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We bought Lizzy five years ago from Gap,PA. She was instantly the happiest puppy ever. She has a personality the size of a large dog and is 9 pounds of energy and love. A lot of people say “make sure you adopt buying a puppy is bad”. However, Lizzy was raised with her litter and mom until she was 9 weeks old and it made it easier for her to potty train (because mother train their puppies to go outside) and she was loved and well taken care of. She likes to play ball and go for rides in the basket on the bike. She also likes to play with the two toddlers in the house which is rare for yorkies to like children (another bonus of adopting from GFP) she was used to children with the family she was raised with. Highly recommend the puppies from this site!


I selected a puppy from the Stoltzfus family and couldn’t have been happier! After a 2 1/2 hr ride from New Jersey I arrived at a private home where I found a clean family environment with a happy, healthy, well socialized puppy wailing for me!! This baby is calm, friendly and playful!! My family and I want to thank you for caring for our puppy til she found her way home to us.


Hazelnut is a joy and a delight. She arrived on time and happy! Thank you Greenfield Puppies for your services. And thanks to the breeder to, Abram Stoltzfus. Our family loves our new puppy!

Toni Neubacher

We have had Bear for 1 month now and could’nt be happier!! He is a great addition to our family. Thanks!!

Lori Pici

My GSD from Honey Brook all grown up.


Today is Freyja’s very first birthday, and since we brought her home on May 6, 2014, she’s been nothing but a bundle of joy and love. She’s a beloved member of our family, and thank you so much for helping us find each other. The Burke Family

Christine Burke

Nik is our shiba Inu who is turning 3 this week. We got him through greenfield puppies website. We love him very much. He was strong headed and high energy at first but we worked through it and he is so good now (we are first time dog owners so learned a lot). Shibas are awesome. Nik is very loyal, clean, fun, great security dog, protective, bonded closely with us, and beautiful! He is perfect for us!


On 1/31/15 we brought home a Sheltie/Chihuahua/Blue Heeler mix Tessie and renamed her Jinx (she’s already learned her name at this point). She’s a wonderful little thing at 11 weeks she’s 8.2lbs, plays nicely by herself (which is great for when we need to crate her), well on her way to being crate and potty trained. Very intelligent- learned very quickly how to open her crate door in order to get something inside, has almost completely mastered Sit and Come already, got over her fear of stairs, goes up and down them like a pro). Very quiet unless in play mode (then you see the hearding instinct come out when playing with other dogs) in which case she can be pretty annoying haha but we’re working on it. Very friendly with both dogs and humans- when she’s unsure her little ears move back but she allows everyone to introduce themselves and say hello and once she’s comfortable they go forward and she’s in their lap. As far as we can tell, no shedding (she is a short hair) but she does have some dandruff. Very sweet and affectionate, confident and loves to explore. We were goners the day we brought her home. I know every dog is different but I would definitely reccomend a Sheltie mix. The only gamble with a mix is not knowing for sure how big she’ll get (mom was supposedly around 20lbs- they hadn’t weighed her recently Elmer said- and the father was an unknown factor, assumed to be a Blue Heeler because of the puppies coats). She didn’t come with her 8 week shots or dewormer even though she was 8 weeks when we got her but that’s a problem with the Breeder, not her. So far, her first vet visit came back with a clean bill of health- fingers crossed it stays that way. For a first experience with the site we would probably try the site again when we are ready to enlarge our little family, and I have recommended it to friends but I did tell them that prices are allowed to fluctuate according to Breeders preference (something we didn’t know) and Elmer Ronks even though we love Jinxie to pieces, I don’t think we’d go through him again. We didn’t run into bad conditions at any of the properties we visited and he and his family were very nice, but just be aware of things like checking the mother on property matches the mother on the page (if there’s a photo), that the puppy is actually up to date on shots (we were told 10 weeks was her next set but she actually needed her 8 weeks), and be aware that price could drop right after you purchase your puppy if they aren’t selling the way the breeder hoped. (Money that we could’ve put towards her things and missing shots- he did offer to give us the difference if we drove up there, but a 6hr trip would use most of the money up in gas). But we love her and wouldn’t trade her for the world! Just, we’d definitely visit a different breeder if there’s a next time.

Alyssa A.

This is Piper we bought on January 2, from Benjamin King. She is such a delight. We love her so much. Already at 16 weeks she is so loving and smart, I don’t what I’d do without her. We already want to add another to keep her company. This is a great sight to find the perfect puppy. We will definitely recommend your sight and use it again ourselves.


For Christmas my husband Jake gave me this beautiful Portuguese Water Dog puppy and I kept his name Noel, which the breeder named him 🙂 he is a very good puppy and went to training lessons, and he has learned many puppy manners! Me and my husband spoil him rotten and my four yr old son, Tim, feeds Noel treats right out of the box! Thanks so much, Greenfield Puppies, and the breeder, I don’t know what i would without peachy pooch, Noel!

Hannah Esposito

Crocket became a part of the family a year ago and couldn’t be happier! Emmanuel King was prompt with answering any questions or concerns I had during the adoption process. Thank you for helping us find the missing piece to our family!


We found Bridget now Shelby from Lester Wenger. So happy we went to this site! She has been such a sweetheart, easy to train and has given us so much fun and laughs. She is 7 months now and at 23 pounds thinks she is a perfect lap dog Thinking about giving her a sister so Lester we might be seeing you sometime! Thanks Greenfield Puppies!


We bought Harley December 24th, 2014 from Elmer Zook & so far he has been a complete delight to our family. He was perfectly healthy when we got him besides a little tapeworm which we got fixed right away. He’s the happiest little puppy & totally completes our family. Thank you Greenfield Puppies!

Ornella V

We are so happy we chose Greenfield Puppies to search for our little Papillon, Chester. He’s added so much happiness to our life and is the sweetest little guy – Healthy, happy and so much fun! Thanks so much to the King family!! We can’t imagine our life without our little boy.

M Walker

My Rocko. I purchased him from a breeder in PA from this site in May 2014. He is the best pet ever. He is raised with a Yorkie Poo as well. He is protective and very smart.

Nicole Tisdale

We bought Delilah for our daughter as a Christmas present back in December. They moved back to college together a couple of weeks ago. They are very happy! Delilah is great company and a very smart girl! Everyone comments on how pretty she is and how smart too! Thanks for helping us find her!


Our family got our beagle puppy Dillon (now called Boo) from Steve Zook. We are so happy with the puppy, he is healthy and happy!

Eva Cerreta

Duchess is such a great dog. She’s now 9 months old and she’s so much bigger than that little pup we got back in June 2014. We got her from Rueben King who was a very kind gentleman. The mother was a great, calm German Shepherd. The vets love Duchess, she’s so healthy, and this dog will never stop impressing me.


I recently bought Savanah at 8 weeks a little of a week ago. I am beyond thrilled she is really smart. Almost fully housetraiend. And is learning commands. He loves everyone and can play for hours. I adopted her off of Aaron and Sara Esh and couldnt have been any better. They were extremely friendly. The puppies were playful and healthy. No bad words for them. Of the chance every came up again I would defenitly get another puppy from them. I highly highly recommend them!

Joshua Robacker

I purchased Giggles (name changed to Kee_kee) from John Beiler a couple of weeks ago. Mr. Beiler and his wife were very nice and answered any questions that I had. I took Kee-Kee to the vet where she received a clean bill of health. She is now 11 wks old and weighs 1.5 lbs. She has been a little bundle of joy! Many thanks to the Beiler’s for such a loving puppy.

Thank you Greenfield Puppy for my best friend. I never imagined myself with a dog and now I can not express the joy Zoey has brought to me and my family. We purchased Zoey from Sam Fisher in PA 1 year ago. She was named Penny when we met her but we decided to name her Zoey. Sam Fisher was very polite and answered my many questions. Zoey is a healthy dog and does not have any problems. She is funny and very loving.


On January 24, 2015 we came to Lizzy Stoltfus for a Shichon. Her name was Janet. We brought her home, changed her name to Wynter (after the snow, wintery cold day). She is a complete joy! We absolutely love her. Lizzy invited us in her home where we met our little puppy and she was very nice and helpful. We highly recommend her to any one looking for a forever friend. Her pups are clean, well fed and cared for. I took her to her first vet appt today and we learned she is very healthy and we should have many happy years with her. Thank you Lizzy!!

Daniel and Darla Carey

My name was Landon my birthday was Sept 19,2014 and Nov 14, 2014 I found my forever home.. They did change my name to Rudy..  I love my new mommy & daddy.. they take me every where  and I am going to the beach this fall.. my big brother Milo went all the time and he loved it.. they have me very spoiled. . But that is what I Am for..  So thank the Lapp family for a very sweet baby..

My husband and I recently adopted a boxer puppy from Aaron and Sarah Esh in Bird in Hand, PA, and we couldn’t be happier! Aaron and Sarah were wonderful in coordinating a time for us to come visit and were very welcoming when we arrived. The puppies were well cared for and full of energy! We are so happy to add Sinclair, who we renamed “Rocky,” to our family. We absolutely recommend Aaron and Sarah to anyone looking for a puppy!

Lisa and Jay Pierce

We bought Rowan (originally named Barley) about 3 weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier. He is so very laid back, sweet, and smart! He’s currently 14 weeks old and is growing fast. I’m so pleased with the breeder and our experience with Greenfield Puppies. Maybe we got lucky, but we ended up with an amazing new family member!

Sarah Brown
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