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  • Activity Level: moderate
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  • Shedding Level: low
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  • Grooming Level: moderate
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  • Trainability: moderate
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  • Good for Novice Owners: high
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  • Adaptability: high
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  • Kid/Pet Friendly: often
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  • Prey Drive: low
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  • Watchdog: aware
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  • Average Size: Small
  • Average Lifespan: 10-12 years

Yorkie-Chon Dog Breed Information





Owner Experience


Activity Level


Life Span

A Yorkie-Chon is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and Bichon Frise. This mixed dog breed can thrive in the smallest studio or the biggest mansion. They always crave affection from their owner and enjoy cuddles at the end of a long day. These pups will be thrilled to go on a new adventure or to just sit at home and binge on Netflix. Although they can be easy in regards to training, they can also be a bit stubborn.

These pups are energetic, loving, and great with kids. They are patient, and happy to be with their owner on walks or just reading a book. They are easy-going dogs that will enjoy whatever task you have for them. Just be sure to give them plenty to do if you leave the house. They enjoy puzzles and games when unattended. This will keep your Yorkie-Chon occupied and calm until you return.

Yorkie-Chons can live in small or large homes and with one person or with a family. They are a somewhat independent dog breed. However, if you regularly leave the home for more than six to eight hours, you should bring your pup with you while you run errands if you are able. Then, they will not become anxious or destructive over time.

This dog breed is healthy in general and only needs regular check-ups, vaccinations, and preventative measures to keep them happy. The Yorkie-Chon has a fairly fast metabolism and will not need more than a daily walk, or a game of fetch, to keep them in shape. As they age, they can become susceptible to chronic issues such as cataracts, hip dysplasia, and eye defects. They may also suffer from epilepsy, acute moist dermatitis, and achondroplasia, which is a hereditary condition where the extremities are shorter compared to the rest of the body.

Yorkie-Chon puppies are fairly easy to train and have a willingness to understand their owner. If you have never adopted or trained a dog before, then we suggest reading up on some puppy training tips and meeting a handful of times with a trainer after adoption. You will need fewer sessions over time.

Because this breed is mixed with the Bichon Frise, they are fairly hypoallergenic and are low maintenance in terms of grooming. They will only need weekly brushings and a bath as the seasons change. This is due to their long, coarse hair that does not hold onto a lot of dirt or debris. You will want to have them groomed at least twice a year. This will keep their coat manageable and will ensure your Yorkie-Chon stays comfortable no matter the season.

In addition to coat care, you will also need to care for your Yorkie-Chon’s nails, ears, and teeth. Monthly nail trimming is usually sufficient to keep your dog’s nails from getting too long and weekly ear checks with careful cleaning as needed can help prevent ear infections.

You are checking to make sure your dog’s ears are dry, free of debris, and clean. If you see a lot of moisture, a buildup of wax, or a lot of dirt, it’s time for some careful cleaning or a trip to the vet. Daily dental care for dogs, like using an enzyme toothpaste or brushing their teeth, can help prevent painful dental disease like gum disease and tooth decay later in life.

Yorkie-Chons are semi-active and will need daily walks and games. Although they are happy staying at home and relaxing, having them outside daily will keep them fit, happy, and relaxed.

A Yorkie-Chon will generally stand 9-12 inches in height and weigh 6-8 pounds.

Yorkie-Chons generally live 10-12 years.