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I am a new puppy owner and could not have been much happier with my experience through greenfield puppies! My golden labrador, Ollie is my most prized possession (as every dog should be) and I have Greenfield Puppies to thank for this. He is so well mannered, calm and has already learned his name, is potty trained and knows several commands! This gives me confidence that his breeder, Levi King bread well mannered dogs that made a great puppy! Greenfield puppies made contacting Mr.King very convenient. I went to see him two days after contacting him. He was very nice, and told me it would be okay to come and see the puppies. His son was actually the one who greeted us (about 11-12 years old). He was very kind, new about his puppies and was very understanding. Because we were going out of town we looked at him before we left and I forgot my deposit money! I told the boy after we picked out the puppy i liked, and he said he would talk to his mother. She said she would hold Ollie until we got back from vacation. After vacation, we drove up to PA and picked up our pup with no problem. We were given our Greenfield Puppy official paperwork and the vials of shots he had received. We paid and thanked the kind family with no issues and I am glad I clicked on the YouTube add for this website! Would definitely recommend getting your fur baby from here because I can say that from reviews and experience, the breeders are reliable and all around great! This is not computer generated and this is a true story, I know sometimes reviews aren’t always real but this one is!!!!

I got my GSD/BMD mix puppy the first week of March 2017. I am writing to say what an excellent growing puppy he is. Friendly, huge, playful, and loving. But I want to share a special story that shows what kind of character he has, which says a lot about the breeding and the parents: I just returned from a week in Maine with Nash; one day I foolishly decided to go to the rocky beach bare footed; I made it almost to the water’s edge when I lost my footing; in trying not to fall I injured the soless of my feet very painfully as I crashed to the rocky beach; I could not move I was in such pain; Nash saw me and ran over to me, right next to me (he is about 70 lb at 7 months old); I hung on to his neck and slowly pulled my self up; he never moved an inch; it took a while but I finally was able to pull to a wobbly painful stand by holding on to him’ but I could hardly walk; Nash stayed next to me and I leaned on him until we reached safety. What an awesome dog, so big and gentle and with such guardian instincts. This is a quality pup from a quality breeding and good early life experiences. I am happy I chose a Greenfield puppy. Remember also, I met the family who bred and raised him, and the mother dog who had a friendly temperament before I chose him. I made the right decision.

K. Spiegler

After many months of looking for a Jack Russell puppy on Long Island on line, in pet stores, and in rescue pounds we felt we were lost finding a young Jack Russel puppy for our JRT “Clover” who had just lost her best friend, a shorthair pointer who was very sick and had to be put down. Both Clover and myself were heartbroken. One day the “Greenfield puppies” magically appeared on my computer after months of searching. We loved the video’s of the puppies and loved the idea of talking to the breeder. We explained we could not pick up our chosen JRT Rosie immediately but could do so the following weekend. Ruth Hollingshead suggested we send a deposit to guarantee the availability of the dog. The next day the check was in the mail, and the following week we were out to get our baby “Rosie”.
Paperwork came with the dog indicating any shots the dog had and what was suggested. When we got Rosie home she was greeted by our JRT “Clover”. She is a clean dog and learned quickly to do her business outside. This was truly a wonderful find for us and now “Rosie Fritz” has found her forever home and made our life and Clover’s life a home.

Carol & Allen Fritz

We picked up “Flinn”, now McQueen, almost 1 month ago…and it has been one amazing month! After searching online, we came across “Flinn” on and fell in love immediately. We drove to Winfield, PA from New Jersey to meet with Andrey Koslov. It was great dealing with Andrey…he was informative, friendly, and he even let me meet “Flinn’s” mother! McQueen has been doing great! He is happy, healthy, and is great with other dogs and children. I cannot thank Andrey and his family enough for providing us with the perfect pup!

Nick & Dana Tripodi

Meet my guy, Leo Elliot! I purchased Leo off of Emma Smucker of East Earl, PA back in 2015. Leo and is brother Lewis were the last of the litter left. I am fortunate enough to have Leo in my family for almost two years now! He is the smartest, most pleasant boy ever. I would recommend Emma Smucker to anyone looking for a golden doodle puppy. They are well maintained, healthy, and truly cared for by Emma and her daughter. I love my Leo!


We picked up our puppy from the Stoltfuz family in late May. When we arrived at their family home, it was clear that the Stoltfuzs were breeders who genuinely cared about the health and well-being of their dogs. The dogs were kept in a beautiful open indoor/outdoor space and seemed really happy and well socialized. When we finally met our puppy we (of course) fell in love! Our experience working with Martha and Ephraim Stoltfuz was wonderful. Martha was extremely informative and was always available when we had questions about our puppy. Ollie has been a healthy, sweet and fun-loving addition to our family. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you Greenfield Puppies!

Mary & Kevin

We fell for our Daisy Doodle as soon as we received the new pup litter pictures from David Fisher. David was very easy to deal with and we were extremely pleased with the entire puppy purchase process. Our little Daisy is full of life and has been an absolutely wonderful addition to our family! She is a sweet pup and is extremely smart. Everywhere we go, we get many comments on how beautiful she is. Daisy is now almost 7 months old and we couldn’t be happier with her. I would certainly recommend David Fisher as a breeder of choice.

Jim & Suzanne Lutz

Meet Harlie! She is a happy, friendly, energetic Golden Labrador puppy who is about 4 months old. We got her from Levi Kauffman & had nothing but a positive experience! We also used Greenfield for shipping, which we were a little reluctant about, but everything went very smoothly and she came off the plane with a wagging tail! She’s the smartest puppy I think I’ve ever met (but I’m a little biased) – very loyal, potty-trained quickly, and listens well already. I’d highly recommend both Levi Kauffman & Greenfield Puppies.

Chelsea Golden

Meet Tiffany! She will be turning 2 on September 3rd. She’s a German Shepard lab mix. She has now been trained as a PTSD service dog and is making an amazing difference in my world. We bought her little brother from the same Breeder and had an amazing experience! Can’t wait to find our newest addition to the family !


In June of 2016 my son and I drove to Paradise PA. to pick up Shea ( previously Patrick ) . The Breeder Barbie Herschberger was wonderful to deal with and Shea’s mom is a beautiful golden who appeared to be very well behaved with a gentle temperament . As first time dog owners this was the beginning of a new adventure and it has been a wonderful one. Shea is a smart , loving ,easily trained dog who loves other dogs and people . He has been such a wonderful loving addition to our home we can’t imagine life without him. Our Greenfield puppies experience has been great and I highly recommend Barbie as a breeder !

Nancy Howard
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