Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Activity Level: high
  • Grooming Level: low
  • Trainability: high
  • Adaptability: moderate
  • Kid/Pet Friendly: often
  • Average Size: Medium
  • Average Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Prey Drive: high
  • Watchdog: chill
  • Registered?: aca, akc
5 out of 5
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Bull Terrier Breed Profile








Shoulder height: 20-24 inches Weight: 45-80lbs

The originally preferred color was pure white. other colors are brindle, fawn, or brown and tan.  Their coat is very short fine and flat to the body.

Bull Terriers are fearless, determined, bold, but recognize when not to fight.

The Bull terrier requires human attention and interaction to be happy and secure.  They can also do well with children and other pets.

Their coat should be brushed with a firm bristle brush or rubbed down with a rubber grooming mitt once a week.

They do need regular interaction and socialization with other dogs and people to minimize the risk that they will become highly aggressive and overly possessive of their home and family.

This dog is an extremely energetic breed that requires plenty of exercise.