Greenfield Puppies Reviews

We love dogs and people and people with dogs.

I am very happy with my puppy and have told several people about Greenfield puppies and they have bought differnt breeds and are also very happy with their purchase.

Paula Williams

I wanted to thank Greenfield Puppies for helping us find Sarge, our Black Labradoodle. We bought him almost one year ago on March 4th. While he has turned our world completley upside down, he has made us so happy and was such a welcomed addition to our family! Sarge loves everyone, big and small, and loves other dogs. Most of all he loves snuggling with his mommy and daddy! And believe me, we love snuggling just as much with him! Thank you Greenfield Puppies, I will continue to recommend you, and you will be where we go for puppy number 2!

Seana and Craig

We moved to our current home back in October of 2011 and made it our first mission to get a puppy so we could all settle in and adjust together. After searching for a while, we came across a litter of Goldens located not even 30 minutes away. Amos King and his family of Lititz were kind enough to allow us to visit multiple times so we could decide which pup we wanted. Of course there was no contest after seeing how adorable Tinker was. We brought her home October 1st 2011 and now, with her new name-Riley, she’s a very happy, healthy, spoiled 7 month old. A huge thank you to the King family and Greenfield Puppies! We couldnt have asked for a more loyal pup!

Megan & Jeff

After our 15 yr old cocker spaniel passed away our 1 yr old Cavachon Grizzlie seemed lonely. We decided to get another cavachon to keep her company. After an exhausting search we found the perfect puppy at Steven Fishers in Ronks PA. The Fishers were awesome! They sent pictures and answered all of our many questions and held onto the puppy until the weekend without asking for a deposit. The day we went to get her, Mr. Fisher told us she accidently got into the trash and he wasn’t sure if she ate anything that could make her sick. He offered to hold onto her for a few days to see if she was ok and when we decided to take her home, he told us to make sure to let him know if she did in fact get sick. The next day his wife even called to check in on how Taz was feeling! Taz has become a perfect companion to Grizzlie and a wonderful addition to our busy house. She’s great with kids and has a wonderfully sweet and loving disposition. We would not hesitate getting anothe r dog from the Fisher Family!!

The Pittman Family

I have to say that I was very impressed with the breeder of our Yorkie, Jacob Esh. We found Tucker (our name)on Greenfield Puppies and I called Jacob to get information on him, we made plans to drive to Pa. (3 hrs) to pick him up that weekend and because it was only 3 days away and not enough time for a deposit to get there Jacob held Tucker for us without one. We are so happy with Tucker he is a very smart, adorable and totally loved puppy. I would definitely recommend Jacob Esh as a breeder.


I got Cooper in Sept ’11. He is going to be celebrating his 7 month birthday next week and he has become such a wonderful member of this family. When I took him to his first vet check, she said he was one of the healthiest puppies she had seen in a long time. He is 12 pounds now and so smart and loving. He lets me do all his grooming with no fuss and loves to snuggle up with me at bedtime. I can’t imagine a better companion and friend. Thank you Greenfield Puppies for filling such a void in my life after losing my other little guy to cancer. God Bless


To Elizabeth King in Nickel Mines – What a wonderful experience. I am absolutely in love with my little lady. We currently have a 4 year old Shih-Tzu, who has been an exceptional pet. My daughter is getting married in 8 weeks and will be taking him with her. So, for my birthday, my family put together to help get me a puppy. After researching, I see that the Shichon is a very popular mix of two beautiful breeds. She is already a character, loving attention. Knock on wood – NO ACCIDENTS in the house or the crate for two weeks! I couldn’t be more happy. Had a very minor issue regarding her worming schedule and the breeder was so gracious and so helpful. I am so impressed with Elizabeth King. I was able to spend time with the mother Shichon and all the rest of the puppies. They are happy and social and fearless! LOL My daughter, who is leaving soon, is already attached. As you can see by the photo, she took her to work with her. Thank you Greenfield Puppies for directing me to a wonderful breeder and our new family member!

Ron Pringle

Fawkes is highly intelligent, which can lead to a little mischief in the house. He’s very friendly with people and with other dogs, and he’s very popular at the lake we walk, especially with toddlers and pre-k kids. Being a puppy, he’s very playful, especially with the other dogs in our family (and us). We spend a lot of time with him throwing tennis balls, playing tug-of-war, and racing around the house. He is very high-energy; I would not recommend the breed to anyone that can’t commit time to tuckering puppy out. When Fawkes is finally tired, he is a snuggler. He curls up next to me while I study, he hangs out with Eric in the mancave, or he lays on one (or both) of us while we watch TV or read in bed. He has completely taken over our house and our schedules and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s perfect.
As for a shipping testimonial, I have to say I am very impressed. First of all, Fawkes was sent with all of his paperwork, even a record of what food he had been eating. He had obviously been well cared for all of his life and I very much appreciate that. When we picked him up from the airport, he was a little unsure and shaky (he had flown from Pennsylvania to Oregon). He acclimated fairly quickly though, for making such a big adjustment. Both the breeders and the shippers were interested in how our puppy was growing and how he had handled his transition, and it makes me happy to know that Fawkes came from such good people. I am happy to report that he is very healthy, very playful, and very much loved.
Thank you! I can’t even tell you how much laughter has come into our home with this puppy. He is a wonderful blessing.

Kristanna Boettcher

It’s been 2 years sense I got my pup from GFP and Iam telling you it’s been the best two years of my life when I got chole she was a month old really and really shy but she grew out of the shyness she is so playful and happy and a joy to be around . Ppl that come to our home always fall in love with her . When I 1st seen the wed site I was really afraid because of the commets ppl had left but god Iam so happy I didn’t let that stop me . She’s apart of my family and I can’t see our life’s with out her she was healthy from day one and she still is . Thank god for GFP THE Burgett family loves chole

Catherine and Howard Burgett

When I was looking to add a puppy to our family, I found Greenfield to be the most thorough website available. Their easy to use web page made it a joy to navigate through allowing us to find the perfect furry companion. The breeder I chose, Mr, Moses Glick was very kind and welcoming when I arrived. He allowed me plenty of time to choose the right puppy for our home. I have now had my beautiful Suzie Q for nearly 3 weeks and have found her to be a delightful, well mannered dog with impeccable health. Thank you to Greenfield and to Mr. Glick and his family for being so accommodating. I highly recommend both Greenfield and Mr. Moses Glick for your choice of lovable healthy puppies.

Liz Phipps

My daughter has been asking me for a puppy for about 4 years now. I decided now that she is 9 that she could handle the responsibility of taken care of a puppy (with help of course). I know a friend that has a Yorkie Poo and she loves it to death and she gave me the website and said you will find exactly what you looking for on there. So I look on the site and there he was Spencer a very handsome little fella and the video below his picture made me laugh because how playful he and his siblings were. I called Mr.Steve Stoltzfus on the phone and he told me the best news ever that Spencer was still available. I knew Spencer was going to make my daughter a very special and wonderful Christmas present (she wouldn’t push this in the back of the closet and forget about it). I went to pick up Spencer and I was greeted by Mr.Stoltzfus and his family they were so friendly and great to do business with and raised such a wonderful healthy puppy. We decided to le t his name stay Spencer because he seem to really be attached to it and plus it has a nice ring to it. Today Spencer is 21 weeks old healthy and just as playful as he wants to be. He greets me at the door when I come in and he only barks when he is playing with his toys, Oh not to mention the little guy is pretty much hose broken as well. My daughter and future wife loves him to death and he is such a wonderful addition to our family, as you can see by the picture I posted, he is smiling so he must be happy to also. Mr.Steve Stoltzfus I say Thank you so much and to Greenfield Puppies I also say Thank you.

Joseph Fedderick

Maguire My Son-My Shadow-My Best Friend is a HUGE part of my life thanks to Leroy King, & Greenfield Puppies. March 19th 2010 I carried in my arms a little 8LB puppy home, and today-2yrs later I write this with a 98LB Big Boy (who thinks he is still a baby) sound asleep snoring next to me. The experience Ive had with Leroy was amazing, It was the 1st litter “Shelia” his beloved pet had and “Guire” (as zoo many people call him) was to be my 1st dog. I am a firm believer in letting the animal pick you-As was Leroy. This shared belief and his genuine love for the puppies made my experience memorable! Maguire is an added bonus in life… In a few years when he is ready for a sibling, We’ll most definitely use greenfield puppies to connect us with the newest addition to our family… PS Maguire has a severe case of only child syndrome hence the wait process :0)

Nicole Holdsworth

After loosing 2 of my Cocker Spaniels with 3 weeks. I decided I needed another one. I searched on-line and found Greenfield Puppies. I found Clancy located in Narvon PA. Let me tell you it was sure worth the drive from NY to PA. Sam Fisher was very nice and he held our puppy until we arrived. Clancy is a beatiful Cocker Spaniel and we love him very much. If Narvon PA wasn’t so far to drive I would have several more just like him. Thank you Greenfield Puppies and Sam Fisher.

Tammy Waller

My wife and I had been without a dog for just one year. I have searched all over for a “lap” dog as I am retired and wife works. I enjoy watching baseball and miss my other dog on my lap during ball games. My Yorkie mix has filled the void in our lives. We have had him for 3 weeks now, and “Reggie” has added so much to our lives. Thank you Greenfield Puppies and to the Smuckers for such a wonderful bundle of joy. I have mentioned your site to many people in this area. Thank you again.

David & Jacki

A friend of mine told me about this website as it was where he found his dog. We looked around and found a puppy that we though was beautiful. We contacted the breeder John King down in Quarryville and made the arrangements to go see (Levi) now named Harley. We feel in love. John was so nice to us and very welcoming. The puppies all were in great shape and looked very playful. Mommy was there too and she looked good as well. We had Harley checked out by our VET and he got a clean bill of health. In fact they paraded him around to all the staff because of his unique color. Harley is great with our kids and even our Cat. If Harley gets out of line our Cat puts him in his place and he listens so its all good. I would recommend GFP to anyone going forward to look at for a new puppy. Thank you very much.

Curt & Devon

We found our ‘son’ Truman on Greenfield Puppies nearly nine years ago! We drove over to Mohnton, Pa and fell in love with him instantly! They breeders were very nice, and all of the puppies were well cared for. Truman is wonderful with our human children, and is such a big part of our family. We adopted a 1 yr. old boxer, Butkus, from a friend a few years later, and they get along really well – they’re brothers! I recommend Greenfield Puppies to anyone looking to get a dog – we’ve had such a wonderful experience, and would not hestitate to use them again!

Chris and Laura

I got my dog on november 19,2011 and he has been wonderful. Before his name was lance now I call him kiko. He is very playful and loving. He is very healthy and is great with kids. I bought him from stephen stoltzfus and buying him was a great choice. Stephen was very part patient when I couldn’t choose a dog he was also very helpful. I would definitely buy from greenfield puppies again. I love my dog.

Maud Mcintosh

We purchased Kami from Matthew Soltfutz in August 2011. What a joy she has brought to our family, she is a great puppy and we will definitely consider using Greenfield Puppies again in the future!

Lauren King

Dear Greenfield Puppies:
Our Engligh bulldog Sidney (formerly known as Nixon) came to our home in Falls Church, VA on April 19, 2011.  We bought him from Jason Leid, a breeder in New Holland, PA.  His family had our bulldog puppy waiting on the front doorstep when I came to pick him up.  I got to meet my puppy’s mother and 3 adorable sisters.  Ever since that day, Sidney has absolutely been the sweetest, loving, happy and healthy dog my husband and I could have ever asked for.  Sidney makes us smile (and laugh) everyday with his “bulldog” personality.  All our neighbors, friends, and family adore him.  We are grateful to Greenfield Puppies for putting us in touch with Jason, and for Sidney!

Ashley Sullivan

On 5/23/11, my husband and I lost a very special cock-a-poo. We weren’t planning to get another puppy so soon, but the void in our home was so great! My boss and I went to look at goldendoodle puppies at the Stoltzfus farm in Parkesburg (for her) and even though she got one — so did we! Abby was our healer. She is incredibly smart and learns very quickly. She has now completed beginners and intermediate classes and is a favorite in Petsmart. Abby also goes to work with me a couple times a week to a large nursing home where she visits the residents. She is extremely gentle and is very well loved. She puts smiles on a lot of faces. I have seen 3 grown dogs from this breeder and they are all very attractive and very healthy. I wouldn’t trade her for the world!

Cheryl Gaynor

We got Gunnar ( AKA Patrick) On December 31 ,2011 from David Stoltzfus in Madisonburg PA. He was very helpful and all the puppies were very healthy happy boys and girls. It was hard to pick just one. We are so please with our puppy. Our 14 year old Jack Russell Maggie not so much but she is adjusting and Gunnar get her up and moving for some much needs exercise. It is hard to believe how much he has grown in 2 weeks. I want to thank Greenfield puppies for having such a wonderful website. We saw the add in our local paper but it was so helpful being able to go to the website and look at the puppies.

Holly & Jeff Young

We purchased our puppy this week, and I would admit I was a little worried that I would be very dissapointed because of some of the negative comments on the internet. The drive to Lancaster was beautiful as usual, and the family that awaited us was even nicer! Amos and his wife were so kind and inviting, the puppies were super cute and kept in a very clean house! I never felt uneasy or nervous that this was a puppymill! Our little guy has been home and has not had one accident in the house. We are happy we went to Amos in Ronks, PA for our puppy, and would recommend this site to anyone:)We love our little guy Frisbee


I traveled from jersey to pennsylvania to pick up Cadi (cadillac) formerly Mecca. i waited months for her and was so excited for that day. She has been home with us since october 15, 2011 almost three months now and she has adjusted so well to our home and our cat. She is sooo spoiled by my husband, she knows she is the BOSS around the house. She is a sweet little girl and we are very happy to have her. I purchased Cadi from Matthew stolfuz, him and his wife are wonderful people, if we were ever to look for another baby dog, he would be the first person i would call, once again that you Matthew and Greenfiled puppies!! You are great!!

Victoria & Matthew Melillo

We adopted our Bella was Flossie as a Christmas present for my husband and myself, she is now 12 weeks old and so smart, she adapted to our family from day 1. She had a great start from birth with Linda from Smoketown Pa, Bella was born and lived inside with her family that handled and loved on her daily. I do believe that is why she is such a great dog. To feel love from the start is a great thing. I also have asthma and I have had no reactions at all with Bella. I would always buy from Linda Fisher from Smoketown Pa, she and her family are raising great pets!


Our Finnigan (originally, Ralphie), was born on St Patricks day 2011 on the farm of Mr and Mrs Samuel Fisher.  On his first check up out vet said he was perfect, and he is a mischievous, happy 9 month old who charms everyone he meets.  As you can see from the picture he is a handsome guy, 36 pounds and still growing.  Thanks for helping us find our lucky charm, Finnigan.

Dee Knott