Greenfield Puppies Reviews

We love dogs and people and people with dogs.

I’m so glad I chose to buy a puppy from Martha, she is such a nice woman and takes good care of her dogs. They are all happy, clean, and well fed. She showed us where the puppies live and it’s well kept. Her puppies are so playful and sweet. My son is so happy with Buttercup, Thank you Martha!! I will be referring people to her for sure! 🙂


Rebecca made it so easy to get my puppy. It’s only been a week and albeit a long one but several positive attributes of my dog have emerged. He is not reactive because he was raised with his dog family and people family. He is calm, curious, eating and sleeping well. I am very satisfied and recommend Greenfield Puppies.


We have an older Bish-poo that always had a companion dog until two years ago. We heard good things about Greenfield Puppies from neighbors who purchased from them. We looked on line and found “Shannon” owned by breeder Stephen Stoltzfoos. The breeder offers a 1-year genetic health guarantee, a birth certificate, worming, and the vet records on the puppy. Mr. Stoltzfoos was very accommodating over the phone and we put a deposit on our Visa card on a Friday to hold her for us, as we were driving through Pennsylvania the following Wednesday. Everything went as planned and Mr. Stoltzfoos could not have been more amenable and his property and kennel are very well maintained. She is the sweetest puppy, good natured and about 80% potty trained. Our vet said she is healthy and he provided her next series of vaccinations. We look forward to many years with this beautiful bish-poo.


We found our cockapoo breeder here and brought home a wonderful puppy. She has a great disposition and we were very happy with our breeder.


Anna Alspaug the breeder did a great job.We couldn’t be happier.Violet is a joy.sweet spirited, We all love her.


hi there

I was looking for a old English’s puppy for the longest time and when i cam e here to greenfield puppies I found Gabriel a old english sheepdog puppy and just intently fell in love with him> Got him through Mevin farmwald whos a fanstic breeder and helped me through the while procces very exlleint we did have one or two small glitches which had gotteng taking care all in a timely matter and now looking forward to more puppys through Mervin and Gabriel is now in his forever home and being loved he’s a joyfull loving pup who loves giving cuddles and will sleep with his human its like he know when something is off and is a great support dog


My wife and I just purchased a Golden Labrador puppy from the breeder Leon Smucker. She is absolutely beautiful and loves people. She’s been super easy to potty train and super smart. She just had her vet check today and everything went well. We did a lot of research prior to purchasing her , especially because she’s from Pennsylvania. She was definitely not from a puppy mill. I would recommend Leon Smucker.


I was lucky enough to find the Green Field Puppy website. The puppies advertised were all cute. I found my breed and chose the puppy of my dreams. He is Lincoln, a Cavachon puppy. This was my first experience buying a puppy, and that too with a shipping experience. I was a bit nervous. But my choice proved to be a wonderful experience. The breeder is also a top-rated one. The shipping experience I had with Greenfield Puupy was satisfying. Everything is kosher. My puppy came in a strong carrier with food and all the necessary info I need to know about taking care of him. Lincoln, my pup, is healthy. He is an adorable one full of love and joy.

I am thankful to the Green Field Puppy.


Was very nervous about getting a puppy from Lancaster and did not know what to expect. In the end it was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Purchased my Cairn Terrier puppy from David Fisher. Drove to meet her and out of the house came a beautiful puppy followed by both parents. The dogs were clean, friendly, and appeared to be in excellent health. No question in my mind this puppy was mine she was up to date on her shots and got a clean bill of health from my vet. Had her DNA tested and it came back 100% cairn Terrier. Right now she is almost 19 weeks stop me all the time and ask what breed she is and comment about how pretty she is..I could not ask for more. Not sure about all Lancaster breeders but David Fisher was professional, kind, and cares about his puppies. Thank you for this amazing little girl!


We were looking for a West Highland White Terrier and found Darcie, now named Paisley, through the Greenfield Puppies site. Paisley is now almost 11 weeks old and just the cutest and smartest Westie. She learns quickly and is pampered by our entire family and has become a favorite in the neighborhood. We couldn’t be more pleased with her temperament and personality. The breeder, Elmer Zook, was amazing and Paisley’s first home was a beautiful property in Ephrata, PA. Mr. Zook took the time to answer all our questions and allow us time to see all the puppies in that litter. We are happy we chose Paisley or I should say she chose us!

Patricia & John

This was great. Our dog came 3 months old and healthy. Vet check was excellent She was perfect we love her and she is such a good girl. We did everything with Anne Fisher lovely family I would definitely use Greenfield puppies again. The transportation part was easy very satisfied.

Katherine & Eric

Kenobi is the perfect addition to the family. He is happy, healthy, and playful. Very handsome boy. Having the puppy shipped was no problem at all, and he was happy and ready to play as soon as we received him. Couldn’t be happier.

Derrick Green

Purchasing a puppy through Greenfield puppies has been the biggest blessing! We purchased Lola in December 2022 and she brought so much joy into our lives. The process of contacting the breeder and having shipped to us was flawless. We will purchase again in the future. We totally spoil our cavapoo!!

Theresa Rainey

We picked up Sophie ( formerly Roxy) from Stephen Fischer in June. She is an absolute sweetheart and brings us so much joy everyday. She is friendly to People and other dogs and has such. Mellow temperament. This was our first time getting a dog from Greenfield and we would definitely do it again someday. Thank you for helping to bring such and Angel into our lives . Sophie is the best.


I purchased my dog from the breeder Ruby Stoltzfus in October of 2019. She lists her puppies through the Greenfield puppies site. My experience with the breeder was awesome. The dame is the family pet and and amazing dog and mother to her puppies. They are born and raised in the family home and get human interaction with play, love and they take them outdoors as well for play time. She currently has Cavalier King Charles puppies for sale and If you are looking for a puppy of that breed I highly recommend her pups to anyone looking for a friendly, well adjusted dog!!!

Kathy O’Donnell

Marilyn and Joe were just the most pleasant and friendly people i have met. we drove several hours to get our puppies, and was not disappointed. They had our puppies ready to go, with all paperwork, some food and treats for the trip back. In communications with both Marilyn and Joe prior to the trip they were both very responsive and able to work with our timeline of getting there. The place was clean and puppy friendly. I have recommended my friend who also will be purchasing a puppy this weekend. Again thank you to both Marilyn and Joe for such a wonderful experience and most of all for my new family of Flower and Bella

Rose Southard

Rose Southard

I would leave a 10/10 for this experience. We contacted Marilyn Champ in June about her male red fox puppy (Carlos). She was wonderful to work with. Quick replies and answered all of my questions. She was very accommodating to the fact that we were leaving for a vacation shortly and kept Milo for us with just a small deposit. When my husband picked up Milo on July 8, 2023 he found a clean house and living area for the puppies. Marilyn and her family were kind and answered all questions. They met the loving mother of the puppies on the premises and the father was a neighbor dog of the same breed. We took Milo to our vet 2 days later and he was in very good condition. A strong and healthy puppy. I would recommend Marilyn Champ to anyone who wants a red fox puppy. We had a very good experience.

Dawn Missing

Recently I had loss my Dog Diamond! After that I wasn’t sure if I will be able to get another one! Someone send me a website: I started reasearch and u found JOY I contacted the breeder, Lloyd and Nancy Beiler and right away they answered my message! In the beginning I was a little concerned because I didn’t know what’s to expected! But once we made the appoint to go and pick her up, they welcome us in a very sweet and respectful way! They actually amazing family! Now we have A JOY literally in our home! The name means everything for us specially for me! I would recommended 1000 % Thank you very much! And many blessings for your beautiful family!

Jeanette Torres

Bought a golden retriever from John Lantz. Nice to deal with. Beautiful male puppy. House broken in two days. Would definitely buy another puppy from him.

John Myszkowski

Got our puppy Reuben and we are overjoyed, we love him so much. He chose us and are so lucky to call him ours. Sweet, lovable smart little puppy. Drove 1 hr 45 min to get him and ride home was perfect. Highly recommend Greenfield Puppies and the breeder Gerald Horst was amazing, kind and very responsive. So happy to have our fur baby. Thank you so much.

Stephanie & Roger Cunningham

We Bought our puppy for our son. We picked the one we saw on the page and contacted the breeder and she said he was still there. She said that 3 families have come for him and then picked another puppy. I think he was meant for us.. we almost picked another one but his face was too cute to pass by! So we decided to take him! He is now 7 months and he is the sweetest and so smart!!

Sheila ulmer

I was looking for a puppy to fill the empty spot in my heart. So I read up on Greenfieldpuppies web site and I saw Honey. For two days I kept going to her picture. So on the third day I called Amos Stolzfus of Bird in Hand,PA. We talked every other day until I got Honey’s travel arrangement. My baby came a hour early and we have been together since she arrives.

Brenda EstesJames

We picked up Lucy from Elmer Zook in Ephrata Pa. on May 17th. We have been looking for a baby since our 16yo passed a few yrs ago. Penny saw Lucy on Greenfeild Puppys and after a call we picked a day to drive and get our new family member. As Elmer walked out with her we both knew had the best smiles. Thank You Elmer for this Beautiful girl, and Thank you Greenfeild Puppies for making it so easy . Tony & Penny

Tony & Penny Chicchirichi

I bought a female Golden retriever from Blissful Paws the owner David was a pleasure to work with. She was shipped from New Providence Pennsylvania out to Washington State with the great help from Green Field Puppies shipping services and the great folks at Alaskan air lines air cargo. I picked her up at the Seattle international airport at the delta Aircargo terminal on May 05, 2023, she stole all the hearts of the people there when I picked her up everyone said she was adorable. I’ve now had her over a month she is very friendly and very smart she learned to use a dog doorbell that I got on Amazon she’s doing good on potty training. She loves children a people she loves to play with children was defiantly raised around children. I am happy to have her join my family and thankful the people at Blissful Paws for making it possible for me to have her and the people that helped get her shipped to me in the near future I would like to buy and ship a male puppy Golden Retriever to keep her company when I’m at work or not able be with her.

Michael Newby

Amos Smoker is breeder . I drove to Pennsylvania to pick up Amber. She was everything we were looking for in a new puppy. Amos was so nice to work with very helpful and friendly. He answered all my questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to add to their family.

Dorothy R