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We got our cockapoo puppy from Daniel in Narvon, PA and I just want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful bundle of awesomeness that is our Ursi. He was very nice and provided a 1 year health guarantee, which we do not need because she checked out 100% healthy with the vet. I appreciated being able to see her mom and siblings when we picked her up. They all looked happy and bright. I know I am biased but Ursi is honestly the best dog I’ve ever had or been around. She has the best temperament: She is sweet, playful, loves to cuddle, and is super friendly with all people, dogs of all sizes, and cats. Plus, she quiet, only barking occasionally when she plays. She is also very smart: At just four months old she has all of her basic commands down and house training has been a breeze. We are Tennesseans living in NJ temporarily but when we move back south I will seriously consider making the trip back to Daniel in Narvon, PA for any future canine additions to the family – it will be worth the journey for the quality pup. I cannot recommend highly enough!

John & Kristy

This is our mini goldendoodle Lucy. We live in Pittsburgh and traveled to David to get our sweet little puppy. She stole our heart the first time we saw her! Mr. Fisher kept track of all of her medical records and receipts. We took her to the vet and she was all up to date on her shots and had no parasites. She was given a clean bill of health! She is thriving beautifully in her new home and is a sweet and happy puppy! She is smart and a quick learner. David Fisher is an outstanding dog breeder! He is helpful, caring and very ethical. We will definitely be making the trip back for another goldendoodle in the future. Thank you David Fisher for your customer service and for your healthy pups! We would and will refer him to anyone who is interested in a new pup.

Christine and Chad

I bought a puppy through Greenfield in early November, 2016 From Steven Zook of Strasburg, Pa. I can’t say enough good things about this process with Steven and his wonderful children. The beagle we purchased and have owned almost two months is a wonderful dog. She has a great temperament and is a healthy dog. We had a minor problem we had to see a vet about and Steven reminded us there was a warranty and he sent us a check, no questions asked, to cover the vet expense. He even called several weeks later to ask if we had to have a follow up with the vet and would have covered that cost. Fortunately we had no follow up expenses.

This is the best experience I have ever had buying a beagle and I have owned them since I was 14 and I am 71 now. We met Steven’s children, he has 7 or 8, and they are wonderful kids. I would give my highest recommendation to this breeder.

Tim Nau

our family loves! greenfield puppies and the breeders they work with! last year we got our black lab through greenfield and loved the experience and love our pup. So naturally when we decided to add to the family we came to greenfield again. We found a husky we liked got in contact with the breeder Daniel from Lykens, PA and we soon went to visit the pup and put a deposit on him! Again the experience was great! The breeder was great and the pup was great! We brought him home yesterday after driving 3 hours in a snow storm! He’s in his forever home now and adjusting so well with the guidance from his big brother! I would def recommend greenfield to anyone looking for a pup!


We welcomed our puppy a month after we lost a beloved family member. We were dealing with much pain and sorrow and didn’t think we would see a happy day, at least not for awhile. We came across Snickers on the website and fell in love with him instantly. Everyday we would check to see if someone purchased him, but lucky no one else did. The day our little shih-poo pup was available to come home, we decided to pick him up. Snickers is the most healthy, playful, loving, and just perfect pup there is. We love his cuddling ways, he loves to be babied and loves affection. He warms all our hearts with his playful ways and a bonus note is he was so easy to train! His second day home he learned how to go on the doggy pads. Ruth A Breeder from Bird In Hand, PA has the most beautiful puppies and they are well kept and amazing. I can’t thank her enough and I can’t thank Greenfield Puppies for helping us find our perfect puppy. We love our little Snickers !

Henkis Family

I got Pepper after looking a long time, he came from Jacob in Cochranville , today was his Vet visit and every thing was perfect. Jacob could not have been nicer and called several times to check on Pepper and asked if everything was working out with him and his new home. Yes! Pepper is a delight and Jacob was a pleasure to do business with , he took all the dogs out, did not make me feel rushed…


We adopted a Jack Russell Terrier over a year ago and named her Heidi. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. She has a great disposition and temperament. We had a wonderful experience with Ammon Stoltzfoos in Holtwood, PA. The love and care he provides for his puppies has shown in Heidi’s health and her happy demeanor.
We have seen his litter of Rottweilers. They are strong and beautiful!
If you are looking for a Jack Russell or a Rottweiler I highly recommend you call Ammon


I drove 4 hours for my beautiful healthy shihpoo ,worth every minute and Penney …my breeder was Ben smucker very easy and pleasant experience…..totally recommend greenfield puppies and this breeder ,we adore and love our puppy whisky he is smart funny lovely sweet little shihpoo


we brought beautiful Valentine into our home last Saturday purchased through one of Greenfield suggested family of breeders She is a marvel and of the 6 Labradors I have raised in my life she has raised the bar to new heights==== A silver beauty The family Jacob and his wife were a delight to work with they are a family run Pennsylvania farm the facilities were clean the puppy parents were on location mama Lab was a very dedicated and followed our every move LOL Just an absolute delight having this baby with us she is large frame female Silver Lab who is giving us countless hours of fun and love

Eric M Ruthman

My husband and I had been looking for a dog for quite some time when we discovered Greenfield Puppies. He had his heart set on a Border Collie, and I had my heart set on a Labrador Retriever. Luckily, through Greenfield Puppies, we were able to find the perfect dog for us, a Labrador/Border Collie mix. We were very pleased with how the puppies were cared for prior to us bringing our Louie home. The puppies had been well socialized with children and with other puppies. We had a smooth transition bringing Louie home. He slept through the night from day 1 and never had an accident in his crate. He has learned very quickly and was fully house trained within a few weeks of bringing him home. I would definitely use Greenfield Puppies again and would recommend them to anyone looking to get a puppy.


We went through David King, 72 Quarry Rd., and he was great to work with. We purchased a golden doodle female. Her vet says she’s as healthy as can be (now 5 months old) and she is just the most loving and gorgeous dog (aren’t all dogs?!). My advice: do your research, take “reviews” with a grain of salt, and meet the puppy and at least one of the parents to ensure they are healthy and treated well. Best of luck to all in search of their companion!

Stacy S
Andrea Casique

In March of 2013 I looked to Greenfield Puppies to help me find a puppy. It didn’t take long to find her. While viewing a litter of pomapoo puppies playing together one stood out! She was blonde with a small white blaze on her head. Her name was Renee, she was eight weeks old and lived at End of the Lane Kennels with David Fisher. I couldn’t wait to go get her, and I am so glad I did. She is so smart and so sweet, I can’t imagine being without her! I know she understands us when we talk to her which is all the time. She amazes us everyday the way she communicates with us. She even tries so hard to talk. Some of the vocals she makes are down right hilarious! I can’t imagine a person not experiencing the joy she gives us. Oh what people that do not have this bond with a special pet miss out on. Her fourth birthday is coming up (January 19), I can’t believe she is almost four. Thank you Greenfield Puppies for pointing us in the direction of Delta PA, and David Fisher, where we got our sweet, lively, and very healthy little girl. Sincerely, The Roses

Lynne Rose

We found our (Maribel) Henrietta I through greenfield puppies, the breeder was Rachael Fisher, who was great to deal with. there was an issue and Rachael and Greenfield responded promptly. love this wee dog and would like to contact parents of her siblings, so we can watch them grow.

Peane Mcnicholl

We purchased Marge now Stella from Calvin King in PA. My husband and I have been looking for a Boxer Puppy for months. We contacted Mr. King last week and he advised Marge was still available so we set up a time to go see her. Mr. King was very attentive to my emails prior to meeting. When we arrived we met the pup and Mr. King was very honest with her health and what to expect. He was so nice and answered all our questions. Two days after picking now Stella up from Mr. King we took her to the vet and she is 100% healthy and happy puppy. She is a joy to have in our home. I’m so happy I went forth with meeting Mr. King and searching for our new puppy on I did a lot of research and I have to say the negative comments aren’t true. We had an overall wonderful experience and would recommend to any friend. If you have an interest, contact and check it out before all the negative comments push you away from getting your perfect puppy! Thank you Greenfield and Mr.King!


We got Ohana February 2016 from Aaron Esh. We get so many compliments on her about how beautiful and healthy she looks. Ohana turned a 1 on Christmas Day and we love her more and more everyday. Even her trainer said she was the best looking boxer she has ever seen.


Deuce came into our life December 30, 2016. He is absolutely perfect. Loves to play and is very sneaky. He is so full of life we never have a full moment. Thank you Greenfield Puppies!!

Tammie and Corrie Primeaux

We have had Jasper who we renamed “Ripley” (a cavachon and a cavalier king charles spaniel mix) for about a month now, and he is the perfect little puppy he is so loving, sweet, and playful. He gets along with our other 2 cavachons wonderfully. We were looking for one last puppy for our household, and It’s like he was made for us, when we saw him on this site we knew he was the one for us. He was a Christmas present from my husband, we drove 9 hours to get him from a 5 star breeder (Ruth) in Quarryville PA, and they were fantastic to deal with, they were so kind, helpful, and informative. Ripley makes our second puppy we have gotten from Greenfield Puppies, and we will keep coming back. We had “Ripley” vet checked as soon as we got him and he is in perfect health. We couldn’t be more happier with having him. He has brought so much joy and happiness to our home

Tracy Walls

We brought Maizie, our new Cavachon addition, home yesterday. We worked with Rachel Fisher and dealt with her directly. She was always prompt in answering my phone calls and messages. We knew we wanted Maizie, but that we couldn’t get down to the farm in Lancaster from Long Island for a few days, so Rachel saved Maizie for us. We just had Maizie at the vet and she is 100% healthy!!! She is quickly adjusting to life with us and we look forward to many years with her!


We got Katy, now Tish from Stephen Stoltzfoos and Greenfield Puppies. I live in Williston, ND and had to get Tish here after a major blizzard. Stephen was great to work with. He put Tish on the plane and she arrived in great shape. Tish is a little bundle of joy. Loves to play and just lay in my lap. So blessed.


I purchased my Cavapoo baby Jory, now Camilla, from Greenfield puppies and had a smooth experience from beginning to end. I worked with the Smuckers, Levi and David, who bred my puppy, and they were always easy to reach by phone and work with. Tamara from shipping was so quick with returning my emails and answering any questions, and even has checked up on us since Cami came home to me. I was very skeptical about the whole shipping of a puppy, but I have to say it was way easier and smoother than I could have imagined. There was even another puppy coming in on the same flight as mine which made realize just how normal this process has become! I took Cami to our family veterinarian for her “puppy checkup” just to make sure she was healthy upon arrival and they said she was as healthy as can be. Cami is a ball of energy and a wonderful sleeping buddy, and we are so enjoying spoiling her within our home! I would definitely purchase another pup from Greenfield, and I would feel comfortable recommending them to anyone who asked!


We’ve had Pebbles (a Bugg) for about two weeks now and she is already part of our family. Sweet and playful and just so adorable. We got her from Jacob and Mary Kaufmann in Peach Bottom PA at their pretty farm. The entire process went smoothly and Pebbles got a clean bill of health from our vet days after we brought her home.

Kristen W

I picked up Chloë on 3/2/2016. When I first saw her she looked at me and it was love at first sight. She stole my heart and I cannot imagine life without her. She loves to give kisses and cuddles up with me on movie nights. She is loved by everyone in our family. As you can see from her picture she is VERY CUTE!!!! Super friendly and always wants to go outside or for a ride in the car. She loves ridding in the car every single day. I have to thank the Greenfield Puppy’s website for helping me find just the right addition to my family. Chloë is the best little dog ever!!!!!She will be 1yrs old on 1/6/17 and just like my kids she is gonna have her very first birthday party. Thank you Abram Beiler of Lititz, PA for introducing Chloë and I.

Anita Ferebee

We had a Great Experience with our Breeders Jr. and Sue Taylor. We decided to surprise our 2 kids with a new family member for Christmas, they have been asking for 10 years and myself and my husband finally gave in. I found Jr. and Sue Taylor on Greenfield We were on a mission to get a Pomsky and saw Carter a.k.a. now Koda on this site. Jr. was so informative on any and ever question we had. It was breath taking to finally speak to someone that I could understand and spoke English. I say this because I contacted 2 other breeders and neither one of them could speak good English, I could not understand a word they said except “Money”. Right away I got a bad feeling and felt they were scammers. So when I found Jr. it was god sent. So like I said, he sent lots of pictures, was very accommodating for us as we drove 7 1/2 hours to Ohio to get our Pomsky. We drove up on a Friday and stayed at the Berlin Grande Hotel which was AMAZING too. We had constant contact with Jr. at all times, we made arrangements to meet him at his house at 9:00. He was never hesitant at all to give us his address, he would rather have his puppies picked up at the house and have you see what your getting and explain all the details. He does all the puppies first shots, and also give’s a 1 year guarantee on his pups which not a lot of breeders will do. We love our Koda so much, he is a great dog, and a show stopper at all the Pet Stores. Jr. really knows how to breed an amazing Pomsky. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a puppy.

Jennifer & Cal Rolon

We wanted to get a dog for our daughter for Christmas. We were very lucky to have found Jenn Miller in Bernville PA. She and her husband were so nice and each time we went there we stayed for over an hour. All of their dogs are loved and well taken care of. Pippy is a Chihuahua/Australian Shephard mini mix. She is sweet and loving and makes our daughter so happy. We highly recommended Jenn to anyone who is interested in getting a healthy puppy.

Amy Amadoro
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