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I would like to start off by saying greenfield puppies is a great place to search for a puppy. I had purchased a beautiful chocolate lab puppy about a week ago and she is absolutely amazing! I dealt with breeder, Abner Stoltzfus from quarryville,pa and he and his family were great!!! Trigger went for her first vet visit and he was extremely pleased. We received an absolutely healthy, immaculate, playful puppy! Abner took very good care of his puppies! I would recommend ANYONE to get a puppy from him and would definitely purchase another puppy from him myself. THANK YOU ABNER AND GREENFIELD PUPPIES! The Lucatino Family

The Lucatino Family

I absolutely love this breed. I really couldn’t ask for two better puppies. Cookie and Milly are both under a year right now, Cookie is 10 months and Milly is 3 months. They can be a hand full but I wouldn’t want it any other way! I recommend the breed to anyone, they are both great with kids and with any one they in counter.


After losing our eleven year old boxer Buddy to lymphoma, we finally decided to get another boxer. We picked up Duke from the Stoltzfus family in Gordonville in early April. Needless to say, we NEVER imagined that any dog could be HALF the great dog that Buddy was. As fate would have it, DUKE is an AMAZING dog! He is so much like Buddy, but yet with his very own quirky qualities. He loves running for hours in the fields with the horses and jumping into my brother’s boat for a ride on the lake. Duke is extremely strong . . . a little too fearless . . . gets along beautifully with our other dog, our cat and our two sons! We are so pleased with Duke words cannot express enough how much we adore him and how much he has become a part of the family!!! There are just so many cute pics of DJ and non enough to truly capture the beauty he is! So I thought I would send this one of him and my son passed out after a day on the lake!


Nicole Tongue

My family and I picked up Wells over the winter. He is the sweetest goldendoodle ever and from a very kind breeder. This website is wonderful and brought a family member to us with a heart of gold. He is a wonderful dog and so loving.



Mark Nixon

This is Lola (GFP name Pepper) She is a Westie/Jack Russell Mix. I got her from Anna Smucker in Ronks, PA. She is the Sweetest little girl at 7 months. She loves to run and play ball, Swim and she even loves to go on hikes! She also loves to cuddle and love her mommy up! She is full of energy and spunk and has been the best friend a girl could ask for. She’s very loyal and most certainly a momma’s spoiled girl! I could not imagine not having her now! Thank you GFP and Anna Smucker for allowing me to find my forever friend!


Reez is a great addition to the family. He has a pleasant disposition, bonded immediately with our two young children, and gets along well with other dogs. He is intelligent, energetic, but not hyper, and received an A+ on his veterinary check. Thank you to Amos for providing such a great dog. The Flores Family

The Flores Family

Great dog, smart, very good watch dog and loves kids. Protect kids too! My 5 year old got stuck in a hole and my shepherd never left him. She sat by it and barked umtil I came running.


We’ve had our pug Lucy, previously Holly, for over 2 weeks now and couldn’t be happier that we found such a beautiful, energetic puppy to add to our family. It was wonderful to be connected to a breeder we could adopt from with confidence. We love our Lucy! Thank you Burkholder family!

Debbie Pedante

July 20, 2013 I adopted Lylah, aka Tina. I could not be more happy! She is the most perfect little puppy! She is so playful and brings tons of joy to every one. I can’t say no to her little face! She already claimed her side of the bed. I just want to thank the Stoltzfus family for everything! My family and I love her to pieces!


We adopted Champ aka Monty 7 months ago and it has been the best 7 months of our lives. We couldn’t be more happy with our now 10 months 65 pounds bundle of laziness but sometimes burst of energy puppy. Thank you so much to the breeders for giving us such an amazing gift. We love our boy so much!


We purchased this puppy (previously named Gwen) from the Zook family in early July 2013 and couldn’t have been happier. She was well cared for and very happy. I would recommend this breeder.

Richard Witt

On July 27, 2013 my wife and I adopted an amazing little addition to our family. Muggsy (aka Brody) has the perfect personality and is a very smart little guy. He sleeps through the night and has already claimed is favorite sleeping spot in our room. He also is in great health according to our vet. He is quite the little flirt when we take him out on road trips to his new favorite store Petsmart. We purchased him from a great breeder Sam Kaufman in Christiana, PA. Sam has called us twice to ensure Muggsy is adjusting to his new home and that we are happy with him. We really enjoyed meeting Sam and his family and would highly recommend him if you are looking for a new English Bulldog addition to your family. The Pickeral Family

D Pickeral

Adopted this lil girl from Amos Fisher, Honeybrook. She’s beautiful, full of vinegar and lots of fun. A beautiful addition to our family. Want to say thank you to the Fisher family for our beautiful girl (Clover) now Chloe. Thank you!

L Summerson

My daughter got bit by a rescue dog and I was so scared to get any doggy. I found Greenfield and Henry and Aerie Stoltzfus from Millersburg and we now have this beautiful doggy who we love!!! <3 I can not thank the Stoltzfus family enough. They were so patient and thoughtful and took the time to sit with us and answer all our questions. The mommy lab was just a joy to be around and the puppies all health and happy. As for our puppy, she is so smart and we just love having her. Thank you Greenfield and Henry and Aerie!! We are so grateful that we found you!!

JoAnn Barron

We adopted Parker (born May 6) from the Smucker family in Strasburg, Pa. We just love him! We would love to hear from the families who adopted any of his siblings (Pasha, Patsy, Paulie, Philippe, Pip, Poppi, Posy)


This little guy (formerly known as Sunny) has been nothing but a wonderful, perfect little fuzz ball of joy and fun since he has become a part of our home. I knew the first time I met him and he ran to my feet that he and I were a match! He’s been very well behaved and we have him sitting and offering a paw on demand. We have two cats and they have all been adjusting well together. We are so glad he is with us. We also kept some of his family close as a family member got one of his sisters! We would also like to compliment Eva, the breeder. She was very helpful, responsive and welcomed us into her home graciously. She deserves credit for taking such good care of her puppy families.


I was looking for this breed or similar, and happened upon this website. Made contact with a family in Holtwood, PA. After many conversations over a two week period, we brought Mirabella home on Thursday 7/25….she is now 11 weeks old, and in just 3 short days she was totally house broken. A sweetheart – very gentle, and loving. She has learned to fetch, and sit on command. Also, knows her name, ours and those of our three cats. Her mom was on site, and the breeder had given her a bath the day we picked her up. She was up to date on all shots, and didn’t have any fleas, ear mites, or rashes. A wonderful addition to our family.


I saw this little guy online and long story short, he now lives with us in Johnstown, Pa. He has adapted in 3 days. He cried the first 2 nights ,not for long, but once it was completely dark and quiet he fell asleep and slept through the night. He is so lovable and responds well to praise. He is already loyal to both of us. He learns very quickly what he is allowed to do and what is “no”. My husband picked him up in Belleville, Pa. and raved about how clean and well cared for all the dogs are. My pup was very clean & healthy and you could tell they were kind to him. What a surprise when I came home Wednesday. Thank you for answering my prayers and giving me the pup I wanted. I fell in love with him online and was so glad he was still there when I called. Jane Vann Johnstown, Pa.

Jane & Harry Vane

We got our puppy on July 10, 2013 from a beautiful Amish farm in Narvon, PA. The breeder’s name was John Smucker, but I dealt with Katie. I had been looking for a Bichon Frise mix and I fell in love with a picture on the internet. Her name was Kandy on the website and she was a Cavachon. The mother was Bichon Frise and the father was a Cavalier King Charles. I kept going back to her picture while trying to find a puppy just like her that was located closer. Of course I couldn’t find anything like her, so my daughter and I got in the car and drove 5 hours there and 5 hours back. Now this was crazy for me to drive all this way, not knowing the area that my daughter and I were driving into, or what the puppy would be like in real life. When we arrived, I met Katie and her charming family and saw Kandy in a play area with her brother. I knew right away, which one she was and I knew right away I had made the right decision to drive 5 hours to get her. We fell in love with her on the 5 hour drive home and just love her more each day. She is the best little pupply. We changed her name to Bella and everyone loves her. I’ve attached a picture of Bella with my niece. Thank you for Bella.

Karen Tonkery

We bought Riley, her previous name was Tabby from a family in Pennsylvania. Riley is such a loving, friendly dog. I couldn’t picture my life without her!

Katie Hutson

I have Braxston since September of 2012, He is a joy to have in my home. he loves to travel in the car, and spend time on the beach for our early morning walks on Fire Island, NY. the breeder was so easy to work with. I love the breed. They are quick to learn, and seem to be very attentive to their surroundings to things that are happening around them. Braxston is so good with all people he meets. As well as other dogs, he just wants to play. I am so pleased that I have him. Keeps my very busy, and I love it. and him as well

Raymond L Prevost

Tank is the second german shepherd we have purchased from Mrs. Barbara Stoltzfus. We have dealt with her and her family for the past 3 years. She was kind enough to call us the day the litter was born, and was more than willing to call us back every few days to let us know how the pups are doing. We actually went a few weeks early to pick out our new pup knowing we couldn’t bring him home for a few more weeks. We have made the drive from Pittsburgh twice now in two weeks and finally brought him home. As pleased as I am with the quality of Barbara’s german shepherds, The quality of attention and kindness that her and her family have shown us means even more. I would recommend them as breeders to anyone who would want a german shepherd. For those of you that are leary about buying a dog from a puppy mill, you can rest assure that this is not one. The pups are truly family raised along side children and other animals. I will look forward to dealing with Barbara and her family again in the future.

Nick and Krista

I just wanted to send a quick email letting you know that we purchased a shichon puppy named Chuck from the Esh family, and he is the best thing that ever happened to us!  The purchase process was very easy, the Esh family seems very kind and compassionate, “Chuck” was very clean and well taken care of, AND easy to train after a few days of having him home!  Thank you for your your service and the Esh Family!

Jennifer Yacoub

We love her. She is the best little girl! She is helping me make my world whole again.

Gloria Lowell
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