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We are proud parents of “Addy” the labradoodle from the breeder Melvin Smucker in Gordonville, PA. She is the best puppy ever. I went to the farm of Mr. Smucker to look at his puppies and pick one out and I am so glad I did. His farm was spotlessly clean including his barn which was where Addy had been kept with her brothers/sisters. None of his dogs were dirty and nor did they smell. It only took me a few days to house break her and she has been wonderful to train. Had her to the Vets 11 days after purchase who gave her a clean bill of health. I am very grateful I found Greenfield Puppies and I highly recommend Greenfield Puppies and especially Mr. Melvin Smucker’s puppies. His puppies must be played with by his children as Addy loves kids and other dogs. If you want a good puppy, Contact Mr. Smucker!

Judy Hennis

I purchased my Goldendoodle Jax (Originally Jayden) from Arie King about 4 years ago. Arie was incredible during the purchasing process. I was very skeptical about buying my first dog via the internet and never meeting him beforehand (I live in CA). I knew how wrong this could go, but after talking to Arie on the phone and seeing how sweet and socialized Jax seemed through the videos, I took the chance and I’m so happy I did. Jax is the sweetest dog and has the best temperament. Jax is personally responsible for ~3 other people getting a Goldendoodle! He is so good with other dogs and all humans (including babies). I could not recommend Arie King’s dogs enough. Thank you Arie and family <3


We love our boy Gus! From the very first day he captured our hearts and has been a wonderful addition to our family. We have received many compliments on how handsome he is and his stature. He is so loving, smart and a huge ball of energy! He loves children, other dogs and yes, even kitties! My son and daughter-in-law have one of his litter mates and they are just as thrilled!

Carolyn Dickinson

After 15 years of not having a dog, my husband and I decided to give in and get my kids a puppy. We wanted a small puppy that would be easy to manage. We did a LOT of research and ended up with Rachel King. We live in CT and made the 5-hour drive to Quarryville PA. Rachel was amazing. The puppies were beautifully cared for and so happy. We went to see Gretta but Rachel let us play with all the puppies. We did choose Gretta ( who we renamed Wrigley). Rachel let us see the puppy parents and tour her beautiful farm. We felt very confident that we were going home with a healthy puppy.
Wrigley has changed our life! I cannot begin to tell you how much we love her. I immediately took her to the vet and we got a 100% clean and healthy vet checkup. Wrigley is so smart and, at only 9 weeks old, she is almost completely house trained. She is sweet and loving and great with people and small kids. I had reservations about breeders with all the things you read, but I can tell you Rachel King has great puppies. We are now sending 2 friends to Rachel to get puppies of their own. I would recommend Rachel King with all my heart. We can’t imagine life without Wrigley.

Jill Hromadka

We got an 8 week old Westie and he is the cutest puppy ever! He is playful and cuddly with a great personality. We’re so happy to have found this website because we love our adorable puppy!

Vivian and Brianna

I am very happy with my Miniature Poodle I bought from Greenfield puppies breeders Aaron and Melinda Beiler. The puppy is beautiful and quick to learn. Melinda is very accessible for any questions I have had. I highly recommend Greenfield puppies and the Beiler’s.

Elsie Dill

I had been waiting to adopt a Jack Russell puppy from adoptapet for a year when I found Greenfield. I spoke to the breeder/farmer the day after I found Mocha on the website. The next day my son & I took the 5.5 hour one way drive to meet him. Love at first sight…the farm was clean, the breeder friendly, and had all his medical papers waiting. The puppy was lovable, friendly and received a clean bill of health 2 days later from the vet. I would highly recommend purchasing a puppy this way and will connect with Mocha’s breeder again.

Julie Slepinski

I gave a forever home to Trixie from Aaron and Melinda Bieider Greenfield puppies. I am extremely pleased with this wonderful miniature poodle. She is energetic and playful. Learns easily and is a great addition to my home. She and my senior dog are great companions. I highly recommend Greenfields and the Bieders for breeders!!

Elsie Dill

Hello this Mrs Elaine I just bought Marshal to my home he a mini Bernedoodles puppy almost 2 weeks ago he is a joy to be apart of my family. The first night was a little scary for him and has adjusted so well to my family. I brought him from Mr Abner Ebersole and wanted to think him for nice puppy and I just got his first check and check out to be a pretty good Pup. I just wanted to thank him again for the new edition to my family.

Elaine Banks

We purchased a Cavapoo from Sam King of Honey Brook, PA. We took her to the vet within one week of getting her. She had several health issues that she came to us with. We treated her for several weeks and she is fine now. The vet bill was pretty high due to testing and medication. I called Mr. King. He was extremely nice and concerned about the puppy. He said that the other puppies in the litter were ok. He asked me to send him the vet bills and agreed to pay for 1/2 even though he did not have to. We really appreciated his concern and generosity. He absolutely stands by his puppies. We love Cali so much. She is not only cute, but smart and was housebroken in only a couple of weeks. She is a great companion for the Shihpoo that we also got through Greenfield Puppies. I would highly recommend getting a puppy from Mr. King.

Linda Skrezec