Benuel & Linda Stoltzfus

Location: Honey Brook, PA | Phone: 610-273-9348

“We’re More Than A Breeder, We’re Familly”

We as a family find great joy in helping make memories for you as a dog lover. My wife Linda, Ben, our twelve children, and I all take part in raising the perfect and happy puppies for you on our family-owned farm. We are a family and our dogs are family too. We are devoted to our puppies and socialize with them daily. We ensure each puppy enjoys their newly found life by playing and running in the vast open land surrounding our home.

When you do visit our family home you will notice we also have Horses and Ponies roaming as well. We invite you to our home near Honey Brook, PA. Our goal is that when you leave our home you will have a healthy and happy new puppy to add to your family!

Breeder Qualifications

State-Licensed Dog Breeder Badge Recognized as a: State-Licensed Dog Breeder
ACA Certified Dog Breeder Badge Recognized as an: ACA Certified Dog Breeder
AKC Certified Dog Breeder Badge Recognized as an: AKC Certified Dog Breeder
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