Greenfield Puppies Reviews

We love dogs and people and people with dogs.

Throughout my life I’ve provided homes for numerous strays, canine foundlings and rescue dogs. Each has come to me with problems, fears, and trauma and each has, in time, been polished into an irreplaceable companion. But I am turning 65 this year and made the decision to search for the puppy of my dreams, something I could raise from scratch, a mentally healthy canine partner to train as a therapy dog, a companion to walk beside me into my dotage. This search brought me to Greenfield Puppies.

In February I drove from New Hampshire to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to pick up a four month old havanese/poodle cross from Jacob Huyard. From the beginning, this experience was wonderful. Mr. Huyard answered my voice messages promptly and was most helpful in providing information. I drove to his beautiful home and was handed my puppy by his charming wife and handsome two-year-old son. The puppy was squeaky clean and had wonderfully cared for.

Jacob (yes, I named him after Mr. Huyard) has the best temperament of any dog I have ever had. He is sweet and clever, and has been easy to train. It is apparent that the Huyard family spent time with him before I got him as he is attentive to me and trusting of strangers. He has had his first check-up and the Vet has pronounced him wonderfully healthy! He is eating and growing nicely. In a few months Jacob and I will begin a therapy dog training program so that we can bring some joy to nursing homes and rehab centers. I predict he will be head of the class and become a first rate therapist.

I can’t say enough about my experience with the Huyard family and Greenfield Puppies!

Sandy Williams

Oh , How I Love My Benny he is such a sweetheart. Full of energy he keeps me busy and I love it ! My Family is so happy with him.

Aisha Griffin

This is Bailey her name was Bindy when we bought her. Our experience with Jonas was great.

Sarah Carney

Our search for a mini goldendoodle was a a long journey, but finally ended with the sweetest pup we could ever imagine! The breeder, Sadie and her family were wonderful in welcoming us into their home and letting us stay for an hour to play with all of the puppies to find our perfect match.
We took Van (now Charley Girl) to the vet 2 days after we brought her home and the vet commented what a well kept and “perfect” puppy we have. She is very sociable with other dogs and with other people. We have three children ranging in age from 11 to 5 and Charley Girl instantly fell in line with the “child-like” life and the quiet nights. She sleeps in a crate at night (yes, she does cry a little but after 5-10 minutes goes to sleep).
It was very clear that potty training was already started before we brought her home.

Charley Girl is a wonderful addition to our family. The perfect kind of dog for a family who loves snuggles, yet active when needed. This type of dog absolutely will fit any lifestyle.

Kelly Hirsch

We picked up our handsome 4-month-old Aussiedoodle 3 weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. Our experience with the breeder, Abner Ebersole was a great one from start to finish. He was professional, kind and punctual. When we picked up our puppy Miles (formerly, Andy), we could see that he was raised amongst children and other dogs, and so received plenty of socialization. When we take him for walks, he is friendly and loves to interact with other dogs and people. Miles is a fun-loving, smart, and healthy puppy and a great addition to our family. Thank you, Abner and Greenfield Puppies!


It’s been 10 days since I picked up our new member of the family – little baby boy Shih Tzu – from Wilmer Stoltzfus.
He is a happy and healthy little boy who’s been bringing us joy and happiness from the second he entered our home.
Super smart, lovable and playful – he really brightened up our home. Had a vet checkup and she said Freddie is absolutely fine little cutie.
The transaction itself was superb and I would recommend Wilmer to anyone. He’s caring, responsive and responsible for his puppies.

Thank you Wilmer!


After a lot of searching and unanswered contacts from various sellers on various websites we came across Sport (now Drake) on the Greenfieldpuppies site. We were apprehensive about purchasing a dog on PA because it seems like A LOT of dogs are available in that state which makes you wonder….we contacted David Lapp regarding his Spingerdoodle puppies and received a prompt response. We made an appointment to visit the puppies that same evening. The dogs on his property were well taken care of, we were able to see the mother and the puppies were well behaved and were well maintained. We chose Sport from the 3 available puppies, would of loved to take them all. He is by far the BEST dog I’ve ever owned. He’s well tempered, curious and very loving and affectionate. When we are ready for our second dog in future we will definitely be using your services again. As you can see he’s got it rough 😉


We had a Yorkie for 16 years that passed around Thanksgiving. We have a 10 yr old daughter and knew we would eventually need to add another family member. The Spring was our goal and I began an online search. We stumbled upon Greenfield puppies and began exploring our options. Morkie pups suited us well and we found a litter almost ready to be purchased. Pics and videos were helpful. I reached out to the Breeder, Martha Zook, and made arrangements to meet/purchase our new family member. She was polite, and professional. We drove to her location and met the litter and mother. Easy to see that these puppies were well cared for and in a family environment with young children- certainly not a “puppy mill.”
We took Oliver (changed Sanders’ name) to the Vet and he has a clean bill of health. We are all happy together and are enjoying getting to know each other.


We picked up our three month old black tri from the Zooks almost two weeks ago. It was a short drive up to Pennsylvania farm country from Baltimore. “Atlas” is a beautiful, healthy puppy and quickly adapted to our home. He is great with people and other dogs – the vet gave him “best puppy of the month” award during his first visit. We love having him as part of our family. Thank you Suzanne!

Dwight and Susan Bergles

We got Minnie and I couldn’t be any happier! She’s a jack Russell/ pug. We got her at 10 weeks old. Took her to the vet that same week and absolutely no health issues. She’s very good with out 5 year old daughter. She is now 20 week and I’m So glad we got her. She’s family.


We had a wonderful experience! Everyone was cordial and informative during the entire process!

Since we’ve brought Bailey (Karla) home we’ve noticed how sweet her disposition is! She is a cuddle bug! She is also very intelligent! She’s been a dream to house train!

We are thankful we found Bailey! She is a great addition to our family!

Rebecca Vinsick

Thank you Greenfield Puppies for making the process of adopting a Furever puppy so easy! I researched for a few months all breeds of dogs & decided on a Shichon. The information provided was so helpful! Elmer Stoltzfoos in Lititz PA was very kind & responded back so quickly. We picked up Basil on March 9th with a warm greeting from his lovely wife & adorable child. We actually loved the name Basil so we kept it. Their house was spotless & you could tell Basil was well taken care of.. We couldn’t be happier with our adorable girl! Thank you to the Stoltzfoos family.

Sharon Esposito

Apollo formerly Butch (Havachon) was found on Greenfield website, he was purchased from Lloyd and Esther Weaver. They were great folks to work with . They held Apollo for a few weeks until I could arrange to pick him up. I sent them a cashiers check , because they did not accept credit cards. They were very pleasant folks good people, and they were truthful about everything. Apollo is very healthy, he did have a double ear infection when we took him to the Vet, but She said that was very common for young puppies. Apollo is doing great in his new and loving family. The experience with Greenfield and the Weavers was great!

EJ Jonna

I am so happy that I found GF Puppies. After reading testimonials and about how breeders are vetted I knew that this was a site we could trust. We found our beautiful puppies Willow (blue Merle) and her sister Ashley now 9 weeks old, from breeder Aaron King Jr. We went out to his farm on 2 occasions (the pups were only 5 weeks when we picked them out so had to wait to bring them home), both times we could see that all of the dogs and puppies were happy and well treated. Our puppies adapted so well to their home and surprised me, when I put out the grass potty training mat they both went right to it to potty! They were not potty trained but instinctively they know to potty on the grass. Of course we are still cleaning up accidents but thats ok, they will learn. We are very happy with our puppies and highly recommend Aaron King Jr for Cocker Spaniel puppies. He returned all my calls in a timely manner and really cares about his pups. He was very honest (informed us about Willows umbilical hernia and had vet paperwork for it), thorough, provided us with all of the paper work required, and even reminded us about the 30 day guarantee. Aaron King Jr is exactly what GF Puppies expects of their breeders. My husband has actually said if we didn’t already have our other dog (now 3 dogs) he would go back for another puppy.

Erika Otero


Rochelle Price

Purchased a Bich Poo from Melvin Gordon. He was great to work with and saw the whole process through and set us up with shipper, Barb. She was great as well and walked us through the shipping process the whole way. She even followed up to make sure we received him just fine. The dog is beautiful and has a great personality. Melvin knows what he’s doing and is clearly a top notch breeder!


I am so happy with my new Cockapoo, Rusty, he is in excellent health and extremely well adjusted. I picked up on Feb. 14 from D. Yoder in Loudonville OH with no problems. Rusty is such a sweet puppy you can tell they took good care of him and gave him a lot of attention. I wanted to share my experience because I was skeptical about picking out my new puppy from a website, plus all the bad press about puppy mills. But I had a good experience and my new puppy is in his forever home.


We got Jax from Breeder:Enos & Sara Stoltzfus on March 7, 2020. This is my 2nd mini pin. My 1st minpin, I had to put him down due to neurological problems which left me and my husband devastated. I never thought that I could get another one because I bought Duke(my 1st minpin) from the Philippines. When I searched online I found Jax. It was a long trip from NY to PA, Sara Stoltzfus was very accommodating and very nice to answer my questions. Me and my inlaws went to get him and boy, it was worth it! He’s always a happy pup, it didn’t take him days to adapt, the next day, he already knows how to use the potty pads and knows how to sit and stay. He’s already spoiled and we all love him so much! He always showers me with kisses, likes to cuddle and sleeps with us in bed! He is a godsend. I’m glad that I found this site.


Got my Golden Retriever Mix puppy from greenfield puppies in Narvon, PA and honestly so happy, he’s 6 months healthy and very smart, learned everything very quick and is a very good boy, loves going to the dog park and naps.

Margarita Montesinos

We decided on Greenfield Puppies because my cousin got a Jack Russel two months ago and hand a wonderful experience. I’m so glad I decided to do the same. We picked up our Cavapoo, Bambi (nee Valentine) on Saturday, March 7, 2020 from Margaret and Ephraim Stoltzfus in Gordonville, PA. It was very obvious she was well-cared for. They were both courteous and professional and the whole process went smoothly. We even met her mother and I was able to rub a blanket on her to get her scent to ease with transition. Margaret even sent me pictures and videos before she was ready to be picked up which I greatly appreciated. Bambi is a wonderful puppy!!! Playful, loving, healthy and well socialized. We are so grateful to Margaret and Ephraim for taking good care of our little girl. We are sooo in love with her!!!

Jeanne M Ferguson

I’m so glad I found Greenfield puppies. I recently adopted a pup from Amos and Elizabeth Zook from Leola. She is a treasure! They did a wonderful job of raising her with their family. She’s friendly and playful and almost housebroken! The adoption process was easy. The breeder was very friendly and extremely helpful. I highly recommend Greenfield and will be watching for maybe a playmate for Ginger.

Lynn Hermansader

We’ve had wonderful experiences with breeders Lee and Ann Stoltzfus of Newmanstown, PA through Greenfield Puppies. Five years ago this week, we found our first mini Goldendoodle, Mason, from an internet search of puppies in the area. After seeing Mason’s adorable picture on this site, we went to the Stoltzfus’ home, met Mason, a couple of his siblings and his mom Briana. We went home with Mason that day. The sweet and highly intelligent pup showed such joy around people and pets that we sought out a brother for him. Mason and Charlie quickly bonded. After moving from the area last fall and having a large yard to run and play we thought about a possible sister for the boys. Again, checking the Greenfield site one morning we discovered that Briana had another pup, Wiggles. We called Lee and Ann Stoltzfus and asked them if they could hold her for us until we could travel there by late in the day. After picking her up that night and returning home, the boys were a little uncertain about their new and very energetic little sister. However, within 48 hours, the trio were running and playing together as if they were from the same litter. While all three (Mason, 5, Charlie 4, and Wiggles, 7 months) share the sweet, gentle personality of their mom, Briana, they each have their own fun, unique personalities. If we were ever looking for another puppy, we would definitely first check out the Greenfield site to see if Lee and Ann Stoltzfus of Newmanstown, PA, had any listed.

Kim & Ron

We picked up our Shih-Poo on February 29, 2020, and he’s perfect.  Healthy, happy, and well behaved.  Jake Stolfuz was very professional and his facilities were clean. We’ve only had our puppy 6 days and we’re totally in love with him.  His first vet visit is in 4 days and I’m expecting a clean bill of health.  Thank you Mr. Stolfuz and Greenfield Puppies, we love our new fur baby, Whiskey!

Anna Harris

I am extremely elated to have found Greenfield Puppies when I did. I had been looking for a Shih-Chon for about 6 months or more and was having a hard time finding one as a puppy. As of February 27th, I am now the proud owner of now 12 week old “Hudson” (Formerly Pete). I took a 2 hour drive to purchase Hudson from Mr. Moses Glick who was very kind, courteous and professional. I am thankful to have found him and appreciated the authenticity of the entire process. I can truly say that I am happy I made the choice that I made. Thanks Mr. Moses Glick for providing my family with our fury bundle of fun!!!

Tamika Gross

I am so happy I found Greenfieldpuppies where I found our little Jewels (aka Nell). Mr. Levi Stolzfoos was welcoming and professional and we were so pleased with our experience. We have had Jewels for 6 months now and she stole my heart from day one. She’s friendly and energetic and learns very fast which is a big plus.
She recently had a Wisdom panel DNA done by her vet as part of her health check. Her DNA pie was straight down the middle half Bichon half mini poodle. I never had any doubts but it was nice for the confirmation. The big plus, no DNA markers for diseases.