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Our family got our beagle puppy Dillon (now called Boo) from Steve Zook. We are so happy with the puppy, he is healthy and happy!

Eva Cerreta

Duchess is such a great dog. She’s now 9 months old and she’s so much bigger than that little pup we got back in June 2014. We got her from Rueben King who was a very kind gentleman. The mother was a great, calm German Shepherd. The vets love Duchess, she’s so healthy, and this dog will never stop impressing me.


I recently bought Savanah at 8 weeks a little of a week ago. I am beyond thrilled she is really smart. Almost fully housetraiend. And is learning commands. He loves everyone and can play for hours. I adopted her off of Aaron and Sara Esh and couldnt have been any better. They were extremely friendly. The puppies were playful and healthy. No bad words for them. Of the chance every came up again I would defenitly get another puppy from them. I highly highly recommend them!

Joshua Robacker

I purchased Giggles (name changed to Kee_kee) from John Beiler a couple of weeks ago. Mr. Beiler and his wife were very nice and answered any questions that I had. I took Kee-Kee to the vet where she received a clean bill of health. She is now 11 wks old and weighs 1.5 lbs. She has been a little bundle of joy! Many thanks to the Beiler’s for such a loving puppy.

Thank you Greenfield Puppy for my best friend. I never imagined myself with a dog and now I can not express the joy Zoey has brought to me and my family. We purchased Zoey from Sam Fisher in PA 1 year ago. She was named Penny when we met her but we decided to name her Zoey. Sam Fisher was very polite and answered my many questions. Zoey is a healthy dog and does not have any problems. She is funny and very loving.


On January 24, 2015 we came to Lizzy Stoltfus for a Shichon. Her name was Janet. We brought her home, changed her name to Wynter (after the snow, wintery cold day). She is a complete joy! We absolutely love her. Lizzy invited us in her home where we met our little puppy and she was very nice and helpful. We highly recommend her to any one looking for a forever friend. Her pups are clean, well fed and cared for. I took her to her first vet appt today and we learned she is very healthy and we should have many happy years with her. Thank you Lizzy!!

Daniel and Darla Carey

My name was Landon my birthday was Sept 19,2014 and Nov 14, 2014 I found my forever home.. They did change my name to Rudy..  I love my new mommy & daddy.. they take me every where  and I am going to the beach this fall.. my big brother Milo went all the time and he loved it.. they have me very spoiled. . But that is what I Am for..  So thank the Lapp family for a very sweet baby..

My husband and I recently adopted a boxer puppy from Aaron and Sarah Esh in Bird in Hand, PA, and we couldn’t be happier! Aaron and Sarah were wonderful in coordinating a time for us to come visit and were very welcoming when we arrived. The puppies were well cared for and full of energy! We are so happy to add Sinclair, who we renamed “Rocky,” to our family. We absolutely recommend Aaron and Sarah to anyone looking for a puppy!

Lisa and Jay Pierce

We bought Rowan (originally named Barley) about 3 weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier. He is so very laid back, sweet, and smart! He’s currently 14 weeks old and is growing fast. I’m so pleased with the breeder and our experience with Greenfield Puppies. Maybe we got lucky, but we ended up with an amazing new family member!

Sarah Brown

My family and I adopted our cockapoo ” Hades” the last week of July. We could not love him anymore then we do. He’s very attention seeking and loves to cuddle which my whole family loves. Training was pretty easy ( though we’re still working on potty training) and he gets along very well with our other dog, Pup, who is a puggle that we also adopted from the website in 2008. Greenfield puppies seem to always be healthy and happy.


We found Luna on Greenfield and Stephen Stoltzfoos was excellent to work with. This was our first puppy and we had a lot of questions, Stephen was happy to answer them all. Luna has been to her new vet and is very healthy. I highly recommend Stephen Stoltzfoos, if you are looking for a good breeder of Yorkie-chons!


My sons & I chose “Billy” as a surprise Christmas gift for my husband. We got Billy from Ben in Airville. He was very cooperative in allowing us to delay pickup to help with our surprise. He provided references when asked. He gave us the most awesome Christmas gift we could have asked for! Billy is the sweetest puppy & my husband loves him!!


Hi Greenfield puppies,
I purchased a Cavalier king Charles spaniel from Martha and Daniel of Gap Pennsylvania.  His name online was Marco.  I named him Dunkin!  Me and my family love him to pieces!  He is a sweetheart and his health appears to be good. 
I am grateful to the breeders for allowing me to purchase this beautiful dog! He brings a smile to our face and is liked by our neighborhood kids!

Marjorie Constanino

We were looking for a small breed puppy as our apartment only allows dogs 25 lbs and under. We had purchased our last dog from greenfield and the website was the first and main place we looked as soon as we were sure we wanted to get a puppy as the family’s Christmas gift this year. We found the Chorkies and just fell in love with how cute they all were but there was one particular litter that stood out. The puppies started selling but I am disabled and only get paid at the start of the month. I got in contact with the breeder and asked if he would reserve a puppy for us until the week I got paid and then we would come and pick him up. The breeder was an Amish farmer and was so great about holding the puppy for us without any deposit until we were able to come pay for him and pick him up. We couldn’t be happier with Thor and have been telling anyone interested in where we got him or what kind of breed he is that we found his breeder on Thank you so much for bringing our family together with our perfect puppy!!


His mom was a chocolate rottie and his dad was a Doberman. Most of the litter came out black/brown and him and one other cane out caramel. He’s very temperamental, loving, and emotional


Skipper Born: 9/13/14 Welcomed into our family November 18th 2014, Adopted from Linda Fisher in Leola PA, Very healthy, happy puppy. Easily to train, you can tell that he came from a very loving family, and we were very happy to welcome him into our loving family. Thank you Fisher Family

Linda Hott

On September 24, 2014, we brought home our goldendoodle puppy, Piper (previously Jenna).  Piper was about 10 weeks when we got her and is now 5 months.  We got Piper from breeder, David Fisher, in Delta PA.  We chose David because we have friends who also got their goldendoodle puppy from David and they had nothing but great things to say about him and their doodle.  Piper is such a wonderful addition to our home.  She is very intelligent and a quick learner.  She has learned so many tricks and is eager to learn more.  Piper is full of energy and very loving.  Thank you, David Fisher, for breeding such a loving, intelligent puppy.  We really couldn’t be happier.

Melissa & Derek Shaak

This is Dudley born 7/21/2011 In Bernville,Pa. I brought him home at 10 weeks and it was love at first sight. He is extremely intelligent and very vocal. He sings to me when I make his dinner and if I ask him whats going on, he “talks” to me. Last month he began licking a spot on my leg just below the knee but I didn’t think much of it. Every chance he got he was smelling and licking this spot, so I asked my doctor if she would look at it, which she did and said it didn’t look like anything to be concerned about but would remove it. Sent to pathology and it came back as cancerous but in the very early stages. Had further surgery and it is all clean now, thanks to Dudley! I’m not trying to imply that all Aussies are capable of this but mine was so we now refer to him as Dr.Dudley. Thanks so much Jen Miller for breeding my boy!

Eileen DeRitis

Received Daisy in Oct 2014 and she is doing great. Thank you for your site, the breeder Bryan Nolt was great to deal with. No health issues and very playful. Loves to greet everyone she meets.

Donald Bitner

Bought my miniature labradoodle from John Beiler Ephrata Pa I can’t said enough how much joy love compassion this pup that is now 1 year 7 months old I never thought a dog can love and keep my family so happy everyday all I hear is look how much she love us she is very smart if we had to put in an order for a dog this is what I would ask for thank you very much John I would definitely recommend you highly

Linda and Robert Caudill

We picked up Daisy in November 2014 and already she is such a joy. After 15 years my adorable Cockapoo Winnie passed and I was so sad everyday. My new puppy bred by Ivan Fisher has brought my entire family so much happiness. She’s had her first vet appointment and was praised and adored. I am very pleased with the experience and will recommend to others.

Alese, CT

Daisy is now 5 months and she is a nice addition to our family. So glad we used this site to find her. We could not be happier she is like having another child.


In honor of Tucker turning 1 next week, I want to thank this website and his breeder for bringing this little boy into my family. If your looking for a puppy to add to your life you are at the right place! We added Tucker to our family in February 2014, he was the healthiest, most outgoing puppy we could have ever asked for! The breeder defiantly took care of him and it showed. Thank you so much greenfield for completing our little family


Just bought this sweet little puppy with my siblings as an early Christmas present for our parents. They adore her. She is so smart, friendly, and cuddly. The sellers kept very good care of her litter. If you want a sweet companion I highly recommend Steven Zook’s puppies!


We live in Seattle, Washington and ordered Carl from greenfieldpuppies. We couldn’t be happier with our choice! Although the shipping seemed pricey it was totally worth it! Greenfield and the puppy breeder Reuben kept us up to date throughout the entire process and helped walk us through each step. Carl has been an amazing puppy-so well behaved, playful and lovable. We are so happy with our choice of using GreenFieldPuppies. I would highly recommend!

Shauna Roth
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