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I got “Liam” in December 2018 from Mary Smucker in Quarryville, PA. After my cocker spaniel rescue “Flynn” passed away last March, I was heartbroken – he was my best friend and had such an easygoing personality. I waited until I was ready to open my heart again. I missed being part of the dog owner community – it’s a great way to make friends and to get out and explore the world around you. Having done my research, I decided a cockapoo was the best fit. I wanted a dog that by nature was most likely to be people-social and dog-social, less than 40 lbs but not teacup, smart (but not smarter than me!), with a look similar to a cocker spaniel (but more likely to be kind and tolerant) and physically healthy. I found GFP’s site and loved the amount of detail and especially the videos to get a glimpse of each puppy’s personality. I watched many, but Liam’s was by far my favorite. It cracked me up as he lightly tussled with his sister to get a stuffed animal, gave way to let her have it while he curiously explored the yard, and then skipped over to nab it away so she’d chase him 🙂 I called Mary and she patiently answered my many questions and then confided, “Liam is my favorite”. My mom and I drove up 8 hours from NC. I told her, I hoped to pick a puppy who’d choose me back. She said that might not be realistic. When we went to Mary’s farm, she and her daughters invited me into their home to meet Liam. I sat on the floor and Liam crawled into my lap straight away and made himself at home as if to say, “Yep, she’s mine”. It was love at first sight. Mary’s little girls gathered close to pet and play with Liam. I was impressed by how gentle he was with them. We saw his mom (a beautiful buff cocker), sister, and Havapoo puppies who had a warm covered enclosed outdoor shelter with open air pen. They seemed happy and healthy. Mary agreed to let us pick up Liam the next day so we could explore the area having never visited before, which was really nice. When we came back, she gave me a GFP folder with his vaccination records (all up to date), a 6-month health guarantee, a baggie of kibble and his favorite stuffed animal which smelled like his mom. Liam has proven to be a perfect fit for me. He’s healthy, 16 lbs, smart, curious, and hilarious. He learns quickly and was no trouble to housetrain. He’s very affectionate, frequently giving me hugs and kisses and likes to curl up on the couch with me. He’s been quick to socialize with a wide variety of people (he’s very much a ladies man) and makes doggie friends everywhere we go. I love his handlebar mustache and poodle coat. He’s also a big fan of long walks, hikes and loves to explore. I’m so grateful to Mary and GFP for helping me find such a wonderful new friend.

Lara Eller

I purchased a shortie Jack Russell from Linda Fisher and family in Ronks, PA. I honestly cannot say enough about the Fisher family. Warm, welcoming, loving and knowledgeable in this wonderful breed are a few words to describe them. My experience with the entire family was nothing short of wonderful. The pups had their own shed and it was clean as can be. The entire family loved the puppies and you could tell especially Linda who I learned had a Jack growing up. None of the puppies were afraid and you could tell they received a lot of love from the family and we’re socialized. I got to meet mom and her other Jacks. After getting Charlie I have purchased 6 more from breeders in PA. I will not mention from who but I have to say Charlie is Perfect. You can tell by looking at them all that he was bred with a love and a want to improve this amazing breed. As I was leaving with my fur baby Linda’s daughter asked if I could send her pictures when he was grown. Well he is over a year now still amazing and I will be mailing pictures on Saturday. I hope to get another baby from Linda when I’m not so crowded. If you see a puppy and she is the breeder you are getting a great pup.

Rene Slater

I’ve always wanted a little fur daughter but I always ended up with fur sons. I did extensive research and came across GFP where I was able to make sure my future puppy was coming from a sweet loving home, not a pet store (aka puppy jail). I was lucky enough to come across ROSE; now re-named PENNY. Sarah Fisher was the breeder whom I got Penny from. Sarah was so sweet and helpful with my questions about Penny. I can’t say thank you enough to Sarah for trusting me with Penny she’s perfect, Now I have my fur daughter that I’ve always wanted.


Bought my Boston terrier and WOW . Smartest dog I’ve ever seen in my life. Day 4 and not one accident in the house. I can not get over how smart this dog is . The little guy loves people and is well behaved . Sleeps the entire night on his little bed and already listens to commands . Unbelievable. Thank you.


We shared our life with Pantoute, a Catalan Sheepdog, for 13 years and among all the very good dogs we had in our life, he was the one we preferred. Smart, peaceful, we always had the feeling « there was someone inside » this lovable dog. We now have a new dog, a Catalan Sheepdog puppy bought from an excellent breeder and human being, John Lorino (Smallwood NY), a few weeks ago and we are so happy to realize the magic is still there. Rose, it’s her name, makes each day of our life happier. Everything good you heard about the Catalan Sheepdog is true and after all these years spent with Pantoute and now with Rose, we haven’t found them any significant flaw. Catalan Sheepdog is a faithful companion and is very good with children.


My husband and I bought our lovely Cockapoo three years ago. She is such a sweet dog and has brought us great joy. She has had a few medical problems and is going to be tested for Cushing disease this week. Her original owner was a wonderful man and a pleasure to deal with.


My husband and I bought our Goldendoodle a, few weeks ago. Matthew Beiler was the breeder. Our vet said, PERFECT GOLDENDOODLE! Bear is intelligent and loving. We couldn’t be happier. Thank You Greenfield!!

Dom and Colleen DiStefano

We were searching for a male Morkie close to home and discovered breeder Lena Aucker. We couldn’t be more happy with our little “Jake” now named Cooper. He is such a joy and very smart. Lena is great. The puppies are definitely well cared for and loved. I would highly recommend Lena to anyone looking for a puppy.

Patty & Carl Gaskins

I have been searching for my puppy for over a year, when I remembered Greenfield Puppies. I searched and in that I found Lena Aucker in PA who had “Jackie”. She was my dream come true. I called Lena who was an absolute sweetheart, from that moment until my precious now named “Mia” home it’s been a complete blessing. Lena & her husband were so helpful & had everything prepared for Mia’s departure to her new home. Mia is a happy, healthy, funny and completely energetic love ❤️. She has brought me so much joy and happiness. Thank you Lena for all your help and for allowing me to be a mommy to my precious jewel Mia🥰. She sends you kisses 😘

Gloria Rodriguez

We saw “Lucy’s” picture on Greenfield Puppies and just fell in love with her. She is a King Charles Cavalier/Corgi mix. She was born on June 20, 2018 and we set up an appointment to meet her on September 26. The sellers were Dave and Emanuel Blank from Gap, Pa. When we arrived we were met by a young lady who was very friendly and walked us over to meet Lucy.. She was in a gated area with her Corgi Mom who came over to check us out. Then we picked up Lucy and held her as did our granddaughter and we fell in love with her. She looked happy, healthy and wanted to run and play. She was very clean and seemed well cared for. They did tell us that she lived in the barn area and from what we could see was also clean and taken care of. We decided we wanted her, so we chatted awhile, paid for her and it was time to leave. The young lady wanted to make sure we had something safe for her to travel in and we did bring a new carrier along.. We said our goodbyes and we were on our way.. We told the young lady we were changing her name to “Sadie” and she was pleased because she said that was an Amish name. They gave us a folder with her shot records in, the name of the vet, etc., and said if we needed anything further to just call. We took Sadie to our vet two weeks later and he checked her out well and said she seemed very healthy and happy. We did get a call a few days later that she had an infection, was put on an antibiotic and has been fine since.. Overall we had a great experience and love our Sadie to pieces. She is very active, playful, just loves all my grandchildren ages 2 and up and is giving us all so much joy! We are very happy with our dog. Thank you Greenfield Puppies

Barbara and Tom Brickler