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Peyton and Rosie….ready for football


Thomas and Diana Schissler

We have owned Stormy (now Cyrus) for a little over a month th now. At 16 weeks he is weighing in at a whopping 46 lbs (his mom is a Malamute). He is the calmest, healthiest, sweetest puppy we have ever owned. He loves everybody, he does not jump, and rarely barks. My son is autistic so we really needed a big calm, mush and that is exactly what we got and more. Thank you Sam Stolzfus in Honey brook PA for a remarkable puppy.

Susan Nehama

My Sweet girl arrived in Orlando Florida on February 17, 2012. She’s now 2 years old and the love of my life. The breeder Leroy Stoltzfus was excellent to work with. When I’m ready for another Boston Terrier, I’m going to contact Leroy! <3

Brenda Lancaster

After losing my 18 yr. old Chihuahua to leukemia my husband convinced me that I needed another dog. I contacted Greenfield Puppies and they put me in touch with a breeder in Quarryville, PA. I looked at their website and fell in love with a sweet little girl that I named Bonnie. Brought her home on 5/31/13 and we have been together everyday since the. She is definitely the smartest dog we have ever owned. Bonnie came from a very clean and well kept environment. In the spring I will be adding a Chihuahua to our family and will definitely go through Greenfield again! Thank you for bringing such joy to our life!

Jennifer Murray

We got our German Shepherd puppy Sadie (formerly “Diamond”) from Paul Blank in Narvon, PA. in August. They are a wonderful, caring family who I highly recommend to other families looking for a puppy. Sadie is a beautiful, healthy puppy and trained very easily. We have recommended Greenfield Puppies to friends and family who also were very pleased. We would definitely use this site again.

Dejlitko Family

My boyfriend recently purchased a boxer puppy who’s name appeared as “Nordic” and who’s name is now “Harley” as a Christmas present for me. I couldn’t be happier with his purchase. He is the sweetest puppy ever and makes my day. Greenfield Puppies as well as the breeder were amazing people to work with. We had our puppy shipped to California and our puppy arrived on time and in perfect conditions. I just want to thank Greenfield Puppies as well as the breeder for helping us find our new family member and for the greatest Christmas present ever.

Johana Gonzalez

We love our little peanut


We picked up our new Shih Tzu girl Saturday December 7th from Leory Stoltzfus in Gap PA. Our little girl has more then met every expectation. She is as healthy as a little puppy can be (according to our trusted vet) and her personality is perfect. She was well worth the 200 plus mile drive (400 + total) We were extremely impressed with our breeder and his facility. Thank you Greenfield Puppies for helping us find the newest member in our family

Nick & Meaghan

We picked up our new Shih Tzu girl Saturday December 7th from Leory Stoltzfus in Gap PA. Our little girl has more then met every expectation. She is as healthy as a little puppy can be (according to our trusted vet) and her personality is perfect. She was well worth the 200 plus mile drive (400 + total) We were extremely impressed with our breeder and his facility. Thank you Greenfield Puppies for helping us find the newest member in our family

Nick & Meaghan

I Love my Neko! I’ve had him for 1 year and wouldn’t trade him for the world he is a joy to my home! This website is Awesome!


I became the proud parent of Sandi (formerly Frisky) on December 5, 2013. She is a beautiful, intelligent, sweet Havanese puppy that was 3 months old. She has the best disposition of any dog. I took her to the vet, she is healthy. I want to thank the King family and Greenfield for helping me to find my new best friend.


Rocky turned a year old Nov 25, we have had him for 11 months now and couldn’t imagine life without him. He has brought happiness and joy to our home. We are so glad that he was born in such an amazing home and came to live with us. We love him dearly and we reccomend Greenfield Puppies to everyone who’s looking for a good, healthy puppy. Thanks to the King family. Sincerely, Eric, Lisa, Lisette, Bella and Rocky

Ruiz Family

We adopted our little Kali on November 27, 2013 from breeder Christ Miller in Christiana, PA. She has been such a joy to our family and we love her dearly. She is smart as a whip, was housebroken in record time and is already doing several tricks. She is very loyal and stays with us without a leash on our large country property. Thank you Greenfield Puppies for your posting of Mr Miller’s puppies!

Dorm and Nancy Long

He is a real joy to have in our lives. I am so pleased with this little guy. Completely satisfied!


We had a great experience with Whistle Hill breeders. Our son has allergies and they were wonderful about letting us test out his reaction to their puppies. They have great knowledge about how to pick the right puppy for your family, we wanted a calm, loving puppy and we got that 100%, she cuddles and plays so nicely. I would highly recommend them to everyone!!! Their puppies are soooo cute!!!

Amy McCarty

I adopted Lily, a black and tan cocker spaniel in Oct.2010 from a breeder on your website. She is our 4th cocker. My only daughter Jackie had been
killed at age 31 while attending grad school in Ca. by a drugged driver in 2007 and my life had been changed forever. When Honey, our 15 year old buff cocker died I was devastated. After 11 days, I knew I wanted another cocker and I went online and found Christine’s(her Mom) litter of 6. I called the breeder
and made arrangement to see the puppies. Christine greeted us as we pulled in the driveway. The quarters where the pups were housed was large and clean and I was most impressed. There were 2 black and tan females and the breeder immediately told me that the one little girl had a heart murmur that she could outgrow but they wouldn’t be selling her. I bought Lily(registered StarGazer Lily), my daughter’s favorite flower.Lily is now 3; she weighs 22 pound and is absolutely beautiful; more than that she is the healthiest dog we have ever owned; no ear infections, etc. The vet(who lives across the street) sees her professionally once a year for her shots, Heart guard and frontline. He sees her often as neighbors when we walk our dogs in the same area.She is groomed as a show dog; isn’t a chewer; loves everything and everybody; doesn’t bark unless there is really something to bark about(which is rare) and actually makes these adorable little sounds as if she is trying to talk to you. She loves to be wrapped in a blanket and rocked . Many mornings, she is the only reason(at 73) that I get out of bed. She goes everywhere with me and is so well behaved that I have had offers to buy her. Of course, she is priceless but I always say I know where they can get one of their own. I have referred many people to you without hesitation.


The German Shepherds name was Daisy as advertised.  Her name now is Aurora. Aurora has exceeded my expectations especially coming from an Amish family who tend to get a bad reputation.  She is healthy,  amazing temperament,  extremely intelligent,  and even passed her AKC Canine Good Citizens Test and was recently registered as a service dog as I have become disabled.  She does everything from opening doors to retrieving items for me. I don’t know where I would be without her. When I met Barbara she asked me if I was going to house train the puppy, which I found slightly odd. Realizing a culture difference I laughed and said of course. I wish Barbara could hear about how wonderful that little puppy she gave me is doing now and what a God send that little puppy was to me. I would recommend getting a puppy from Barbara any day to anyone. I know my puppy turned into a wonderful companion and service dog for me. I want to thank her. Please help me track her down or send this to her! Thank you so much!  Thank you Greenfield Puppies for leading me to the best friend a girl could ever ask for!

Lauren Fasola

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me find my best friend! Leo has been a great addition to our family and he is loved by everyone who meets him.


I got Charlie on 10/28/2013 and He is the best little Boy and I’m telling you these dogs are so lovable. He doesn’t even Bark unless someone comes to the door or if him and His sister Cat Samy are Playing and let me tell you she is older and she was the only who could get him to Bark and make any noise’s at first.IF you can get a Puppies from his owner that I got him from I say go to them very wonderful People and They Welcomed me to there home and Charlie was in very Good shape and raised to age well the Vet said.Breeder name Elam Lapp Thank you for Charlie he is such a wonderful Puppy and He is doing great!! 🙂

Sheryl Windhurst

Thank you Jessie Kaufman for a beautiful edition to our family. Grady, named Emmit by Jesse Kaufman, is a healthy, beautiful, highly intelligent Yorki-Poo from Christiana, PA. Thank you!


I can’t say enough about how pleasant our experience was with our breeder from Stevens, PA. Our 14 week old Chonzer puppy named Jovie came into our family on November 18th and we love her to pieces! She’s so smart, happy and very healthy. Within 1 week of having her she’s almost potty trained. What a good girl. The breeder was so kind and very helpful. We took Jovie to the vet the next day and she got a remarkable bill of health. We’re so pleased 🙂

Ashley & Chris

We adopted Amos a sweet 12 week old Shih Tzu puppy on November 9, 2013 from Lewisburg, PA. Amos has been such a wonderful blessing and we love him to pieces. He is so adorable, loving, playful and very smart. We are so happy to have Amos in our lives, and we are very satisfied with Greenfield puppies.

Lisa & Casey

I got my little puppy October 26th… He is now 11 weeks old and the sweetest bundle of joy that has come into my family’s life. We all enjoy his presence. Everyday he makes new friends because of his lovable personality. His mother was present when we went to go pick him and she had the same personality, ran right up to us and played with us when we entered their home. The Miller family are very kind and welcoming. I would recommend this breeder to anyone. Thanks Miller Family!


This is our new puppy Annabelle . We are so happy to have her in our family. She is so lovable and well loved . She brings such joy to our house. We truly love her to pieces

Annabelle Ratajczak

My husband and I got Misty in September of this year and she has been wonderful. We had just had our dog put down because she was very sick and didn’t think we would have another one, then seen Misty’s photo (how beautiful). She has been a blessing. Thank you Walter for letting her be a part of our family. She is loved so much. !!

Jihn & Lorrie Ploof
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