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We recently purchased our beautiful black lab puppy from greenfield puppy breeder Barbie Stoltzfus. Our experience was phenomenal . We are totally in love with our new family member. She is such a sweet loving puppy, very obedient, easily housebroken and has learned many commands in just the short week that we have had her. Thank you Barbie for allowing us to raise one your pups we will be forever grateful.

Alexandra Feathers

Cookie is so adorable! She has a great personality and instantly became a member of our family. She is really smart and people always say she is very beautiful when we go for a walk.
Rachel Ebersol has done a great job breeding such wonderful Pomskies.

Angie Sansing

In February 2016, we lost Charlie, our Rat Terrier, after 15 years. This was a big lose and we were firm on that was it. Charlie was our baby and life was not the same without him. He brought joy to the house. He made our house our home! Now without him our home seemed empty! So the itch started. After exploring several sites and visits to local kennels we stumbled across Greenfield Puppies and met Greg! Greg introduced us to Sam Fisher and Sam introduced us to Tamara Werner in the transportation department and in less than a week Greg, now named SIMON, was in his new home! He brought life back to our home! He is a bundle of energy, curious, can be a bit stubborn and seems to have a great sense of humor. We are so glad we made the decision to ask him into our home. We cannot speak highly enough about the experience we had with Sam Fisher, Tamara Werner and everyone at Greenfield Puppies. We highly recommend them.
Maryann & Gerry Dooley

Maryann & Gerry Dooley

We purchased Paisley in January 2016. Greenfield puppies did an outstanding job with communication and shipping. Our Cavapoo is now 8 months old. We could not have gotten a better puppy – she is remarkable. I thank Greenfield puppies and the breeder each and everyday for Paisley! Pic: on beach


Purchased a Boston Terrier (mother)/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (father) from Stevie S. Stoltzfus, Jr.  through Greenfield Puppies.  (Greenfield is a broker for local PA breeder.)  Stevie is located in Honey Brook, PA  19344 (  I’m giving this information because of our amazing experience and amazing dog we purchased from Stevie.

This was our first experience purchasing a puppy from Stevie.  (Although I had purchased several Boxer’s of the years from breeders in Tennessee and PA.)  We saw “Chloe’s” picture and information on Greenfield’s website.  We immediately contacted Stevie via telephone.  He was very nice and informative without hype.  We sent Stevie a check and made arrangements to pick up Chloe a week later, shortly after she was eight weeks old.

On Saturday July 2nd, 2016 we traveled from Frederick, MD to Honey Brook, PA.  Honey Brook and the surrounding area is so scenic and beautiful we fell in love with the location.  Very relaxing, calm and organic.  Stevie’s farm was also 75 acres of lush pasture set off a winding PA country road.  As we get out of the car his daughter comes running out of the barn with several puppies following behind her.  All his children then came out to great us along with all these gorgeous puppies.  It was like we were living in a Disney movie.  It was an experience that we will never forget!

Stevie gave us our puppy and all the paperwork along with the vet information and other paperwork.  All the puppies looked healthy, playful and clean.  They were well socialized and very friendly.  His beautiful children were amazing with these puppies.  It was at this point that we knew we made the right decision in purchasing Chloe from Stevie.

We now write this review after having Chloe in our home for 10 days.  She was house trained in, believe it or not, five days.  In less then 10 days she asks to go outside to relieve herself and comes to the door when she is ready to come back in.  She climbed steps at eight and a half weeks, then at nine weeks learned how to go down steps.  Now that is a smart dog!

Last Friday she had her first vet visit in Frederick, MD with an excellent vet.  She has a clean bill of heath and gained a pound and a half since we got her home.  She is eating well and is playful, happy, friendly, etc. with children, adults and other pets.  It doesn’t get better than that.

If you’re thinking of buying an amazing breed that is healthy and well socialized please consider contacting Stevie.  (He also had Cavalier/Poodles which also were extremely cute and well behaved.)  Of course a puppy “takes a village” and everyone has to pitch in to give them the attention, love and routine they need to grow up to be a happy and healthy dog.

We would purchase again from Stevie and highly recommend him to all our family and friends.  We are that confident in him as a local PA breeder.

Remo Molino

My wife and I were a young couple who needed someone to take care of back in 2004. So, we searched and found a boxer puppy that looked like a “handful.” We got more than we bargained for with the sweet, fun-loving traits of our puppy, Newman. He was energetic, crazy…in short, about what you would expect of a boxer puppy. Newman was a fantastic companion and confidant for our family through the years. Newman’s personality was so vivacious that I have written a book about him (hoping to publish in the near future). He lived 11+ years before succumbing to the effects of degenerative myelopathy. We had such a positive experience with Newman that we decided to get another puppy through Greenfield Puppies, despite moving out of the southeastern Pennsylvania region. We brought Bosco home a few months ago. While we have the typical growing pains of puppyhood (can you say chewing?), we have been delighted with the journey we have made together thus far.

Rob Stroup

 Wonderful little girl. She is 7 months now and a pleasure. She loves to snuggle. I recommend Moses as a breeder.


 We just got him yesterday and we are SO much in love with him already! The breeder, Sam did a wonderful job keeping us up-to-date on where he was at with getting Cookie ready to come to us and the shipping crew kept us up to date on the flight when it got delayed. Even though the flight got pushed a little, we couldn’t be happier with the newest member of our family!

Kaleena Frankulin

We purchased our Labradoodle puppy when he was 9 weeks old;he is now 3 years old! Simba (a/k/a Patrick) is such a wonderful addition to our family. He is happy, well behaved, smart, and extremely healthy. I can’t thank you enough!


 We bought Nyala 2 yrs ago coming up in October. She has been awesome and have not had any health problems with her. I cannot remember the name that we got her from but he was great. I do know her fathers name was Dingo Isth Von Der Blanka. I highly recommend this website to help find your new family member and will continue to use them when trying to find another member of our family

Brittney Ray

I just wanted to come back to the website and thank you so much for providing reputable breeders and being so wonderful. The picture attached is actually an engagement photo, including our 1.5yr old pup, Winston. He is an absolute delight. His temperament is perfect and he is so kind. He loves us more than we probably know; and we know the feeling is mutual. He loves everyone, including small children and other dogs. He is so smart and we love him more each day. Thank you!

Renee & Mike

Cali is now 2 years old. She was born 6/15/14 purchased from Greenfield puppies. She is being trained for wilderness tracking and will be certified this summer. She has recently. Passed the AKC Canine good citizen test. She is an awesome person i mean dog. Instinctively calms special needs kids and makes them smile.

Stephen Bohr

Today we picked up the new addition to our family. A Shichon puppy we named Jax (aka Kenny). He is the most wonderful dog. Sweet, lovable, playful and fit right in with our other animals. The whole family just loves him. Thank you Lizzy Stoltzfus for such a sweet little pup.


I picked up my Cavachon puppy Bentley (named by breeder Bruce) from Levi in Mannheim, after speaking on the phone few days prior. Levi showed me both the parents which are living with him on the farm. It was important to me because I wanted to make sure that my puppy won’t be on the larger size of the breed. Our puppy was up-to-date with shots and dewormer and we also received a 30 day guarantee which Levi was very committed to. Our puppy did end up having some sort of a parasite, but with medication and attention by a vet, he is now doing well. Levi sent me a check for the entire vet fees that it cost to rid of the parasite. I must say he stood by his word and when it is time to come and get Bentley a sister, I am coming back to Levi for sure. Thank you Levi for your being a man of your word. I am sure to tell everyone to come and get their Cavachon babies from you.

Limor Guttman

We had a great and easy experience adopting our little muffin! Aaron was so flexible, kind, and willing to work with us. We have had a wonderful experience with our baby, Waffles, ever since we brought him home. He is upbeat, super healthy and lovable. We couldn’t be happier and would recommend Aaron Stoltzfus to anyone!!


Erika and Eric

we have a million joys with teddy at home!! thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity!!soon send their pictures is in school and doing very well



 Awesome so far! His name was originally Warren But we renamed him to Jackson! I love him so much.

Jamell Glover

I picked up my puppy Ruby (original name Priscilla) from Stephen Stoltzfoos last week and I couldn’t be happier! The moment I saw her picture online, I called and sent a deposit to hold her. Stephen was able to hold her for me until I was able to make the drive out to Ephrata. Stephen was so delightful to work with. He answered any questions I had! Upon arriving to his home, I was greeted by his daughter and wife who were so sweet and friendly! Their property was absolutely beautiful, well maintained, and clean! That reassured me I was taking home a well taken care of puppy. Having Ruby home now has been wonderful! She is one happy and HEALTHY pup! I took her to the vet the other day and the veterinarian told me she is perfect! I highly recommend Stephen for quality puppies and will be sure to pass his name along! Thank you again!!

Christina G.

 We just bought a cavachon puppy that we named (Ivy) 4 days ago on our anniversary and we got her checked from our vet today. Besides having a heart murmur that is very common in puppies and most grow out of them, she is in perfect health. We could not be more happier with having her. She is a perfect playmate for our other cavachon puppy and she fits right in with our family. She is very sweet, friendly, playful, and loves to be loved. We can tell that she was handled a lot before we took her home and taken care of since she loves to be petted and cuddled. We are so happy that we found her and she was available. I would buy from this site again if we ever want another puppy. Thanks so much for the service and kindness.

Tracy Walls

Meet Koko who is 7 years old. We purchased her from David Foster in 2009. She was a beautiful pup; intelligent, easy to train, and healthy ( have only needed to keep up with her shots and regular vet visits). I made the decision to train Koko as a therapy dog due to wonderful calm, approachable, non-aggressive demeanor. Koko has brought our family much joy, she also thinks she is a lap dog!

Jackie Dieterich

I got Dixie, now named Honey on 2-13-2016 and I just love her to pieces, she’s very smart and growing nicely. Our vet said she was in good health and looked to be well cared for. The person we got her from Jacob Stoltzfus was helpful, open and honest…my kind of people. The puppy was raised around his family and his children which is something I liked a lot. The children were there when we went to get her, they played with her and again I liked that a lot. I would send friends to this person for puppies and I would go back if ever I wanted another. It was a over-all good surroundings for puppies and I am glad I found it. Honey is now about 6 months old, picture in-closed, and she is spoiled and loved a lot. Thanks to Jacob and his family for raising and treating the puppies he breeds the right way. Way to go Jacob !!!

Sandra Johnson

We welcomed Mick into our home after we lost my jack Russell of 15 years he has brought our family so much joy and helped our hearts heal after the lost of our JRT … Was very nice working with the Zimmerman Family

Kristen & Dave

I was originally looking to rescue a Pom after losing our last one and wasn’t able to find one. Decided on a puppy. I called Kathryn. The entire transaction went very smooth and this pup was everything advertised. Very socialized and just a complete joy. Went for out first visit and perfectly healthy. Still has her dew claws. If I ever want another puppy, I’d go back to this breeder in a heartbeat. To me it was important to see the puppy in person, and while it wasn’t a short drive, it was definitely worth the trip. Brenna, took to our Golden immediately and I couldn’t be happier!

Christine F

I bought a female Red Heeler from Steven Stoltzfus in Paradise, Pa. My baby is about 7 months old now and she is a great dog! She is healthy, has a great temperment, smart, easy to train, and loves other dogs. When I bought her she was with her mom and other pups in the litter. I wanted to watch how they all interacted so I could pick the puppy best for me, but she came up and licked my face and i knew right away she was the one! She had an umbilical hernia when I got her, and Mr. Stoltzfus was very open and honest about the condition, which he talked to the vet about, and even sold me to her for cheaper to compensate for the surgery she will need. She was up to date on all her shots as well.


This is Olive! We were apprehensive about getting a dog from here, but now we couldn’t recommend them any higher! Our experience was wonderful! We love our little girl and she’s quite spoiled! When we add our next family member, it will certainly be through Greenfield Puppies!!

Lydia & Lindsay
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