Greenfield Puppies Reviews

We love dogs and people and people with dogs.

I purchased my Westie/Yorkie baby girl Nylah (formerly Gloria) from Naomi Stoltzfus in May of 2007.  She is the light of my life and is so healthy.  Her personality is one that shows she was raised with love around her.  She is now 2 years, almost 3 years old. Naomi was patient as I picked the new member of my family. It took me 45 minutes to select one puppy from the entire litter.  They were all so playful with each other.  One even played with a few of her children during my selection time.  It was so hard to choose just one.  But I finally did, and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.Since I purchased my girl, I have recommended Greenfield to two other friends who were looking for family-raised puppies.  They have since bought puppies (shih tzu and a boxer), and they are just as pleased as I. Greenfield puppies is the best!

Antoinette Jordan - Columbia , MD

Hello!  We adopted our shih-poo puppy from Levi Beiler this weekend. She is the most adorable and loving puppy.  Although she has only been here just two days, she has made herself right at home.  It’s like she has always been here.  I got to see all of the shihpoo puppies to choose mine, and they were all very well cared for and full
of spunk.  Without Greenfield Puppies we never would have found our  little Lily.Thank you.

Amy Weaver - Lock Haven, PA

We welcomed our new puppy into our home in August, after losing our beloved chocolate lab at 13 years of age.  We found “Asher”, who is now our “Jake” with the King family.   They welcomed my sons and I to meet all the puppies, before making our decision.  He soared through our vets evaluation who actually went to veterinary school with the vet who composed his papers.  He was evaluated as
one of the best specimens of the breed that our vet had seen in the puppies week.  His personality is inquisitive and bright.  He is a very healthy puppy, but with a mellow way about him.  What most impresses’s people who meet him is how well behaved he is!  What a great pup!  I will recommend you to anyone looking for a new puppy.

Karla, Scott, Sean, Dylan, Jake & Gertie Clark, Medford, NJ

Thank you so much! I got Faith (an adorable little pomeranian puppy) through Greenfield Puppies. I wasn’t sure about getting a puppy from a breeder at first as I usually depend on my local animal shelter for any new pets, however after my last dog Bo a pomeranian I had gotten from the shelter died, I made up my mind I couldn’t get a different breed of dog. I found Mr. Kauffman a pomeranian breeder through Greenfield Puppies and was very pleased. He keeps happy healthy pomeranians, and my new puppy Faith is no exception. I’m so happy to have had a good first experience with purchasing a puppy from a breeder.

Abigail Crone

On May 14, 2009, My Boxer, Aragorn celebrated his 6th Birthday and 6 years of blessing my life. Not a single day passes that I ever regret going to Greenfield Puppies finding my dream of a Boxer, driving to Lancaster, PA from NYC and bringing this amazing companion home into my life and all the other lives that are lucky enough to share him with me, EVERYONE, EVERYONE loves him and for this experience I thank you once again. Healthy, House Trained in his first week and never made a mistake since, sweet tempered, never, ever destroyed a single item – not shoe, slipper, toy this is everyone’s dream of a canine companion. I would love to send you an updated picture just give me an email address and please post this testimonial on your site. Thank you for bringing us together. Best Always

Woof Woof, Bill Burley & Aragorn Burley - New York, NY

Thank you so much for introducing us to Daniel Dienner.  We so enjoyed
speaking with him on the phone and going to his farm to pick out our
girl, meeting our puppies Mother, Millie, and Daniel’s Dad.  It was a
pleasure doing business with them both and our puppy is happy, healthy
and smart.  Thanks again Greenfield Puppies!!!!!!!

Penny Papreka

I just want to thank Greenfield for connecting me with a beautiful Great Dane puppy . She is amazing and is adored everywhere she goes.  I have had people asking where did you get such a great looking and healthy puppy.  Even my vet was wondering where we purchased such great qu ality in this breed. She is a celebrity in a little small town.  I just  really want to say that Greenfield puppies are a place I will refer to friends and Family.  I drove from Cape May New Jersey to Ephrata , Pa ,in the pouring rain it was a 3 hour long car ride home and the puppy formally known as Tawny  now know as Chloe was so good in the car it was incredible.  Thanks again for a great edition to my Family.

Liz Devine

We bought the boxer puppy named Cassie (renamed Lady Suzy Q).  She is wonderful.  Our vet told us she is in excellent condition.  The care provided to the puppies is evident.  I would recommend Greenfield puppies  to anyone interested in obtaining a pup. This was truly an enjoyable trip and a beautiful memory .

Pat DeMartino - Vineland, NJ

I just wanted everyone to know how great Green Field Puppies are.  I know that everyone comes across testimonials and probably wonders if they are true, I know I did.  I assure you what I am about to tell you is the absolute truth from first hand knowledge.  I could not be more happy with Green Field Puppies.  I just purchased a Great Dane Puppy from them.  Their prices are the best in the world.  I have purchased puppies from other breeders and pet stores and the prices are through the roof.  I have never seem prices this reasonable and especially during these times when the economy is so bad.  They are more concerned with finding a puppy a good home instead of ripping people off and getting rich. They also give a good guarantee and stand behind their product.  Not many breeders do this.  Green Field Puppies really cares about their dogs and the customer.  They stay in contact with you and make you feel good.  I still speak with them about my Great Dane to this day and will continue to do so.  Their puppies are be cutiest and healthiest I have seen in a long time.  I have seen puppy farms and pet stores where sick puppies are sold to the public but not Green Field Puppies.  They deal with reputable breeders and have healthy puppies.  I will tell anyone who is looking for a dog to get one from Green Field Puppies.

Donna Thomas North Bergen, New Jersey

My husband and I purchased as Yorkchon puppy  from John Mark Lapp in May, Annie.  We have since renamed her Puppet.  She is a darling, wonderful, healthy puppy.  Mr. Lapp was pleasant to deal with, helpful and forthcoming.  I would recommend Greenfield Puppies and Mr. John Mark Lapp to everyone! And the Yorkchon Breed is an excellent pet.

Ann - NJ

 I was there on thurs. w/ daughter &
granddaughter. We got one of the female yellow labs. She is doing fine. She learned to turn over her water bowl & make a water slide out of it. She runs into the L/R, gets up speed, then slides in the watrer across the kitchen floor into the stove with a crash! Three times until we cleaned it up! Good doing business with you.


I want to thank Greenfield Puppies and especially Ben Kauffman, her breeder, for bringing my beautiful Zoe into my life!  I am 44 years of age and suffered 2 strokes at the age of 42; therefore I stay at home all day with little company.  My husband and I have been discussing getting me a puppy for over a year now.  I recently purchased a pink small crate, a pink princess bed, pink and white baby blankets, a collar, harness, leash, pink and white heart shaped puppy bowls and lots of toys in anticipation of adopting the right female puppy.  I have been looking around for months now and somehow I found the Greenfield Puppies site!  Before I go on and on, I called Mr Kauffman to inquire about an Eskipom named Nina (renamed Zoe by me).  Zoe caught my eye and I had lots of questions about her.  Mr Kauffman was very prompt in responding to all my questions and concerns, as well as inviting me to visit the kennels at any time.  Additionally, I researched Mr Kauffman and his Kennel with the United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and found out he was a registered breeder.  I think at this stage I could cuddle and brush her for hours while giving her the most love anyone could ever give an animal.  I had a mini poodle mix for 16 years and have missed her since her passing almost 20 years ago.  I am so thrilled that I was able to find Zoe, she is so perfect, with wonderful temperament and is my little blessing!  The 8 hour trip to pick her up was well worth it!!  Thanks again Mr Kauffman and Greenfield Puppies!!

Lauren Hargrave - Pembroke, NJ

I am writing to tell you just how ecstatic we are to have found your site and Walker. We made a four day trip up to Pennsylvania and back to Florida. Initially I was afraid of putting a large deposit on an unseen puppy from a state known for puppy mills. I had a lot of people I know, think I had made a big mistake. How wrong they were. I am SO GLAD we took the chance. From now on I will recommend Greenfield puppies to ANYONE wanting a quality puppy, without the fear of dealing with a puppy mill.  I have been searching for a sheltie and found only two breeders within a five hour drive for over two years. The quality, intelligence, personality and manners of this puppy, I have NEVER seen in all my 35 years of breeding ( on and off ) Shetland Sheepdogs. Dan Geib and his children did a fantastic job raising these puppies. The only thing I recommend is that they keep it up. The rest of his’ litter were beautiful. If Walker hadn’t wagged his tail and kissed me the minute I picked him up I may have come home with any one of the others. You can never beat it when a puppy sells himself. Kudu’s to the Geib’s and to your website. If I ever have the need again I WILL be back. Thank you,

Becca and Bill Duff. Hernando, Florida

We are thrilled to have found this site, and since then, our new boxer puppy Buddy. The breeder was fabulous to work with – great with the puppies and responsive to us. Buddy is absolutely perfect and we feel it’s due to a great beginning given to him by the dog breeder. We can’t thank him enough for being so caring and attentive to his pups.

Sherre Wilson - Wayne, PA

Greenfields is a great place to search for a puppy, their breeders are not over priced and they are open and up front with all information on your puppy. In October 2008 I purchased a puppy from one of their breeders, a yorkie/russell mix and her name on the site was abigail. When I called for her the breeder told me that she had a hernia, that the vet said could be repaired. He only asked for the cost of vet fees as her medical problem was an added cost on my part. when I picked her up they had all vet references, and it checked out with my vet. It is now July 2009 and she has had that surgery at a minmal cost of an extra $80 when I had her spayed. She recovered very well and is the love of my life. I would recommend any of the greenfield breeders, the one I delt with was kind, caring and had the parents on site. They even gave me some food so I could mix it with the new type food I had gotten for her to ease her into it. Thank you Greenfields.

Michele Plush

Purchased a Boston Terrier (mother)/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (father) from Stevie S. Stoltzfus, Jr. through Greenfield Puppies. (Greenfield is a broker for local PA breeder.) Stevie is located in Honey Brook, PA 19344 ( I’m giving this information because of our amazing experience and amazing dog we purchased from Stevie. This was our first experience purchasing a puppy from Stevie. (Although I had purchased several Boxer’s of the years from breeders in Tennessee and PA.) We saw “Chloe’s” picture and information on Greenfield’s website. We immediately contacted Stevie via telephone. He was very nice and informative without hype. We sent Stevie a check and made arrangements to pick up Chloe a week later, shortly after she was eight weeks old. On Saturday July 2nd, 2016 we traveled from Frederick, MD to Honey Brook, PA. Honey Brook and the surrounding area is so scenic and beautiful we fell in love with the location. Very relaxing, calm and organic. Stevie’s farm was also 75 acres of lush pasture set off a winding PA country road. As we get out of the car his daughter comes running out of the barn with several puppies following behind her. All his children then came out to great us along with all these gorgeous puppies. It was like we were living in a Disney movie. It was an experience that we will never forget! Stevie gave us our puppy and all the paperwork along with the vet information and other paperwork. All the puppies looked healthy, playful and clean. They were well socialized and very friendly. His beautiful children were amazing with these puppies. It was at this point that we knew we made the right decision in purchasing Chloe from Stevie. We now write this review after having Chloe in our home for 10 days. She was house trained in, believe it or not, five days. In less then 10 days she asks to go outside to relieve herself and comes to the door when she is ready to come back in. She climbed steps at eight and a half weeks, then at nine weeks learned how to go down steps. Now that is a smart dog! Last Friday she had her first vet visit in Frederick, MD with an excellent vet. She has a clean bill of heath and gained a pound and a half since we got her home. She is eating well and is playful, happy, friendly, etc. with children, adults and other pets. It doesn’t get better than that. If you’re thinking of buying an amazing breed that is healthy and well socialized please consider contacting Stevie. (He also had Cavalier/Poodles which also were extremely cute and well behaved.) Of course a puppy “takes a village” and everyone has to pitch in to give them the attention, love and routine they need to grow up to be a happy and healthy dog. We would purchase again from Stevie and highly recommend him to all our family and friends. We are that confident in him as a local PA breeder.

Remo Molino

I adopted Cooper and had a wonderful experience. Mrs. King had been true to her word, and took such good care of all the puppies. I have been asked when they are having their next litter. Cooper is basically trained already and gets along with my yorkiechon. I would recommend doing business and getting a new furry friend from the King Family in Gratz PA. I had a very good experience. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a great puppy!!

Jean Marie