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We were searching for a dobie, after lots of searching and finding nothing, I came across this website. I was very impressed with the professionalism and the Breeder was so responsive. We drove from Maine to Lancaster, PA. We went to meet the puppies and then stayed in a hotel and picked our Baxter up in the morning for the trip home. He has been a joy ever since. I will definitely come back to this site should we decide to increase our family again.
Analise Alley

We were looking for a Dalmatian pup. After searching here in Canada, we gave up hope trying to find one. I decided to venture across the border and see if there were any pups available that were close to Southern Ontario. I happened upon the Greenfield Puppies website. First I have to say I love that you can look for your specific breed. So many websites show breeders with pups available, but then you click on the site and it was from 2015, so frustrating! We saw some pictures of some pups located in Strasburg, PA. It just so happened that we were travelling to Adamstown that weekend for a weekend away. The pups were only a half hour away from where we were staying. I contacted Mike, the breeder and we set up a date to meet. We arrived at a lovely farm up on a hill, what a view this place had! We were greeted by Mike and five little wagging tails. We instantly fell in love, but knew a pup had to pick us. Mike was so patient and understood that having a pup pick up was very important. We had a great chat with him and played with the pups for over an hour. We got to meet Mom and Dad as well. There was one little girl that just kept coming back to us, we knew that she needed to come home with us. I must say after reading some rather bad reviews, I would give Mike five stars. All of the pups were happy and healthy. They were bright and clean and ready to play. They all had an affection for Mike, and followed him wherever he went. The grounds were clean and well cared for as well. Our pup had all of her current shots and had been dewormed. She is healthy and happy and adjusting well to her new life in Canada. We are so happy that we decided to meet Mike and his pups. His patience and understanding were very much appreciated. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Dalmatian.

Stacey Brock

Hi, In October of 2016 we lost our Standard Poodle Zeus. I knew that we would always have at least 2 dogs so I didn’t want to morn long over the loss of Zeus. I instead started looking on the net for a nice diversion and found Greefield Puppies. There we saw Carramia and fell in love. She was/is beautiful. We called the breeder, John King in Pennsylvania, and left New Jersey to see her. It was a ride but well worth it.

John King is a very nice man and he went to bring out our girl. Oh, was she stunning and prettier than in her picture. She was friendly, and she came to us to be petted and doted on. What a find! It was obvious that John had his pups well socialized. She gave us kisses and went to my friend Joe for more attention. John explained the paperwork, and we read and signed the papers. We were now the proud owners of a Beautiful Doberman Pup!

That was a year ago this month, Halloween to be exact. She turned out to be one of the best dogs we’ve ever had. She gives kisses, hugs (if you can believe that); she stands up, puts a paw on each shoulder and give loads of kisses. We encouraged it and now when we say “Give me huggems” she does this.

John, what can I say about John Miller other than he has wonderful dogs/pups and he is an honest man. He loves his animals and it shows. Thanks John for a wonderful addition to our home!

Regards, Patrick Miller & Joseph Nicklas

Patrick M Miller

Be Sure of What You Are Getting – Extend Trust, But Verify the Information!

In 2015, we decided to look at puppies and were immediately drawn to the silver lab breed. We used the Greenfield Puppies website, to find a local Breeder. Overall, the process of using the website, meeting the breeder, choosing a puppy, and coming back at the 8 week mark to pick him up went absolutely perfect. From making the initial deposit, Steve Kauffman of Honey Brook, PA (the breeder) was so very patient and nice to us, including when we got there really late and it was dark and rainy. But he patiently retrieved some flashlights and an umbrella (and even delayed his dinner) to get the job done so we could get our guy home that night. I can’t say enough about how kind and accommodating the Kauffman family was for us, and I got the impression that it wasn’t just a show – they are simply just that nice. The only concern I had at the time was that we never got to see the father, although I didn’t think too much of it, since the explanation made sense to me – the dog was his cousin’s and not his. But this was likely a big mistake on my part… (More on that below.)

Fast Forward to today: As I am writing this, my big guy turns 2 years old in about a month (his litter birthday listed as October 28, 2105). We wouldn’t trade him for anything or anyone! He is the most loving, people-friendly, and even-tempered dog I have ever had, and he’s gotten quite a reputation and following in the neighborhood – everybody knows him, and many people will specifically take their daily walk past our house in the cul-de-sac, always taking a few minutes to stop and say “hi” to him on their way through. He really does stand out – whether on his own or with others, and one of the main reasons for that is his sheer size and mass makes you think he’d be less affectionate and more aggressive.

Which brings me to my main problem – We asked for, and were sold, a puppy listed as an American Labrador Retriever, Black with dilute recessive d gene (A so-called “Silver Lab”). And – I fully understood the risks and such associated with the particular dog breed. I expected that a mature adult American Labrador Retriever would weigh-in at around 75 or 80 pounds at a maximum.

Now, at 18 months old, you cannot convince me that this dog is an American Labrador, although he clearly has Lab in him. I am personally convinced that he is actually a Mastador – a lab/mastiff mix that’s been around for many decades (Disney’s Old Yeller back in ’57 was a Mastador). Why? Well… For starters, at his vet visit today, he weighed in at 161lbs. He is still growing at a rate of about 3-5 pounds a month.

Consider some of his other physical measurements and you decide:
From his withers, he measures 28” high and 28” long. Plus, he’s got 43” chest circumference and 24” Collar Size. Ultimately, as he has matured, his features have grown to resemble the pictures and descriptions of the Mastador breed appearance with almost perfect representation – right down to the sheer size difference and characteristic head shape (wider head, shorter snout than Lab). And – perhaps as more proof, he has a thicker, coarser, and more darkish “Mohawk” looking fur line that runs down his back and is very noticeable as his excitement level grows and that hair begins to stand up. This is usually when he is excited, his bark vocabulary is noticeably varied depending on his mood or state of mind, which is also characteristic in Mastadors.

So – my big disappointment is that I wish I would have known what I was getting. There’s no way I can think of that this would be some kind of accident. It’s more likely that the “absent father” was really a Mastiff, which is why he wasn’t there to see. It turned out as a very lucky thing for the dog, too – because I happen to have some property and a 5 bedroom house to live in. I don’t think I could have kept him if we didn’t have the extra room available. He’s a giant breed dog with all the needs and necessaries that come along with them. It would have broken hearts across the household to have to get rid of him, especially since the breeder had to know about this – he has the clear textbook appearance of an equal 50/50 Mastiff/Labrador mix. I see no point in going back to Mr. Kauffman, the dog is already part of our family and we wouldn’t part with him now unless we absolutely had to. But I do want to inform other future customers if there’s any chance they might read this…

The pic I posted with this is him at just 13 months and already north of 120 pounds, with his favorite 5 year old playmate behind him.

Ren Baker

On Saturday afternoon September 16 2017 my family drove out to Wooster Ohio to get our new puppy. He is a beabull dog he’s smart and he has three other siblings that still need a home. Nate Hostetler was awesome and patient with me if I had the room for another one I would get another one.

This past Thursday we drove to Drumore, Pennsylvania to bring home our male nine week old German Shepherd puppy named Gus, now we call him Dillon. We had not seen him in person, but had talked to his breeder Amos Glick by telephone. Amos was so helpful and friendly and a pleasure to work with. He stayed in touch all the way. Our puppy is beautiful, friendly and smart. Everything you could wish for in a puppy and Amos was a wonderful man to work with and he has a lovely family and farm.. If you are looking for a German Shepherd puppy, find one of his puppies on this website and give Amos a call!
Darlene Demarest

We bought Moses from the sweetest couple in Bernville, PA. I want to thank Jen Miller and her husband they had the most amazing patience with me and my family. I mustve called her about a 1000 times within that week looking for a puppy. She was very honest and told me which puppy my family would like the most and she was ABSOLUTELY right. We went to see 3 different puppies and as she said over the phone I fell in love with MOSES. Moses is a miniature australian shepherd he is so sweet and very playful. He loves playing with my kids . I can’t wait for our new bundle of joy to arrive and meet him. I tell all my friends and family how AWESOME Jen was and tell them if they are ever looking for a puppy that they should look on this website and search for Jen Miller , she is amazing.

Stephanie Castro
Karl Malkin

I couldn’t say enough nice things about our Toy Poodle puppy that was raised with lots of love by Linda Fisher. The Fisher Family did an excellent job raising and caring for our little Wolfie! He is truly the sweetest little dog anyone could ask for and very smart which is making his training go smoothly! I would highly recommend Linda Fisher to anyone. Wolfie has been a wonderful addition to our family!

Brooke Z

i absolutely adore Tara Coman. she is the breeder we brought our Shiba Inu pup from. from the moment that i contacted her about the puppy she has be very responsive. sending pictures and videos, and also just answering any general question i had no matter how stupid it may have sounded. (Even now that i have the pup) i really commend her for her professionalism and just everything. she really did try her hardest to work out an agreement with me. from the conversations we had daily i can really tell she cared more for the pup then she did for the money. i can assure you that we love this pup with all our heart and she definitely came to the right home. i just want to say again and again how much of a blessed and generous soul Tara Coman is.

Stephanie Fleming
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