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  • Activity Level: high
  • Shedding Level: moderate
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  • Grooming Level: moderate
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  • Trainability: moderate
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  • Good for Novice Owners: moderate
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  • Adaptability: moderate
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  • Kid/Pet Friendly: often
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  • Prey Drive: moderate
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  • Watchdog: aware
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  • Average Size: Medium
  • Average Lifespan: 10-15 years

Goberian Dog Breed Information





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Activity Level


Life Span

The Goberian is a designer dog breed that is a cross between the Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever. Because they are a cross between two dog breeds, the Goberian can have any mix of characteristics from the parent breeds. They may take on more traits of one parent or have a combination of both. Goberians are a relatively new designer dog breed that tends to be friendly, affectionate, and gentle. Because they are a mixed dog breed, they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club. However, they are recognized by other clubs like the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, American Canine Hybrid Club, International Designer Canine Registry, and more.

Although a Goberian can have any combination of their parents’ traits and characteristics, they tend to be social, friendly, and affectionate with an independent streak. They tend to have a gentle and loyal nature. Goberians tend to get along well with children and other dogs.

They can get along with other pets in the house, but may need to be introduced and socialized for it if they inherit the Siberian Husky prey drive. They also make great watchdogs, but don’t usually make good guard dogs as they tend to be more interested in making friends.

The Goberian is a moderately adaptable dog breed. Because of their energy, they are best suited for larger homes with a securely fenced-in yard where they can run. They can adapt to apartment living if they get enough exercise and attention.

They tend to prefer cooler climates, but they do well in just about any climate. As with any dog breed, they are sensitive to extreme heat or cold. Despite the occasional independent streak, a Goberian thrives on affection and loves to be near their families. Plus, they tend to be easily bored, so they do not tend to do well with long periods of alone time.

As with any hybrid dog breed, a Goberian can inherit all, a mix, or none of the potential health problems common to the parent breeds. Some health conditions to be aware of in the parent breeds include bloat, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, heart problems, eye disorders, epilepsy, allergies, and Von Willebrand’s disease. Talking to the breeder about the genetic history of both of the parents and asking to see any health clearances can help ease potential concerns you may have.

In general, the Goberian is intelligent and learns quickly, but the overall trainability of them will vary. They can be moderately easy to train or more difficult depending on the mix of characteristics from the two parent breeds. If the Goberian puppy takes more after their Golden Retriever parent, they will be easier to train and eager to please you.

However, if they take after their Siberian Husky parent, they will be more difficult to train as they will be more stubborn and independent. Regardless, you will want to plan for puppy training classes, especially if you are a first-time dog owner. Plus, the classes offer opportunities for early socialization, which is also important.

Because the Goberian is a mixed dog breed, their coat can come in a variety of coat colors. Their coat tends to be long and dense and may be straight or slightly wavy. They can range from light to moderate shedding year-round and may have two heavier shedding sessions as the seasons change. Brushing your Goberian’s coat a few times a week will help remove loose fur and dirt to keep your dog’s coat healthy and clean. Bathing is an occasional requirement as needed and many Goberians only need a bath every 2-3 months.

You should also trim your dog’s nails regularly, check their ears, and take care of their teeth. Trimming nails on a monthly basis is usually sufficient. But, if you hear your dog’s nails clicking against the floor, they are getting too long and it’s time for a nail trim. It’s also important to check your dog’s ears weekly and carefully clean them as needed. You want to make sure their ears are not trapping moisture, dirt, or debris that could lead to an ear infection.

Caring for your dog’s teeth is so important, but it is also one of the most overlooked grooming tasks, which is why dental disease is one of the most common health issues in dogs. Thankfully, you can help prevent dental disease in your dog by implementing a good dental care plan. Using an enzyme toothpaste or brushing your dog’s teeth every day is ideal dental care for dogs. You can also supplement your efforts with vet-approved dental hygiene treats and chews, and even a specially-formulated dental care diet.

The Goberian is a high-energy dog breed. They require a lot of daily exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. They love to run and, should they take after their Siberian Husky parent, they will also have an urge to wander and shouldn’t be let off-leash unless they are in an enclosed area. In addition to daily walks and some playtime, your Goberian is likely to enjoy running with you, going on a hike, and maybe even swimming.

A fully-grown Goberian usually stands 20-24 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 35-80 pounds.

A Goberian generally lives 10-15 years.