Yorkshire Terrier Puppies For Sale

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The spirited and loyal Yorkshire Terrier is a recognized member of the American Kennel Club’s Toy Group and has been since 1885. Being originally bred in Yorkshire, its name is indicative of its British origins. The original use for the Yorkshire Terrier was to control rodent population as a “ratter”. Although because of its petite size it is still effective at this role, it has become more of a companion dog to most people. The Yorkshire Terrier is a breed of medium intelligence, and should be relatively easy to train. Being a small breed, housebreaking them is somewhat tricky in the early stages. They are small, therefore have a small bladder, and will need to be taken out often to avoid accidents. The Yorkie can be a mouthy breed, so early training to curb this is a key. The Yorkie is currently the most popular toy breed in the United States.


When purchasing a Yorkie puppy it is essential to be aware of all characteristics of this breed. Looking for a puppy to bring into your family is an exciting process, but having the knowledge of what to expect with any dog is the key to successful integration into your family. A puppy is a huge commitment, so being knowledgeable about how to train and care for your Yorkshire Terrier puppy is particularly valuable. For information on these subjects check our blog or a good book related to this specific dog breed.Thank you for taking the time to learn about the Yorkie. You can take a look at our page below to view all of our Yorkie Puppies for Sale!

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