Greenfield Puppies Reviews

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Picked up Kyla the weekend of Memorial Day. She was a surprise gift to my girlfriend. She has been our bundle of joy ever since.

Najee Cuffy

We purchased our 10 week old Mini Bernadoodle from a young couple named Melvin & Mary Lapp in Herndon, PA. I was a little hesitant knowing their names were either Amish or Mennonite and often times they get bad raps for being puppy mills. This was not the case at all. Their house and gardens were beautiful. They invited us into their home and it was impeccable and clean-looked like a house you’d see on HGTV. They feed their puppies all natural raw food diet, which is impressive for a breeder since this food isn’t cheap! They also were very caring with our puppy and could tell the puppy bonded with them since he followed them around as we were doing our paperwork. The small building where the dogs were kept also looked very nice from the outside (matched their house). We didn’t go inside, but I didn’t think it was necessary after we arrived. I hope that anyone considering buying a puppy from Melvin & Mary Lapp can see this review & feel comfortable about getting a puppy from them. They were great. So is Toby!

Nick Cavaliere

Willa (we kept her name since our last name is Williams 🙂 is about 5 months old and has been with our family since she was 9 weeks old. She came to us from Jacob King in Quarryville, PA who couldn’t be more kind, informative and accommodating. His property was spacious and clean and the puppies who were available were well taken care of at their home. His daughter even called to check in about a week later, which I thought was incredibly sweet. Willa just finished all her shots and has been to the vet twice for check-ups. She is a healthy, happy little pup and we couldn’t be happier with her. I highly recommend any pup that Jacob and his family are raising. Thank you, Jacob, for bringing our family so much joy.

Tara Williams

We purchased a miniature Australian Sheppard from Sylvan and Barb Stolzfus of Narbin, PA. Her name was Bonnie we call her Stella now. I couldn’t be happier. She is healthy and happy. Sylvan was very informative about the dogs. He answered all my questions and was very respectful. She has a clean bill of health. She now has my heart! If I ever want another puppy, I will definitely be going back to Sylan and Barb.

Jennifer B.

We purchased two cocker spaniels from Fannie Stoltzfus in Pa. They are the sweetest and cutest puppies. The purchase from MS Fannie went great without in issues. MS Fannie set up an in-person delivery for us since we are in AL and pups were in PA. The pups arrived safe and happy. I we ever need another puppy we will contact MS Fannie again.


I cannot say enough good things about getting my puppy through Greenfieldpuppies. About a month ago I started looking on here for Cavalier mix puppies and found a beautiful litter from a breeder, Mr. Benuel Esch in Kinzer, PA. I spoke with both him and his wife on the phone and they were great about answering all my questions. I set up an appointment to visit as soon as I could. I was 99% sure Scooter was the puppy for us but they let us visit with all the puppies in the litter including the Mother and Grandmother of the pups! He came home basically potty trained and is the most social and well behaved puppy. All of the puppies looked great, they were raised with children and their farm is beautiful! Scooter had been vet checked before we got him and passed our vet check with flying colors! I would not hesitate to get another puppy from them in the future, I am very happy with the experience.

Laura G

We picked up Blaer a month ago and cannot be happier. She is a beautiful, well-adjusted puppy and is already almost house trained. She brings us a lot of joy. Vet just gave her a clean bill of health. The breeder was in Leola, PA –Joshua Stoltzfus. Very nice people.

Anita and Lou C.

On 03/19/2011 we went for Abbie, a Morkie, she was our baby, In Lancaster. We contacted Amos King. She was born into a beautiful family on February 6. Twice we traveled for Abbie, from Union City, NJ. Unfortunately he passed away on April 25, our pain has no words or answers. For 11 years, she covered our emotional needs, how much we need her, only God knows. “He does not forget five Sparrows.” When we’re ready, we’ll be back for another Morkie. Just Morkie. Thanks to the family for giving us that beautiful baby.

Zohetni G.

We picked up our Cooper (previously named Bloomer) from Peter Miller in New Hollander PA. The puppies were happy and well cared for! The barn where the puppies were with mom was immaculate! We played with all the puppies for a bit before we left! All were happy and friendly! We love our Cooper! He is such a wonderful part of our family!!


We picked our miniature poodle pup from a litter of four in Farmville, VA. The Smuckers responded to our initial query promptly and were very accommodating for a visit. The pups were obviously well socialized. Georgi (formerly Lemmy…) is wonderful – healthy, bold, confident, playful but not wild, and has handled our 2-1/2 year old granddaughter like a champ. We’re very happy with the entire experience.

Kristi P.

I picked up my sweet baby cavapoo, Crystal, from Matt Stoltzfus. She is the sweetest, funniest little girl. At 10 weeks and 2 pounds she has absolutely taken over my heart and home. Matt was so easy to deal with. Just as he said they were raised in a home with lots of love from Matt and his lovely family. I give him 10 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You are in good hands putting your faith in smart for the puppy of your dreams.

Robin R.

Wonderful experience. Breeder (David and Edna Stoltzfus) were very friendly and answered all of our questions. We made an appointment to see Chester (Gio) and were so happy to find a healthy and well socialized puppy raised by a loving family. This is our third mini Schnauzer (previous 2 from pet shops on LI) and there is a huge difference in his initial confidence and personality. Initial vet visit confirmed a very healthy and happy pup. Thanks to all for helping us find our perfect pup.

Glenn O

Last year we had to put our Border Collie down which devastated us, as she was a true part of the family. Over time we thought about a rescue however there are rarely pure border collies anywhere near us and later learned of this site. We found a female border collie pup (Carol but renamed to Willow) that was available from Benuel Fisher of Narvon PA. Benuel was always prompt at returning calls, typically within a day and was very good in answering our questions and providing information on her. She was being raised with her mother at Benuel’s father’s farm and I drove out to meet her. His father was very nice and welcoming and I had a chance to not only meet her but her mother and a sibling. We were unable to take her home that day as we needed to get ‘stuff’ as we donated to an animal shelter what we had prior, so Benuel and his father were nice enough to keep her for about a week + until we were able to get back. Being raised on a farm though, we did have some concerns as to how well she would transition to a house and also how well would she be in regards to socialization. Our concerns were completely unfounded – she adapted to the house in no time, within days she was all over, we had to block some of the steps as she was up and down those like she was there forever. And in regards to socialization, not a person nor dog she doesn’t like and thinks anyone at our house is there for her – she just loves people. We have had her since December, she is 7+ months and such a good, sweet dog, and typical of border collies she loves to play, she’ll get a ball and play fetch all day and we started her with some basic agility activities which she has loved doing. Checkups from our vet have been good, went through the spay procedure with flying colors and adapted great to our house and family. Will recommend Benuel Fisher if you see any pups in the future that he may have available.

FYI – She is still growing into her ears 🙂

Kevin F.

I purchased Bentley, aka Skippy, from Leon King. I cannot tell you how wonderful his disposition is and it is more than evident this breeder loves his dogs. I met the parents and looked for signs of far – there were none. However, I had no idea how happy and loving of all this dog would be. Leon and Linda have children and I have never seen a dog adores kids more than mine. I would adopt from this breeder again and highly recommend Leon and Lindas poms!


We adopted Brooke from Elam and Rebecca Huyard in Coatesville, PA. Rebecca was wonderful to deal with from the start. We drove 4 1/2 hours to go get her. She was perfect on the long drive back. She is a wonderful puppy!!! We couldn’t be happier with her. I would highly recommend getting a Golden Retriever from her. The place was clean and beautiful. All the puppies were healthy, clean, and happy. Best decision we ever made!!

Tracy U.

We purchased 2 yellow lab puppies from Levi stolzfus in Leola PA we could not be happier with out new additions.

Kelly H

I can’t thank you enough for making my search for a Cavapoo puppy so easy! The pictures were true to actual and the video too. I must have watched it a 100 times! Ephraim and Ruth Fisher were wonderful. They were responsive and answered all my questions during the process. They allowed us to meet the momma and the rest of the litter which was a true joy. Our little Mimzy is happy, healthy, and SMART! In less than a week she’s already figured out potty training. Such a great experience and I highly recommend puppies from Ephraim and Ruth!


Me and my wife got a Australian Blue Heeler Cattle Dog from Levi Beiler in Pa. Levi was awesome to deal with and arranged for the pup to be delivered to us in Fl The pup is very healthy and was very sociable and playful from the first minute he arrived. It was obvious he had been well taken care of! Ranger is a very intelligent pup just had him for two weeks and he is already obeying verbal commands and house broke. If your looking for a awesome pup I highly recommend Levi Beiler.

Ray D

This is my precious Nugget he is a yorki poo that we bought from Lucy Martin who is the breeder. My Nugget is 5 lbs of love and affection, he’s 10 months old now he’s such a good little boy we love him so much, Barbie explained everything to me on the phone about Nugget and what to feed him, and also when my husband and son went to pick him up the Martins home is very clean and the Martin are extremely nice.

Maria P

The folks at the place are nice people but i feel that fraud was committed in my case. i purchased what i believed and was advertised as a poodle mix. i picked up dandy , was given paperwork. i get this puppy and believe it will eventually grow into its looks. but it never happened- i don’t know what kind of dog this is. when i’m asked i say it’s a dog !!! this place sold me a fake poodle mix, me and my family out of a dog.

Fanny A

On March 14th, my 60th Birthday, my brother sent me a link to Ginger, an adorable mini aussie. I had lost my 14 year old pup ( that I had since she was 8 weeks old) in October and didn’t think my heart was ready for another dog. When I opened the link and saw this sweet girl I knew she was meant to be mine. I contacted Joe Hostetler about her, made the arrangements to have her delivered to me in Florida from Ohio. He was wonderful to work with. He sent me a pic of her after giving her a bath the night before her travels. She arrived late at night on March 23rd and I fell in love instantly. She has been home for 4 days now and I can’t say enough about how sweet and smart she is. She came with the name Ginger but I changed it to Willow because she is as fluffy as a pussy willow…and she already knows her new name. She loves to go for walks and to play fetch. Not to mention she has only had a couple of accidents in the house (which were more my fault then hers because I didn’t get my shoes on quick enough) she goes to the door and whines when she has to go potty. She is just a sweet , sweet girl and I feel so blessed to have her as mine. I see many years of joy ahead of us. I recommend Joe Hostetler in Lancaster Ohio to anyone looking for Australian Shephard pups. I couldn’t be more happy!! Thank you Joe!!

Kate F.

Just last week, I logged on to this platform to find the Siberian Husky I’ve always wanted. It was 12 midnight as we were scrolling through the dogs we immediately saw ( Lisa) whom have since changed her name to Scarlet. It was rally LOVE at first sight. We looked and other dogs and and saw that she has a sister Lila that we were also interested in. However when I called Rebecca the very next morning she let us know that only Lisa was available. I was still excited and drove 3 1/2 hours that same day to pick her up through rain and thunderstorm we were super excited to finally have the dog we’ve always wanted. Rebecca was amazing and worked with us, as she was so understanding with the travel and delay. Upon handing me my forever pup so handled the pup with so much love and care and even seemed sad to let her go. My pup is healthy, happy, playful and lovable and we were so excite to show her off that we are made another trip to Rebecca and Reuben to pick up their last edition, Lester for our brother. I will continue to follow Rebecca and Reuben and plan to get another one possibly later this year. Rebecca and her family are fine people and I really recommend them. Thank you

Zoraida & Gabriel

We were searching for a female yellow Lab and came across Greenfield puppies on the internet. I found two adorable Dudley Lab pups located in
Christiana PA belonging to a Samuel Stolzfus. We made the 4 hour trip a few weeks ago and brought our little girl home. The litter of 11 looked healthy and were very active, the mother was well kept also.
Our first experience with Mr Stolzfus was very pleasant, we would not hesitate to purchase another puppy from him in the future.
Maisie is helping our 6 yr old very fearful rescue Lab mix to come out of her shell, they are getting along great ! We are very much in love with her!

Stacy C.

I have been looking for a golden Irish puppy for a while and found one on Greenfield Puppies and contacted the breeder Mr. Dannie Lapp in Pennsylvania. I live in California so I needed a shipping service and he found a great shipping company for me and shipped him to California with Health certificate and vaccine record. He is adorable, super playful and healthy. I am very happy that I got the puppy from Mr. Lapp. When I was talking to him over the phone I had a feeling that he really cared about his puppies and was taking good care of them. Thank you very much to bring such a wonderful puppy to the world! I highly recommend purchasing from Mr. Lapp.

Alexis Y.

On February 11, 2022, I purchased my pug, Odie, from Samuel and Anna King in Farmville, VA. He is absolutely wonderful, and I couldn’t be happier. My vet said he was probably the healthiest pug baby she’d ever seen and didn’t expect him to have the medical problems associated with a lot of pugs. Odie is smart, learning so fast, sweet as he can be and I highly recommend purchasing from Sam King in Farmville, VA. The attached picture was actually taken at my vet’s office and posted on their Facebook page.

Edie C.