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I got Teddie (Tacey) which was the name given from Ivan King in Gordonsville about 8weeks old. He is now close to 10 weeks. It has almost been two weeks already. Time surely does fly past when your having fun lol. Mr. King is a great breeder very honest his bulldogs are very great loving and very healthy. I’m so glad I found this web site.I was very skeptical bout it at first cause of all the things they say about puppy mills but I can tell this is not so with all breeders from Lancaster. I know first hand this just isn’t so. I love my Teddie and he is already so loved by everyone and is a great addition to our family thank you Mr Ivan King and thank you greenfield puppies will def be recommending your website to anyone looking for a future addition to their families…..


I am so pleased with my puppy. She is so adorable, so bubbly and so smart. Exactly what I wanted in my mini schnauzer. Her health has been outstanding and she adjusted well to my lifestyle. Thank you so much.


I’m contacting you in regards to a puppy I purchase in October 2013, Doogle (Original Name: Lucky)

was delivered October 18th 2013. I’ve attached a picture and included a brief recommendation. Thank you for providing such a great pup. If you’d like to learn more check out


I purchase a Jug puppy, Doogle, in October 2013, he was shipped out the day he turned 8 weeks and he arrived that evening. After a long day on a plane I was worried about his well being, to my relief he was happy and extremely responsive. He was obviously very well cared for, His kennel was clean and he didn’t smell. He is now nearly 7 months old and full of spunk. Working with Green Field Puppies was a truly pleasurable experience, mind you I live in Montana and having a dog shipped is a little stressful. Fortunately, I was able to speak directly with the Neil about the sale, he answered all of my questions and made sure I was comfortable with the process. I was even able to talk with the breeder, Sam, who gave me some insight into the personality of the puppy. Green field puppies is a great organization and I’m so thankful for how well they took care of Doogle and I.


Thank you,



As a 19 year old in college, Lulu and Rodie are AWESOME Neapolitan Mastiffs!!! I purchased Rodie 3 years ago, and Lulu, 1 year ago. I LOVE GFP!!!

Salvatore Crimson

It’s only been two days since we adopted our little girl, and already we can’t imagine our home without her. She’s happy, healthy, and the most delightful little bundle of love. Our vet gave her a stellar review as to her health, and Mr. and Mrs. John Stoltzfus were wonderful. It was clear that the puppies were cared for and treated with love. I highly recommend both the Stoltzfus family and Greenfield Puppies. The Burke Family, and Freyja

Christine Burke

My dad, brother, and I purchased this dog for my mother. We got it from Daniel King in Bird In Hand, PA. We came from West Virginia to get the dog, and Mr. King was very accommodating to our long-distance situation. Mr. King was a pleasure to deal with and the dog is wonderful. She is the smartest pup I’ve ever seen. At 10 weeks old she will sit for a treat, and is making strides toward being housebroken. She has brought tons of joy to my mother, and we are all extremely happy with her.

Kurtis Shot

This is Lucy (formerly Anita). She is our 9 week old Corgi/Eskimo baby. We brought her home on March 5, 2014. She is already spoiled. Mr. Vernon Weaver and his family were easy to work with! It is evident the love and care that she was shown prior to coming home with us. She received a clean bill of health from our vet! We would highly recommend the Weavers! Thanks for our baby girl!



I am absolutely pleased with my pup, he will be five mos. On the tenth, he is growing like a weed. He is the best friend I ever had, very smart, loves to play, has his own great personality. I’m so glad I went with this breed of choice!!! Thank you so much!

Amanda Hall

I adopted Lola (previously Cadee) from a wonderful breeder in Gordonville named Glenda Brown. Her and her husband were so welcoming and understanding. They worked with us on the price of the pup so that we were able to take Lola home the day of. Lola is such a beautiful and well-behaved girl who puts a smile on the face of everyone she meets. She is loving, intelligent, and healthy. I will definitely go back to Glenda when I am ready for my next Standard Poodle! They are really a wonderful breed of dog and more people should own them!

Lauren F

We bought our shorkie, Chachi, from Joe Fisher in January of 2007, he was 8 weeks old. He has brought such joy to our family over the past years! We love our little brother so much! Chachi is absolutely perfect! He has had no health problems what so ever, and was very easy to train. People are so surprised when they find out he is 7 years old because he is so healthy and energetic.

The Corcoran Family



Couldn’t be happier with greenfield puppies! This is the best site ever! I bought my little man this passed summer of 2013 and ever since he’s been my best friend. It’s so scary buying a puppy and not knowing if it could be a bad choice, but with greenfield I received all his paper work and documentations, got a full run down of the litter and the parents! He’s grown up to be a great dog, and I hope to get him a little brother or sister from greenfield! Best choice I’ve ever made! Thank you so much greenfield!


Meet Roxie! (Formerly Madison) Roxie is now a very happy, healthy and extremely intelligent member of our family. Thank you Greenfield Puppies for creating a website that helps the consumer in their search for a puppy. After visiting several Amish farms I came across Roxie in a small farm in Gap Pa. I was immediately impressed with the conditions and happy to see her parents roaming freely. She’s wonderful with the kids ( 6 and 9 ) and at 4 months is already housebroken. If only she’d stop chewing everything! Thanks again Greenfield Puppies!
Carl V.

Carl V

We purchased Gunner from David Fisher in late October. He was 8 weeks old. He is 6 months old now and weighs about 60lbs. He is a very loyal dog that was easy to train. He loves our 4 grandsons, all under the age of 6. I would recommend this breed and David, as the breeder.

Riki Miller

Ozzie Jones formerly known as Gunther.

Pam Jones

WE love our 9 week old border collie puppy, Max!

Mike and Molly Secabozi

Thank you so much for finding us the perfect pup! We absolutely ADORE our cavapoo! He is the friendliest, sweetest little guy we could ever ask for. He is fantastic with kids, strangers, and wants to be friends with any animal he meets. We instantly fell in love. Thank you!

Jordan and Abby Westphal

We cannot say enough wonderful things about out new family member Luke, 3 months old, and our experience with Greenfield Puppies. We drove in the snow to Paradise, PA from New York to get him on 2/15/14. I had spoken to John Fisher, the breeder, several times. He was kind and polite. Their farm was clean and all the puppies were so happy and healthy. Luke, formally Norris, won my heart online, but it was difficult choosing between the pups. Luke is so happy and he adjusted almost instantly to our home. I would highly recommend the Fisher family and Greenfield Puppies. Thank you!

Ron and Laurie Thorn

Through every trial in life, or any regular day, our beautiful collie, Happy, is always giving lick-kisses, or he brings in the ball. Me, My husband, and our 6 kids, love him. He is So gentle with our chihuahua, Chico. Happy is 1 year today! Thanks GFP!


I got Noel in December from Will Beiler (original named Sophie). She is so smart, a quick learner and such a joy to have around! I couldn’t have asked for a better puppy! Thank you Will and Greenfield Puppies!!!

Chloe K

We simply love our babies Tucker and Theo!!!


We bought our Golden Retriever puppy on Dec 16, 2013 from Elam Miller in Rising Sun, MD. I had read some pretty harsh reviews on this website and was second guessing using this breeder. When we got the the Miller farm, it was very beautiful! It had just snowed, and everything looked so clean. We were led to the huge barn and even inside there was clean and well kept. When Elam brought the female pups out for us to look at, Sadie (then Leah) came up to my husband as soon as he bent down. So, you could say that she chose us! We were impressed with the Millers and would buy from them again in a heartbeat! We surprised our kids for Christmas and Sadie has been a wonderful addition to our family! We spoil her rotten and she is the sweetest thing. We couldn’t be happier! Tom and Connie Nylander

Connie Nylander

Dakota came home with us 2/4/14, he is a German Shepherd/Alaskan Malamute mix, he is from Strasburg, Pa he has a calm disposition and is very smart he already knows how to sit and loves to play. There are other puppies from this litter looking for a forever home, I would recommend this breeder.

Jim and Stephanie

Owners were pleasant and honest , saw both parents, well kept. I’m happy.


This my handsome baby boy Sir Winston Purchased from John and Linda Lapp in Ronks, PA on Dec 7th 2014 (we kept the name Winston that the Lapp’s had named him) We drove 5 hrs from north western PA…it was a long trip but the outcome was well worth it…we are in love!!! John and Linda are very nice people and made myself & my family feel welcome and right at home, we had a nice visit and plan on keeping in touch as much as possible. Thank you so much Linda for making my dream come true… God bless you both! Brenda Winters Reno, PA

Brenda Winters