Piper f1 Petite



Michelle Kunjappu

Piper is named after our super outgoing, bubbly niece – and the name is a perfect fit for our sweet and happy Piper puppy.

Her mom is our AKC Old English Sheepdog Creek Hill’s Order of Merritt (AKC #DN64875103). We always say Merritt is our “sunshine, rainbows, butterflies and unicorns” dog. Her sunny personality is absolutely irrepressible – which is what makes her so much fun to be around. However do not mistake her eager, happy character with flakiness – she’s proven to be trainable – she’s got brains under that fluff! We chose an AKC stud who also LOVES people (one of our biggest factors in deciding on a stud: are they people-oriented?) but we also loved his luxurious curly coat and his outgoing nature. We’re pretty sure he can laugh out loud, he’s just that kind of guy. VIctor (AKC PR23987908) is a red parti moyen poodle and has tested clear for vWD1, PRA-prcd, DM, and NEwS.  He’s a fully furnished and he’s a 25-pounder. So with Merritt checking in around 60 pounds, we consider the puppies “petitie” – falling in between the larger “standard” and smaller “miniature” Sheepadoodle ranges.


Since both parents are AKC, the pups are eligible for CKC registration.


The puppies have been undergoing Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) training since day three of their lives. Recommended by AKC as a way to help puppies learn to self-regulate stress, it’s a part of our puppy-raising routine. As the pups grew, we added in sounds of thunderstorms, vacuum cleaners and – hello, there’s five kids in this household – general chaos. With the well-adjusted puppies we’ve placed previously, we feel like giving them age-appropriate challenges is important to creating dogs who are outgoing and have a flexible mindset. 


Our breeding standards include:


* Supervised Start: We stay with Merritt during the entire whelping process, to make sure all puppies are breathing well and eating properly to start life off correctly. 


* Implementation of the “Super Dog” program :From day three we start the Early Neurological Stimulation training to help them learn to self-regulate stress. This program is recommended by the AKC and was developed by the U.S. military to improve the performance of military working dogs


* Routine dewormings: Every two weeks, beginning at two weeks of age, we deworm with Pyrantal Pamoate. We will also give Toltrazuril for coccidia prevention before the puppy leaves our home. Don’t worry! You don’t have to remember all this. We put all the dewormings and Toltrazuril coccidia prevention on a health pamphlet that we send home with you. 


* Vaccinations: Each puppy will get a five-way modified live Parvo shot. You’ll want to make appointments with your vet for the booster Parvo, (in 3-4 weeks from the initial shot) plus the rabies shots at around 17 weeks. 


* Vet visit : The puppies will be seen by a vet for an initial visit before they head to your home, and we’ll send that paper home along with your puppy.


* Socialization: We are blessed with an incredible network of wonderful people who “just happen to be stopping by” when we have puppies. Coincidence? We think not, but all joking aside, we’re glad that the pups have met so many people of all ages before they leave here. 


* Goats: We recognize that you might not have goats (but you should!, ha). Even though goats might not be part of their daily routine when they get to your home, we think they’re important to puppy raising. Why? The pups have gotten exposure to other pets, dogs, noises, and distractions that come with living on a small farm, and we think that makes for helpful growing-up lessons and an overall well-rounded dog. Plus, if you’re a puppy…..it’s just fun to chase goats.

The puppies are outgoing and friendly and we’re glad to have you over to come see them. 

Puppy Cert

Gender: Female Female puppy badge

Sire: Victor AKC PR23987908

Dam: Creek Hill Farm's Order of Merritt

Dam License# DN64875103

DOB: March 28th, 2024

Age: 7 Weeks

Available: May 23rd, 2024

This puppy is MicrochippedMicrochipped
This puppy is ACA RegisteredACA Registered
This puppy is Veterinarian CheckedVet Checked
This puppy is VaccinatedVaccinated
This puppy is DewormedDewormed
This puppy is Family RaisedFamily Raised
This puppy has been SocializedSocialized
This puppy was Raised Around KidsKid-Friendly
This puppy comes with a Health GuaranteeHealth Guarantee