Greenfield Puppies Reviews

We love dogs and people and people with dogs.

We bought Riley, her previous name was Tabby from a family in Pennsylvania. Riley is such a loving, friendly dog. I couldn’t picture my life without her!

Katie Hutson

I have Braxston since September of 2012, He is a joy to have in my home. he loves to travel in the car, and spend time on the beach for our early morning walks on Fire Island, NY. the breeder was so easy to work with. I love the breed. They are quick to learn, and seem to be very attentive to their surroundings to things that are happening around them. Braxston is so good with all people he meets. As well as other dogs, he just wants to play. I am so pleased that I have him. Keeps my very busy, and I love it. and him as well

Raymond L Prevost

Tank is the second german shepherd we have purchased from Mrs. Barbara Stoltzfus. We have dealt with her and her family for the past 3 years. She was kind enough to call us the day the litter was born, and was more than willing to call us back every few days to let us know how the pups are doing. We actually went a few weeks early to pick out our new pup knowing we couldn’t bring him home for a few more weeks. We have made the drive from Pittsburgh twice now in two weeks and finally brought him home. As pleased as I am with the quality of Barbara’s german shepherds, The quality of attention and kindness that her and her family have shown us means even more. I would recommend them as breeders to anyone who would want a german shepherd. For those of you that are leary about buying a dog from a puppy mill, you can rest assure that this is not one. The pups are truly family raised along side children and other animals. I will look forward to dealing with Barbara and her family again in the future.

Nick and Krista

I just wanted to send a quick email letting you know that we purchased a shichon puppy named Chuck from the Esh family, and he is the best thing that ever happened to us!  The purchase process was very easy, the Esh family seems very kind and compassionate, “Chuck” was very clean and well taken care of, AND easy to train after a few days of having him home!  Thank you for your your service and the Esh Family!

Jennifer Yacoub

We love her. She is the best little girl! She is helping me make my world whole again.

Gloria Lowell

Picked up this great puppy from Chris Kauffman of Christiana, PA. Willow is a sweat dog, and Chris is a great guy. She’s been checked by a vet who found her happy and healthy.

Jim Carlson

On July 13, 2013, I found the second love of my life! My 5 year old son wanted a puppy and after a year of discussions about responsibility, I felt it was time. I took the 2 hour drive to Holtwood, Pa and met a very kind family that raised my lil’ guy and he was so sweet, healthy and very loving! I thank the Fisher Family & Greenfield Puppies for our new addition, we are very blessed!!!


My daughter begged for puppy and after a long search I found Greenfield Puppies. We selected a cocker spaniel as the dog we wanted and then I found a breader close to my home and set out to visit. I was extremely pleased with the condition of the puppies and the price. We were able to have the first pick of the litter, and my daughter selected “our Bella”. Our Bella is 2 and we love her more and more each day. She is very healthy and she has no behavior issues.Bella is not a dog to us she is part of our family.I am so thankful for Bella to be with us .


I got my Chole February 26 ,2013 she has been a blessing to are family I never imagined something so small could bring so much love to are home I got her as a Valentine’s day gift from my husband, and I can’t image life with out my love bug Chole

Catherine Burgett

We recently purchased a female shepherd mix pup from the Esch family in Strasburg, PA. She is our nine year-old son’s first dog and he has named her Miki. She is so smart and such a handsome dog; a joy to have around. So happy we found her on your site 🙂 Thank you!


3 2 weeks ago I purchased Jojo from Joyce Cann in Coatesville, PA and he is a blessing. He is so playful and happy. He follows me everywhere. I took him to the vet for shots and the vet said he was healthy and perfect. I am extremely happy with my new puppy and would recommend to purchase from Joyce Cann.

Barb Johnson

Thank you Eva Weaver for an amazing little puppy! We’ve had Sammy for almost a week and have fallen head over heels for him. He is alert, sweet, healthy and adorable. Eva was a wonderful breeder and we are very grateful! Thank you!!

Kristen & Tony

We would love to thank greenfield puppies and Mr. Rieff in Denver Pa for our beautiful baby girl Sophie. She has been a healthy, loving, obedient easy to train puppy since our drive home. Thank you so much for making our life and Sophie’s life much better! The pic of Sophie was taken 6-30-13 she is 7 months now. Thank you guys once again, we will be back for another puppy soon!

The Sullender Family

When we lost our Labrador Retriever in January, we didn’t think we could love another dog like we did the lab. Then came Gracie. We got her from David King in Paradise and it was the best decision we made. She has been a real pleasure to have in our home. She is so sweet, lovable and has a calm demeanor and she LOVES to cuddle. Thank you so much David King for raising a wonderful puppy.

Kristy Barulich

We couldn’t be happier with our new puppy. She has a great temperment and very loving. Would recommend Leroy Beiler as a breeder to anyone; very knowledgable, respectful and cared for his dog and pups. We took her to the vet the same day we picked her up and they said she was a healthy, good looking Doberman.

Justin & Katie Culler

We adopted Cooper from Christopher Blank in Gap, PA. Cooper came to us happy and healthy! He was well taken care of and his mom was right there to say her good bye. He was a wonderful disposition and we are in love! We would use Greenfield puppies again.

Nina McCloskey

Hello to the Wonderful People at Greenfield Puppies!
It’s now been over three years since I first discovered you and you forever changed my life for the better. Back in 2010 I was on the hunt for my first puppy. I knew I wanted a hypoallergenic breed, a female, and one that wouldn’t be too big, as at the time I was in school in Massachusetts and would have my pup on the road with me for the trips between home in New Jersey and school. When I found your website, I spent weeks browsing the pages, researching different breeds, and trying to find the perfect puppy to bring into my life. And there, one day, she was.

Posted on your site was a little of Eskipoo puppies that immediately stole my heart. I called their breeder, Amos King, and arranged to come pick her up just days later, as soon as she was old enough to leave her mother. I’ll never forget the day we drove up to Gordonville, PA and picked up my best friend.

From the minute I saw her, and changed her name to Zoey, I fell in love. Mr. King was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions that I had as a first time dog owner. He made sure that we had the food she was used to to take home with us, knew about the shots and deworming she had had so far, and then we were on our way.

Zoey was perfect from the second we got in the car. She passed out on my lap and laid there the entire two hour drive back, barely making a sound. As she grew up, Zoey was so easy to train and seemed to get sweeter by the day. The hyper puppy turned into a mellow and always lovable mush.Zoey is the type of dog you could take food out of her mouth and she would barely react, you could pick her up while she’s dead asleep and she’s just get comfortable somewhere else. Unless puppy kisses are your kryptonite, Zoey is literally the most harmless and warm hearted dog I’ve ever been around. She even converted my parents who never wanted a dog in their lives into completely obsessed grandparents to their grandpup! So now, three years later, I needed to reach out and say a HUGE thank you for connecting me with my baby girl!


Bella is a playful puppy. She is 3 years old. She is cuddly and fluffy! She is very loyal and knows when you are sad and knows how to make you smile! Bella does not bite and is very good with kids. Bella was a great addition to our family!


I absolutely love Snickers, When I first bought her she was named Lizzie and fit in my palm. It been almost a year and she has brought nothing but joy to my household.

Jasmine Quier

We wanted to say that our experience was a wonderful one. When we started to think about getting a puppy for our daughter’s sweet 16 birthday, our family would browse Greenfield Puppies regularly. One day, we were out for a nice breakfast on a day off, and my daughter called the Lapp family in Manheim, Pa. and asked if we could just come and see the puppies. There was an 8 week old litter that belonged to Mrs. Lapp’s brother (who was out of town working) and we had not made any arrangements for a puppy. Mrs. Lapp said that her dog had a litter of puppies that were 2 1/2 weeks old. We put down a deposit to hold a puppy, and my daughter was promised that she would have the pick of the litter when the puppies were 5 weeks old. We went back at that time and Kayla was able to sit down with the entire litter and when she called out the name, “Toby” (the name which she had picked out), a frisky little fellow who happened to be the smallest out of the bunch, came running and wagging his tail. We were in love! 3 weeks later we picked up our little guy and he has become such a wonderful part of our family. The breeder touched base with us to make sure we had received Toby’s paperwork, and even gave us a refund for a minor antibiotic and ear wash that Toby needed for his ears. It was nothing serious, and our vet says his ears are fine, he is growing nicely, and in his words, “Perfect!” Toby is 3 months old now and is just about house trained, loves going bye bye in the car, enjoys his “Cousin Shih Tzu Charlie” (who is 3 years old), is social and pleasant. He is even becoming a little watchdog…sitting in the door and making his presence known to our neighbors! Thanks for the information which led us to a wonderful family who cared for their puppies and made our purchase and new addition to the family a very pleasant experience.

The Pringle Family


Just wanted to express how grateful my husband and I are for your service.  This is Juliette, formally Dorothy. The first photo is when she was 12 weeks of age when we adopted her.   She was the only one left of a cockapoo litter in Peach Bottom.  The second photo is of her now, with her big brother Romeo, she will be 1yr old this month.  Can’t believe how much she has grown.  Thank You again to help bless us with another fur baby.  Highly recommend your website to anyone else looking for a pup.

Marc and Cindy C.

Marc and Cindy C

Stossi was born on April 5th and is the perfect little girl! She is very sweet and in love with our 2 year old daughter. Stossi is also very smart and has already learned to sit and lay down on command. We couldn’t be any happier with our experience with the Smucker family and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy. They were very accommodating and gave us the perfect addition to our family. Thank you Greenfield Puppies!


We brought Moses home last week and couldn’t be happier. His breeder (Levi Blank) was a pleasure to work with and clearly took excellent care of him. We got to see both of our puppy’s parents and siblings when we picked him up. Thank you, Greenfield, for helping us give Moses a forever home!

Anderson Family

What can I say about The Cookie Monster. He is the best dog there is. He is so playful and energetic. He is a crazy little man. We recently started calling him Cookie Monster because he is like a little monster running around! He steals all my things and sneak attacks you. We love him more than anything. We lost our puppy Brisco (Chihuahua) to a birth defect that caused seizures a couple weeks before we got Cookie. It was very hard loosing him but Cookie warmed our hearts and made everything possible again. He has us smiling everyday. We are so very thankful he is ours and is very healthy!

Brielle Blemle

He’s a great puppy, playful, smart a joy to have around.