Greenfield Puppies Reviews

We love dogs and people and people with dogs.

We love our Goldendoodle he is so friendly and loves my older dogs, everyone that sees him falls in love with him, even our vet, he loves to jump in the creek and go swimming, he is the sweetest dog and everyone asks me where I found him and I tell Greenfield puppies they all want a dog just like him
Thank you Chris Stoltzfoos for such an awesome puppy and he is very healthy

Sandy Pileggi

I first got Sadie (formerly named Icicle) back in feb 2017 from Moses king. Such a wonderful and accommodating family from beginning to end. Sadie was a pleasure from the start but after 7 months my husband noticed she was lonely and needed someone to play with. My husband said contact Moses and if he has another shichon available we will go pick her up. So, I did and He had another litter available, born in august available oct/nov and that’s when we got sadie’s sister snowflake who we warmly and lovingly named Sophie. I didn’t want to go to no other breeder but Moses King. He remembered me and my family, he asked if we can bring Sadie with us so his daughter Sadie can see her. We did and the girls are a match made In heaven. If I were to get another one I’m definitely going to Moses king in Christiana pa. They are definitely my heart and so spoiled with love. Thank you Moses and family for allowing me to be there mom.


What a great experience with Steve Miller. I saw Wilbur on the internet & fell in love with him. Had a bad experience with our shelter dog of 9 months. Got a nasty bite, wanted to do skin graf as there was no skin left on my arm to attach. Had to bring the shelter dog back. I called Steve Miller& said I WANTED WILBUR, but explained my situation to him & said that it would be 6 to 8 weeks before the Dr. released me. What a great guy. He said that he would hold him for us (I know he could have sold him before)We picked up Wilbur on Saturday after a 3 hr. ride from N.J. and just to see his cute little face looking at us like “what took you so long?” Can’t thank Steve Miller enough he was wonderful, honest, & a great breeder would definitely recommend him to everyone! Thank you Steve Miller for making our life happier & being such a great breeder & new friend.


I purchased my little Lance from Linda Shirk who is a breeder located in New Holland, PA. Linda and her family are wonderful folks I had a great visit when picking up Lance. Lance checked out just as promised. If Lance wasn’t already house broken you would not know it. He lets me know when he needs to go out and I did not train him. I gave him some toys and he leaves everything else alone. I gave him a pair of my old slippers and he doesn’t touch any other foot ware. Comes when I call and listens to me…smart smart smart, I am so pleased, 2 thumbs up for Linda and Laverne Shirk.

John Arigoni

We got our puppy “Lynn” from Christ Stoltzfus in Bird in Hand, PA.  Christ was good to work with and very accommodating.  The puppy was well socialized – Christ makes sure they play with children, get to run around in the grass, and get exposed to dogs and cats.  As a result, we have a healthy, playful dog that loves people and gets along with all other dogs.  The whole neighborhood has fallen in love with her!!


I am so happy and pleased with my Puppy. The breeder was upfront about a minor health issue the puppy had. The breeders were so nice. They had all the paper work for my puppy and even supplied me with some food for him. I can tell that they worked with the puppy because he wants to go outside to go to the bathroom. He is very social and outgoing. I would buy from this breeder again. The breeders name is Ervin L. Zook.

Debbie Collison

I just arrived home with my Jack Russell puppy ?.I had to say good bye to my beloved Jack Russell after 17 years,my heart was truely broken. I made the grueling ride from cape cod in hopes to bring home a sweet girl I had watched on video over 100 times,only to be disapointed on her fear of people. I had contacted another breeder , Sam King and saw his beautiful litter of puppies. I was greeted by 3 adult Jack Russells along with 5 puppies who were extremely social. Sam dogs are loved and members of his family. Thank you Greenfield for doing a not so hot job on Mr kings video and pictures, because it gave me my little man. Vet on monday and the start of something very special !

Ellen Nicholson

After putting our 14 year old llaso apso down it was so lonely without a dog. We started searching for a new forever friend when we found Abby and fell in love with her! I called John Stoltzfus on a Tuesday night and asked if he would hold her until Saturday for us. He gave me his word that he would and over the next few days I called with questions and to confirm that we would be driving down from New Hampshire to Oxford, PA on Saturday. When we got there I could tell by the beautiful property and how clean the puppies were that she was well taken care of. By that time there was only Abby and 1 brother left and I felt so bad leaving him behind! We have had Abby now for almost two weeks and she is adorable!! She is your typical puppy for sure but in time she may be a little less rambunctious but we love her all the same!!! We brought her to our vet this week and he said she was a healthy, beautiful puppy!! Thank you so much John Stoltzfus and to Greenfield puppies!!

Jennifer Kubat
We are so happy that we got this dog.He is funny and cuddly.When we picked him up we fell in love.He is active. We traveled for three hours to Pennsylvania.He is the best!He is very smart.We thank greenfield puppies for finding this puppy we are thankful!

We Love our little boy! The breeder named him “Spice”. He was 13 weeks old when we got him. His breeder was Michael & Amos Fisher of Strasburg, PA. Tater is a healthy, happy and very smart miniature Golden Doodle. We were extremely pleased at how well adjusted he was from the day we picked him up. He was obviously well cared for by his breeder. We look forward to many years of joy with our new addition. Thank you so very much.

Lisa Edmonds

We love Reba, she is warming up to us quickly.
She even let’s us know when she has to go out.
Thank you so much. She is a Beautiful girl. I highly recommend your pups!
Beth & Joe

Beth & Joe

After searching through this website looking at Golden doodles I found zydeco formally known as Logan I contacted the breeder Daniel Stoltzfus he was very nice after several calls I set up a date to pick up my puppy everything went smoothly thank you greenfield puppies and Daniel Stoltzfus I absolutely love him!!

We are very fortunate to have found Greenfield Puppies and adopted Gina (renamed Rory)!
The breeder, Martha Petersheim was wonderful to work with and called to make sure Rory was shipped safely from PA to MA.
I can’t say enough about what a wonderful puppy she is! Playful, energetic and lovable. We have had her two days so far and she has slept through both nights and is already adapting to house training. No accidents today except for one poop on the pad in the bathroom.
You can tell she was well cared for. Thanks!
Lynne Keane
We drove to Michael Kauffman’s farm in PA to see a cockapoo puppy we found online. When we arrived she was very clean, appeared to be well cared by her appearance and playful. We asked if there were any litter mates left. Michael got the only remaining pup who was the runt of the litter. Michael had no idea we were going to ask to see another pup from our original request . He told us this pup was not bathed. That didn’t matter because she was clean, we’ll taken care of and very loving. We knew at that point Michael was a good breeder and took great care of his puppies. A week later we took her to the vet. He checked her out and said she was very healthy and well cared for. He told us we have a “perfect little puppy”. We’ve had her for 3 weeks now and she’s doing great. Very smart and we plan to train her to be a therapy dog. Thank you Michael for the great care you took if Millie Belle. She’s a awesome addition to our family.
Pat Pryor

We love our little dog. He is a beautifull cockapoo we find our friend for ever. Thanks

Gabriela Riqueli

Hes the best dog ever hes my best friend thankou????

Drove to Pennsylvania to pick up Golden Retriever puppy. Found puppies to be lively and well kept. Owner, Jonas Stoltzfus was honest and helpful. I am sure there are puppy mills in this area, but I can’t afford to pay $2500 and up for a puppy and then be told that I can’t breed the dog, even though I have no intention to do so. I inspected the facility and found it to be what I expected. I felt comfortable with the breeder and the facility and made the purchase. I have only had the puppy a short time, but she is healthy and happy and I am satisfied with my decision. If something changes, I will update this testimonial.
We purchased our 9 week old Cockapoo named Archie (we changed his name to Maui) from John Stoltzfus and his wife in Oxford, PA. As soon as we saw Maui on this site, we fell in love and left a message for John. He called me back promptly and we agreed that I would mail him a check to hold the dog for us. In the 2 weeks prior to us driving down from Massachusetts to pick up the dog, I had called John several times with many questions. He always called me back, was very patient and answered every question without hesitation.
When we arrived to pick Maui up this past Saturday, we were blown away by the gorgeous property Maui, his litter mates and the Stoltzfus’ dogs got to live and play on. The dogs were happy, healthy, playful and clearly well cared for. The puppies came with all of their deworming documents, vet documents and the 30 day guarantee letter, which both parties signed, in a Greenfield Puppies folder. Our friends back home decided to adopt one of Maui’s litter mates at the last minute the day before we went to pick up our dog. John and his wife allowed us to Facetime our friend back home as she watched each dog and couldn’t decide because they were all adorable! I know they were busy tending to the farm, but never rushed us, although we apologized it was taking so long. Ultimately, they adopted Aztec- which they renamed to Koda!
2 days after bringing the dogs home, John reached out to me to ask how the dogs were doing and if we had any questions! I did not expect this, but was thrilled to hear from him. It not only shows you his character and how much he truly cares for the puppies, but also how much he stands behind them and wants to make sure we were satisfied as well.
Since getting home with Maui, we quickly noticed how smart and well cared for he truly was. Being raised with a bit of freedom on a farm, we have not had to put a leash on him when we are in the yard with him. Additionally- he was already house-trained by default! Being on the farm, he was used to doing potty outside. Within an hour of being home, he went to our glass slider door and looked at us- we took him out, and we relieved himself!
He’s been amazing at nighttime as well. We keep him downstairs in a play pen (I had to make a roof out of lattice, because he figured out how to climb out the second night we had him). I sit with him as he quickly drifts off and as of last night, his 4th night with us, he slept through the entire night without crying!!
I could go on and on, but the main point I have is that John and his wife are wonderful people and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to adopt a cockapoo. They are clearly not just in it for the money, but for the dogs and the owners as well. I cannot thank them, or Greenfield Puppies enough!
Brian Kofton
We got our puppy from Nate Hostetler 3304669393, Wooster Ohio
Nate was really professional and very detailed, when we got our puppy he had all her documents and information for us. You can tell he’s taking really good care of his puppies!!!!
highly recommended. We love our new baby so much!!

We purchased Dillon on Monday September 4th 2018 from Lisa weaver in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania and she was very nice and she had got us transportation from her house to Hyde park n.y Dillon is a beautiful male Australian Shepard and st Bernard mix he is so well trained and very happy loving puppy thank you so much Lisa for our beautiful baby I would recommend buying a puppy from her they are so precious and very good around children and she is a very nice woman..

Michael Susan Wager
My search for a special puppy started with my sisters purchase of a Havapoo through Greenfield puppies… breeder Amos King. She was and continues to be happy with her choice. I kept waiting for my puppy to show up on your site….

Through the breeder Jonas Glick and his family, the puppies Garrett, Grayson and Gill caught my heart. I sent a deposit to hold one as I couldn’t get there right away. The Glick family were so nice to do so!

Well…. Gill who was the runt of the litter came home with us! A name for him alluded is until we noticed he followed me EVERYWHERE…. this he is my Shadow! Love him, love his personality and our Vet said he was in excellent health!

If there was one negative I had to say, it would be that his coloring is so black, that it is tough to see him at night! Tee hee!

Susan Barnada

We purchased our beautiful Papi-poo from Norman Miller in Fredericksburg,Ohio on August 10th 2018. Norman was very nice and made sure we made it ok from Syracuse NY to Ohio. His farm and kennel was very nice and clean. Our little Vinnie was well cared for and has been such a sweet boy. We have searched for over a year for a Papi-poo to give our other 3 yr old papipoo a companion. He has adjusted well and want to thank Norman and his wife for deciding to breed this wonderful dog.

Lynne Ponto

He’s beautiful” Jake Stoltzfus is an amazing breeder “ he went above and beyond to answer every question! It took a village to get Frankie to mom “ we are so thankful that this puppy gave life back to mom after the deaths of our dad and her son ❤

Marie Peterson

We purchased a miniature Bernedoodle from John Yoder in December 2017, and my family all agrees it was the best thing we have ever done. Toph is our first pet and she is absolutely the sweetest dog ever! We have a large extended family, so I needed a dog that would do well with small children, elderly, and frankly just a lot of commotion. She is everyone’s favorite dog and I have even had offers from people wanting to buy her from me! The Yoder’s were very easy to deal with; quick to respond to phone calls, and spent time answering my questions. Our Mini Bernedoodle is about 22 lbs at 10 months old, was very easy to train, does not shed, but still has a very soft coat to pet. She was obviously well cared for and socialized when we picked her up at 8 weeks old. If we do decide to expand our pet family, I will definitely contact the Yoder’s!

Kirsten Putnick

We got our mini labradoodle from Marcus and Sarah Jane Weaver of Stevens, PA. They are such a nice couple. Our puppy Rocky is a happy, playful young guy. Their upbringing of Rocky showed in the way he adjusted to our family. The first night with us he slept through the night. He was relaxed and so comfortable. I know for certain that Marcus and Sarah Jane had so much to do with Rocky’s temperament. They are so accommodating to us. We asked them if they could keep Rocky and extra week since we were traveling to bring our youngest to college and they were very willing. They took pictures of Rocky as he grew and texted them to our family. We highly recommend them. Thank You, Marcus and Sarah Jane. You both are gems!

Sandy Fonash