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I didn’t think my little Lulu could get any cuter. Born March 9, she is now a 3 mo. old Shichon purchased from Lizzy Stoltzfus. She’s become quite the little stinker so we are now enrolled in canine training. She is housebroken and can sit, speak, and shake hands on command. She’s a smart little 5 lb 2 oz bundle of joy. Thanks again, Lizzy for a wonderful little puppy!


We picked up our wonderful four month old female puppy on June 1, 2013 from the Beiler Family in Paradise, PA. We drove 1 hour from Delaware to receive this furry bundle of joy. The Beiler Family did a great job breeding this well behaved puppy. Our vet examined Cora & said she was a very healthy puppy. We highly recommend the Beilers puppies to others & we appreciate the website for all their great work. Thanks so very much!

Cynthia & Daniel Kelly

My son and I drove 1022 miles round trip from Michigan to get Charlie aka Theo from the Petersheim farm in Airville, PA. We were greeted warmly by Ben and immediately shown where the pups were born. We meet some of his siblings and saw his mom. The puppies were happy and very clean. Our vet said we have a very happy healthy pup. Pictured is Charlie meeting our grandson his first night at our home. We highly recommend Ben Petersheim as a breeder. Our pup has a great temperament and is very affectionate. He is also very smart. He’s learning quickly. He gets along great with our elderly Golden Lab. We are so happy we found Charlie. Thank you Greenfield Puppies for helping us find our pup.

Cindy deVries

As soon we saw her picture on Greenfield Puppies we had to have her. We contacted the Stoltzfus family right away and picked her up in Narvon, Pa a few days later. She is a very petite little girl, still only 3 lbs at 8 months old but a perfect addition to our family. We are all in love with Cami and recommend Greenfield Puppies to everyone.


We decided to get our Goldendoodle, Woodstock a new friend and couldn’t be happier with our new Cockapoo, Winnie! Jonas Stoltzfus had quite an adorable litter to find new homes for – I had a hard time only taking home one! Winnie has adjusted nicely to Woodstock and our 2 cats. The adoption arrangement was real simple and I will recommend your website to all my dog-lover friends!!


We found our beautiful boy Remington (previously Bandit) on Greenfield Puppies last February. My husband and I had such a pleasant experience with the breeder Emmanuel and Remy is our pride and joy! He is such a sweet boy and has such a great personality. German Shorthaired Pointers are now my favorite breed and I will definitely own many more for the rest of my life.

Jessica & Nick

We bought Turbo from the Lapp family a year ago. Gid even held Turbo for an extra month until we moved into our new apartment. All of our family and friends love Turbo as much as we do and we wouldn’t change our decision to get a dog. We will absolutely do business through this site again with the Lapp Family.

Curtis & Jerika

We purchased Ozzie (GFP Gunther) in March 2013. He has received a clean bill of health from our vet and has earned his Star Puppy certificate after successfully completing his training. Ozzie is very curious and is full of energy. He has filled the hole in our hearts left by our previous pom, Hershey, who was 16 1/2 we he left us.

We got our adorable, sweet and amazing puppy, Belle, from Eli Stolzfus a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier or more in love with her!! Eli was wonderful and I highly recommend him! Belle is as healthy and happy as they come and has quickly become the love of our lives!! Thank you Eli!!!

Beth & Ryan Blankenship

This is a update on Franklin we got him a year ago today from ella Zimmerman from Leola. I am so happy with him he is the best dog ever he gets along great with everyone and loves to meet other animals. he has allergies to something’s but most english bulldogs do I am so happy that we got him thank you for a great dog!!!!!

Ali & Dale

both are total lovebugs, execellent dogs. got the mini goldendoodle last year and went back this year for the labradoodle. so pleased with both and the sellers of both.


Bernard was the best decision I ever made! I found bernard on green field puppies about 7 months ago. The website was easy to navigate and had a wonderful selection of dogs. Bernard was a great addition to my life, he loves to hike and play with sticks. I dont know what i would do without him now Thanks Greenfieldpuppies!!!!!


I LOVE MY LAB!!! Since the day we got him from Greenfield Puppies, this lab has been a blessing in our lives. He became such an important part of our family and represents family unity. He loves being around the kids and cuddling around. He’s also extremely active and a great swimmer. He’s now 2 years old but he’s still a puppy at heart. <3 Thank you Greenfield Puppies!


We are enjoying our precious little guy 🙂 He is trying to become the king of the hill.

Susan Boyer

This is our 2nd follow up on Donner (Flash). Donner was born on Sept. 17, 2013 and was bred by Marion Hoover in New Holland. We went to see him and took him home on Dec. 18, 2013. He has been nothing but a pleasure and we love him so very much. I have owned Rottweilers for 20 plus yrs and Donner by far has the very best temperment. He absolutely loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING! Not to say he would not be protective but he is so very social and now at 8 months old is just over 100 lbs and as you can see absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I would recommend the Hoovers to anyone who loves and has owned this breed. He is a very good boy who had good roots!!!!! Thank you Marion Hoover for our newer family member…

Debbie Ervin

Hello!  I did much research before deciding to get a cockapoo.  My consideration came with three small grandchildren, having a dog who was very adoptive to training, affection and love.  I am so thrilled with Reagan Rose.  She is such an sweet, sweet dog.  I am crate training her and she is doing very well.  I purchased Reagan through Benny Kauufman.  I met Benny over the phone, not in person as it was during the day.  I did meet his mother and some other family.  His mother answered all of my questions and was delightful.  Would I recommend Greenfield to others?  Yes, but as with anything…do your research and homework.  If the dog ends up not being right for you and you select it solely by cuteness….you’ve made a mistake if it ends up the wrong dog for you.  I knew I did everything possible to assure the right dog, checked with other breeders, talked to others with a competitive puppy site in Pennsylvania and it actually took me several months.  I do want to mention that how Benny and his family kept the puppies was extremely important to me.  They were in a house and well looked after.  Btw….this was Reagan and I getting ready to go into Petsmart.  She had climbed in my dress!



We got our 10 week old puppy on May 25 and fell in love with her instantly we named her Ziio. Our other dog and three cats quickly fell in love with her too. She is friendly and loves everyone she meets, very smart too, she learned most of her tricks the first time we tried them!She loves the outside and playing in water but her favorite thing to do is to follow our other dog around and copy him, too cute! Everyone that meets her quickly falls in love with too and can’t help but hold and kiss her.

Mookie (aka Macey) came into our lives April 26th. One of our initial observations was ease with people. My husband has an infinity for blondes w/ pink noses, as we recently lost our 15+ yr old yellow lab. He found Mookie online. Steve Stoltzfus and family were informative, reassuring, and kind. Mookie’s vet checks have been fine. She’s sporty and plays well with our her 2 week younger canine companion (Antron – Newfie). Thank you Steve + family. I would highly recommend this breeder. Trust me … my husband is like the FBI.

Scott & Sue

We have had Bella for four weeks now and she is an absolute joy. She adapted quickly to the house and our 8 year old Shephard and is so bright, friendly and smart. We start puppy classes in a few weeks and she already comes when we call her and sits on command. She has such a wonderful personality and seems to instinctively know how to deal with different types of children. She is active and playful with my daughter and her friends, yet when I take her around children I work with who have disabilities she is calmer and extremely gentle. We had such a great experience with the breeder as well that I would recommend this site to anyone. Thank you so much for helping to bring our newest family member home!


We purchased our English Bulldog, Nate from James and Ella Reiff in December, 2012. Nate is our first English Bulldog, and to say the least, he has been the most loving dog we have ever had. Nate had an issue, and Mr. and Mrs. Reiff, were honest and more than willing to help us. We found them to be knowledgeable and we would not hesitate to purchase another bulldog from them. I cannot say enough good about them. Nate has been a wonderful addition to our family. He follows my son everywhere. We could not be happier with our choice of dogs. Thank you again Mr. and Mrs. Reiff!!!

Barbara Jones

We just got our Anatolian shepherd mix from Steve Beiler in Lancaster PA. I would highly recommend him as a breeder, puppies are clean, healthy, well taken care of, and love children! Our puppy scout was definitely worth the 8 hour drive to get her! We actually got her before she was listed on this site because we saw his other puppies and were so impressed with them! But still wanted to write a review as this is were the puppy would have been listed!

Kim S

I bought this from me levi in leola pa. This is the best dog ever. I got to tour all his kennels so clean. Dogs are so socialized it was a awsome. She is was already house trained and he had a liter of 10. He is an excellent/ breeder. Don’t ever but ur puppy from anybody this breeder is excellent very healthy dog. Very pleasant man.

Tammy Gill

I can’t thank you enough Greenfield Puppies and Lizzy Stoltzfus for the sweetest puppy. I can’t imagine life without my little Lulu. She’s 9 weeks old now and has the nicest disposition. You can tell that the Stoltzfus family cares about their puppies because she is so sociable and not the least bit skittish. We bonded on the 2 1/2 hour ride back to Maryland and have been inseparable ever since. Since she was the last to be weaned from the mother, we were concerned that she may not want to eat without some wet food. Well that wasn’t a problem. She took to her new food and water bowls without hesitation and the first night she fell asleep on my lap, belly up! What a wonderful puppy!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Carol


We got him from Rubin in Honey Brook PA – father Bow mother Sheba, he is a great dog and is extremely loveable – even if he doesn’t look like it


We got our female Black Lab pup, Sera, in March 2013 from David Stoltzfus in Narvon, PA. She’s healthy, beautiful, and very intelligent. She’s also very happy…and so are we!! I highly recommend Greenfield Puppies as the source to find quality dogs at reasonable prices.

Peter Milo
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