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This is our 2nd follow up on Donner (Flash). Donner was born on Sept. 17, 2013 and was bred by Marion Hoover in New Holland. We went to see him and took him home on Dec. 18, 2013. He has been nothing but a pleasure and we love him so very much. I have owned Rottweilers for 20 plus yrs and Donner by far has the very best temperment. He absolutely loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING! Not to say he would not be protective but he is so very social and now at 8 months old is just over 100 lbs and as you can see absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I would recommend the Hoovers to anyone who loves and has owned this breed. He is a very good boy who had good roots!!!!! Thank you Marion Hoover for our newer family member…

Debbie Ervin

Hello!  I did much research before deciding to get a cockapoo.  My consideration came with three small grandchildren, having a dog who was very adoptive to training, affection and love.  I am so thrilled with Reagan Rose.  She is such an sweet, sweet dog.  I am crate training her and she is doing very well.  I purchased Reagan through Benny Kauufman.  I met Benny over the phone, not in person as it was during the day.  I did meet his mother and some other family.  His mother answered all of my questions and was delightful.  Would I recommend Greenfield to others?  Yes, but as with anything…do your research and homework.  If the dog ends up not being right for you and you select it solely by cuteness….you’ve made a mistake if it ends up the wrong dog for you.  I knew I did everything possible to assure the right dog, checked with other breeders, talked to others with a competitive puppy site in Pennsylvania and it actually took me several months.  I do want to mention that how Benny and his family kept the puppies was extremely important to me.  They were in a house and well looked after.  Btw….this was Reagan and I getting ready to go into Petsmart.  She had climbed in my dress!



We got our 10 week old puppy on May 25 and fell in love with her instantly we named her Ziio. Our other dog and three cats quickly fell in love with her too. She is friendly and loves everyone she meets, very smart too, she learned most of her tricks the first time we tried them!She loves the outside and playing in water but her favorite thing to do is to follow our other dog around and copy him, too cute! Everyone that meets her quickly falls in love with too and can’t help but hold and kiss her.

Mookie (aka Macey) came into our lives April 26th. One of our initial observations was ease with people. My husband has an infinity for blondes w/ pink noses, as we recently lost our 15+ yr old yellow lab. He found Mookie online. Steve Stoltzfus and family were informative, reassuring, and kind. Mookie’s vet checks have been fine. She’s sporty and plays well with our her 2 week younger canine companion (Antron – Newfie). Thank you Steve + family. I would highly recommend this breeder. Trust me … my husband is like the FBI.

Scott & Sue

We have had Bella for four weeks now and she is an absolute joy. She adapted quickly to the house and our 8 year old Shephard and is so bright, friendly and smart. We start puppy classes in a few weeks and she already comes when we call her and sits on command. She has such a wonderful personality and seems to instinctively know how to deal with different types of children. She is active and playful with my daughter and her friends, yet when I take her around children I work with who have disabilities she is calmer and extremely gentle. We had such a great experience with the breeder as well that I would recommend this site to anyone. Thank you so much for helping to bring our newest family member home!


We purchased our English Bulldog, Nate from James and Ella Reiff in December, 2012. Nate is our first English Bulldog, and to say the least, he has been the most loving dog we have ever had. Nate had an issue, and Mr. and Mrs. Reiff, were honest and more than willing to help us. We found them to be knowledgeable and we would not hesitate to purchase another bulldog from them. I cannot say enough good about them. Nate has been a wonderful addition to our family. He follows my son everywhere. We could not be happier with our choice of dogs. Thank you again Mr. and Mrs. Reiff!!!

Barbara Jones

We just got our Anatolian shepherd mix from Steve Beiler in Lancaster PA. I would highly recommend him as a breeder, puppies are clean, healthy, well taken care of, and love children! Our puppy scout was definitely worth the 8 hour drive to get her! We actually got her before she was listed on this site because we saw his other puppies and were so impressed with them! But still wanted to write a review as this is were the puppy would have been listed!

Kim S

I bought this from me levi in leola pa. This is the best dog ever. I got to tour all his kennels so clean. Dogs are so socialized it was a awsome. She is was already house trained and he had a liter of 10. He is an excellent/ breeder. Don’t ever but ur puppy from anybody this breeder is excellent very healthy dog. Very pleasant man.

Tammy Gill

I can’t thank you enough Greenfield Puppies and Lizzy Stoltzfus for the sweetest puppy. I can’t imagine life without my little Lulu. She’s 9 weeks old now and has the nicest disposition. You can tell that the Stoltzfus family cares about their puppies because she is so sociable and not the least bit skittish. We bonded on the 2 1/2 hour ride back to Maryland and have been inseparable ever since. Since she was the last to be weaned from the mother, we were concerned that she may not want to eat without some wet food. Well that wasn’t a problem. She took to her new food and water bowls without hesitation and the first night she fell asleep on my lap, belly up! What a wonderful puppy!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Carol


We got him from Rubin in Honey Brook PA – father Bow mother Sheba, he is a great dog and is extremely loveable – even if he doesn’t look like it


We got our female Black Lab pup, Sera, in March 2013 from David Stoltzfus in Narvon, PA. She’s healthy, beautiful, and very intelligent. She’s also very happy…and so are we!! I highly recommend Greenfield Puppies as the source to find quality dogs at reasonable prices.

Peter Milo

We purchased our Rottie puppy from Aaron and Emma Smucker of East Earl, PA back in February 2013. He is just about 5 months old now and we’re really getting to know his breeding and tempermant. What have we discovered? EXCELLENT!!! We couldn’t be happier with him. He gets along with our other two Rotties (the female is in the picture with him) very well, as well as our daughter and her friends. He is growing stronger every day and is at 60lbs right now (May 2013). The Smuckers were great! We didn’t get to meet Aaron, though we did speak with him on the phone. His wife, Emma, was friendly…she answered all our questions, gave us a tour, and took us to meet Mom and Dad who were on the premises. Overall, an excellent experience and highly recommended!! The Smuckers are great!! Thank you Greenfield Puppies for helping us find them and our perfect boy, Hunter!

The Reiser Family

We got our puppy for our five year old daughter Sara from a very charming young man by the name of Chris Stoltzfus of Strasburg PA. Not only was he very professional but those beautiful pups were well taken care of. We knew right away we wanted Max the minute we saw his picture. He is such a joy and a wonderful smart dog whom I may add is already housebroken. I thank Chris from the bottom of my heart for such a perfect dog! He is now four months and 35 lbs strong…..Thank you for completing my family and we may want another one very soon!!!! My daughter and Max are best buddies already! As you can see in my picture, she already has him putting up with her disney movies with her. Thank you again!! Maria, Brian and Sara Hoster, New Jersey

Maria, Brian and Sara Hoster, New Hersey

I would recommend, greenfield puppies to anyone. My family and I received our beautiful yellow lab from a breeder by the name of Lee Riehls. Gabby is now 15 mnths old and she loves her family and her home and we love her too!


We have a Shichon from Lizzy Stoltzfus’s last litter and just love her.  So smart and fun and loving.  Here name was Ella but we renamed her Ellie.

Susan Hassinger of NJ

We got Mya through your website and she is absolutely beautiful and such a joyous addition to our family. She loves her big sister Jaida who is also a doberman. We are so happy that we found her after searching since January for a new puppy. Thanks to your website for us finding the perfect match!

Deb Kinney

Thank you so much to the Smucker family, especially the children who took such good care of Pepper and his brothers and sisters until they were ready for their new homes. We changed Peppers name to Peyton Pepper Manning…after the Denver Broncos quarterback….Peyton loves our 5 yr old Boxer Rosie, they are inseparable. Thanks again, and thank you Greenfield for advertising these beautiful puppies…we are so in love with our little Peyton Pepper Manning!!!!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schissler

Lily was my first Boston terrier ever, and I can’t even express enough how much happiness she has brought to my home. The night I went to pick her up it was instant love. She was such a cuddle bug, potty training went so smooth, she was super smart had over 5 tricks down in the first month I had her. I wouldn’t trade Lily for the world even though some nights I would like her to share more of the bed… but that’s a Boston thing, so be ready for them to burrow under covers at night. Lol I will definitely be using Greenfield puppies for any future puppy searches it was so simple to contact breeders with the 30 day guarantee and papers that came with her my mind was at ease for the health of my new addition : )

Elaine Hackart

We purchased our puppy from Ephraim Lapp on February 16, 2013. Storm has become part of our family.We love him very much. Mr. Lapp obviously took very good care of Storm (Henry) as he is in very good health. Mr. Lapp has contacted us several times checking to see how he is doing. I have already referred others to your website. This was a great experience.

Kathi and Dan Staniewicz

My family and I wanted to say thank you to the king family from christiana pa. We got “Titus” who is now name Scrappy. He has been so much fun, he is lovable ,sweet ,playful and most of all he is healthy. Scrappy is the second addition to our family as he joins big brother “Scooby” who we also got from GFP. We are happy with both and have no regrets. Thank you


We purchased our puppy from David Stoltzfus, Madisonburg, PA in December 2012. Bentley is the most playful, happy puppy and he has become a great family pet for our children. He is very smart and learns new things quickly, he loves to hike, and he is great with children. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase. Thank you David Stoltzfus and Greenfield Puppies!

Lee & Tracy

If you go back to a testomonial back in January you will see that we already wrote about Bentley we just wanted to thank Levi again for the wonderful Bernese he sold us he is very playful and a very good listener he is amazing at following directions.We love him so much we even put his pictures on our binders.We just want to say thanks for the puppy he is humongous now!!!

Madison and Tori

We purchased Maxine, our first English Bull Dog from Mel Wenger, Morgantown, PA in April 2011from the advertisement on the Greenfield Puppies website. The Wenger family was very knowledgeable and generous with their time introducing us to Maxine’s parents, uncle and sisters. Maxine is the most wonderful dog we have every had. Not only is she quite beautiful and healthy but she has a great disposition and gets along with children, other animals and just about anyone she meets. Maxine is now 2 years old and she has provided so much joy to our family. If I were to purchase another bulldog I would go to the Wenger family. Thanks again for providing us with such a wonderful addition to our family. Marisa and John


Maverick is a Siberian Husky from Lancaster, PA. We picked him up in mid November from Isaac Stolfutz. He is now a little over 6 months and a ball of healthy energy. He keeps us busy all day and is so smart and well behaved (when he wants to be:). He is curious, fearless and loves everything and everyone. Maverick loves to go running, hiking, to the dog park to see all his friends, and riding in the car. We couldnt be happier with our little boy. Thank you for allowing us to find our little companion.

Ryan & Brittney Hastings

Sasha, aka Julie, is now 11 mos. old and weights 3.3 lbs. We got her from a breeder in Gap where she was socialized and played with children. She has been a pure joy. We taught her to “ring” wind chimes when she needs to go potty (she uses her nose). She has been so easy to train to do just about anything we want her to do. We would and have recommended Greenfield Puppies to others.

Larry DeHaven
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