Greenfield Puppies Reviews

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Wonderful experience! They were in contact from start to finish! Greenfield puppies is the best! Sammy’s favorite passtime is sleeping! He still has his baby blanket that greenfield puppies sent with him! Had first vet visit yesterday – Healthly baby boy! Thanks Greenfield Puppies for our new bundle of joy!

Judy Belval

We got two dogs through this site who are wonderful!!! Our beautiful corgi is 2 and our mini is 1. Everyone who meets them thinks they are awesome and want to know where we found them. We love referring people to this site and have had friends purchase dogs from the breeders on this site too. We have never had any problems with either of our girls and have not heard any complaints from our friends either. If you’re on the fence about using this site we would say do it and you won’t regret it! Thanks so much for the joy this site has brought to so many people 😀

Jared and Alyssa

My Puppy was named Benji we brought him from Sam Stolzfus in Litiz, PA. We love our Puppy his new name is Milo he is now eight months old and is in perfect health. He is so loveable and enjoyable we are now in the process of purchasing our 2nd Shih Tzu from Mary Zook in Quarryville. Pa it’s a female will send a follow up Report later. Thanks Greenfield Puppies:)

Kim & Indyah Brown

This picture is from the first day we got him. I drove 3 hours from new jersey to get him on september 9th 2011. He is an amazing puppy i couldnt have asked for a better selection. I will get him another brother or sister from you guys. Thanks <3

Sandra Valdes

We got Boomer 1 month ago from Jen-Air Acres. He is a great addition to our family and a very well-behaved puppy!

Shelby Hamilton

The greatest puppy ever. Greenfield Puppies was fantastic. We received Stanley August 2011 and he looked like he traveled first class when he arrived.

Gary Fradkin

I am SOOO in love with our new puppy, now called Wilson, and I believe he loves us too. I was extremely nervous about having Wilson shipped to us, but Shawn was very helpful and reassuring. He does an amazing job caring for the puppy’s travel and making sure he had everything he needed. I highly recommend using GFP to get your new puppy to you safely.

Judie Angell

We purchased our German Shepherd puppy Vince who we have since renamed Bear at 8 weeks from Paul Garman. The breeder was friendly and the farm was clean .The Breeder explained to me the health guarantee, advised me that if we were not happy with the puppy we could return him and gave me a health report from his veterinarian. Bears litter was the only litter on the farm. This was not puppy mill. The day after we picked up Bear he was checked out by our veterinarian and was found to be in perfect health. We are very happy with our new puppy and would recommend Paul Garman from East Earl, PA. as a breeder.


Update on Daisy Mae (Anita from Emanuel). We brought this lil Doll home two weeks ago today. She is doing great….the family are crazily in love with her! Our daughter had to buy her an Easter dress, so she is wearing her (pink daisy) Easter dress with matching “ear” bows. She settled right in…loves her new home, and pretty much runs the place! Ha! She has lots of cool toys, too. We got her a stuffed Easter bunny, and she loves to play (and chew) with it. We are potty training, and it is going well. She is the same color as our cat, Jacob, and they play together, although Jacob the cat has seniority, and let’s her know who the boss is. She had her Vet check up on Monday, the Vet said that she is in excellent health. She is playful, busy,adorable, funny, stubborn, and bossy (the herding part of her); she likes Mike and I to be in the same room with her, so if we are in different rooms, she’ll  come and try to “push” us together into the same room. She plays with our lil grand sons every day, and they are all tired after a full day of playing. They don’t want to go home (they live next door on our ranch); they just want to play with Daisy. The Vet said her weight is perfect, and she is getting a little chubby, so now, she has that “waddle” to her when she walks around, which is so cute. She was right about 7 pounds at her check up.  She is so active, she is really keeping us on our toes. We need the exercise, anyway, so we enjoy playing ball in the front yard. She has learned to fetch the ball, she rolls a plastic bowl around the house and has a blast doing that, she has an old baby rattle from when the grand kids were little, so she loves to play with it since it makes the rattle sound, and it has a mirror on one side, so when she sees herself, she jumps on it and barks. So cute! She loves to play tug-o-war with her rope toys and a pair of socks we tied knots in so she can grasp them and pull. We are so happy with this little lady; she has made our lives complete. She insists on going to bed around 9:00, so she’ll stand at the hallway and look at us as if saying “Well, it’s bedtime, are you coming?” Too cute. She sleeps on her back between us all night, and in the morning when the alarm sounds, she is all over us to get up and play. She has her potty break outside first, and then its “game on”. We feel so blessed that we found the web site and were able to make this lil precious girl a part of our family. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for making it happen for us! We will be forever grateful. We love our Daisy Mae, and she loves us back. She is the perfect addition to our family! We will recommend Greenfield to everyone!!!! Thanks again!!

Mike and Lynette Lockard and Daisy Mae - Salinas, CA

Thank you Jenn for JenAir Acres for our sweet baby girl Ella. She is the first Aussie I have ever owned. She is the sweetest and smartest puppy we have ever owned. You can tell that Jenn loves her dogs, they are her babies and each one is special. Thank you Greenfield Puppies for leading me to our newest family member.

Sue Stoak

Thank you so much Greenfield puppies for providing this service we found the perfect puppy. Our family dog also a black lab, passed away recently at the age of 13, our hearts ached for him, the kids were wanting to get a new puppy and we found this wonderful site, picked out the puppy for us and took a beautiful ride thru the Lancaster area to meet our new guy… he is very healthy, and very sweet great temperment and all around a joy. Thank you to the David Stolzfus family for their hospitality and this wonderful puppy we love him ! (my sister and my best friend also purchased puppies thru Greenfield puppies, a German Shepard, and a Boxer all in great health and great temperments) Thank you again !

Jennifer Sterner

Thank You Matthew Stoltzfus for Lacy. Her new name is Claudia Joy (CJ). She is such a well adjusted puppy. Curious but not afraid of new things.


Dear Daniel Stoltzfus I wanted to thank you for Ranger. His new name is Chevy. Chevy is great. He’s very smart he learns things quickly. Marco and i are very happy to him. Chevy comes with me everywhere he love ridding in the car and he loves when i take him places specially the pet shop. Chevy has been such a great addition to our lives. Thank you GREENFIELD PUPPIES and Daniel Stoltzfus for our new baby.

Diana & Marco

We just wanted to Thank You so much for our new Goldendoodle puppy named Koda. Without you we would have never found Dave Fisher the breeder we purchased Koda from. He was so sweet and helpful. I took Koda to the vet for his first visit the day after I picked him up and he was in PERFECT health. The vet even commented on what good care was taken of him. He had no worms, fleas, nothing. Just a perfectly healthy puppy! I have had Koda for about 3 weeks now and he is just a joy to my family. Everywhere I go people comment on how cute he is and he already has learned how to sit! I would recommend this sight to anyone looking to find a healthy puppy. When I am ready to find Koda a friend I will def be back to this site to find him one.

Nicole - Delaware

We got a Cavapoo from Rachel in Coatesville, PA. When I saw Roxy (now her name is Oreo) I fell in love with her so we drove almost two hours to go see her, and when we arrived the first thing we saw was Oreo running towards us so I was more in love with her. Oreo is a very playful, loving, smart puppy she is now almost 4 months old. Me and my husband are super happy with Oreo, and she is very spolied. Thanks Greenfield puppies.

Marielba and Jacob

Sean thank you so much for dealing with such a nervous and anxious mommy to be!!!! We love bean and so do our other two dogs. He has already filled the void of our latest lose. I will be recommending your company however I think you need to reconsider switching to another more responsible airline. Thank you so very much!!!

Marianne and Brian SK, RI

We found our adorable Keeshond puppy on and couldn’t be happier. Barley is a healthy, sweet, and playful 10 week old puppy. The breeder, Steve Laap was nothing but nice and his farm where little Barley grew up was absolutley beautiful. It was very clean and welcoming. I have only good things to say about the entire Greenfield puppy expierience and would absolutely recomend them to find your perfect puppy. We look forward to a long, happy and healty life with Barley. Thank You Greenfield.


In the spring of 2010, I had just lost my golden of ten years very suddenly, and the void that she left was enormous. So after a lot of research on very healthy, smart and personable dogs, i settled on a pom and started looking through the Greenfield Puppies website. I came across a few of Levi Kauffman’s pomeranians and one named “Rosie” caught my eye– I contacted Mr. Kauffman and arranged to drive the two hours out to Honeybrook to go see her. Upon getting there, I was stricken by how clean and nice the facilities were. There were several poms running in a fenced-in paddock looking happy and in good weight, enjoying the sun. Mr. Kauffman took me up into the barn (which was incredibly well lit, spacious, clean and opened up to allow in fresh air)and I got to hold and play with the puppies, ultimately falling in love with “Rosie”, putting down a deposit and arranging to come back and get her in a week’s time. that was the longest week of my life! The second I picked he r up, I began her transformation into the most spoiled little dog ever. The vet has given her a clean bill of health every time we’ve seen her, and is super impressed by her social personality, especially for a little dog. Her name is now Lily, and I couldn’t love her any more if I tried. This dog is my baby. She’s sugar-sweet, super smart and everyone who meets her falls in love with her amazing personality. She loves to sleep next to her mommy on the bed, wear her little pink sweaters out on walks and play with the other puppies at the dog park. Thank you Mr. Kauffman and Greenfield Puppies for leading me to my precious baby, the most important little girl in this world to me.

Rachel Taylor

I got Paisley 3 weeks ago and she was in great shape. She is an awesome dog and the breeders were so friendly. We got her from Sadie and Elam King. She has been such a great addition to our lives.She recently got her ears cropped and she is doing great.

Danielle Marut

Thank you GREENFIELD PUPPIES so much for giving us the tools to find the perfect addition to our family. Chloe is the most lovable, playful ball of energy you will ever meet. David Fisher owner of End-O-Lane Kennels was great to work with on this adoption. Shawn and his family from Greenfield Puppies were unbelievable to work with. Shawn helped us get Chloe from PA to ME and it wasn’t an easy task. The weather was not on our side but after a few false starts and a couple of days it happened; we got to finally meet our beloved Chloe. THANK YOU David, Shawn, Hostetter Family for helping to make our family complete!! P.S. As I type Chloe is keeping my feet warm by laying across them taking a morning nap 🙂

Jeff, Dena & Shayla

I got my Siberian Husky Puppy last week and it’s been a blessing since. most importantly, the puppy is healthy and the breeder took good care of him. My Fiance and I Loves him and soo Happy to have him part of our life. after 2 days he started feeling comfortable with us and now he already knows his new name and (almost)house broken. it was great experiance for sure.


Many thanks to Greenfield Puppies for helping us find the perfect puppy. We tried to find a rescue dog and filled out several applications. Those attempts were unsuccessful because either the foster home decided to keep the dog or because the dog offered to us was not the kind we requested. Then we stumbled across GFP. Their website put us in touch with David King of Manheim, PA. David and his wife and children had a litter of black lab/mix puppies for sale that we found adorable. I immediately called and spoke with David and made arrangements to view “Biscuit”. I offered to make a deposit on the puppy since we are from Massachusetts and it would be a few days before we could get there. He declined the offer and held him for us since we sounded sincerely interested and would be making the long trip to view him. Long story short, we found the perfect dog to replace our beloved Lab we lost a year and a half ago. We have renamed our puppy “Moxie”. Thank you GFP an d David King and family.

George and Linda Munson - Westhampton, MA

Thanks to Greenfield Puppies and Amos and Leah Ebersol over at the Welsh Mountain Farm for our puppy Baily. Bailey was the last one out of the bunch to get chosen. On our drive back to Brooklyn he walked over to me and layed his head on my arm and we have been inseparable ever since that day. Bailey has so much personality, he loves to get his belly rubbed he lives for that. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him instantly. Thanks again!

Jarette & Shawn

We traveled from CT to Lancaster, PA to pick up 2 female sibling Golden Labradors from breeder Mervin Smucker. Named Siena & Ziva (mother Sierra, father Benji) & now 19 months old, they are healthy, very intelligent, strong & a comical pair. They instantly filled the void left when we lost our 4th large dog. Siena & Ziva love playing together & the interaction between them is amazing to watch. They make us laugh every day! Thank you Greenfield Puppies & Mervin Smucker.

Sam & Paulette Belsito

WE just want to say that finding your website is the most awesome thing ever because it helped us bring home our new family member Shadow . We decided to get a puppy after choosing the breed we picked out the puppy we wanted and called AMOS S FISHER from RONKS PA the breeder . We traveled to his home with our family to get him and AMOS was very helpful at answering our questions as well as a wonderful dog breeder , he takes very good care of his dogs . SO WE THANK YOU FOR BRINGING US TOGETHER WITH OUR NEW BABY !!