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I can’t say enough great things about Stephen Stoltzfoos and how professional he is and how happy we are with our newest member to our family .. we purchased a Bichi-poo from Stephen today and when we arrived we were very welcomed into Mr Stoltzfoos home, met, His lovely wife Silvia and to me it just shows how much they care about people, we already love our dog and will definitely recommend our friends and family to buy from Stephen because from start to finish it was an excellent experience!!


We got our puppy Taffy (Shi-tzu/Maltese/ Bichon mix) about a year ago from Mr. Stephen Stoltzfoos of Ephrata, PA.

The Greenfield Puppies website is very user friendly and helped us quickly identify and locate the best puppy for us. Mr Stoltzfoos was a pleasure to work with. He was very patient and helped schedule a visit when the puppies were at an optimal age for adoption. He brought the entire litter onto the lawn so we could interact with and get to know them all.

Our first year with Taffy has been a pleasure! She is adorable, easygoing and was easy to train. She is healthy and has a very happy and loving demeanor. Our vet mentioned several times that it was clear Taffy’s breeder had taken all necessary precautions and went the extra mile in her preventative health.

We highly recommend Greenfield Puppies and Mr. Stephen Stoltzfoos. If we ever choose to adopt again, we will definitely go back to him.

Jason & Rivkah Weiss

We bought Daisey from Mr.and Mrs.Omar Esh yesterday. She couldn’t be better, happy, smart, and affectionate! I highly recommend this site for quality and professionalism.
We couldn’t be more excited to have Daisey in our family!

Val Freund

My fiancé and I adopted Blu (formerly known as Indigo) on Saturday February 15, 2020 from Mervin Fisher and we are incredibly in love. He is the sweetest and cutest German Shepherd dog in the world. We’re so happy that he was cleared by the vet as being a very healthy puppy! Thank you Mervin for bringing this bundle of joy into our lives, we honestly couldn’t be happier!

Briana Crounse

Hi we adopted, Mika, our gorgeous good natured aussy blue shepard miniature mix from Honey Brook kennel, David Blank, breeder. We had both a very special experience and love our puppy so much. From the moment we got to their farm,inmPa. We were greeted by Mama/Dam she was so friendly came for a hug and kisses. Being farm raised waiting for forever homes is gentle and makes a good puppy ready for your care and training. We traveled from Vermont, and Waynewood hotel was such fine place welcomed us also.. Thank you Greenfield puppies for your communication and helping us with our travel /pick up plans for Mika.

The Johnson

We got Gracie in August last year from David Smucker. She was “flown in” to Cincinnati where we live and she is an awesome dog! She is smart, playful and very well behaved for a puppy. We love her and would highly recommend greenfield puppies and especially David Smucker

Amy & Kent Zimmerman

We are so happy with our puppy ”Putney”.
We found her here. She came from a farm in Honey brook , PA
She is a Australian Shepherd. She is so smart.

Thank You, Greenfield puppies!!!!

Felicia and Dave

My wife and I were looking to purchase a Mini Schnauzer puppy to be a companion dog for the Mini Schnauzer we already have. We searched all over even Australia. We placed a deposit for a puppy that was suppose to meet out criteria. We wanted a White male. The internet was filled with a lot of bewares regarding Amish people. They said things like “This area is the Puppy mill of the world.” “This place is cruel to puppies”. If you want to go along with stereotyping people go ahead it is a free country. I put my trust in Greenfield and it paid off big time. My previous deposit for a puppy did not turn out exactly what I wanted. That puppy was twice the cost. I purchased my puppy from an Amish family . They do infact raise puppies to create income but if you think about it mostly every one does. Some get a puppy from a champion line and breed it to sell the puppies and show their dog. But they sell puppies. Sure that puppy is most likely going to be a great dog ,you may have a written guarantee but the truth is you never know what you are going to get. My recent purchase from an Amish family is so far great. He is exactly what I wanted. 3 days he is almost house trained . So smart ,so happy ,so healthy . We are seriously thinking of changing his name to HAPPY. I wish i could hook up a generator to his tail I would be able to light my house. No joke. Please don’t judge people from what others say as a group each person is an individual . Amish have no way of fighting back .They have no phone ,no modern things like we. So please do not judge them as all being puppy mills they are not .This guy was just raising his family and wanted extra income. The breeder I purchased my first dog from was a big fancy breeder puppy was twice the price. I could see already my new dog is so aware and remembering back when I got my first dog she was not as aware, focused. So please don’t judge these people as bad. Yes some are but then again so are others. There is good and bad in all races. I am so happy ,with my puppy and he only cost me 1385. Good luck …Greenfield lived up to their promise.

Michael Salsano

We were referred to the breeder through greenfield puppies. Stephen was fabulous. The puppy was fantastic. He gave us instructions for the puppy and shot updates. She was well taken care of and a lover. We did pick her up at his home and he was more that cordial. We are in love with her. The hardest part was finding his home. He lives in Epharta. Thank you. He has fabulous Bichapoos.

Linda Giffels

I got a beautiful Female Yorkshire Terrier from Dorothy Garmen and had it shipped to me through Greenfield Puppies. My experience was wonderful. I was super excited to get my new puppy and they both made it super easy and fast for me to get her. I found her on a Friday evening and paid for her on that Monday And by Thursday she was with me! Right away I could tell that she was well taken care of during the trip and loved lots before I got her. Her trip was delayed because of rain storms and not only did Greenfield Puppies and Dorothy keep me up to date with what was going on and the extra love attention and walks she was having so she wouldn’t be crated up the hole time but the airline did as well. She got off the flight clean happy and healthy just like nothing had happened. I would recommend both Dorothy Garmen and Greenfield Puppies for shipping