting, giving paw stays. Lay’s down, plays fetch. I can’t imagine life with out him.


We have had our wonderful puppy since March of 2015. We had a terrific experience finding her and she fits right in with our family. Ivan and his family we’re delightful and even when we had questions they were eager to help us with whatever we needed. Maybe in a few years we will be adding another to our home!!!

Nicole McCabe

I have been searching for he perfect dog for myself for two years. I went through numerous breeds until I settled on Australian shepherds. Now that that was out of the way it came to finding the perfect breeder and one and that was a struggle. Finally I found this website and after looking at the different reviews of success I decided to jump head in. Kaoru (then called Jax) is a miniature Australian shepherd that I purchased from Mrs. Jen Miller. At first I was skeptical because I had never heard of greenfield prior to this but Mrs. Miller easier my worries with her prompt responses to all my worries. He was available when he was eight weeks but because I wasn’t ready just yet I asked her if it was possible to get him when he was eleven weeks. She told me it was no problem and when the time came I picked him up. I can not stress this enough, if you want a Mini Aussie search for the listings that have her association with them. She keeps her dogs not only well but happy and it showed right away. Kaoru was so heart broken to leave his family that I was actually sad for him! And not only did I see his mother but his grandmother as well. When we went to pay she had the listing of his vaccinations ready and went through with us what was left as well as when we should get it done. She also gave us some of his food so that we could have a little for him right away. Her husband jokingly told me not to spoil him and I can’t say I’ve been keeping that promise! I wanted to wait a month to put this up so I could detail everything and let me start by saying as long as they keep breeding my family has made the conscious decision to always get out dogs from Mrs. Miller. Kaoru is the sweetest, smartest, well mannered, happy going puppy I could have ever hoped for. Training is so simple it’s ridiculous and he has quickly become my baby boy. He has been no trouble and once we crate trained him he has has no accidents. I cried when I picked him up from Mrs. Miller and I shed tears now when I see how big my little boy has grown. From the bottom of my family’s heart thank you so much for bringing this little boy and us together.


We brought home our new siberian husky puppy Myah on Saturday! Ricardo was such an amazing breeder to work with. He sent us all kinds of pictures before we brought her home and still keeps in touch to see how she is doing. She is the sweetest and most lovable puppy. She was bathed before we got her and all of his dogs are very taken care of. My husband and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We love our girl!

Samantha Wiles

I bought Rosie who are called Paris from Mr Esh of Ronks, PA 5 years ago she just had her first litter and is doing fine thank you so much for Uniting us.

Cynthia Prioleau

We got Rudy on December 15th and we are so happy! He is such a good boy. The breeder was so nice. I am totally happy with Rudy, we change his name, his name now is coco. We are such a happy family with him by our size and cuddling. I want a second one! I will do it again. I will chose the same breeder.



This is the best dog I could’ve hoped for. She’s intelligent, affectionate, well-behaved and so very friendly. She loves people, but is still afraid of big dogs. She follows me when I leave a room and loves to play with my hair. She’s the perfect puppy!


We love our Riley (formerly Davie)! He is now almost 6 months old and doing fantastic. John was great to work with and provided us with the opportunity to meet his parents as well as his sibling. We would confidently return to him to get another Westie. He took care of the Westies as his own pets and the puppies were definitely played with and given lots of love. We have received so many compliments about his kind personality and beautiful looks.

Chad Waldron


Antonio Serpe
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