Yorkie-Poo Puppies For Sale

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These rambunctious little pups are friendly, smart, sweet, and somewhat mischievous if given the opportunity. Yorkiepoos are a mixed breed between Yorkshire terriers and poodles. This makes for dogs that are unafraid of possible threats, and are excited for whatever adventure you two stumble upon. These tiny-but-mighty canines originated in the U.S. over ten years ago. Although they are fairly new, they have gained plenty of popularity and are sure to stay. To solidify their place in the dog world, the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) has recognized Yorkiepoos as a “designer breed”. This gives the breed legitimacy and a better chance of being cared for and adopted. Before you decide a Yorkie-poo is right for you, however, be sure to research both breeds heavily.

Weigh the benefits and consequences so there will be no surprises if you decide to adopt. From there look below to view our YorkiePoo puppies for sale!

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