Greenfield Puppies Reviews

We love dogs and people and people with dogs.

I purchased my puppy Golden May 2015 from breeder John King of Leola, PA. John was very responsive and answered all 5,000 of my questions that I had in regards to the new puppy and his environment and his health. He was very upfront and honest and worked with my schedule so that I was able to pick up my puppy. The puppies had been vaccinated by the breeder and they were kept in their own clean and safe pin. I received all vet paper work upon picking up puppy and later at his first vet appointment with me all the information checked out fine and he is very healthy. Golden is very energetic and the absolute cutest and I couldn’t be anymore happier with my new edition. I love my new baby and I am so happy I went through this site and I would 100% recommend.


Unfortunately on May 20th I had to put my Dachshund/Beagle mix to sleep of 12 1/2 years. I knew I wanted to adopt again, and knew I wanted another Dachshund or Dachshund Mix. I came upon Greenfield Puppies by a search engine. I was very skeptical about getting a puppy online, but when I read you contact the breeder yourself it eased my mind. Well, we got Charlie now named Cooper on June 6, 2015. OMG I can’t say enough about what a great pup is he. It was such a wonderful experience going through Greenfield Puppies. I was very skeptical, but once I spoke with the breeder he eased my mind, we we took the plunge, and went to pick up Cooper. He is adjusting beautifully with his brothers and sisters and is very happy. So thank you Greenfield Puppies.


Sadly I lost my beloved GSD Mariah to cancer in Feb 2015 but she really was the best dog. She was extremely smart and loyal. Mariah was great with kids and lived to please me, her owner. I miss her very much and will definitely be getting another GSD in the future. RIP Mariah.


He is an amazing dog! Sometimes naughty but always loving!!! He is a lot smaller than expected and a lot cuter too! Couldn’t ask for a better dog! He kinda looks like a chihuahua. But we love him<3

(Jack Russell/Fox Terrier)


Kay Herlihy

We adopted Riley (formerly Gregory) from Eli Glick on 6/6/15. Riley is a Cockalier/Sheltie mix and just a joy. He is full of personality and is wonderful with our kids. We are all so happy to have this new addition to our family.


I purchased my adorable Jug puppy from Aaron Fisher,in Paradise,PA And I couldn’t be happier,she’s sweet and very smart. Storm is a fast learner and is becoming fast friends ith our Rottweiler, Sunshine. I’m beyond happy with her and I seriously recommend trying a Jug puppy…I’m very glad I did!


We found the perfect puppy through Greenfield Puppies. We choose Moses King in Pennsylvania for our breeder. He was very helpful, coordinated payment by wire, answered all our questions, provided excellent records and best of all a healthy happy puppy! We live in Florida, and had been searching for this breed for some time. It was a bit of a trial in trust to go so far from home. My husband took a flight through Allegiant Air from Sanford/Orlando to Harrisburg, rented a car and went and got our new pup. The total cost including puppy, air, car & hotel was still less than this breed sells for in Florida! Plus my husband enjoyed a trip to the Air Museum & Gettysburg is just around the corner too. Mr. King raised a fine well adjusted pup. Chewbie is just over 4 months and is training up perfectly and just got a great check-up from his Vet. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to travel to PA for our little guy. Thank you Greenfield & Mr. King!

L. Cates

We purchased “Nate” now Bane from Mr. Moses Glick in Maryland Sept 1, 2014. We could not be happier! This is our 2nd purchase through Greenfield, our first is a 9yr old Shiba Inu from PA. Bane is happy and healthy! He loves to have his picture taken, go for car rides, and visiting different places.

Becky Calvello

I got Cooper from the Martins on November 21st, 2015. He was 2 months when I brought him home and right now he is just 4 months and probably the most perfect pup I could ever ask for. I’ve been looking for a puppy for awhile and when I saw him on the website, I had to contact the breeder right away to see him in person. I fell in love with him and brought him home that same day. The Martins were great with the entire process and it was easy getting in contact with them whenever I needed to!


Levi was very professional and accommodating to our family. He followed up to ensure our new puppy was happy and thriving. We would highly recommend this breeder.


This is our beautiful baby purchased from John Sensenig on a few weeks ago. He is a wonderful, high-quality puppy and a great addition to our family. As an F1B puppy, he doesn’t shed and our family members with allergies have ZERO issues with him. We had a little sticker shock at first but the adage “you get what you pay for” is true with puppies too. He’s my birthday, anniversary and Christmas present this year!!! And I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Angie A.

WE purchased our Chocolate Lab from Omar, we were very impressed when we went to meet Omar and see the puppies , how clean the barn was and the bedding was…he was so friendly! We love our CoCo(Ellie) and she seems so well tempered and so healthy I receive so many compliments on her beautiful her color is! We are thinking about adding another to our home!!! SO Very happy we are!!!


We just want to thank Greenfield Puppies and Jacob Stoltzfus for the great experience and for the addition of our new family member Drake. Formerly Patrick. We knew we made the right decision when we pulled into his driveway and seen his farm which you can tell he takes a lot of pride in as it was immaculate and well taken care of. We have owned and grown up with German Shepherds practically our whole lives and this has been one of the easiest and smartest guys to train. We picked him up May 8th and he was house trained in just a few days and now at 10 weeks old he has learned all the basic commands and tricks!! If you are looking for a GSD please do not hesitate to give Jacob Stoltzfus in Lititiz, Pa. a call as he is an absolutely great person to work with and is without a doubt a great breeder with the health of his animals priority #1. Drake gives you guys two paws up!!! Bradley, Brenda, & Drake Punxsutawney, Pa.

Bradley & Brenda Homan

Our sweet Buie bear turned 1 year old this month and I thought I’d how much joy this puppy has given me and my husband. We always knew we wanted a golden, and we knew it was meant to be when we found Greenfield Puppies with “Cooper” (Buie’s birth name) available and ready to be taken home. Buie has truly set the standards high for our first dog and we consider him one of our greatest blessings. Although we were sad to take him away from the rolling highs of Gordonville, PA to Philadelphia, PA, he adapted quickly to the city life (he enjoys his walks and trips to the dog park every day!) When we visit my home town in NC, he has no issues with adjusting from country life to city life and vice versa. This is a great organization and they made it extremely easy for us to bring home our furbaby! One day (hopefully far far far from now), I would love to purchase from them again.

Rachelle pond

We would like to thank Greenfield Puppies, and the Alvin Esh family in Gordonville PA., for our fun, sweet, and very handsome, 5 month old cockapoo named Finley (we loved his name so we kept it) who has been a wonderful addition to our family. Finley joined our family in Indiana, onMarch 1st, and I can’t even begin to express how much we love this guy. He is a very intelligent, affectionate, and playful puppy, who loves absolutely everyone, and is so wonderful with children and other animals. I just can’t brag enough about him. I get so many compliments on how well behaved he is, not to mention, how adorable. He has truly been a blessing to our family. So again, thank you Greenfield Puppies and the Alvin Esh family!

Lynn & Mike

In March, our family got a 10 week old Goldendoodle puppy. Teddy (previously Anthony) is an absolute joy! He is a wonderful addition to our family. We love him very much! When I went to go pick him up in Mifflinburg, PA (1 hour from my house) the breeders were very nice and helpful! I thank them and Greenfield Puppies for bringing to us such a goofy little boy!


We purchased Bella now “Reighn”(Rain) back in February and she has been the light of our lives ever since. she is adorable with children and very well mannered, a pleasure to train and eager to learn. I had a great experience with Greenfield puppies and our breeder Moses was amazing and patient and answered all of my questions. Thank you.


This is our fourth Akita in 21 years. We loved the breed. His name is Major and is 20 weeks old in this photo. We purchased him from Elam Stoltzfus, Jr. in Narvon, PA. He was definitely the pick of the litter. My daughter also purchased a female litter mate. Her name is Mandy. Both dogs are healthy and thriving.

Donna Brobst

Maggie joined our family a month ago. She is an absolute love. She is so sweet and gentle with the kids. She has been a perfect addition to our family. We have found this adoption process to be easy and supportive. GFP was a fantastic resource when looking for a puppy. Melvin in Lititz was great to work with. You can tell she was very well cared for. Thanks so much!


Just bought this adorable little guy on Saturday. He’s so loving and cuddly! He’s very playful and loves his new toys! We couldn’t be happier. We love Scamp!


I got this beautiful princess in this website. I got scam before and I was a little bit nervous but thank God I found this website and we brought this beautiful girl home. Thank you so much!!!


Luca, the Golden Retriever.


We lost our min pin in March he was 13 and a great dog we were so heartbroken, then I found a Breeder Steven from Christiana pa, we took a two hour drive from New Jersey I was so excited then we got there very nice people and very clean environment we are so happy with our new puppy .I like to thank you so much the void in my heart is filled. Jennie & David

Jennie & David

I found my little forever friend here at Greenfield Puppies. He just celebrated his first birthday; healthy, happy, beautiful and a wonderful companion!


In January I lost my Cockapoo Grady at 13 years old. My heart was broken. Then my girlfriends 11 year old son found Greenfield Puppies online and showed the puppies to me on Easter. I called and their were 3 left. On Monday April 6th 2015 My girlfriend and her 2 kids and I took a trip to Coatesville, Pa. After a couple of calls to Rachel Stoltzfus who could not have been better and when we arrived her patience and so helpful!! She let me take my time in picking Hannah who is now “Maddie” the love of my life. Healthy and learning new things daily! What a great experience Rachel made for us. I thank her everyday! I have been telling everyone what great people and breeders they are. Thank you Greenfield for finding Rachel and bringing us together!

Mary Rogers